My friend Brian.


Family Justice Exposed


The following article was sent to me by Brian Clare with a request that I re-post it on Facebook.

As a child, Brian was the victim of unimaginable sex abuse.

Since then, he has spent his time trying to bring his abusers and  their ilk to justice.

And, just like all of us who are trying our best to make the world a better place, Brian is kept a close eye on by the authorities.

So, there was no real surprise that after he sent me a micro disc containing sensitive information via recorded delivery, when I returned it via the same method, the brand new padded envelope that I had used had a very suspect rip in it, the disc was gone and the postman hadn’t bothered to get Brian to sign for it.

Luckily, we are not as stupid as the cross dressing MI5 are and I have the info safely tucked away… Amateurs.

All the same, I think I can do a bit more for Brian than just re-post it on Facebook.


Class action against the government has taken place in United Kingdom.




On the 18th December 2013 The British press reported that all prisoners including killers and rapists have the right to vote because they have human rights. Children and their parents have their human rights been denied and violated.

Although Class action is a group action usually associated with commercial disputes such as big corporations, The claimants  aim is not JUST compensation but an “8 steps” action.

The Local authorities are commercial organisations independent (supposedly) and detached from the government.Their functions are to serve as a public authority the residents within their borders. (county councils, Metropolitan, and Parish councils.).

The claimants have multiple choice of taking action against the private corporations that control foster care industry (CORE ASSETS LIMITED) having first established that they have acted unlawfully, to care for the children in the local authorities care.

Second choice is the Local authorities who have contracts with such private companies, and the local authorities are directly responsible with the welfare of the children in their care, through a court order (final care order, ICO ).

The complicated fact is that although Social services are part of a local authority  they are also  have a duty to report to directly to the minister of education.

The claimants are are now establishing who is responsible for the laws that aimed to protect the children residing within United Kingdom.It is the state that is responsible to arrange via special laws, and acts that health, education and safe protection will be provided by the state.

A class action can only be against the British government for failing to safeguard vulnerable children, failing to safeguard the justice system, so every child and its family can be protected  from unlawful commercial predators who are in evidence are thriving as a result of unlawful  and deliberate acts between social services and family court justice, using wordings such as “risk of future emotional harm” which are NOT evidence of child abuse but a hearsay prediction,  based on an unqualified opinion of a private employee (social  worker) rather than  an expert opinion that proves beyond reasonable doubt that the unlawfully removed children have been harmed in the past and showing visible signs of abuse by their parents, in which case the common law states that such abuses are criminal offence for which the alleged abusive parents should be prosecuted and receive a fair trial in accordance to the criminal acts on United Kingdom.

The British government is guilty of failing to protect  the children, the vulnerable parents,  and the family values that form the society that this government governs.The British government (through its judicial system) is guilty of ignoring human rights laws which are ensuring the democratic rights of any citizen whether is a child or an adult.There are documented  cases that the British judicial has applied Human rights laws in cases such as prisoners’ rights, the Abdu Hamza case, and other human rights that have outraged public opinion.
There is a deliberate and unlawful act of failing to apply the Human rights laws ONLY in cases that will protect children, their parents, and family values.

The British government is guilty for allowing these human abuses and injustice to continue at the cost of £25 billion per year, which are an unlawful waste of the British taxpayer’s money.

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