Must Hang Sally


Chris Spivey


Oh No!

Our Sal – Terroist Sally Jones – is brown-bread… I can’t believe it… I don’t believe it.

And it’s only a week since the Chimp unveiled their new “Our Sal” photo, prompting me to point out in the last article I wrote called ‘Over The Moon’ that Sally-Sausage also goes by the name of Dr Helen Wibbly-Wobbly  – or something like that anyway.

You will also remember – if you read the last article – that HELEN Wibbly-Wobbly is an expert gender-bender doctor.

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PHOTO: The Chimps new “Our Sal” photo (above) and below is a comparison of Our Sal & Dr Wibbly-Wobbly 


Now according to the Chimp it appears that Our Sal has been murdered by a pensioner – ironically in England.

You see, reading between the lines it seems that Our Sal must have slipped back into the country under the alias of HELEN Barker.

Barker is alleged to have been multi talented (obviously) and studied Dentistry in WALES .

A pensioner has been arrested in connection with the alleged manslaughter of a former Masterchef star.

Police were called to reports of the sudden death of 38-year-old Helen Barker at 9.07am on Thursday.

Officers arrested the 78-year-old man, who was known to Ms Barker, on suspicion of manslaughter and actual bodily harm. 

Her body was discovered on Thursday morning at her home in Trowbridge.

But police said the post mortem was inconclusive and further pathological tests will be required to determine a cause of death.

Officers released the pensioner on bail pending further enquiries.

Helen’s family released a tribute and said: ‘The whole family have been left devastated by Helen’s untimely death.

‘She was much loved and will be greatly missed by us all. Source


PHOTO: Our Sal as Helen Barker.

Now obviously the picture is heavily photoshopped because WELSH trained dentist DR HELEN Barker had to obviously look at least a little different – in the very same way that DR HELEN Wibble-Wobble from WALES had to also look a little different to Our Sal from WALES Kent.

Yet like the comparison photos of the latter two, there can be no mistaking that DR HELEN Barker (made in Wales) is DR HELEN Wibble-Wobble (from Wales).


Course, if Dr Wibble-Wobble is Dr Barker, then Our Sal must also be Dr Barker too… Yes?

Well not necessarily because that isn’t always the way that the Monsters roll… However, on this occasion the answer would be yes.


Now having been caught out using photos of Dr Wibble-Wobble to act as the cringe-binge-minge terrapin, Our Sal, you would have thought that the Monkey-Kuntz would just have dropped the photo like a hot fucking potato.

But they didn’t because that is not their style – as we saw when I caught them out using the Australian Actress, Rachel Griffiths in her role as a killer nun to depict Our Sal.


The film was called “Divorcing Jack”.

Divorcing Jack‘ was adapted to screen from the book of the same name written by Colin Bateman.

Which is when the Monster Minions thought that it would be a wheeze to photoshop Rachel Griffiths’ face into the photo on the book cover and pretend that the hybrid is “Our Sal”.


Now you really couldn’t make that shit up.

However, there is still much, much more to all this which is to do with an agenda that I stumbled upon, which slots in nicely with information already documented in one of the 4 (as yet unreleased) major articles that I am close to completing – although it is now actually 5 because I started another last week to act as a fill-in and fuck me, it has turned out to be something much bigger.

And unsurprisingly that agenda has to do with our corrupt politicians and other such vermin which involves them making a shit-load of money by posing as senior management at various international companies.

Indeed so far I have identified various puppets at one of the biggest investment management companies in the world, as well as at a top UK firm of architects who are behind some of the biggest landmarks in the country and whats more, a top rated barristers chambers to boot.

However, you will have to wait for the article to be released because the fraud is quite complicated to explain and this fill-in article is already becoming more than that.

Nevertheless, the connection between the companies malarky and this story comes about via the Chimp article about Dr Wibble-Wobble,which as I explained in my article “Over The Moon”, I had already put aside long before I made the connection between her and Our Sal.

You see, the story is connected to the transgender agenda and the way that the Monkey-Boyz had advertised the article on their newsfeed made me think that Dr Wibble-Wobble might also be posing as a mush who had gone through gender reassignment in another of their articles released the same day.


And if the he/she is Dr Wibble-Wobble (I still haven’t checked), then Stephanie JONES would also be Sally JONES AKA Our Sal.

Nevertheless, this is where it gets even more sinister because the photo that I used to compare Wibble-Wobble to the photo of Our Sal are the exact same photo – no question, but if you have any doubts they are still on line last time I checked or you can even take them off here, so just check them for yourselves.

And since Wibble-Wobble’s photo is the best quality out of the trio’s photos, and by far the least photoshopped, it is safe to assume that she is the source.

Now, Dr Wibble-Wobble has a fairly new practice which is where the Chimp article comes in – amongst other MSM sources – because she is supplying “Cross-Sex Hormones” to children as young as 12 years old, who want to change sex.

You can read The Guardian’s take on it HERE

Now apart from making a fortune in sales, many are turning to her because she is quicker than the National Elf and according to one Transgender forum she is itching at the fanny to get the ball rolling for anyone who wishes to use her services.

The forum thread is as follows:


I was wondering if anybody here has had experience with Dr. Helen Webberley of Gender GP/ My Web Doctor? According to her sites she is a qualified NHS GP who offers a private service of transgender care including diagnosis and counselling, blood testing, private hormone supply, all in conjunction with your GP or separately. I am considering using her services whilst waiting for my GIC referral, appointments and hormone prescription.

And whilst there are not many replies, those that there are should be a cause for concern… For example:

 Although I didn’t need her services , and she wasn’t around when I started and waiting times weren’t this long anyway. I have read about Dr Webberley, and she seems to have a quick growing base of people going to her as she does the whole informed consent thing here in the UK, there’s a couple of other private Drs who do it but no one quite as quick and easy as her. Apparently she gets people on HRT within a few weeks from contacting her at the most so. This is all from word of mouth so If I was in your situation I would give her a try.

And this one:

She will ask you to have a full blood test before putting you on hormones and then three monthly blood tests, I was put on hormones as soon as she new it was safe for me. I’m still waiting for my first appointment at a local GIC clinic, Dr Webberley is making the waiting less depressing. Source

Course, having the same story in just about every national newspaper in the country would have done Wibble-Wobble’s business no harm whatsoever – in fact quite the opposite I would Wager.

And whilst I am not saying that a deal was struck which would see her business promoted under the guise of ‘news’ in return for the Monster Minions using her image or even herself in an acting capacity to further the terrapin agenda as well as others – a done deal is certainly not out of the question.

Especially when you consider that most of these actors are either doctors or barristers or related to either one… If you don’t know that by now you will do very shortly once the 5 articles I have on the go are completed.

Moreover, Dr Wibble-Wobble’s work means that the transgender agenda is given a ‘hurry up’.


Hmmm… In fact double hmmm.

Course, and once again I must stress that I am not stating a fact here, but since Wibble-Wobble’s practice is in a specialised field, I cannot see anything involved that any reasonably intelligent person could not be taught to do in a couple of weeks tops. After all, she is only selling the pills, which requires a consultation for which the patient is required to bring evidence of blood tests.

Nevertheless, most of the photos of Wibble-Wobble are the same head shot put on to various other bodies… Here have a butchers:


So, notwithstanding the fact that Wibble Wobble is allowing the government to use her face to promote what is in reality a nonexistent threat of terrorist attacks, for a treasonous, insidious agenda, extremely detrimental to ourselves – she is also allowing her face to be used in made up news stories too, whilst also quite clearly helping to brainwash people into believing that they were born the wrong gender leading to mutilation and in most cases a lifetime of misery and regret.

And you therefore then have to ask yourself the question: Just why the fuck is an allegedly bona-fide doctor not only participating in the above but also using photoshopped pictures of herself?

Therefore I had a look at her website and it would seem that ‘Our Hell’ is in partnership with her husband – Mickey Wibble-Wobble.


HOLY MUDDER OF DORG! Will’ya look at the forking ear onya man… That can’t be right can it?

And the answer is; no, of course it fucking can’t… Course, having said that, the ear looked fine until the Monster Minions started fucking about with the master-photo.

Nevertheless, DOCTOR Mickey Wibble Wobble can call himself whatever the fuck name he likes as far as I am concerned.

Likewise, if Dickey Mickey wants to claim himself to be a “consultant physician overseeing endocrinology“, at Gender GP the name that the Wibble Wobbles have christened their cash cow – I couldn’t give a flying fuck… Although it is highly illegal of course.

You see, no matter what Dr Dribble-Wibble-Wobble the dirty wascal calls himself and claims to be, he cannot escape the fact that he is in reality Craig Mackinlay, the Kent MP for Fanny-South… What’s more, he has been ever since the last [rigged] election.


PHOTO: He is not Dr Wibble Wobble, he is Craig the Crimbo and there is fuck all ‘Right Honourable’ about the fraudster.

See how the ear suits him – even though that pic is partially photoshopped (his left cheek has been added to from the crease in his chin, outwards obviously).

But all the same, let’s go compare:


Study it carefully, there can be no doubt that the two characters have been made from the one photo.

Course quite why the MP is posing as a doctor and using photoshopped images is beyond me. He is also breaking the rules in regard to the fact that politicians have to declare any conflicts of interest, which he obviously is trying to do by the very fact that he is using an assumed identity.

Still, shall we make double sure? Of course we shall.


Now once I had finished putting the 1st comparison together (the one above this one), I immediately thought to myself: ‘That is the down-on-his-luck, bankrupt actor, Philip Middlemiss… AKA Des Barnes from Coronation Street.

And that is a perfect example as to why these fill-in articles take so bleedin’ long to do.

Nevertheless, my curious nature means that I would not be able to continue writing until I checked it out, especially since Corrie has a long history of employing dodgy actors.

And unsurprisingly – well to me it was anyway – I was right as per usual.

Phil Middlemiss pictured at Manchester Airport as the Celebrity Allstar Football Team fly out to Marbella for their annual awards dinner and football weekend.

And as for Philip & Dr Wibble-Wobble? Well I couldn’t be arsed to go through the lengthy process of matching faces, especially with the MP & the Doctor being the same person so I just used the go-compare website.


A good handy website that is… Just sayin’.

And since Philip is pretending to be a gender-bender doctor, his surname Middle-Miss is really quite appropriate.

Now as I mentioned earlier the last election was rigged – the reason being so as Cameron could quit allowing the unelected fraud, The Right Orrible Transvestite Terry May to take his place.

However, there were also a lot of new MP’s elected who were always going to win the vote regardless of whether they had more votes than the other candidates… And of course Jo Cox was one of them, along with a whole coven of other witches.

Moreover, so was Craig Mackinley – indeed a very fishy result, but as I say, he was one of those who was going to win the seat even if he had received no votes. You see Mackinley was up against Monsters Pet, Nigel Farage and the Comedian pub landlord Al Murray, the latter doubtlessly added to the candidates competing for Kent’s Fanny-South constituency to make Mackinley’s victory all the more memorable to the public.

I mean c’mon, Nigel Farage should have fucking walked it. After all he hasn’t been this active and this prominent for this long to then stand for Parliament just to lose… Unless that is, he knew that he was going to lose.

Now I first became suspicious of Mackinley when I was writing about the Jo cox fraud and he was one of those MP’s who were very vocal – or put another way: Pushing the agenda – after allegedly receiving a death threat himself on Twitter.

This is what I wrote about him in that article:

I am talking about Craig Mackinlay who as coincidence would have it, became an MP at the same time as Jo Cox.

Moreover, Mackinlay beat Nigel Farage and comedian Al Murray to do so:

Police have launched an investigation after emojis of a gun and a knife were posted on an MP’s Facebook page.

The posting on Conservative South Thanet MP Craig Mackinlay’s page was accompanied with the message: ‘Another MP that needs …’

It was sent just days after Labour MP Jo Cox was fatally shot and stabbed in an attack outside a library in Birstall, West Yorkshire.

A Kent Police spokesman said: ‘Kent Police is investigating a report of threatening or offensive communications made on 18 June. Inquiries are on-going.Source

No wonder that real crime doesn’t get investigated!

Wanna see the tweet that warrants a SENIOR DETECTIVE leading the investigation?


How in the name of fuck is that a threat? IT IS AN OBSERVATION.

No wonder the Monkey Kuntz had to TRY and clarify exactly where the threat was… They obviously failed miserably.

In fact to be frank, as a man I would have been highly embarrassed even reporting that to the filth… Not that they would have stuck a lollipop lady on the case for me. But all the same, the agenda here is so clear to see that it is glass.


Indeed these MP’s ought to come and have a look at the shit that I get aimed at me… Fucking Hell, they would be carted off by the men in white coats. Source

Now I did write a little more about the puppet-tool a bit further on in that Jo Cox article, but first let me remind you of something else that I also mentioned in that exposé.

You see it would seem that Jo Cox’s alleged mother, Jean Leadbeater was also playing the part of the vicar, Paul Knight in the old fanny.


And then a bit further on in the article whilst talking about the Tool Farage I wrote the following:

There’s that name again – Nigel Farage… The mush who lost the election to Craig Mackinlay, with Al Murray thrown in so as Mackinlay stuck in peoples mind… Incidentally, did Mackinlay remind you of anyone?


… And now that I look at those photos it is clear as crystal that Mackinley has had his nose altered in the photo on the bottom left.

Course, if Mackinley is Jean Leadbeater you can see why he would be so keen to push the Gender-Bender-Agenda by playing Dr Wibble-Wobble can’t you?


Course, this shite all goes to further reinforce what I have been saying for a long time, namely; why are we paying these cunts when they do absolutely fuck all for their money, at least a third of them don’t exist and far from doing what they are paid for, they are in fact working on other projects that are to our detriment.

Indeed there is not one single MP who I cannot find some wrongdoing or other about… We do not need them, kick the cunts out and put them on trial and I guarantee that we will all be far, far better off.

Rant over… For now.

So, Mackinley & the Reverearend are a pretty conclusive match but what about Cox’s ‘mother?

Well there’s only one way to find out:


Looks like a match to me… Then again I really did not expect any other result.

So, to get back to this extremely dodgy, gender-bender clinic of the Wibbly-Wobblies… Who else works there?

Well for a start there is James Abbey – the clinics Social Media Manager.


Well that isn’t a very good quality photograph unlike all the rest of the clinic staff’s photos… And it is photoshopped! Why the fuck do the Wibble-Wobble’s and their staff photoshop their pictures?

He looks very familiar though… Does he to you?

Hmmm. In fact if he was not the mush running the clinic’s Facebook page I would swear blind that he was Matthew Grimshaw – the *aherm, aherm football goalkeeper killed in the Shoreham Airshow Shite.

Trouble is, all of Grimshaw’s photos are digitally altered too, despite being “family handouts”!

Why on earth would Grimshaw’s family hand the press photos in which he has had his features altered?


It is definitely him though… So why would a gender bender clinic employ a dead fella under an assumed name?

Very fucking strange.

Stranger still is the fact that after putting Abbey & Grimshaw’s photo together I was immediately reminded of Ryan Thomas – better known as CORONATION STREET’S, Jason GRIMSHAW.


Obviously I am not saying it is… It is just a coincidence… Again.

Now I am going to leave the Wibble-Wobbles staff at that for the moment although I do strongly suspect at least 3 others are wrong-uns… You see, unfortunately I do not have the time to check, especially as this article was just supposed to be a fill in.

However, having come this far it would be wrong of me to end it without discussing Craig Mackinley’s wife… Yes indeed he has got one… Sort of.


PHOTO: The Mackinleys – She appears too nice for him… And take no notice of his assumed height… He is really quite short, don’t cha know.

However, she looks very familiar to me… Do you recognise her?

She is the former MP Esther Mcvey… Playing the part of Mackinley’s ‘wife’ obviously.


Hmmm… McVey from Liverpool is a long time friend of Kate McCann and a trustee of the Madeline McCann Fund which she help set up.

However, just to complicate thing further, Katie Mackinlay is also Mid Bedfordshire MP, Nadine Dorries… Also from LIVERPOOL.


Dorries is the bird who was temporarily suspended from her Cabinet duties due to her taking part in “I’m a Knob-Ed Celeb”, after a public outcry that she was doing so at the public’s expense… Oh dear, oh dear. If only the public really knew that being a highly paid MP is not a job at all.

Indeed it is a scam and one that includes most of their families in on the act:

Dorries’ daughter was among the highest earning family members employed by MPs with a salary of £40,000-45,000 as an office manager. This is despite the fact that her daughter lived 96 miles away from the office. Subsequently her sister was taken on as senior secretary with a salary of £30,000-35,000. Ben Glaze, a journalist with the Sunday Mirror, was threatened by Dorries on Twitter for asking questions about the MP’s employment practices: “Be seen within a mile of my daughters and I will nail your balls to the floor… using your own front teeth. Do you get that?” Source

Nice bird! Very honourable… Still, I am sure you want a second opinion.

And curiously enough in this next comparison it is the photo of Dorries that is far more photoshopped than the one of Katie Mackinley, despite there being very little doubt that the two photos are the same one – with added jiggery pokery obviously.

You see, I am using the same Mackinley snappy-snap as I used to compare her with Esther McVey – the one where she has that blue hat on with netting covering her forehead, which is a nuisance as it distracts the eye, yet blending it in is a nightmare and the reason that the finished photo of Mackinley & McVey ain’t all that.

However, I have little choice but to use it as there are so few photos of Katie which are big enough to blow up … Then again, there wouldn’t be many of her for obvious reasons, now would there.

Therefore, I am going to also overlay the top of Dorries head over the two half faces, which if anything proves even more that they are the same… Ere, ave a butchers.


And just so as you know that Dorries and Esther McVey are the same person, have these two offerings below and be aware that I can prove it time and again.


Dorries on the left, McVey on the right in the top comparison photo & obviously vice-versa below.

She used to be a TV presenter did McVey, don’t cha know… Almost the same as an actress in fact.

And although McVey was booted out of office at the last election both her and Dorries were serving MP’s up until that point – which is a clear indication of my claim that at least a third of our MP’s do not exist, being correct.

Indeed one of the five-soon-to-be’s that I am writing names the most prominent of these fraudsters.

However I will now retract that claim about a third of our MP’s not exsisting and instead state that up to as many as half of them do not exist – just a succession of these actors playing the role of multiple MP’s, as and when is required.

Most of the work is done via photos though.

Furthermore, why is a serving MP (Nadine Dorries) playing the part of another MP and an MPs wife?

The answer to that is: She isn’t… She is playing far more roles than that… ‘Our Sal’ for instance:


So now you have to ask yourself why the British government are continually scaremongering the public with warnings that we are going to be murdered by teen-wolf & his Mother, AKA ‘Our Sal’ when ‘Our Sal’ is a member of the British government?

Worse still, if Dorries, McVey and Katie Mackinley are Our Sal then they must be Dr Wibble-Wobble too mustn’t they?

Nadine Dorries (Conservative MP)

Of course they must.

Want more?


And that means that Wibble-Wobble selling knob-shrink-pills can’t be a real doctor. I also know for a fact that our top-plod are not who they say they are – as you will find out too in a soon to be released article.

Therefore, why should the judiciary be any different?

The answer to that is it isn’t but what I know about the Judiciary and those who operate within it can wait. There is after all a time and place for everything.

Nevertheless, Nadine Dorries – the MP that likes to lie a lot – claims to have been a victim of child abuse:

It takes a lot to stop the force of nature that is Nadine Dorries. Take her suspension from the Conservative whip following her eyebrow-raising, bikini-clad jaunt on I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here. Or some of the vicious criticism meted out when she ventured into print with a series of novels: comments on her first ranged from ‘bad, riddled with Shamrockese’ to ‘the worst novel I’ve read in ten years’.

The brickbats seemed to matter not one jot to the indomitable MP for Mid-Bedfordshire, who was returned last month with a huge majority of more than 23,000, and whose novels – despite the snooty comments – have sold a staggering 750,000 copies in print and digital.

Yet her reputation as a survivor is founded on something much more personal and a great deal more troubling than Westminster controversy. And the clue is in those books. As Nadine admits for the first time today, the dark episodes of sexual abuse that punctuate the trilogy published so far are based not in the imagination, but in reality – she herself was the victim of what her own novels so graphically describe.

Now aged 58, Nadine says the attacks she suffered at the hands of her local Anglican vicar when she was a nine-year-old girl have had a profound effect on every aspect of her life, from her relationships with men to those with her three daughters. ‘It has taken me 49 years to talk about it,’ she says. ‘It has been slowly coming out and each time I say the words it gets a bit easier.

‘My childhood was stolen from me. I was not an innocent girl enjoying things in the way other children were. From a young age I was made to be different and ashamed. Even now, I fear that people will say it was me and that I must have done something wrong; that there was bad in me that made other men do that; that I was a child harlot.

SHE remains unapologetic about the justice she felt was done by including in her books the sordid details of what the late vicar did to her. She is unrepentant even about using his real name in full – the Reverend James Cameron – in The Ballymara Road. Source

“James Cameron”! … The same name as the film director and the surname of her boss, Dave the Rave, at the time?


PHOTO: The Rev Jimmy Cameron in 1991 – least it is according to the Chimp

A bit suspect if you ask me, in fact the Monster Minions love to give their characters famous names when writing their scripts for a fraud event and was it really the time and place for Dorries to talk about it when blatantly trying to flog her books?

He does in fact look awful familiar to me… A bit like Dr Mickey Wibble-Wobble as it happens.


See how it all connects?

He also reminds me of this fella:

Michael Fabricant

Now despite him looking like a Harry Enfield character (could well be I haven’t checked) he is in fact Michael Fabricant (Fabricate?), the MP for Lichfield… Fuck me people must be desperate.

So it appears that he lives in Brighton in Sussex, works in Westminster in London and is the MP for Lichfield in Staffordshire, yet people still believe that being an MP is a real job… Roger that.


I don’t need to do half & half to see that they are the same person.

However, if Fabricate is Wibble-Wobble then he must also be Craig Mackinley mustn’t he?


So, there we have another MP less.

And unfortunately that is all I have time for in regard to this article… Which is only half of this branch of the story.

However, just think on that if Our Sal was a real terrapin she would have a beard.

I wonder what she would look like with a beard… Hmmm.


These Monsters gotta go… Just sayin’.

See ya……….