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Christopher Spivey

As you probably know, two months ago Paypal terminated my account because “they do not wish to be associated with the content” on this website.

And since this website relies totally on your donations to survive it is fair to say that without Paypal the chances of me being able to keep this site online for more than the next two months are very slim.

In fact, there has been a huge drop in the number of people donating since Paypal terminated my account… Which was probably the aim of the game behind the decision in the first place… One way or another they are gonna getcha, don’t cha know.

Worse still, paying the crippling monthly site fees via bank transfer has proved extremely difficult because of my host’s (Orange) complicated set up.

This means that with my own bank’s charges to arrange the international money transfer (which I am now subject to), along with Orange’s intermediate bank charges, the MONTHLY site fees have gone up from £267 to a whopping £315.

Course, if this site goes offline I will lose 8 years worth of work which will be heartbreaking to say the least… At least it will for me.

Nevertheless, I am not ready to quit yet and thanks to Mike from I might just be able to continue.

You see, Mike is in the process of setting me up with a new website, which he will run in the same way that my dear friend Wolfie runs this website… Sadly, Wolfie is seriously ill and will need at least 3 months off in the near future.

However, should I be able to keep this site online, Mike will take over until Wolfie is well enough to come back.

Now, this new site will initially act as a back up to this site for as long as I can keep this site going i.e. all new articles will also appear on the new site.

However, the new site is somewhat of an experiment because the monthly site fees are only £31, and as such it will be hit and miss as to how much content the new site will be able to hold without incurring further monthly fees, because I also intend to move some of my more important articles from here over to there for safe keeping.

In the meantime, I hope to keep this site online for as long as possible but how long that will be is entirely up to you since I now have to find an astronomical £345 per month for the two sites.

Now as I say, the new site is not completed yet but take note of the web address:

And obviously myself and Mike would value your feedback so please leave a comment on the article that I have put on there:

We are also open to any helpful suggestions.

Indeed, desperate times call for desperate measures so If you would like to donate you can do so via bank transfer using the following details:

Acc Name: Christopher Spivey

Acc Num: 52332636

Sort Code: 09-01-29

Thank you… I really, really am trying my best for us all.

United we stand, divided we fall.

Just sayin’.