New Top & Bottomless Photos Of Kate & Pippa Middleton Set To Cause A Scandal – And Spivey Has Them.


Christopher Spivey.

Just when it seemed that Prince William and his new wife Kate appeared to have put an end to the ‘Tittygate’ saga, two more magazines have brazenly published new photos of the Duchess of Cambridge in various states of undress.

The two magazines in question are the Italian publication ‘Chi’  and the Danish Magazine Se Og Hor.

The website, ‘Showbiz’  had the following to say about ‘Chi’:

“The Italian magazine which plans to publish more topless pictures of the Duchess of Cambridge has some 200 images of the future queen sunbathing naked, it has emerged.

Chi announced it is preparing a 26-page special edition tomorrow featuring 50 intimate photographs of Kate Middleton on holiday in France.

The Chi cover, featuring three pictures of a topless princess, was unveiled Saturday in Italian newspapers and television under the headline ‘Court Scandal: The Queen is Nude!’

The defiant editor of Chi has Tweeted that “not even a direct call from the Queen” would stop him from publishing the pictures.

Former Latin teacher-turned-editor Alfonso Signorini, 48, posted the message online after being posed the question by one of his followers on Twitter”.

Interestingly enough ‘Chi’ Magazines publishing company, Mondadori is also the publishing company for ‘Closer’ Magazine, the French publication that printed the original photos. ‘Closer’ is now the subject of a court injunction banning the magazine from publishing any more of the photos.

Moreover, and rather quite bizarre, it turns out that Mondadori is owned by Italy’s former paedophile Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

Course, ‘Chi’ is no stranger to controversy, having once published a picture of Prince Williams mother, Diana, semi concious in the Mercedes death car.

‘Mondadori  France’ – Closer magazine’s branch of the publishing company – will be fined €10,000 a day should they break last week’s French court ruling by publishing further topless photos of the Duchess of Cambridge. The ruling also forbids ‘Closer’ to transmit them to any other publications via E-Mail or other means.

Furthermore the Court Ruling also decided that Mondadori would have to pay €2,000 towards the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s legal fees.

However,according to the website ‘Radaronline’,  it has since emerged that lawyers acting for the Royal couple are providing their services free of charge. The website had the following to say on the matter:

Harbottle & Lewis offer their services to the royals for free. This reportedly means that William and Kate will save up to a cool two million dollars in attorneys’ fees.

“The royal family has kept their legal team busy in the last few weeks, but lucky for them they don’t have to pay for their services,” a source revealed.

“Harbottle & Lewis provide the royals with legal guidance free of charge – simply because of the prestige they get from having them as their client”.

“It’s held in high acclaim to be the legal firm that looks after the royal family’s best interests and has meant they have secured contracts with other high-profile clients because of that relationship”.

“However, Harbottle & Lewis must be kicking themselves over that agreement. Fees for the Kate Middleton topless scandal could eventually rise to up to a million-and-a-half pounds”.

“Add to that the cost of the damage control they provided for Prince Harry’s naked Las Vegas romp – they could have made an absolute killing”.

Never the Less, despite winning an injunction for the Royal Couple last week, ‘Closer’ Magazines Editor, Laurence Pieau has defended her decision to publish the snaps.

 “These photos are not in the least shocking. They show a young woman sunbathing topless, like millions of women you see on beaches,” she said.

The French Editor went on to say that, the Photos were taken on the terrace of the Autet Chateau in Provence, southern France.

The château is reportedly owned by Viscount Linley, the son of the Queen’s late sister Princess Margaret. Linley has recently made the headlines himself by defaulting on a massive Russian Bank loan that he had taken out.

Laurence Pieau was also quoted in last Saturday’s ‘Sun’ Newspaper as saying that her magazine had more pictures that it had not printed yet.

It is however, not entirely clear as to whether last week’s court ruling only applies to those photos taken by the same photographer who took the snaps that have already been published, or whether the injunction covers all topless photos of the Duchess.

It has also been revealed that the Photos in question were actually taken by an English photographer now living in the South of France.

Meanwhile, Prince William’s former press aide Colleen Harris has gone on record as saying that: William will be absolutely fuming”.

There is even speculation that the snaps could stop Kate from becoming Queen. Personally, I do not believe that William will ever become King, let alone Kate become the Queen. This belief of mine however, is based on other factors and has absolutely nothing to do with the topless photos.

Never the less, according to America’s ‘Globe’ Magazine, the photos have opened up a split in the Royal household. The magazine reported that:

“Prince Charles‘scheming wife Camilla cruelly taunted Kate, and made her cry, after mocking her about the topless photographs”.

The magazine went on to say that “A Source” had told them that Camilla’s berating of Kate had led to ‘Prince William rushing to comfort his distraught wife’.

William, who is said to be fond of Camilla, never the less has the full backing and support of his Father, Prince Charles, and his Grandmother, the Queen.

And just when it seemed that things couldn’t get any worse for the young couple, the Danish Magazine ‘Se Og Hor’ has also published photos of Kate sunbathing. Worse still, the photos show Kate naked from the waist down.

Just exactly what the Royal couple intend to do about these new sets of Photos remains to be seen. In the meantime, I fully intend to have the photos up for as long as I can get away with it. Furthermore, I feel sure that this website will be one of only a handful of website’s running the photos.

With that in mind, be sure to spread the word about where you saw the photos. That way, when I’m killed in a car accident in some dark and dingy tunnel, at least I will die a popular man.

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Bit of Yoga going on there I think.

She’s just showing off now.

If MIG means “I would”, then MIG.

Has she shit herself?

 Now tell me that they didn’t think they would be seen.

Round of applause for the Danes please.

Big Willie.

Carlsberg don’t do magazines… But if they did…

Se Og Hor Magazine

The magazine cover that led to the scandal.

Chi magazine’s controversial front cover.

“Itchy Arse Kate”?

Shame she will never be Queen… She’s so much more fun than Liz is.

You have to hand it to Chi… They have brass balls.


Some might be forgiven for thinking that Kate is performing a strip tease routine.

Kate x 2. That’s 4 tits in one photo, don’t cha know.

Topless Kate rubs sun oil on Willie.

Chi magazine’s controversial edition which carried the photo of Princess Diana.

The photo of a critically injured Princess Diana controversially printed in Chi magazine.

Pippa with her Baps out.

Kate, topless.

According to the photo caption this is Pippa, although it looks more like Kate to me… That is definitely Willie though.



Kate watches on as her sister Pippa takes a dive. Notice William in the sea, having a good old butchers.


Pippa, in her Bra.