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Whilst adding the finishing touches to my article: Over The Moon (Saturday, September 3rd), I annoyingly had the song “World” by the ‘Hee Bee Gee Bees’ – or whatever it is that the Bee gees are called – in my head and fuck me, I couldn’t shake it.

Well I say ‘annoyingly’ but it was more of a niggle really, albeit not because I don’t like the song – on the contrary, I think it is a top tune and is a particular favorite of mine amongst two or three dozen or so other favourites in, what would be by anyones standards, a very diverse range in music genre.

Indeed, the reason for the niggle was that I couldn’t concentrate on finishing up the article to the extent that I thought ‘fuck it’, took a break and went in search of the song on Youtube.

You see, I love music – always have done – although unfortunately I do not get to listen to it anywhere near as often as I would like these days.

Moreover, believe it or not I can actually sing a bit, which isn’t just my opinion although I am obviously a little biased in that department.

For example, I was asked by a friend to audition for a local band that he played guitar in when I was seventeen – I didn’t, they were very good and I lacked the confidence back then.

I have also sang impromptu in a five star hotel in Malta (The last Waltz, Please Release Me) and asked to stay on after finishing a duet (Up Where We Belong) with the wife of a fella who used to run a karaoke around pubs & clubs in Essex – so nerr.

In fact the bird who plays Jane Russell was so desperate to try and belittle me, that she once made a cunt of herself after seeing a video of me from 2011 “miming” to a record and having a dance in me under-crackers, which she had tried to make into something sordid.

However I wasn’t miming, that was me actually singing without even trying, and there is fuck all wrong with dancing in your pants as long as they are not white Y-fronts with skid-marks up the back. In fact I think that it’s called having a laugh and not taking yourself seriously, which is why I – as in ME – uploaded it first to Facebook (it is still there amongst others) and then later to Youtube, so as I could upload it to the first version of this website.

I should point out that I was only tattooing at the time and quite obviously I must have had far too much free time on my hands because after spending an hour or so on Youtube listening to music, I thought I would give my Facebook friends a laugh by filming myself on my mobile phone (I had one back then as I didn’t have the MIT making themselves busy), doing a silly dance to Van McCoy’s, The Hustle.

However, I began by making out that I was on the telephone, acting all serious, when the tune suddenly starts, prompting me to stop what I’m doing and mulling the tune over before launching into a silly dance. And then when the classic piece of music finished, I made out like I didn’t know what had come over me.

There was no rehearsing or fuck all, I just done whatever came into my head whilst doing it.and it went down a treat with my friends prompting me to make maybe a dozen more in the space of a year, whenever I was in the mood for a bit of silliness.

Course it would be pointless doing the same thing every time so the next one I done – again, straight off the cuff  on the spur of the moment – was with me singing Louis Armstrong’s, ‘Wonderful World‘… As Louis Armstrong… Now I’ll bet there is a few of you who’d like to see that…

Well you can fuck off.

Only joking, here ya go.

And I think that the last one I done was Leo Sayer’s, ‘You Make Me Feel Like Dancing’… As Leo Sayer… In me pants… Oh go on then.

More like Dennis the Menace than Leo Sayer.

But all the same, the lesson there is: Never take yourself seriously because some half witted, low life, scumberella will do it for you.

Course, I am well documented as being ultra scathing of the knob-ed celebs in the music industry and of the music industry as a whole, but they are not reasons for me not to like music.

Indeed another song that is amongst my all time favourites is ‘Someone Saved My Life Tonight’ by Elton John – an absolutely brilliant record which just happens to be penned and sung by someone who I despise everything about as a person.

In fact as far as I am concerned the monster should be rotting in a prison cell instead living in the lap of luxury with enough money to afford to be able to prevent his sordid personal life being reported on in the press.

However, of all the things that I have said about him I have never once said that he doesn’t have talent or that he is a crap musician because that simply would not be true… I have even seen him in concert – a long time ago mind, long, long before I knew any of what I know now, although it wasn’t because of him that I bought the tickets.

You see it was one of those concerts with two headline acts where they rotate who goes on last and Elton John just happened to be sharing the bill with Eric Clapton – who was the reason that I bought the ticket.

Mind you, although I haven’t looked I feel sure that he will turn out to be a wrong-un too… In fact didn’t his 1st born topple out of a New York City skyscraper?

Absolutely fucking brilliant live though, as was Elton John.

Course, anyone who is big in music or film has to be a wrong-un else they wouldn’t be big – such is the way that the sick-fuck cult of celebrity works… You are either one of ‘them’ or you ain’t in the club pal, simple as that, so do not go kidding yourself that those who you like to listen to would not take part in sick-fuck activities and other such noncesense.

Now, the reason that I started this article in the first place is because after having that Bee Gees song stuck in my head on Saturday night, when I came to having a look on the Chimp’s website on Sunday, there was an article detailing an interview with Barry Gibb.

And of course anyone who has spent enough time on this website will know that some of the things that I write about will be made known to someone at the Chimp, as is evidenced by the fact that before I would even release the article in question the shit-rag would have released as many as three on the very same subject in an obvious act of damage limitation or to let me know that they know… Course, quite how anyone is able to find out the content of my articles before I release them is a mystery to me – he wrote trying his best to look naive.

Now since this happens far too many times to be a coincidence, I thought that it may be a nod and a wink just to let me know that they know I was searching and listening to the Bee Gees the night before – made all the more feasible by the fact that I rarely listen to music these days, cept when I’m driving. It is rarer still that I listen to the Bee Gees and when was the last time Barry Gibb had a whole article dedicated to himself?

However, the article was too sufficiently well written and detailed to be aimed at me and as such, on this occasion it was in all likelihood a genuine coincidence.

I should also point out that I have never come across or been tipped off about any of the usual shite that these soulless entities take part in where Barry Gibb is concerned.

However, that doesn’t count for diddly squat because the same cannot be said for his sick fuck brother, Robin… And since they are not just siblings, but also in close assosiation in their adult and professional lives, I find it extremely hard to believe that Barry did not at the very least know about his sexual preferences for that other than the norm.

Moreover, the Bee Gees were managed by the predatory paedophile, Robert Stigwood as was Eric Clapton’s band, ‘Cream’.

Now in 2014 I wrote an article called: ‘Sutch As It Was’, which was based around an unreleased article that I had been sent about Screaming Lord Sutch in which I included a segment about Stigwood and Gibb. However, that article is more relevant now than it was back then and indeed joins more than a few dots about those ‘superstars’ in the depraved music industry who are worshipped by millions.

David Edward Sutch was born on November 10th 1940 in London’s Hampstead hospital right at the height of WWII.

Tragically, his father died whilst Sutch was still a baby.

So, as with many, many other children left with only a mother to look after them following the war, Sutch grew up in relative poverty.

And as he grew older, like so many other young fellas of the time, Sutch also sought a way out of the poverty trap through music forming his novelty rock n roll act, ‘The Savages’ by the time he reached his early twenties.

Surprisingly, the act instantly caught on despite Sutch never really being a singer of any worth.

He was however, always a showman.

The act its self was based around Sutch, dressed as Jack the Ripper being carried onto the stage in a coffin whilst waving an axe around.

And whilst Sutch was doing his thing, his backing group The Savages would amuse the audience with props such as skulls dead bodies and daggers.

Sutch would also scream intermittently throughout the course of his show and would often hack off the head of a realistic dummy, giving rise to his nickname of screaming Lord Sutch.

SLS & Raving Savages 63

Safe to say then, that this early vampire themed act was way ahead of its time.

Now, throughout his career in music Sutch worked with some of the biggest names in the business including the once celebrated record producer Joe Meek of Telstar fame.

The following is from Wikipedia:

After the death of Meek the thousands of recordings he hid at his studio remained unreleased and preserved by Cliff Cooper of the Millionaires.

At the time of Meek’s death in 1967, Cooper is said to have purchased all of Meek’s recordings for £300. These recordings were called the “Tea Chest Tapes” among fans, as they were stored in a tea chest when Cooper took them out of his flat.

Alan Blackburn, former president of the Joe Meek Appreciation Society, catalogued all of them in the mid 1980s.

On 4 September 2008 these unreleased recordings went up for auction in Fame Bureau’s ‘It’s More Than Rock ‘N’ Roll’ auction, fetching £200,000.

They contained over 4,000 hours of music on 1,850 tapes, including recordings by David Bowie as singer and sax player with the Konrads, Gene Vincent, Denny Laine, Billy Fury, Tom Jones, Jimmy Page, Mike Berry, John Leyton, Ritchie Blackmore, Jess Conrad, Mitch Mitchell and Screaming Lord Sutch.

The tapes also contained many examples of Meek composing songs and experimental sound techniques. Tape 418 has Meek composing songs for the film Live It Up!

And, just like David Sutch, Meek also died in very controversial circumstances.

You see, on the 3rd of February 1967, using a single-barrelled shotgun that he had confiscated from his protégé, former Tornado’s bassist and solo star Heinz Burt, Meek first killed his landlady Violet Shenton and then himself… Allegedly.


The official story is that homosexual Meek – a paedophile and Satanist – had flown into a rage and taken the gun from Heinz Burt when he informed Meek that he used it while on tour to shoot birds.

Meek had then kept the weapon under his bed along with some cartridges.

Nevertheless, since the shotgun had been owned by Heinz Burt he was originally questioned intensively by the police before finally being eliminated from their enquiries.

Now, as it happens Meek had once upon a time tried it on with Tom Jones. The following is what Jones said in interview:

Q: As Tommy Scott & The Senators, you cut various tracks with Joe Meek in his fabled Holloway Road studio in 1964. Is it true he tried to come on to you so you punched him?

A: Well, I didn’t actually hit him (laughs). We did five tracks with him and then he said, “Tell the boys to pack the stuff up and take it down and put it in the van, I want to talk to you”.

He said, “Those jeans fit you well, don’t they?” I said, “Well, yeah, they’re fucking jeans, what do you expect?” And he says, ‘It looks like you’ve got a bit of a ….’ (nudges and winks towards the crotch department).

I said, ‘Well, it serves its purpose.’ I’m looking at him and I say, “You’re not one of these fucking queer fellas, are you?” And he said, “What are you talking about?”

He completely turned it around and was saying “that’s ridiculous”. Then I did a demo for Decca and met Peter Sullivan. We did an audition and it was funny because he said, “Tell the boys to pack the stuff up, I wanna talk to you.”

I said, “Wait a minute, before we go any further, you’re not one of these queer fellas, are you?” (laughs) He said, “What are you talking about?” And then I told him the story about Joe Meek. So I was paranoid at that time. Source

So, safe to say then that Joe Meek was a big shot in the 1960’s. Especially in February 1967… Just saying.

He was also good friends with the paedophile Brian Epstein – the Homosexual manager of The Beatles… Hmmm. Once again, as so often is the case the saying Birds of a feather immediately springs to mind.

And, as Coincidence would have it, Epstein – like Meek – was also said to have committed suicide after some dodgy deals went wrong.

Worse still, In January 1967  – a month before Meek became the Terminator – a mutually shared rent boy named Bernard Oliver had been found by police in Tattingstone, Suffolk, cut up and packed into several suitcases.

Now, by all accounts Meek had become concerned that he would be implicated in this murder. The following is from

Less than three weeks later, in the Holloway Road in North London – a couple of miles or so from where the boy had gone missing – a famous record producer, his career now in tatters, blasted his landlady to death with a shotgun before turning the gun on himself.

Joe Meek, who’d produced numerous hit records including Telstar and Johnny Remember Me, was now facing financial ruin.

He was also reported to be suffering from mental health problems. In 1963, he’d been prosecuted for ‘importuning for immoral purposes’ – homosexual acts still being illegal at this time.

As news of the murder investigation spread – along with its connection to what the London Evening News called, ‘the twilight world of homosexuals’ – Joe Meek became increasingly worried that he would be questioned, blackmailed or visited by hoodlums.

Despite minor speculation that Bernard Oliver the missing boy, may have done some work at Joe Meek’s recording studio, there was actually no connection, so far as anybody knew at the time, between the unfortunate record producer and the murdered teenager. The speculation and tittle-tattle however, could only have exacerbated Meek’s anxiety.

The period was, as we can now observe, a time of contrast, coincidence, and great complexity.

As the murder investigation got underway, an official photo was circulated of its victim With no clue as to the identity of the young man, the police had taken the unusual step of ‘dressing’ the severed head.

To do this, they stuck its eyes open, set it upright with a scarf at the base of the skull, then tidied it up as best they could before photographing it. It was a macabre sort of thing to do. The move, however, soon paid its sad dividend when the boy’s father recognised the face in a newspaper picture and came forward to formally identify his son.

Described as quiet and gentle, if somewhat ‘backward’ with a mental age of eleven, Bernard Oliver had been missing from home for 10 days.  Source

Now, as it turns out the people that were blackmailing Meek and Epstein were allegedly none other than the notorious East-end gangsters, the Kray Twins.

However, although for the sake of this article I will stick to the ‘official’ Kray story, I am in fact in the process of amassing evidence with a view to exposing their story as a fraud following some rather interesting information falling into my hands… And I am not just talking about the twins either.

I mean in all total honesty I could prove to you right now – backed by irrefutable evidence – that neither George Cornell (AKA Myers) or John ‘Jack-the-hat’ McVitie were murdered by the twins or anyone else for that matter… Cept on paper and in photographs of course and I do in fact know exactly who they really were.

Therefore, where does that leave Ron, Reg and the rest of their associates?

Freddie Foreman for instance – after all he was given a 10 stretch for disposing of McVitie’s body… And yes, I also know who Brown-Bread Fred really is as it happens.

And what about the Richardson Brothers, Charles & Eddie who Cornell supposedly worked for and who were both in full support of the official Kray story ?

Again they were just actors, in fact Eddie Richardson also played the part of Brian Reader who was supposedly the (cough, cough) mastermind behind the Hatton Garden Vault robbery.


And as it happens, I have just finished reading Wesley Clarkson’s book on that robbery – good book but total cobblers.

Now Reader was also supposedly an associate of well know freemason villain, Kenny Noye… Noye, who is allegedly still serving a life sentence for the ‘road-rage’ murder of Stephen Cameron had previously been found not guilty – as was Reader – of the murder of undercover copper, Detective Constable, John Fordham.

However, that too is bollocks with Fordham being just one of four murder victims portrayed by the same fella.

And then of course there is Mad Frankie Fraser – he probably really was, but his real name wasn’t Frankie Fraser.


PHOTO: Richardson & Fraser

And then there are the armed robbers such as Bobby Cummines, OBE… I believe him to be played by a politician who also poses as a very top rated barrister.


Course, he has the right credentials since Cummines also professed to be a ‘hitman’.

Neither were the 1963 Train Robbers the fellas that they were supposed to be – Ronnie Biggs was another fairy tale played out by someone very well known.

He too was George Cornell & Jack McVitie… It really is literally just a matter of shadows.


Now perhaps the government’s paid/blackmailed nonce-like sewer dwellers would like to debunk that… Well obviously they would ‘like to’ but they can’t… Not that they have debunked anything of mine unless you consider: “what a load of bollocks” as me being proved wrong on any given subject.

So they call me beastly names instead which makes me cwy and hide my chubby cheeks away for periods of up to 2 or 3 milliseconds at a time… Golly gosh it stings when they bully me.

Nevertheless, I somehow manage to get over it as by the very nature of their job is sufficient to evidence the Rat-Splat’s lack of substance, weakness and feeble mindset – which is also an apt description of their physical attributes given the number of times that they have mentioned themselves getting a gang together to come and sort me out – yet still I wait in mild amusement.

Indeed, the very fact that I am actively gathering evidence – on top of the pile that I have already amassed on this subject – should be an indication to you that we have been sold another massive whopper because I have neither the time or patients to spend hours on end chasing dead ends.

Moreover, I am a bit pissed off about it because I spent years and years researching the ‘official version’ of 20th century Organised Crime in Britain – from the Sabini Crime Family through to the Adams Crime Family… Only to find that I wasted my fucking time not to mention hundreds of pounds on books that should have been found on the ‘crime-fiction’ sections of the country’s bookshops… Which ironically makes me a victim of organised crime.

Indeed, just like the Diana car-crash, I am now picking up on glaring anomalies embedded in stories written about the likes of the Kray twins that do in fact make me shake my head at how accepting I was of the stated facts and blind to the things that I am now picking up on.

Course, I am not saying for one second that ALL of the robberies, capers and murders supposedly committed by ‘underworld faces’ didn’t happen because indeed some did – albeit mostly in the case of the high profile, high value robberies, such as the Train Robbery, the Security Express Robbery, the Brinks Mat Robbery and the Hatton Garden Vault Robbery.

And what those heists all have in common is that they were all extremely sophisticated – far too much so for the alleged masterminds – and should have been far too high risk of failing to even chance having a bash.

Course, in all instances the majority of those ‘involved’ in carrying out the deed were caught by silly mistakes afterwards leading to their capture – very strange for such self disciplined individuals, who all to a man seemed to have learned fuck all from the sophisticated, high value robberies proceeding theirs.

However, most tellingly of all is the fact that out of everyone of those ‘jobs’ listed above – as well as the vast majority of other high profile, high value, high risk robberies – the bulk of the multi-million pound loot has never been recovered… Which will be down to the fact that it ended up in the pockets of those who had really planned the robberies, arranged for them to successfully take place and then dealt with all the loose ends afterwards by arranging the hiring  of ‘actors’.

These ‘actors’ would be employed to either take the rap (involving fake capture, fake trial and fake prison sentence) or were cast to be ‘murdered’ (Donald Urqhart for example*) in order to elaborate and give credibility to the caper, thus establishing many other criminal ‘tentacles’, as well as creating ‘joinder’ in the public’s mind – and of course all leading to the creation of Organised Crime… Or to be more specific: Creating the illusion of Organised Crime.

In turn the corrupt plod are seen as heroes, dedicated to stamping out crime – from the likes of Police Constable, Mike Row-Fickthug & PC Dick Splash-Wetfart, all the way up to Chief Cuntunstable, Mason Devilove and County PCC Tom Tit-Paedosnuff, whilst at the same time justifying their annual budget – with the latter two doubtlessly further creaming off the top of it – and of course keeping the public living in fear.

*Donald Urqhart was nothing more than a doctored photo of Kenneth Noye.

donald urqhart

PHOTO: Donald Urqhart/Kenneth Noye

Now as I just mentioned, these actors would supposedly be incarcerated for many years – most conveniently dying along the way – when in reality they would be free to go about their business under an assumed identity; e.g the case of Eddie Richardson/Brian Reader.

Course, when real criminals start making headway into organised crime they are dealt with without mercy as in the cases of Pat Tate, Tony Tucker & Craig Rolfe AKA the Essex Boys who were exterminated in 1996 most likely at the request of the filth who then stitched up two innocent men of ill repute – Mick Steel & Jack Wholmes, both of whom are still protesting their innocence 20 years later.


I will also tell you that the fella who the Chimp are harassing at the moment – their “Sir Shifty”, Philip Green – was one of those responsible for the illusion, but you only have to look at the Twins to realise that there is something Queer about their story… Mad Ron openly boasting about his homosexual whatsits for starters and at a time when it was illegal and very frowned upon by the public at large… Yet the ‘Firm’ supposedly made up of  the hardest of the hard and seasoned murderers seemingly had no problem with it – even when Ron supposedly took it upon himself to rape them.

Then there are the hundreds of those that the Krays permanently maimed – or not as the case is looking more likely to be – yet you only ever read about ‘wannabee’ jewel thief, Lennie Hamilton who was allegedly burned across the forehead with “white hot pokers” and half blinded in one eye by Ronnie Kray.


A white hot poker remember and blinded in one eye or half blinded in one eye – depending on which account you read… Yet not a mark… Dodgy teeth though.

Moreover, the twins were said to be only 5 ft 10 inches tall which I would vehemently dispute and I would in fact estimate them to be 5′ 7″ tops.

Course you do get little fellas who are powerhouses but to reach the pinnacle of their careers built on violence? I don’t buy it.

Indeed, Roy Shaw – who certainly never made it to top crimelord – is a much more credible example of a little guy being a hard-as-nails handful.


Now, despite all that I have read about the three legendary Roy Shaw vs Lenny Mclean unlicensed boxing matches, which depending on whose account you’re reading resulted in either;

  • a win each and a draw
  • a win for Shaw and two for Mclean

… With all three being hard fought, evenly matched fights – apart from Mclean being head and shoulders taller than the bull-necked, Shaw of course – I have to tell you that my eyes see what they really see, as opposed to seeing what someone is directing them to see, which as it goes is a mind manipulation technique used daily by Banana Dacre’s Dunces.


You see, I have seen the second and third fight and the truth is that Mclean absolutely mullered Shaw in both so quite how Shaw won the first one is beyond me… If indeed the fights took place at all.

I mean both the 2nd & 3rd fights are filmed in total technicrap which is very strange given the professional way that the organisers staged the events. And as for the first fight which could well have been the one and only at the time, there appears to be no film footage at all.

The following are screenshots taken from the 2nd and 3rd fights which I have enhanced the best that I can.


So there you have it, a big hard geezer will usually knock the shite out of a little hard geezer and Ronnie Kray doesn’t even look to be a particularly powerful little hard geezer.

Yet even after all these years it is still constantly being pushed out that Mad Ronnie could look at you and call you a cunt in such a way that your blood would freeze… Really?

Here have a listen to the pair talking:

As for them being twins – let alone identical? Well watch the above video and then consider the photos of Ron below.


Fuck knows what is going on with his ears and his nose moves up and down his face like a yo-yo… And like I say, I can put names to them anyway.

Course that is not to say that they didn’t hang about in the East End, in the way that Henri Paul hung out at the Ritz until his (cough, cough) death in 1997 after which he didn’t surface again until nearly 20 years later when he turned up as Bernard Cazeneuve – the French Interior Minister… Or put another way, one of the most powerful men in the world.

He is a proper short arse too, probably going no more than 5ft 4ins tall – the same height as Frankie Fraser who never missed an opportunity to imply that he was responsible for dozens of murders although apart from maybe Ronnie Hart I cannot think who these dozens could possibly be.

Moreover, when he slashed top mobster, Jack Spot on behalf of Billy Hill, the self proclaimed “King of the Underworld”, Fraser felt the need to do it with a half dozen strong back-up team.

Nevertheless, he boastfully claims to have pinned fraud hard-nut, Eric Mason’s hand to his skull which Mason had raised in a failed bid to stop fraser burying the hatchet – in masons fucking skull… So, hand pinned to skull by an axe. Roger that… Can we have Masons photos up please.


Oh, perhaps it’s true then…

Is it fuck!

In fact old Eric wasn’t just Eric, he was also the Kray’s “financial adviser” and the fella who – if you go by the “official” account, was the first person to turn ‘supergrass’ on the ‘twins’.


I should just point out that I have turned Payne’s eye so as not to distract yours.

Course the twins were certainly not household names until it came to the show trial which had it been for real would have been two trials – one for each murder.

You see, because there was just the one trial for both the Cornell & McVitie murders, you had ‘Firm’ members sitting in the dock who had fuck all to do with the killing of George Cornell. In fact of the ten sat in the dock there were only the twins and Ian Barrie on trial for his murder and Ian Barrie faced no charges in relation to killing McVitie.

Tellingly the twins and Fred Foremen were tried separately for the murder of Frank Mitchell yet replace Foreman’s name with Barrie and you have an identical scenario to the Cornell murder.


And before anyone jumps in feet first let me tell you that all of the above is a tiny fraction of what I can prove about the Krays and others… Indeed, once I started looking in to it I couldn’t keep up with the dots.

Therefore, just be patient until I can get round to writing it all up… Trust me, I am not wrong.

So, for now we will return you to the main story where I had just told you about ‘The Beatles’ manager Brian Epstein being blackmailed:

Brian Epstein, legendary manager of the Beatles was, by 1966, heavily in debt due to his gambling and was rapidly losing control of his Beatles empire. He was known to frequent the same casino in London as Robert Fraser .

Epstein had become a regular visitor to the Clermont Club, a gambling den in London run by John Aspinall.

Now just butting in here, it is worth noting that Aspinall played a substantial role in the Lord Lucan old fanny which I wrote about in my article Gender Bender.

And in that article I pointed out that Lucan’s son & heir looks far more like Aspinal than the good Lord.


PHOTO: A comparison of John Aspinall and George Bingham, allegedly the son of Lord Lucan. Bingham is a lot closer in looks to John Aspinall than he is to Lucan.

You may also be interested to know that since writing ‘Gender Bender’ I have in fact found Lucan – although he is now dead… The details to that which are backed by irrefutable proof, I hasten to add will feature in my shortly to be released article provisionally titled: So Where Does That Leave Madeleine, and which is an offshoot of my Princess Diana Trilogy.

Right, back to the main thread… Again:

Aspinall had been approached by Billy Hill, a well known figure in the London underworld and mentor to the infamous Kray twins, about initiating an elaborate scam called the Big Edge for the card game of Chemin de Fer.

The cards would be passed through a mangle to produce tiny, virtually indiscernible bends which would then be read by ‘trained’ players specially schooled by the club.

The scam, though not foolproof, was soon earning the club and Billy Hill thousands of pounds a night. Chemin de Fer was a popular game for Epstein and soon, he too, was falling victim to the scam on a massive basis.

For Epstein the stakes were enormous, for not only was he gambling his own money but also that of the Beatles too.

Epstein was acutely aware that his contract with the Beatles was up for renewal in 1967 and he feared that they would want to go elsewhere. With his debts and his own paranoia growing, Epstein was resorting to increasingly elaborate attempts to recoup his money.

In January 1967 he agreed a deal with Robert Stigwood to merge NEMS with Stigwood’s organisation for £500,000. Stigwood thought he would be buying everything, including the Beatles, but once the fab four got wind of this plan they told Brian that they would only ever record God Save the Queen and out of tune to boot.

067-1 Stigwood, Robert Newsweek 1978

And as I also stated earlier, the Australian born impresario, Robert Stigwood was once the manager of the Bee Gees.

In fact, BeeGee, Robin Gibb  – who was alleged by many to have died from AIDS related complications in 2012, although the ‘official’ cause of death is listed as being cancer – was once married to one of Stigwood’s secretaries.

Moreover, the drug addled Gibb was widely reported in the press as being the subject of an FBI investigation after threatening to kill her and her lawyers.

Tellingly one such article states:

As Gibb’s former manager Chris Hutchins told me: ‘Robin was an odd person anyway but when he was on pills, which he was for most of the time I knew him during his first marriage, he could say or do anything.

‘I wasn’t at all surprised to hear the FBI had got involved in the divorce because it was so very nasty.’ Source

And we all know what “odd” means.

More damning still is the fact that Stigwood was also the Godfather to Gibb’s son, Spencer.


PHOTO: Robin Gibb, the wife he threatened to kill, his daughter and Paedofilth, Robert Stigwood’s Godson, Spencer Gibb.

The following is from Wikipedia:

He (Gibb) was a close friend of the former Labour Prime Minister Tony Blair, who was criticised for staying over at Gibb’s Miami mansion during Christmas 2006. 

In 2008 Gibb publicly stated that he continued to get on “like a house on fire” with Blair, and claimed that the then Labour Prime Minister Gordon Brown regularly listened to the Bee Gees. “He listens to our music every day. Gordon likes our music and I like Gordon,” he told The Times. 

In a tribute upon his death, longtime friend Tony Blair said: “Robin was not only an exceptional and extraordinary musician and songwriter, he was a highly intelligent, interesting and committed human being. He was a great friend with a wonderful open and fertile mind and a student of history and politics.”

And there goes that “Birds of a feather” thing again to my way of thinking.


PHOTO: Baz and a healthy looking Robin in 2004 – Robin died 8 years later of Cancer… Or AIDS.

Now I should tell you that it is not just the one person who told me about Gibb’s great love for children – and I don’t mean the backend of that sentence in a kind way. Indeed, I have been told by more than a few reliable sources that Robin was a predatory paedophile.

Moreover and incredible as it may sound, one source who was definitely in a position to know told me that Robin Gibb and Jimmy Savile were being directly protected by The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) who still today, covertly rule the BBC… Hence the reason that the BBC always has a Jewish director or one who is Jew controlled.

Bee Gee Robin Gibb death

I was also further informed that the reason both Savile and Gibb – along with others – were protected is because they were big earners and allegedly ‘supply- line’ nonces who boasted of “having had a thousand kids each”.

The significance of that 1000 number was also explained to me. You see, a 1000 in Roman Numerals is M, which also happens to be the 13th letter of the Alphabet.

And this is apparently the reason as to why many predatory paedophiles will have a tattoo that incorporates the number 13 as it is a means of bragging about how many kids (usually boys) that they have sexually abused.

Now obviously this all relates to numerology and symbolism which some of you have been talking quite a lot about recently.

Furthermore, we all know that numerology & symbolism dictates every aspect of the monster lives – Well, certainly those hovering around at the top of the pyramid it does.

Indeed, I am sure that many of you know much better than I that the number 13 is in fact the reason that the letter ‘M’ is such a big deal in elite symbolism.

Moreover, the 13 elite bloodline families cannot help themselves keeping the all important letter ‘M’ hidden in plain sight.

For instance, the massive McDonalds ‘M’… And eating too much of that shit is a sure fire way to an early grave.

Then there is the Olympic games which are flooded with numerology and symbollox. In fact fuck me, even the names of the British Olympic mascots, Mandeville and Wenlock, began with an M and a W which was a reversed M.

And as an aside, I have to say that the little bit that I did read about the Brazilian games – mostly in the Chimp – I found very, very suspect

Moreover, wasn’t there a group back in the day called ‘M’ who had – in my opinion – an undeserved massive hit in the 80’s called ‘Pop Music’… Just sayin’.

Then there is Madonna – allegedly a product of monarch mind control – who incorporates symbolism pertaining to Satanic devil worship in her acts.

I also went to see Mad Donna at the old Wembley Stadium back in the late 1980’s don’t cha know… Wet Wet Wet were meant to be the support act – who I always thought were a half decent band as it goes.

However, they were replaced at the last minute, for reasons unbeknown to me by Hue & Cry who I always thought were shite as it goes… Neither did they disappoint me with my assessment.

Mind you Mad Donna was just as shite and quite obviously mimed her way through her set… Unless she can sing whilst being continually spun round 360 degrees by her team of scantily clad, muscle bound, dancers. In fact it is fair to say that apart from ‘Blondie’ – who should have been renamed ‘Proper Grey’ when I see her  – Mad Donna was the shittest concert that I have ever been to.

I mean, I saw her a whole year after the following performance.

And that performance was far better than the one I saw. I mean I couldn’t give a fuck that she is a geriatric because like I said earlier, with music it isn’t the person, it is what they can do to a very high standard that interests me.

Therefore I expected this:

And at least Debbie Harry (Blondie) had the excuse that her heyday was well and truly gone – hence she was appearing at the Southend, Cliffs Pavilion – whereas Mad Donna was supposedly at her peak, hence she was playing to a sold-out Wembley Stadium.

In fact I may even relegate Mad Donna to the worst concert I have ever seen being as ‘Proper Grey’ had Sex Pistol, Glen Matlock as her support act as opposed to Mad Donna’s, Hue-Wud-Cry.

Now talking of Madonna, as it happens I had occasion to Google Madonna the other friday (2/9/16) which produced some extremely bizarre photos to say the least.

I mean just what in the name of Donald Fuck is going on with the skin under her eyes and her quarter inch thick eyelids?


Not to mention the ever changing gap between her two front teeth.


In fact I thought that Mad-Donna was looking that awful that she had morphed into Jerry Hall… A woman that I could never stand and has made me physically cringe ever since I see her making stupid noises on the Bryan Ferry Record: Let’s stick together.

Indeed, I am very suspicious of her marriage to Mad Murdoch and said so at the time HERE

Red jelly

I mean when you think about it Rupert the Billionaire Bear could have any woman he wanted yet he rushed into marriage with Jelly Old – an old bird who has been round the block more times than Rupert has dollars.


What gives with the teeth?

And why is she always very photoshopped, mostly with a big wide jawline?

Nevertheless, I have much more coming up on Murdoch & Sons in the next few months and as such I best get back to Mad-Donna and how she has morphed into Jelly Old.

Singer Madonna arrives at Macy's Herald Square to launch her new fragrance "Truth or Dare By Madonna" on Thursday, April 12, 2012 in New York. (AP Photo/Evan Agostini)

Look how similar their face structures are. And then I noticed something even stranger when a photo of Kate Winslet came up in the same search.


Very strange especially given that Winslett is 17 years younger than Mad-Donna and 19 years younger than Jelly Old…


And then there is the late Lynsey De Paul


Nothing at all weird as fuck there then.

And just what the fuck is that old bollox with the Guy Ritchie/Madonna custody battle for Rocco (see HERE)? The fella is sixteen years old for fucks sake – not six.

Fuck me, when I was 16 years old my parents and I decided that we really didn’t like each other and as such we thought it best all round if I fucked off – so I did.

Mind you, I did notice that the boy was expecting his female thingy to win the custody case because he had all of his hair cut off in anticipation of the fact.


He doesn’t look the full fucking ticket to me… But don’t worry about that as it is to be expected and to be fair you can’t blame the little lad for taking such evasive action with his barnet when his female thingy thinks he’s a bird.


Mind you, his evasive action wasn’t very original having been done previously by Britney Spears for exactly the same reasons.

I mean he is 16yrs old so he is bound to be a little cunt, but that doesn’t mean that he has one.

Course, someone really ought to have a word in his female thingies shell-like… After all when you become a old-age-pensioner yet continue to act like you did when you reached voting age it becomes a proper no, no.


Okay, I best admit that I made that photo up, but it is only a play on the truth… I mean I didn’t make up the following photos:


And who can forget the night that the singer Drake found out what it would be like to make out with your nan?


Quick, someone cast a spell on Bon-Bons before he turns up with some flowers or something.


Not that living with the Male-Thingy is any better for Rocco.

I mean I can tell you without shadow of doubt that Sir Guy of Rich-Itchy is a major cog in the monsters machine, dating back to at least the Diana fraud.


And as you will already doubtlessly know these Super-Richy-Itchy semi-wanking-monsters do not live in the real world.

Indeed, Sir Guy of Ritchie-Itchy, Monster Esq.Com thinks that his family are the Waltons… Honest:


And indeed you will find Sir Guy’s name mentioned with much more frequency on this site in the coming months… He likes to spend a lorra, lorra time in Scotland – just like what them there royal parasite monsters do, don’t cha know… I wonder why that is?

Course, Mad-Donna & Guy Ritchie-Rich are just putting on an act for the press to report on and the clown-custardy case for ‘their’ boy, Rocky Shitty-Start is just old fanny from the pair of old fannies.

After all, Rocco is a proper nugget off the old turd and already doing his damndest to help usher in the NWO.

You see, you are all probably aware of the “Child Actor on the verge of Superstardom” and his Aunt – apparently the nicest, kindest, loyalist bird you are ever likely to meet – both of whom were allegedly killed by a young mush driving a stolen proper old banger… I mean you must be aware of the shite because in true play-act fashion the story was way-way over reported on.

Indeed, twas just another half-assed amateurish production with every single hallmark of a government fraud included in the nonsensical storyline including the new fave-rave of having those who witnessed the old fanny all cringely pulling together and lifting the car off Aunty Dead, her Ankle-Biter, Little Lord Fauntleroy and his two younger siblings who are apparently also oozing talent from every pore in their bodies:

The 23-year-old man accused of killing a child actor and his aunt when he crashed a stolen car during a police chase is the estranged son of a millionaire businessman. 

Joshua Dobby, of no fixed abode, appeared at Bromley Magistrates’ Court accused of causing the deaths of Makayah McDermott, ten, and his aunt Rozanne Cooper, 34.

Witnesses described hearing a car screeching before smashing into a family walking to the park on Lennard Road in Penge, south-east London, shortly after 2pm on Wednesday. 

Dobby has been charged with two counts of causing death dangerous driving and one count of causing serious injury by dangerous driving.

He was also charged with two counts of causing death by driving whilst unlicensed and uninsured and two counts of aggravated vehicle taking.

Appearing at Bromley Magistrates Court on Friday he stared at the floor as he confirmed his name and address.

His mother died in 2013 and he has not seen his father for around seven years, according to the Daily Telegraph. 

His father is Mark Dobby, a millionaire who owns a pet food wholesale company, as well as an investments company and a property lettings agency. 

He told the Times he hadn’t seen his son in 16 years.

He said: ‘I haven’t got anything to say about it.’ 

In the five minute hearing, prosecutor Maxine Channer-McDaniel said: ‘Mr Dobby was in a stolen vehicle being pursued by police. He lost control of the vehicle and mounted the pavement, hit a bollard before driving in to the victims in this matter.

‘As a result two were killed and three were injured.’

Wearing a prison issue grey tracksuit, flanked by a custody officer, he nodded as Magistrates told him he would be remanded in custody to appear at Old Bailey on September 30.  No application for bail was made. 

Victim Makayah McDermott, 10, had just auditioned for a leading role in a major new television series which would have catapulted him to fame, his agent said. He had also appeared in an Asda advert.

He also appeared in an acclaimed production of Wizard of Oz with his twin sisters, Yahla and Niyah, 13, who were also injured in the Penge crash.

But just days after the talented schoolboy’s big break, he and his aunt Rozanne Cooper, 34, were killed when a car thief in a high-speed police pursuit mowed them down as they were walking to the park. Source

And as I say, the total tosh has more fucking holes in it than a 47 year old alcoholic, tramp’s underpants and a cringe-factor of Plus-1000.


Now how is that for a botty-babbaring photo caption although I’m sure that those two have just got back from Italy:


As for Auntie dead (left hand side photo below)? Well she looks very much like the Mother (right hand side photo below) from that old fanny about the mother & daughter who were murdered by the two loved up fifteen year olds.


Course, both photos are that photoshopped that it is hard to tell but in my very experienced onion, I am 90% sure that they are one and the same.

However, the point of telling you this is because Josh Dobby, the driver of the stolen car that killed Aunty Dead and her multi-talented nephew is Rocco Ritchie… I am talking about on photo paper obviously.



To add to my concerns it would also appear that Rocco is morphing into his press rival Brooklyn Beckham.


Okay, returning to Robert Stigwood now, the Bee Gees manager and the man behind the controversial theatre productions ‘Jesus Christ Superstar’ and ‘Hair’, as well as the film ‘Saturday Night Fever’ – starring the rather suspect John Travolta.

It is indeed worth noting that when he first came to England from the land down under in the mid 1950’s, he immediately started work in an institution for “backward teenage boys”.

From there Stigwood moved to Portsmouth – hello sailor – where he met the businessman Stephen Komlosy.

The two men set up a small theatrical agency together where they built up a roster of actors.

Amongst their list of clients was a young actor and singer called John Leyton, whose success as a singer made both Stigwood and his new associate Joe Meek Britain’s first independent record producers… This really does get too easy sometimes.

By the end of 1961 Stigwood had signed a record production deal with Joseph Lockwood, the one time managing director of EMI.

Lockwood, also knighted by the Queen – just saying – turned out to be the crucial link between the record company and Stigwood, in the very same way he had done a decade earlier for Larry Parnes – another notorious paedophile.

And wouldn’t you just know it, good old Sir Joe was destined to do the same for Brian Epstein and The Beatles, just a few short years into the future.

Stigwood also rented office space to Kit Lambert and his partner Chris Stamp – brother of the actor Terence.


Homosexual Lambert was the son of Constant Lambert , one of the “Fitzrovian” circle, and good friend to Aleister Crowley, who wrote two limericks about him.

Now, how can I describe Crowley?

Crowley was a smack addicted, bi-sexual paedophile who was a freemason and master of the occult, specialising in satanic child sacrifice… Or put another way, a proper sick cunt.

Crowley features on the Beatles Sergeant Pepper album cover as well as one of Led Zeppelins.

Now, not many people know how Crowley came to have this honour bestowed on him.

However, the answer lies in a chapter omitted from ‘Spanish’ Robert Sanchez’s book, ‘Up and down with the Rolling Stones’ which was too ‘explosive’ to print at the time.

You see, in the 1960’s, Sanchez was drug dealer and friend to the crème de la crème of British rock stars, including Keith Richards & John Lennon.

The following segment is taken from that omitted chapter:

Robert (Fraser)had become friends with the American film-maker and occultist, Kenneth Anger. Indeed, Fraser often arranged viewings of Anger’s films at his flat.

Anger had introduced both Robert and Paul (McCartney) to the works of his great hero, Aleister Crowley, the famous English occultist.

Anger, through his long time involvement with the occult had been initiated into a secret organisation of Crowley’s, known as the OTO, or Ordo Templi Orientis, or Order of the Temple of the East .

This involvement in something so secretive and seemingly dangerous appealed hugely to not just Robert but also to Paul, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards as well as Marianne Faithfull and Anita Pallenberg.

Accordingly, Anger, smelling like so many others the financial possibilities that the Beatles and the Stones could bring, was only too happy to initiate them all into Crowley’s club.

McCartney and the Stones lapped it all up, whether it was the promise of obtaining secret knowledge, the opportunity to become greater lovers or simply the involvement in something so ‘naughty’, they all, to a greater or lesser extent, would be shaped by the occult for quite some time.

For the Beatles it was only really McCartney for whom this had any appeal.

John, though interested in religion, only really worshipped himself and drugs at this stage. George Harrison was too involved in Eastern mysticism and Ringo was just too down to earth to get caught up.

For Paul and Robert, the involvement became overwhelming and accordingly they just could not resist inserting references to it in the album sleeve.

Aside from the obvious inclusion of Crowley as one of their ‘heroes’, there are numerous references to freemasonry as well as hidden messages.

Robert intended it to be a treasure map of clues for those who already had the knowledge to decipher. It was a statement to those in the know that said ‘we know what you know’. Source

Amongst the other sixty or so people who appear on the cover of Sgt Pepper are Aldous Huxley, Carl Jung, Oscar Wilde, T.E Lawrence, and Lewis Carroll.

The album cover itself was designed by the notorious Peter Blake, very good friend to paedophile artist Graham Ovenden, who was sentenced to two years in prison for his nonce crimes.


Remember! Birds of a feather and all that, so don’t discount those  rumours about ‘Macca’ as not being true either… Just saying.

And as you probably already know, Led Zeppelin’s guitarist Jimmy Page was also “infatuated” with Crowley and following in his hero’s footsteps embarked on a relationship with 14 year old Lori Maddox.

The following is from the Independent:

Lori Maddox, who relates in Hammer how Richard Cole kidnapped her on Page’s orders and brought her to the Riot House claims she fell in love with Page almost immediately.

She also tells how she had to be locked up, albeit willingly, most of the time so that word of this illegal relationship statutory rape could not get out. Source


Now, Kit Lambert’s father was sufficiently well off to be able to send Lambert junior to Oxford University… Where the Cunt Cameron could tell you all about how the older students used to enjoy buggering the younger boys.

Lambert is also credited with discovering The Who, who were known as the High Numbers at the time.

In fact whilst describing the group to his partner Chris Stamp, he told him that their show was the nearest thing to a black mass that he had ever seen.

No surprises then that Lambert and Stamp would later sign The Who to Stigwood’s newly formed record label.

In turn Stigwood produced The film version of The Who’s rock opera ‘Tommy’, which of course featured The Who drummer  Keith Moon as ‘Uncle Ernie’, the paedophile who – whilst supposedly babysitting – sexually abuses the blind, deaf and dumb kid Tommy.

Paedophiles abusing disabled children?

Didn’t Jimmy Savile do that?

And, don’t forget that ‘Tommy’ was of course written by The Who’s’ guitarist Pete Townshend who was arrested for viewing child porn, paid for with his credit card.

The following is from the Daily Mail:

He insisted at the time that he had simply been conducting ‘research’ when he paid £7 with his credit card in 1999 to access a website bearing the message ‘click here for child porn’.

Despite his denials of harbouring depraved desires, he accepted a police caution, and was duly placed on the sex offenders’ register for five years. Source


Okay, let’s get back to that ‘UK Paedo’s-exposed’ article where we were at the part where The Beatles manager Brian Epstein was mugging off Robert Stigwood whom had just merged his company with Epstein’s NEMS Company thinking that The Beatles were part of the package:

The deal was therefore re-arranged to exclude the Beatles as they had been so incensed by the proposal.

However, Brian’s problems were only mounting. He had previously met the Kray twins in a gay club in London and now they were putting the squeeze on him after they had discovered his affair with Dizz Gillespie.

Dizz Gillespie is not to be confused with the legendary Jazz Trumpeter, Dizzy Gillespie.

The following is what The Beatles fan website ‘Hey Dullblog’ have to say about Dizz Gillespie who has also been described as ‘malignant’:

Epstein paid Gillespie’s debts and provided him with drugs. Sometimes they did drugs together. “More often than not these drugged, drunken nights ended in some sort of unhappy confrontation,” Brown wrote. “They ran from simple arguments to all-out fistfights, which included breaking vases and mirrors. One night, unhappy with Brian’s largesse, Dizz worked himself into a rage. When Brian ordered him out of the house, Dizz raced to the kitchen, grabbed the largest knife he could find, and held it to Brian’s jugular vein while extracting an additional sum of money from Brian’s wallet.” Read More

Now although Gillespie is relatively unimportant to this article, it is worth noting that as the above segment continues, it is alleged that Gillespie was also blackmailing Epstein after he stole a briefcase belonging to The Beatles manager.

The briefcase is alleged to have contained photos of Epstein and his ‘young’ male conquests indulging in various sexual practices.

And whilst not wanting to dwell on stories that I have covered in the past, I do find it hard to believe that The Beatles were not aware of Epstein’s paedophilia… Or Jimmy Savile’s for that matter despite their close association with him in the early to mid 1960’s.

Right, back to the UK Paedos-exposed article, although I will remind you not to put to much store by the Kray Twins involvement:

How the Kray Twins came to discover this affair is uncertain. It may have come to light through Brian’s activities at the Clermont Club where, lest we forget John Aspinall’s partner was the Krays friend Billy Hill. Alternatively, it may have been via the mysterious David Litvinoff.

Litvinoff was a colourful character who was well known in the London underworld as well as that of swinging London. He was, like Brian, homosexual and a massive gambler.

He was rumoured to have been a former lover of Ronnie Kray, however what is certain is that, after accumulating huge gambling debts Ronnie and Reggie Kray paid him a visit which involved tying him up by his feet and inserting a sword into his mouth.

Ronnie then forced the sword into his mouth, cutting him from cheek to cheek and leaving him with a permanent ‘joker like’ smile.

Litvinoff entered the circle of the Beatles and the Rolling Stones through his association with Robert Fraser and Christopher Gibbs. Indeed Litvinoff would play a major part in the film ‘Performance’ starring Mick Jagger and James Fox, when he was employed by the director Donald Cammell as a ‘voice coach’.

This apparently was a euphemism and his real role was to immerse Fox totally into the London gangland scene so as to prepare him for his role as a gangster.

However the news reached them, the Krays told Glasgow crimelord Arthur Thompson that they were blackmailing Epstein and were going to take the Beatles from him. Thompson apparently convinced the twins that the Beatles career would go downhill fast if they were associated with the Krays. They settled for blackmailing him for cash instead.

On the 27th August 1967 Brian Epstein was found dead in his locked bedroom at his home in London.

His death was officially declared an accident at the inquest due to the consumption of too many sleeping pills. Suicide was denied by all around Brian, however long time Epstein employee, Peter Brown claimed that he had removed a suicide note and a will from Brian’s bedroom prior to the arrival of the authorities.

The suicide note was, according to Brown, apparently from a previous attempt, however it interesting to note that the will left Epstein’s house and money to his mother and brother, Clive.

Brian’s father Harry had died some six weeks earlier, meaning this will would have had to have been recently updated. It is also curious that someone would leave a suicide note just ‘lying around’.

Had the Krays threats been sufficient to drive Brian to suicide, or even more sinister, had the twins arranged for a little visit to Brian over that weekend?

As an interesting footnote to this saga, another long time Epstein associate, the flamboyant London lawyer David Jacobs, is also rumoured to have come to a sticky end. Again, possibly with the involvement of the Krays.

Like Brian, Jacobs was Jewish, homosexual and another prodigious user of amphetamines. Jacobs had long been in the employ of Brian and the Beatles and his other clients included Marlene Dietrich and Diana Dors, both of whom featured on the cover of Sgt Peppers Lonely Hearts Club band, as well as the Rolling Stones.

Jacobs was found hanging from a length of satin from one of the beams of his garage in December 1968 after reportedly having turned down the opportunity to represent Ronnie and Reggie Kray as the defence lawyer in their forthcoming trial for double murder.

Is it possible that Jacobs came to the attention of the Krays after having been used by Brian to try and extricate him from their blackmailing grip?  Source


Jacobs was in fact the man credited with introducing Epstein to the London gay paedophile ‘scene’.

And of course, back then homosexuality was illegal:

As for the former labour MP, Tom Driberg!

Well, he too was a homosexual paedophile and a KGB agent to boot, who had a penchant for wearing  fishnet stockings.

The vile, nonce Labour MP was also allegedly a part of a Manchester paedophile ring.

I do in fact have it on good authority that in 1975, James Anderton – the Chief Constable of Greater Manchester – had specifically ordered foot patrols to police the Canal Street area of the City after learning that teenage boys were being sold for sex there.

Anderton even went so far as to warn the BBC that several of their performers had been named as using these boys including Jimmy Savile.

Other well known names alleged to be taking part in the paedophile ring were the MP’s: Jeremy Thorpe and Fat Cyril Smith.

Course, Driberg, despite being a Labour MP was good friends with Lord Robert Boothby, a prominent Conservative MP throughout the 1930’s,40’s, 50’s and 60’s who was also a part of the Kray myth.


And this is where Ronan O’Rahilly comes into the story.

Ronan O’Rahilly who ran the ‘Scene Club’ just off Windmill Street in London’s Soho district, recorded a Georgie Fame record on his own independent label which was unheard of at the time.

He took the record to the BBC to try to get it played and discovered that the record industry and the BBC was corrupt and dominated by EMI, Decca and the 3 Grade brothers (Winogradski).

He then tried to get it played on Radio Luxembourg and again found out that the shows were ‘owned’ by EMI, Decca, Pye, and Philips, which were essentially shows to promote their own records.

Frustrated at not being able to get the record any air time, O’Rahilly hit upon the idea of starting his own radio station, free from interference and domination by the big movers and shakers in the record industry.

Now, O’Rahilly also had links to the sinister Sir Anthony Fisher who had instigated 150 think tanks worldwide – which has since blossomed to over 400.

‘Think Tanks’ are the subversive way to alter thinking and perceptions, which pave the way for important world changes.

However, David ‘screaming lord’ Sutch did not like Fisher and what he stood for.

Sutch had met Winston Churchill as a young boy and liked his warmongering ideas even less.

Interestingly enough, Churchill, a known Satanist was also closely linked with the aforementioned bi-sexual paedophile, Lord Robert Boothby.

Then again, he would be since Churchill was fond of sex with children himself.

But I digress.

Anyway, it was those type of events which led Sutch to become very wary of modern controlled politics, where one select small group controls the main parties.

Now, in 1963 Sutch and his manager Reginald Calvert took over Shivering Sands army fort just off Southend on Sea in Essex – Which just so happens to be about 6 miles from where I live, don’t cha know?

The idea was that they would use the Fort as a pirate radio station, which was launched as Radio Sutch in 1964.

Moreover, in addition to Radio Sutch playing all the latest hit records, Sutch would also have his friend, the Mossad Agent-Come-Prostitute, Mandy Rice Davies read from the erotic novel, Lady Chatterley’s lover.

Mandy Rice-Davis – as you no doubt know, frequented the notorious Astor parties of the early 1960’s which led to the John Profumo Scandal.

And, as you also no doubt know, the Astor in question is The Cunt Cameron’s wife’s step-grandfather.

Now obviously Radio Sutch was in direct competition with other pirate radio stations such as radio Caroline which – with around 23 million listeners – just so happened to be the Radio Station started by Ronan O’Rahilly… See? The dots all connect sooner or later.

Meanwhile, Radio Sutch’s co-founder Reg Calvert also came to a very sticky end.

The following is taken from the Reg Calvert Story:

Calvert had been the man to discover Sutch, and further original acts followed, including the Fortunes and the Rockin’ Berries. Many of their acts stayed — indeed, virtually lived — in the Calverts’ home, Clifton Hall, near Rugby, Warwickshire, which became known as the “School of Rock & Roll”. 

Calverts wife, Dorothy played a particularly close role in the career of Sutch.

She later recalled: “He was playing in Nuneaton when the news about the Profumo scandal broke and Reg suggested that he stood for Parliament as a publicity stunt. That was a lot of work for Reg and me as David didn’t have a clue.” 

When Sutch did stand at the ensuing Stratford-on-Avon by-election in 1963 — the first of his record-breaking number of candidacies — Dorothy wrote his “manifesto”.

Although his candidature was a blatant stunt, Dorothy incorporated some serious politics into the campaign: having married at 18, she regarded it as ludicrous that she had then been made to wait three more years before she was eligible to vote and she made “votes for 18-year-olds” Sutch’s campaign slogan.

Sutch contested more than 40 elections, mostly under the banner of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.  Source

Nevertheless, Sutch soon began to feel stifled by the radio station, which led to Calvert buying out Sutch’s share and changing the radio stations name to Radio City.

In 1966, Calvert was shot dead by Oliver Smedley… There’s a lot of it about don’t cha know.

Smedley was a liberal party politician who wanted to keep Britain out of the EU which he said would abandon British farmers.

He had also wanted Calvert to amalgamate with Radio Caroline in exchange for a new transmitter:

In 1964 Reg Calvert joined the pirate radio boom and launched Radio City, broadcasting from Shivering Sands, a Second World War marine fort in the Thames estuary, seven miles from Margate.

Two years later he went into a fateful partnership with Oliver Smedley, a director of the rival Radio Caroline. Smedley installed a more powerful radio transmitter at Shivering Sands but then declared he was pulling out of the deal.

When Calvert refused his demands for payment for the transmitter, he sent a crew of thugs to seize and occupy Shivering Sands. Calvert visited his home the following day to remonstrate with him and was shot dead in the quarrel that ensued. Smedley was charged with murder, but subsequently acquitted on grounds of self-defence. 

Vital evidence was mysteriously ignored and valid witness statements were overlooked- the whole case was a farce and resulted in a murder charge being dropped and diluted to ‘manslaughter on the grounds of self-defence’ thus allowing Oliver Smedley to walk free.

These case notes are now available to be seen at the National Archives in Kew, after being hidden for some 40 odd years and perhaps the truth might emerge, despite many of the involved people having passed away.

Dorothy Calvert took over the running of Radio City and was herself soon in court.

As the government moved to ban pirate radio, she was charged with offences under broadcasting law. Although she fought the case vigorously, she lost and in 1967, just eight months after the death of her husband, Radio City was forced off the air.  Source: as above


Screaming Lord David Sutch was also very well known for being patriotic and felt the same way about the EU as Oliver Smedly did.

Nevertheless, Sutch enjoyed taking the piss out of the controlled establishment political parties…  There’s a lot of that about too.

Sutch was also deeply affected by the death of founder Rolling Stones member Brian Jones who ended up face down in his swimming pool.

Course; despite the guitarist’s death being put down to him drowning because of his intake of drink and drugs there is little doubt now that Jones was murdered… By whom however, isn’t so easily identifiable.

Many say that it was a builder by the name of Frank Thorogood who did it:

Prior to Brian Jones leaving The Rolling Stones their tour manager and general “fixer”, Tom Keylock, had arranged for his old friend Frank Thorogood to oversee the renovations on Brian‘s home.

Even though Brian Jones was no longer a member of The Rolling Stones he was still on their payroll and Tom Keylock was still under instruction to keep his eye on Brian.

Frank Thorogood had previously been employed by The Rolling Stones before, to do some work on Keith Richard‘s house so he was trusted.

They had employed a team of three builders and Frank Thorogood was staying at Cotchford Farm in the room over the garage to oversee the renovations and keep an eye on Brian.

Initially Frank Thorogood and Brian Jones got on well, but as the job went on their relationship became strained. 

Brian Jones was not the easiest client to deal with, often changing his mind or being told by his accountant to change his mind when they found out how much it was going to cost.

From day to day he did not know what he was supposed to be doing, making it very hard for him to manage a team to build something that was a moving target.

Anna Wohlin said that Frank Thorogood showed little sympathy when Brian Jones was discovered in the pool and he did nothing to help them in their attempts to revive him. “I don’t think Frank meant to kill him, because I don’t think he was a killer,” she says. “I think it was some sort of horseplay. I think it went too far.”

Likewise when Janet Ann Lawson was asked if she thought Thorogood killed Brian Jones she replied yes.

In an interview with Classic Rock Magazine, Tom Keylock said that in 1993, he went to visit Frank Thorogood who was terminally ill in hospital.

While there Frank Thorogood told him that he had “done” Brian Jones. However he did not get anymore details as Frank was very tired and obviously in pain, so he left him to come back the following day. Unfortunately Frank Thorogood died overnight and Tom Keylock was never able to get the details. Source

However, according to Sam Cutler the murderer was not Thorogood. Cutler rigidly maintains that it was in fact Tom Keylock himself who killed Jones:

Brian Jones was murdered. Of this, there is little doubt.

He was not murdered by the man who was in charge of the building work at Brian’s farm, a gentleman by the name of Thorogood who is popularly credited by conspiracy theorists with doing the deed. 

He was almost certainly murdered by the very man whose role it was to protect him, Tom Keylock. The man who less than forty eight hours after the murder, emptied the house of its valuable contents, and burnt substantial amounts of papers and personal items of Brian Jones on a bonfire in the front garden. Read More

Nevertheless, despite Cutler’s claim, Allen Klein, the Rolling Stones manager is also put up as a possible candidate by many.

Klein is the man credited with causing The Beatles to split up and has also been implicated in the singer Sam Cooke’s death.

Others still, have voiced the opinion that Brian’s murder was to do with the occult.

Certainly, the Stones were into the occult. You only need look at some of their album and song titles to know that.

The author John Hamer also covers the music business and its close relationship with Satan worship in his excellent book ‘The falsification of history’ … If you haven’t read it, you should.


Now, before we put this segment to bed it is worth noting the similarities between the death of Brian Jones and the death of Stuart Lubbock.

Lubbock was also found floating face down in a swimming pool except this one belonged to the vile, fallen TV star, Michael Barrymore.

And like Jones, Lubbock’s death is extremely suspicious.

The following is from the Daily Mail:

Michael Barrymore yesterday refused to answer questions about drug taking at an inquest on the man who died in his swimming pool.

The disgraced TV star had refused five times to answer questions about drug-taking at his £2million home on the night 31-year-old Stuart Lubbock died.

As Mr Lubbock’s grieving family looked on, Barrymore repeatedly used a coroner’s court rule which protects witnesses from incriminating themselves.

But he denied allegations that he rubbed cocaine on Mr Lubbock’s gums or gave him ecstasy during a party in the early hours of March 31 last year. The 50-year-old presenter admitted that he fled his home in panic after finding Mr Lubbock’s body.

He said: ‘Right there, the nightmare began. I got myself into a complete state. It was just one thing after the other. It’s like your worst dream come true. There was no sequence of events. You just walk out and the whole world changes there and then.’

Coroner Caroline Beasley-Murray asked him why he had fled. ‘Some people might think there was something to hide,’ she said. Barrymore replied: ‘I’m sure they do. It wasn’t the right thing to do. I was panicking.’  Read More

Lubbocks death also occurred in Essex… So, thank fuck I don’t have a swimming pool.

Okay, back to Screaming Lord Sutch.

In 1964 at the height of their fame, Screaming Lord Sutch and the savages played at the Leyton baths London, despite news that a group of 200 Mods on scooters had said that they were coming to wreck the place.

However, Sutch asked a group of six rockers to stand by the door and they quickly sent the Mods packing… Six vs two hundred!!! Fuck me, no wonder the Mods were seen as being girly boys.

The Mods were in fact a new phenomenon at that time, wearing Carnaby Street clothes, perfume, and often facial make-up.

Hence that was the reason that they were widely regarded as androgynous ‘Nancy boys’.

This made them a constant target for sexual abuse by the DJs and music agents who back then were – and probably still are – mainly homosexuals.

That fact ties in with what I have been told about Carnaby Street – one of the most famous streets in London:

The Carnaby St revolution was an early attempt to homosexualise men. With women’s clothes and colours, bouffant hair and makeup, many men became almost the same as women.

Now Sutch first stood for Parliament in Stratford on Avon in 1963 under the banner of The National Teenage Party, where he targeted teenagers for their vote.

The Stratford on Avon seat had been left vacant following John Profumo’s resignation.

And although Sutch didn’t win, he did manage to get 208 votes which spurred him on to continue in politics.

In 1983, Sutch – who was a lot more knowledgeable on the subject of politics than he was given credit for – founded the Official Monster Raving Loony party.

Despite contesting 40 elections without winning any, he did manage to get several of his people into important positions which generated  good publicity for Sutch and the Savages.

Interestingly enough, Sutch had many good ideas which were adopted by the main parties.

However, things didn’t always run smoothly. Especially not in the vile cunt Slaggy Thatcher’s Finchley constituency where Sutch fought for election wearing his Top hat and flamboyant leopard skin coat.

Moreover, he proper pissed Thatcher off by taking several hundred votes.

This prompted Thatcher to angrily demand that all election candidates’ deposits be raised from £150 Pounds to £500 Pounds.

Course on Election Day the largely Jewish constituency of Finchley had voted almost in unison for Slaggy, but she had without doubt thought it beneath her to stand on the same platform as Screaming Lord Sutch… Snobby cunt.

However, Sutch’s greatest success came at the Bootle by-election in 1990 where he polled 1,114 votes, leaving the big parties in no doubt that the public were beginning to see through the false veneer of British politics.

With that in mind, the former Prime Minister Harold Wilson offered Sutch a position in the Labour party – which Sutch quickly refused.

But not before Wilson had boasted to him that he had “bought” the 1966 world cup football match with Germany, as it would be good for British moral.


It seems to me that Sutch is ‘Spell Casting‘ in the middle photo.

Nevertheless, Sutch would have undoubtedly fitted nicely into any one of the big three political parties having at one time lived at the home of brothel Madam, Cynthia Payne.

Moreover, he also knew Payne’s rival, Lindie St Claire very well and indeed both brothel keepers were supplying girls to high flyers and politicians.

Furthermore – at least according to T. Stokes – both refused to supply young boys for the homosexual market, and both along with party girl/singer, Janie Jones were heavily targeted by the vice squad, inland revenue, the council and investigative reporters.

In fact it isn’t unfair to say that the whole ‘Establishment’ hounded them at every turn, with Sutch being caught up in the fallout which led to some bad publicity in the newspapers.

Janie Jones had previously been fined £16,000 and given a very severe 7 years in prison on a charge of controlling prostitutes.

In the end she served 4 years and on release attempted to restart her singing career by joining the punk rock group, ‘The Clash’ on tour.

Jones also wrote a book about her life in 1993 called “The Devil and Miss Jones”  in which she told her story about “show biz sex parties”.

Moreover, Cynthia Payne was at one time in a position to bring down the Establishment, given her clientele.

The following is what she told the Daily Chimp:

‘Most of the people who came here are dead now,’ she says of her clients, who numbered judges, vicars, MPs, bank managers and senior police officers with fetishes ranging from spanking to being covered in Hoover dust. ‘But I still get recognised in the street and people smile.Source

Janie Jones, Cynthia Payne and Lindi St Clair were also the focus of the T.Stokes article; ‘Do you have a spank account:

Cynthia Payne ran dinner parties where sex was for after’s, the rich and famous all sat together for dinner with the most beautiful girls, Cynthia had one rule “no queers and no kids” painted on hardboard and hung in the kitchen.

Payne first came to national attention in 1978 when police raided her home and found a sex party was in progress. Elderly men paid in Luncheon Vouchers to dress up in lingerie and be spanked by sexy young women, and when the case came to trial in 1980, she was sentenced to eighteen months in prison, reduced to a fine and six months on appeal, she served four months in Holloway prison.

In 1986, the police raided her home again, this time during a “special party” she was hosting after shooting the film of her life had been completed. Although she was acquitted on this occasion, the resulting court case in 1987 made headlines for several weeks with lurid tales, some details of which were in her book, ‘Entertaining at Home’. The court case ended her career as a party giver.

She then expressed an interest in becoming an MP, in order to change Britain’s anti sex laws, which she followed through with by standing for Parliament as a candidate for the Payne and Pleasure Party in the Kensington by-election in July 1988 followed by her standing in her own area of Streatham in the 1992 UK General Election, despite being a popular figure she did not gain a parliamentary seat.

Lyndie St Claire was a brothel madame who had a printed full colour catalogue of the most extraordinary beautiful girls for men to look through and choose, some were out of work actresses who were glad to be able to feed their families during filming. A very successful professional dominatrix and madam, she had printed brothel tokens that could be given as Christmas and birthday gifts from everything from a spanking to being tortured, and in 1991 it emerged St Clair was renting Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont basement flat in Notting Hill, she claimed that 252 Members of Parliament had been on her books, and she stood for parliament several times with her “corrective party” giving free spankings. Source

T.Stokes writes about one more woman in his article who was at the time a trainee teacher and whose story to the police led to one of the most bizarre high profile court cases of the century so far.

The woman in question is called Ms Nadine Milroy-Sloan and the following is what T.Stokes says about her in his article:

On June 13 2003 the beautiful Miss Nadine Milroy-Sloan alleged that she was drugged at the Essex flat of Barry Lehaney, and then raped by him and Mr. and Mrs. Hamilton.

A former Conservative minister there have been rumours the Hamilton’s were “swingers” and enjoyed sex games with other couples, other rumours were of high level sex parties with politicians and big business.

The Hamiltons and Mr Lehaney were arrested and interviewed by detectives before being released on police bail.

Since then, the couples have mounted a very public defense against the allegations and say that they have a “cast-iron” alibi which proves their innocence.

However, Miss Milroy-Sloan insisted yesterday that she was prepared to go to court to defend her allegations.

This was never finished satisfactorily, the public were never given an innocent or guilty verdict, and the threatened exposure of the highest people in the land at sex parties where young lads were brought in from care homes never happened, not until today, now we are seeing the government and its mouthpiece the BBC and the news media all in the dock and the agenda to homosexualise people falling apart.

What actually happened was that the already disgraced Hamilton’s vigorously defended the allegation and put forward a seemingly cast iron alibi.

Since Milroy-Sloan had, in the past, been known to make up allegations, the Hamilton’s were never charged.

This led to the harassed and bullied Milroy-Sloan conceding that despite originally being absolutely certain that she had been raped by the Hamilton’s, given their alibi, she must have made a mistake.

By making that concession, Milroy-Sloan was later given a 3 year prison sentence for perjury.

Cross-examined by prosecuting lawyer Orlando Pownall, Ms Milroy-Sloan said: “I was absolutely convinced it was Neil and Christine Hamilton, but after listening and hearing the evidence, I accept it was very unlikely it would have been them.

“The position is I was raped and sexually assaulted that night. I know because I was there.”

She added: “I believed it was Neil and Christine Hamilton when I made the allegation. Now I am not so sure. I am willing to accept I made a mistake.”

Asked if she still believed that former Tatton MP Neil and Christine Hamilton were involved, Ms Milroy-Sloan said: “To an extent.

“I cannot change what has been in my mind since the events. It was an honest mistake. It was not done out of malice.”

As well as clearing the Hamiltons, police dropped any action against Mr Lehaney, and the other man has never been identified.  Source

Now, interestingly enough, that court case cost our old friend, the obnoxious Max Clifford in excess of £100,000 after the Hamilton’s sued him.

Clifford had – up until her trial – been representing Milroy-Sloan’s interests.

Moreover, despite being cleared of the rape allegation the MSM newspapers were still nevertheless scathing of the Hamiltons:

 Neil Hamilton hasn’t changed, unfortunately, not one bit. The former Conservative minister is the same grasping, boastful, smug, vulgar, deluded, obfuscating, mendacious oaf he always was. Those qualities, after all, along with a few other nastier ones, were what shot him into the public eye in the first place, when he was accused by Mohammed Al Fayed of accepting “cash for questions” – of taking payment to make planted inquiries in the House of Commons in return for plain brown envelopes stuffed with cash.

He was at it again yesterday, turning muck into brass, bragging about what a large sum of money he’d got out of the publicist Max CliffordSource

Hmmm. Now I do in fact have information that will erase that smug smile from Hamiltons face which will be released shortly in one of the four articles that I have on the go.

And we also know who else was caught up in the cash for questions scandal don’t we?

It was in fact, the same vile monster who gave the Hamilton’s their ‘cast iron’ alibi for the rape trial. Namely, the dangerous, predatory paedophile Derek Laud who became firm friends with the bizarre couple in the mid 1980’s and remains so to this very day.

Of course, homosexual Laud’s vile activities are already extensively logged on this site, but what with me never able to stop myself passing up an opportunity to hang the vile cunt out to dry, it is worth mentioning that he was also caught up in the cash for knighthoods scandal:

When the right hon. Member for Sutton Coldfield  (Sir N. Fowler) gave evidence to the Home Affairs Committee, he said that no honours could have been sold because that would have been illegal under the Honours (Prevention of Abuses) Act 1925. Such blind faith is not apparently shared by Scotland Yard, which recently investigated the alleged case of cash for knighthoods involving the former Conservative candidate, Derek Laud.

And in 1999, Laud the fraud was chosen to front a new Rover Car advert campaign which led to the car giant bosses being severely criticised in the press:

‘They should have known better. It’s highly insensitive to those whose family members or friends have suffered through road accidents caused by drunk drivers,’ said Chaudhry. Rover’s choice was also criticised by the Department of Transport. A spokeswoman for the department’s anti-drink driving campaign said: ‘Car manufacturers should be very cautious as to who they choose to promote their products. Drink-driving shatters peoples’ lives.’

The adverts emphasise the distinctiveness of the new Rover by promoting the idea that, like Laud, the car might not be everyone’s cup of tea but that ‘it is better for some people to really love something than for everyone just to like it a little’.

As a former secretary of the right-wing Monday Club, Laud supported the repatriation of British blacks and apartheid in South Africa. Two years ago he was exposed by The Observer as being at the centre of an honours-selling racket run by Ludgate Laud, a lobbying firm of which he was managing director. He was also closely associated with Ian Hamilton, the disgraced former Tory MP at the centre of the ‘cash for questions’ scandal. Source

I had also made a mental note in my head whilst looking for “World” on that saturday night to have a look into the death of the Bee Gees younger brother, Andy; who had enjoyed some commercial success seperate of his brothers in the mid to late 1980’s.

However, the quickest of searches reveals that the Late actor Heath Ledger is the spitting image of Gibb… And I mean spitting image.


Course, Gibb was 21 years older than Ledger although the former was brought up in Australia and the latter was born there.

Still, for now we will put it down to coincidence.

Oh, and just for the record – see what I did there, go me – in my opinion ‘Music‘ by John Miles is probably the greatest song ever written.

Just sayin’…

See ya.