Murder Most Foul


Chris Spivey


Did you read that story in the Chimp about Tania Clarence, the woman who murdered her three “young, severely disabled children”?

Poor Tania was “overwhelmed by the terrible strain of looking after them”… Apparently.

That was in April 2014, a short 11 months ago… Ring any bells?

Well it seems that after being found guilty of manslaughter and spending 4 months in a mental hospital, Tania Clarence is all fixed and back at home being a mother to her eldest child, Taya, who luckily enough was away on holiday with her BANKER dad, Gary Clarence when her mother smothered the life out of her siblings – Three year old twins Max & Ben and four year old Olivia.


Tanya Clarence and her daughter Taya

Daughter Taya – aged 8 years old – is not disabled.

The three younger children however, were all said to be suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, which is a devastating muscle-wasting illness sometimes referred to as ‘floppy baby syndrome’.

The following was published in the Chimp last week, on the 8th of March 2015:

When Tania Clarence killed her three young severely disabled children – overwhelmed by the terrible strain of looking after them – their tragic deaths shocked the nation and inspired a wave of sympathy for her and her family. 

Four months ago she pleaded guilty on the grounds of diminished responsibility to the manslaughter of her three-year-old twin sons and four-year-old daughter.

She was sentenced by an Old Bailey judge to be detained in a psychiatric hospital until her recovery was complete. Now The Mail on Sunday can reveal that she has been allowed to return to the family home where the killings took place.

At the court hearing in November, Mrs Clarence was described as a loving and caring mother who had smothered twins Max and Ben and daughter Olivia while in the grip of a severe bout of mental illness brought on by what Mr Justice Sweeney called the ‘unbearable pressure’ of caring for them. Source

He is a nice man is Judge Sweeney isn’t he?


Amongst Judge Sweeney’s more notable cases are the trials of Michael’s Adebolajo & Adebowale and Rofl Arris.

And guess what?

This case stinks to high heaven too.

Indeed, the fact that Tania Clarence is allowed anywhere near her surviving daughter less than a year after murdering her three younger children beggars belief.

However, the fact that Tania Clarence was in sole charge of her surviving daughter last week is too much of a leap of faith for me I’m afraid… Unless of course, all is not what it seems.

Is it ever?

Very fucking rarely.

I mean, how the fuck can someone be deemed to be “cured” of having murderous tendencies after only 4 months of ‘treatment’?

Indeed that is no more than a check-up from the neck up.

After all, who is to say that had eldest daughter Taya not been on “holiday” with her father, that her mother wouldn’t have murdered her too?

And how the fuck can a man stand by the woman who has murdered 3 of his 4 children? … Because Gary & Tania Clarence are still very much a couple.

So lets look at the case dispassionately – and more importantly still, logically.

Now according to the South African Times, Tania Clarence has not been released, she was just on “home days”:

Tania Clarence, the South Africa-born London mother who killed her three severely disabled children, is being allowed “home days” as part of her treatment, but has not been released.

Richard Egan, her lawyer, told The Times that reports that Clarence was now free were “nonsense”.

Speculation that Clarence had been released just four months after being sentenced followed the publication of a picture of her outside the family’s home in New Malden.

Egan said: “This is part of her treatment programme, to have days at home to reintegrate with her daughter (eight-year-old Taya) and her husband (Gary).”

After these “home days”, Clarence would resume treatment at an undisclosed facility.

Clarence, 43, pleaded guilty to committing the murders while in the grip of a major depressive episode. Source

Does that make everyone more confident about the case’s authenticity?

“Home days” after four months? Before returning to a conveniently “undisclosed facility”?

Course, the MSM did well to photograph her. I mean, apart from the photos above, I can’t find any other photos of Tania Clarence at all, except for these two:


No help whatsoever then!

Rather strange too given the fact that Google hasn’t removed any.

But what you have to ask yourself is how did the press know that she would be there?

Last week she was photographed for the first time at the house in New Malden, Surrey, where the killings took place. Wearing blue jeans and a dark top and looking like any other mother on the afternoon school run, she arrived at the £1.2 million detached property in a Hyundai people carrier with a small suitcase on wheels and what appeared to be a bag of shopping.

She was accompanied by another woman and a young girl – thought to be her only surviving child, who was eight years old when the terrible events occurred last April. All three went into the seven-bedroom house and the unidentified woman left half an hour later, driving off in a silver Mazda.

Mrs Clarence declined to comment when she was approached by a Mail on Sunday reporter but her husband Gary, when told that an article about the family was being prepared for publication this weekend, said: ‘Okay, fine.’

And then, you need to figure out why they arrived in a Hyundai people carrier and the other woman then left in a Mazda – or are Mazda’s too small for three people?

That done, you then need to figure out how the fuck Tania was allowed to be in sole charge of her daughter.

And just where the fuck was her husband?

Or are we to believe that after sticking by his wife, he couldn’t be arsed to be at home for her when she is let out for the day… Or two – as the case might be since we are told that she had hers with her.

And then, having figured that out, you have to ask yourself why there are only 2 photos (the ones at the top of this article) of her. I mean, those press photographers shoot photos quicker than ISIS shoot ‘hostages’.

Or are we to believe that the photographer was caught napping?

And then, having figured that out, you have to ask yourself why the 2 photographs that our lazy-arsed cameraman did manage to take are photoshopped?


Why photoshop if everything is above board?

It makes no sense does it and when caught out makes a suspect story even more so.

But lets go back further… I have used Orange for the important bits.

The court heard graphic details of the deaths of four-year-old Olivia and three-year-old twins Max and Ben, each of whom suffered from a rare degenerative disease.

The three were killed at their London home in April.

The judge, was told the bodies were discovered positioned carefully in their beds, surrounded by toys.

Clarence was found nearby, sobbing and bleeding from an unsuccessful suicide attempt.

During five hours of often graphic evidence, Clarence was described as a woman of impeccable character who began suffering from mental illness after all three children were diagnosed with the genetic condition.

Clarence, who had quit her career to become her children’s primary caregiver, smothered them while her husband and eldest child were visiting family in South Africa.

Police discovered three suicide notes, in which Clarence said she couldn’t live with what she had done. Source

And you may as well read this piece too before I start in earnest:

LONDON – The husband of the South African woman sentenced to indefinite hospital treatment in London after killing three of their children says there are lessons to be learned from the tragic case.

Tania Clarence was found guilty of manslaughter after suffocating four-year-old Olivia, and three-year-old twins Max and Ben in April.

Speaking via the family’s solicitor this afternoon, Gary Clarence said his wife had been placed under unbearable pressure as she attempted to look after the three severely disabled youngsters at the family’s London home. 

The court heard Tania developed mental illness after giving up her career to care for the children as they battled Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a rare genetic disorder that causes muscle weakness and progressive loss of movement.

The illness rendered the children unable to stand and they required constant attention, which their mother reportedly struggled to cope with.

The judge also said the mother suffered low self-esteem and struggled to make close relationships after she had an unhappy childhood in South Africa.

She had to deal with her grandmother committing suicide and her mother attempting suicide.

She took as many as 110 pain killers and cut her wrists as she tried to commit suicide. Source

And just so as you know what we are dealing with before anyone starts feeling too sorry for Tania…


I don’t care how fucking mental and depressed you get, how could you even consider harming those two beautiful boys?

However, there are no photos of Olivia, strangely enough.

Now according to the above Clarence started suffering from depression after all three children were diagnosed with the genetic condition.

But not according to Judge Sweeney she didn’t:

The court heard how she was ‘scarred emotionally’ and later sparked years of depression for herself. 

Mr Justice Sweeney said: ‘You had a lonely and unhappy childhood, in consequence of which you learnt to suppress your unhappy feelings and not to share them with others.

‘In consequence you developed a personality characterised by low self esteem and difficulties in forming close personal relationships.’

Tania Clarence herself suffered with depression for several years with one two-year bout sparked by an abusive long-term boyfriend.

She later met her future husband Gary but became depressed again after coming to the UK with her husband Gary, who she met in 1994. Source

So, if she was that depressed why did Gary fuck off to South Africa with the eldest daughter and when it was her 8th birthday to boot? Didn’t Tania want to see her eldest on her birthday then?

Not that Tania struggled with the children as much as Judge Sweeney would have us believe.

You see, according to a well informed South African newspaper, who extensively quote the ‘family spokesman’, Lloyd Marshall:

Graphic designer Mrs Clarence, who is still being held in a police station near their New Malden home, had given up work ‘more out of choice than duty’ to care for the children.  Source

So, no one forced her to give up work then.

Mind you, it is very fucking strange how Gary Clarence knew that he would need a ‘spokesman’, what with him still being in South Africa at that time… Certainly, with everything else that he had to do, as well as coping with his own grief, he did well to even think about it.

I mean, at that stage 24 hours hadn’t even passed since Tania had cut the number of children that Gary had down by three quarters.

The article continues:

The family also had at least one nanny and an au pair helping them day-to-day.

An au pair and a nanny? And again, later on:

The couple also employed a nanny and carers were regularly seen  visiting the children at all hours of day and night.

Moreover, all 3 of them were at school:

All three disabled children attended Bedelsford School, a highly respected school for the disabled in Kingston, where staff said they were ‘deeply saddened’ by the deaths.

So, she was hardly overworked was she? And no, I am not taking the piss, just stating the facts.

Check this out:

Gary and Tania Clarence spent almost a year renovating their £2million home to make it suitable for their disabled children before moving in.

That is to say, builders spent “almost a year” renovating the house – nine months to be exact

The couple bought the house in 2011 for £1,060,000 but it was derelict and needed extensive renovation.

They shelled out hundreds of thousands of pounds on the seven-bedroom property in New Malden, Surrey, stripping it back and rebuilding it almost from bare foundations.

When it was finished it included a state-of-the-art lift for their second daughter, Olivia.

No mention of the twins needing the lift then?

Now as it happens, their house and the two flats next door were the last three properties to be sold on Thetford Road – the flat immediately next door selling just 3 months prior to the Clarences buying number 29.


I don’t know if that is significant or not, but it is very coincidental, especially as the houses on Thetford Road are not often sold going on Rightmoves history.

Now, I also find this next report a bit hard to believe, given the Clarences social status:

A dizzying number of professionals — 60 in all, including physiotherapists, speech and language therapists, health visitors, nurses, paediatric neurologists, neurodisability consultants, GPs and local authority ‘safe-guarding’ doctors — were involved with her children.

No one could question that they had their best interests at heart but, as the judge himself acknowledged, they ‘often descended in groups’ on the family home, sometimes unannounced. 

Course, they should have considered themselves lucky if they had 60 “professionals” looking out for their children, but I find it very hard to believe that any of them would just turn up “unannounced”, very fucking often… Indeed, I would be surprised if it happened more than a handful of times.

The article continues:

This left Mrs Clarence ‘feeling insecure’ and that her ‘personal autonomy was compromised’.

The sheer number of medically related home visits and medical appointments Mrs Clarence had to attend, he said, ‘overwhelmed her’.

Overwhelmed her? She had a full time nanny and au pair for fucks sake.

How quickly life had changed for a couple who, not so long ago, appeared to have everything you could wish for: money, successful careers (she was a graphic designer, he a senior executive with City bank Investec) and a beautiful baby daughter, Taya, born in 2006.

Olivia arrived in June 2009 and their happiness seemed complete when, soon after, Mrs Clarence fell pregnant with the twin boys, who were born in July 2010.

But in the space of a few months, their gilded world fell apart.

In August 2010, Olivia (‘Livvy’ or ‘Liv’ to her family) was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 2, a genetic disorder that reduces life expectancy, with some children dying by their early teens.

In November of that year, the Clarences, still reeling from the devastating news about Livvy, were told that her brothers, Max and Ben, also had SMA. 

‘Imagine watching three children die slowly in front of you,’ is how Mrs Clarence described her fate to a friend.

The insight into her state of mind, and the impact her children’s prognosis was having on her, is recounted in two documents numbering more than 80 pages, some drawn from the mother’s own words.

One is a transcript of the prosecution’s ‘opening note’ or speech to the Old Bailey. The other is a transcript of the submissions made by the defence in mitigation. 

They were read in open court, but much of what they contained was not reported.

The physical, as well as mental toll on Mrs Clarence is acknowledged by both prosecution and defence and would have ‘broken any of us’, said her barrister, Jim Sturman QCSource

No, I do not accept that it would have “broken any of us”… Indeed, it would be a lot fucking harder for people who were not millionaires and could not afford to employ a full time Nanny and an au pair.

However, the state of the children’s health is extremely contradictory. For instance:

A friend said that the three children had to be fed through tubes and their parents had to administer medicine hourly, which was understood to have put a huge amount of pressure on Mrs Clarence.

And while the couple employed a carer and home help, they did not have round-the-clock assistance. Source

Apart from the people “turning up at all hours of the day” that is:

Friends said all three children suffered the degenerative condition spinal muscular atrophy – sometimes described as ‘floppy baby syndrome’ – and received specialist care around the clock.

All three children were left with severely limited development and doctors warned that Olivia was unlikely to survive to her teens.

The couple also employed a nanny and carers were regularly seen  visiting the children at all hours of day and night. Source

I don’t need to remind you of what such conflicting reports are synonymous with do I?

Nevertheless, the twins are showing no sign whatsoever of having the disease.


But as I say, I cannot comment on Olivia since there are no photos of her.

Of course, you can draw your own conclusions from what the doctors told the Clarences: doctors warned that Olivia was unlikely to survive to her teens.

Why only Olivia?

And remember what that “friend” had told the Chimp: the three children had to be fed through tubes

Funny how these people are never named isn’t it. I mean, if it is a friend speaking then why the anonymity?

Certainly, the twins are not being tube fed in the above photo and they are in fact moving fine by looks of things.

Moreover, it is doubtful that Olivia was fed by tube either, going on the following:

Shortly before the killings, Clarence resisted a gastrostomy – a procedure where a hole is made in the stomach so patients can be fed via a tube – for Olivia that doctors had urged because of fears that she was underweight. Source

So, our “friend” was talking absolute bollocks.

Stranger still is the neighbour’s testimony:

Retired nurse Joy Devis, 86, said the deaths came as a ‘huge surprise and shock’ and other neighbours said they had last seen the children playing in the front garden on  Sunday ‘larking about’. Source

Joy Devis

Joy Devis

That would have been 2 days before Clarence killed them and two days after she had PLANNED it then:

In a letter Clarence wrote for her husband dated April 20 – two days before the killings – she told how she made up her mind two days earlier, on Good Friday, ‘to say goodbye’ and her ‘plan’ had given her inner peace, the court heard. Source

So, it was a premeditated murder then?

Moreover, Joy Devis – a retired nurse – had described the 3 children as:

“happy” and “lovely”.

Joy Devis, 86 said news of the deaths was a “huge surprise and shock”.

“Their children were super, lovely children. They were very happy, there was a very nice atmosphere there,” the retired nurse said. Source

Not a word about their disability then.

And then there is this:

Neighbour Julie Dodd, 54, said she last saw the three children on Easter Sunday, adding: ‘They were quite happy and larking around like children do.’ Source

Do children who can’t move “lark about”?

Moreover the unnamed woman seen in the photo below, said on a Chimp video that she ‘didn’t really know the family but’: “We saw two little children in their front drive, riding on their scooters”Source 


So are we to assume that all these neighbours are lying?

Mind you, she does look a little bit bonkers doesn’t she?

And then there is the following photo with the boy blue & girl pink sandpits and shopping trolley on view:


And the following description, although I should just first say that the above press photo is a bit intrusive, especially when PC Nick Anything is in full flow, looking rather dodgy:

The couple spent another £50,000 on a new driveway, removing a tree and fitting a sloping entrance to the front door that could be used by wheelchairs.

The all important word in that sentence is “COULD”, as in “if needs be”.

The property also boasted a 140ft south-facing garden for the children to play in and the fridge in the kitchen included a holder for wine glasses.

Laugh out loud – or lol as we younger fellas say – at the fridge with the included wine glass holders… But a 140ft long garden is a bit ostentatious for children who cannot move, don’t cha think?

Certainly there would be a few boring games of tig-tag for Taya.

Neighbour June Dodd said they spent ‘months and months’ doing it up before moving in from their previous home in nearby Wimbledon, South London.

So Ken’s wife knew the family well then… Yet said nowt about the kiddie’s disabilities and did in fact contradict what we are being told about the severity of all three’s handicap.

However, the aforementioned letter formed part of Tania’s defence when the case came to court in November 2014:

‘I cannot face going down this path watching Liv and the boys continue to get weaker.

When the case was handed over to Kingston, the documents included a quote from Clarence ‘stating that she didn’t want to see her children’s suffering prolonged’, Miss Johnson said.

Which makes Judge Sweeney’s summing up remarks at total odds with that:

 Mr Justice Sweeney said that the killings were not ‘mercy killings’. Source

So, Tania Clarence not only planned it four days before doing the do, it wasn’t a “mercy Killing” and as you will read in the following, she had also devised a plan to get the childrens nanny out of the way for the night – thus contradicting those who stated that she had no overnight support – so as that she wouldn’t be disturbed:

Nanny Jadna Coelho, known as Jade to the family, was duped into leaving Tania Clarence alone while she killed her children.

She had been told Mrs Clarence’s mother was visiting only to discover it was a lie.  Source

Are you getting the picture yet?

If you aren’t, this next bit should convince you:

Yesterday it was also revealed for the first time that Clarence smothered the twins while they were asleep using a nappy ‘so they couldn’t smell her’.

That was nice of her wasn’t it? As long as it was a clean nappy of course.

However the article continues by mentioning what Tania had written in one of the three suicide notes… As an coincidental aside, Jacintha Saldanha left 3 suicide notes, don’t cha know:

In it she said: ‘Gary, I need to tell you how difficult it is for me to take Liv’s life… If I could take my own life and leave her to wait for you I would… My only solace is the pain and future suffering I am saving her from. I am so sorry…

Nevertheless, what is particularly disturbing about this particular letter is the fact that Clarence allegedly wrote it after killing the two boys, but before she killed Olivia:

Does that mean that she had no problem taking the boys life then?

The article continues:

‘The only thing giving me the motivation to continue is the belief that the boys are already playing up in heaven like they could never play here.’ Source

And as we know, having killed the 3 children – all of whom were under 5 years old – Clarence had a bash at topping herself… But how much of a bash did she have?

I mean, surely if you are that disturbed that you can snuff the life out of 3 of your children; killing yourself afterwards should be a doddle… And as we have already read, Tania had stuffed up to 110 tablets down her gregory and also cut her wrists just to be on the safe fucking side.

Moreover, Judge Sweeney remarked in his summing up that:

‘While they were asleep you asphyxiated them each in turn and then made a determined attempt to kill yourself while suffering from a major depressive episode’. Source

But how determined is determined as being determined… If you see what I mean.

Now, I say that because Clarence allegedly told a doctor that:

She killed all three children between midnight and 5am on April 22, the court heard. She found it harder to kill Olivia and wrote a letter to her husband between killing the boys and her daughter. Source

Yet the police were not called until 9:30 PM on the 22nd – some 16½ hours later:

Police were called to the family’s five-bedroom home in Thetford Road in the wealthy south west London suburb of New Malden at 9.30pm on Tuesday night.

Mrs Clarence, who also has a healthy eight-year-old daughter, was arrested shortly afterwards.

Clarence “was arrested shortly afterwards”.

Doesn’t make sense does it? And then there is this from ITV:

A 42-year-old woman, who was taken to hospital for treatment to minor injuries, has been arrested on suspicion of murder after the discoveries. source

And this:

Police were called to the family’s five-bedroom home in Thetford Road in the wealthy south west London suburb of New Malden at 9.30pm last Tuesday night where they discovered the bodies.

Mrs Clarence was treated for cuts at St George’s Hospital in Tooting, south London, and later arrested. Source

St GEORGE’S! Hmmm.

And one more:

a Scotland Yard spokesman said that a 42-year-old woman was taken to hospital for treatment to minor injuries before being discharged and arrested. Source

So she couldn’t even have been in deep shock then?

Now I have to tell you that the way the old bill arrived at 9.30PM made little sense either.

You see, according to one report – which appears well written in general:

Worried friends had been unable to contact her for 24 hours and called police and the ambulance service, who arrived at property at 9pm on Tuesday to find the children dead in their bedrooms. Source

Now to me, that makes no sense whatsoever unless the friends were expecting Tania to flip. I mean, would you dial 999 for the plod and an ambulance if you couldn’t contact a mate for 24 hours? … Especially when that 24 hours began at 9-9:30PM.

Of course you wouldn’t, especially if that friend had 3 kids who we are told needed constant medical attention and as such one of them could have needed to go to hospital.

Moreover, if they were friendly enough with the Clarences too call 999 when they couldn’t contact Tania, then surely they must have known that she had a nanny and/or an au pair who would have known if something was remiss?

Indeed, which ever way that you look at it, that 999 call doesn’t ring true at all.

And then there is the “friends just turning up at the Clarence’s door” scenario… Which in theory is much more plausible:

Neighbours said two tearful women were standing in the street as police and ambulances arrived. Both were so upset they could barely speak.

Michele Bacchus, 38, who helped them, said: ‘They were sobbing and very upset. I don’t know if it was them that found the family. It was awful.’  Source

Now to me that sounds like they did indeed find them and of course it would be quite normal behaviour after dialling 999 to leave the house and wait for the plod to turn up… So far, so good then.

Yet no one has identified the two women as being either the nanny or the au pair, which suggests that the two women were not regular visitors… So how did they get in to discover the carnage?

Mind you, Michele Bacchus doesn’t seem to know an awful lot about the two women, apart from the fact that they were “sobbing and very upset” – which doesn’t take a genius to work out that if someone is “sobbing” then they will have a tendency to be “very upset”.

However, she knew an awful lot more by the time that ITV got around to interviewing her:

A neighbour has told ITV London how shortly after the bodies of three children were discovered, two relatives of the family knocked on her door and were clearly very distressed.

“We heard a commotion and we saw lights and four police cars came up and one ambulance and a few other cars,” Michele Bacchus said.

“A little while later my partner was outside having a cigarette and two women came up and asked if they could use the lavatory. One was fairly young and very, very upset, she could not speak.

“They were very, very upset. The younger one was in shock, they were both in shock.” Source

Now you have to admit that is a strange interview by any standards.

And it gets stranger still:

Describing the family as “really, really lovely people”. Michele Bacchus (38), a mother of two who lives nearby in Thetford Road, said two “very, very upset” relatives of the Clarence family had asked to use her toilet last night, around an hour after four police cars and an ambulance had appeared in the road.

The women, one in her 30s and the other in her 50s, said they had come from Cobham, Surrey. One had a South african accent and the other was too upset to speak, ms Bacchus said. Source

Michele Bacchus

Michele Bacchus

However, we have now established that the two women were relatives… Or have we?

You see, according to the Monkey-Boys, it was Nanny Cool who found Tania and called the plod.

Nanny Jadna Coelho, known as Jade to the family, was duped into leaving Tania Clarence alone while she killed her children.

She had been told Mrs Clarence’s mother was visiting only to discover it was a lie.

She then rushed to the south-west London home where she found the mother injured and the children dead in their beds. Source

But once again, this explanation makes no sense at all. I mean, for starters Michele Bacchus – whom is obviously a close neighbour – would in all likelihood have recognised Nanny McFee or at least have known that she wasn’t a relative.

And Nanny obviously felt comfortable enough to take a dump in the Bog of Bacchus.

Yet, even if we ignore that anomaly, you have to ask why on earth Nanny was ringing Tania for 24 hours prior to discovering her body? Moreover, how did Nanny find out that she had been duped? … Is she Nanny Columbo who investigates every little thing that her employer tells her?

And why didn’t she try ring Gary Clarence in that 24 hour period?

Furthermore, for Nanny to be so diligent and concerned she must have been very close to Tania… Which makes the following from the Chimp very fucking strange and kinda spooky:


So, what did Tania do? Just hand the note to Nanny, who then left the house and waited for the police, who having arrived didn’t bother to consult with Nanny – despite her being the main witness – but instead just left her to go and take a shit on the Bacchus bog!


And neither does the way that Gary Clarence was told that he was now the proud father of a daughter make any sense:

Mr Clarence was with his family in Bela-Bela, 100 miles north of Johannesburg, when he was told of the deaths on Tuesday night when Scotland Yard telephoned him with the news.

Mr Marshall said: ‘It is quite a shock to the family. They were still mourning the death of his father, who died quite suddenly last year’. Source

“Quite a shock”? “QUITE A FUCKING SHOCK”!

How’s that for an understatement?

“Who was that on the phone Gaz”?

“Only the police back in England Mother”.

Hearing the conversation Taya screams:

“HUH! The police daddy! What did they want”?

“Oh hi Taya, I forgot that you were here. Your mother has gone bonkers apparently and killed your sister and brothers”

So let’s have a re-cap:

  • A loving husband takes his healthy daughter on holiday to celebrate her 8th birthday, leaving his wife and 3 disabled children at home.
  • The wife – a former professional business woman – has all the help in the world and more, with her 3 children and obviously displayed no signs of being about to butcher them.
  • After carefully planning the murders over a period of at least 4 days, in which time she writes two suicide notes and hatches a carefully crafted plan to make sure that she is not disturbed whilst doing the do, she takes time out after killing her twin boys – who display no signs of having floppy whatsits disease – to write a letter to her husband.


  • Having written the letter, Clarence then murders her 4 year old daughter – whom it would appear, did suffer from floppy whatsits.
  • Clarence then makes a very lame attempt to top herself and having done so takes to her bed for 16 hours, until she is found by the children’s nanny.
  • On arrival, the plod arrest Clarence, have her checked out at hospital and then take her into custody shortly after, thus she must have been barely hurt and acting as normal as a person who has just murdered 3 children possibly can act.
  • The next day, Tania appears in court, is charged with 3 counts of murder and remanded in custody, thus once again suggesting that she wasn’t acting conkers bonkers. The next court date was set for the 9th of May 2014(source)
  • However, Six days after murdering her children there was a bail hearing arranged at which a judge made a HIGHLY UNUSUAL decision and had Tania removed from prison and into a secure hospital:
  • Judge Brian Barker, the Recorder of London, allowed Mrs Clarence to be released from prison, and instead remanded to a secure hospital under the Mental Health Act.He told the Old Bailey he made the unusual move because it was an “exceptional case” and to allow her to receive hospital treatment.
  • He said: “There is a combination of circumstances here that makes this an exceptional case and allows this court to take an exceptional course.“It isn’t bail, but what we are doing is ordering for her to be subject to a Section 35 Order under the Mental Health Act, so she can then be remanded effectively for review of her condition.”She was remanded to a secure hospital which cannot be identifiedSource

Clarence was then held in the ‘hospital’ until her trial in November – extremely quick – where the prosecution were only too pleased to accept Tania pleading guilty to manslaughter by diminished responsibility.

Indeed, Judge Sweeney who showed no mercy to Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale was unfathomably, extremely accommodating and sympathetic towards Tania:

Realising they needed to leave their terraced house in south-west London, In 2011 the family decided to ‘spend all the money they had’ on a new home in New Malden and make it suitable for their lives, the judge said.



Yet Judge Sweeney makes out as if they are some kind of saints who made a huge sacrifice… Thinking about it, perhaps I shouldn’t use the words “huge sacrifice”.


Mr Justice Sweeney said it was accepted she loved all four of her children and added: ‘There is a substantial body of evidence they were happy and well looked after and you were grief-stricken that Olivia, Ben and Max were destined to die early and before you.’

Well, being as she murdered them, then yes they were destined to die before her!

‘You clearly and rightly appreciated the value and worth of the lives of the children and wanted for them as normal a family life as could be achieved.

She most certainly did not appreciate the value and worth of the children’s lives… She fucking murdered them!

‘You did not want either the house or the children to be institutionalised. To that end your husband worked all hours to make the necessary money’ Source


Didn’t want the house institutionalised!

They shelled out hundreds of thousands of pounds on the seven-bedroom property in New Malden, Surrey, stripping it back and rebuilding it almost from bare foundations.

When it was finished it included a state-of-the-art lift for their second daughter, Olivia.

The couple spent another £50,000 on a new driveway, removing a tree and fitting a sloping entrance to the front door that could be used by wheelchairs.


Mr Justice Sweeney said that the killings were not ‘mercy killings’.

The judge added: ‘You devoted yourself to providing optimal care for your children, suppressing your feelings of distress and sadness by focusing on their needs.

‘Your increasing distress when witnessing the various medical interventions required and the constant demands placed upon you in the absence of emotional support from others entente ally overwhelmed your psychological resources.

‘In the result you suffered the major depressive episode.’

The judge told her: ‘What you did was the product of your mental illness. I am of the opinion that the most suitable method of disposing of the case is by means of a hospital order.

‘You will not be released until you have recovered from your illness.’

Four months down the line then.

He ordered Clarence be detained under section 37 of the Mental Health Act. Source

Are you buying it? Because I am fucked if I am.

The question is: Did Tania Clarence kill them and her husband is “one of them” i.e. one of the ‘elites’ – the chosen ones who are protected?

Or, was it a hoax with an agenda? … Or a sacrifice, and no one is in a mental hospital at all?


Certainly, the body looks long for a child. And why only the one photo from the night itself?

I mean, all the signs of a hoax are there. We have a story which doesn’t add up with totally contradictory facts and an awful lack of photos.

Moreover, Type 2 SMA – which all 3 children allegedly suffered from is a different kettle of fish altogether than Type 1, which is more akin to the symptoms that the MSM is trying portray:

SMA is classified according to the age at which symptoms develop and how severe they are:

  • Type I – the most severe type, develops in babies less than six months old
  • Type II – less severe than type I, symptoms usually appear in babies 7-18 months old 
  • Type III – the mildest type affecting children, symptoms usually appear after 18 months of age
  • Type IV – affects adults

In the most severe cases (Type I), fatal respiratory problems mean that children rarely survive beyond two years of age.

Type II SMA may shorten life expectancy, but improvements in care standards mean that the majority of people can live long, fulfilling and productive lives.


Bless them. How cheeky is the fella on the lower left?

Sadly, Type 1 SMA is a lot worse:


Yet even with Type 1 the children’s brains are normal.

Clarence smothered the twins with a nappy. How long must that have taken? And one at a time, suppose the other had woken up?

Fuck me, if this story is half true then you would make sure that the evil cow was never released.

Nevertheless, you can read more about Type 2 SMA by clicking  HERE

Now I have recently documented the things that I look out for which alert me to an ‘incident’ being a hoax, or false flag.

And like I say, this tragedy [?] has most of those indicators. So let’s take a look at some photos… However, just for the benefit of the hard of thinking, I am only pointing these indicators out, they may, or they may not be perfectly innocent…


We are talking about the (alleged) murder of 3 children under the age of five here it isn’t meant to descend into a fucking photo-shoot… And people say it is me who is disrespectful???

And obviously there is more than just that batch of photos.


Shall we have some more?

Why the fuck not .

article-2610940-1D4BC42000000578-412_634x495 (1)

So why the lack of ‘family’ photos?

I mean, this was reported on around the world last April. And then again in November. And now that Tania Sweeney Clarence is out and about after 4 months – for the good of her health obviously – the story is major world headlines again.

Yet there is the one photo of Gary Clarence with the 2 boys, and the two photos of Tania with Taya although Mother Dear doesn’t look like she has just been reunited with her for the first time since Gord knows when.


There are no photos of Gaz and Tania together despite being a couple for over 16 years… Are you telling me that the worlds press cannot come up with even so much as a really poor quality, grainy photo that looks fuck all like them?

Neither is there a single photo of Olivia… Yet all 3 children went to school so you would have thought that there would be one or two floating about… No nanny photo, or au pair for that matter.

And indeed, we are told that most of Gary’s immediate family, his mother, brother and sister, all flew back to England with him and attended the court case on the 24th of April:

Mr Clarence, 43, was seeing relatives in his native South Africa with his eldest child Taya Grace, eight – who is not affected by the illness – to celebrate her birthday when he heard about the devastating news.

They both flew to the UK today along with his mother Anne and sister Derri Phillips, who accompanied him for support.

Businessman Kevin Clarence, Gary Clarence’s brother, has accompanied him to London along with their mother and sister Source

But again, not one photo of them together either.

And then there is this from the same article:

He flew home from his native South Africa yesterday after a holiday with their eldest daughter to celebrate her eighth birthday, and was hugged by relatives as he arrived in the public gallery.

Guess what? Not a single fucking photo

There are any amount of photos of Gary and his solicitor… But that is it.

Anyone buying into this old fanny?

Lets have some more photos then.


Course, I should be a multi-millionaire by now instead of being persecuted… Or at the very least be given a medal.

Want more?

Why not aye:


Now there is also another fellas take on this story to be found HERE, which I rather enjoyed reading although it is written with a much more mainstream audience in mind and is more of a rebuke of those feeling sorry for Tania rather than an investigation of the facts.

Interestingly enough, it was written by a Muslim – or at least it was written with a Muslim perspective in mind – and was published on the day after the ‘murders.

However, what I found quite telling about the article was that the fella who wrote it only lives a half mile away from the Clarences and this is what he had to say on the matter:

People with SMA can live into middle age, access higher education, work, marry and have children. I am not sure how far progressed the condition was in this case, but I have seen videos of children with SMA using power-chairs at their age, and I have not seen such children in New Malden.

Now, if you have read the MSM reports found at the links that I have sourced from you will know that there is an awful lot of emphasis placing the blame for Tania’s actions firmly on the shoulders of the doctors and social workers involved – all fucking 60 of them.

Indeed, as I was reading through the stories in preparation to writing this piece, I was very much reminded of the Ashya King story and how the king family were ‘forced’ to flee the country.

And sure enough, it wasn’t long before I came upon a bit of non-too-subtle Chimp mind control.


That is to say that it wasn’t very subtle when you know how the evil cunts work.

Therefore, I feel sure that at least a big part of the agenda behind this triple murder lies with the doctors and social services… No doubt something to do with privatisation.

And just for the record I can tell you that there is an AWFUL lot more to the Ashya King story than you have read about, and the Kings are far from the victims that they make out to be.

Indeed, another case of a sick child being exploited for gain… And anyone thinking of suing, just remember I know about Bedford… Nuff said.

Now there is one final point that I would like to mention before I end this piece and that involves ‘mugging victim’ Alan Barnes… If you can call someone who got pushed over and ended up a week or so later with a third of a million pounds a “victim”.

What is for certain is the scum-with-an-agenda are out to milk this story for all its worth and indeed there was another story in yesterday’s Chimp about it… And quite how I kept my gag reflex under control is anyones guess whilst reading the old fanny:

A drug addict who mugged frail pensioner Alan Barnes wept today as he heard lawyers will argue his attack was a ‘hate crime’.

Prosecutors say Richard Gatiss deliberately targeted his 4ft 6in, visually-impaired 67-year-old victim out of hostility towards the disabled. Source

Honest to fucking Dog, I swear that the Monkey-Boys become more insane by the fucking day.

I mean to say, “A drug addict” – what the fuck is that all about?

The stooge ‘allegedly’ took legal highs for fucks sake and now he is akin to a raving-looney-crack-addict… Get a fucking grip!

And of course they had to get the fact that he “wept” in – regardless of whether he did or didn’t… The mad cunts do so love to portray people as “weeping” or having “wept”.

Indeed, the barmy army monkey’s make mention of the “fact” so often in articles that it makes me fair cringe everytime I see the word/s.

But since when has mugging pensioners – if indeed Barnes is an OAP – been a “hate crime”.

I mean fuck me, lets be fair! Pensioners have always been targets for muggers – heinous as that may be.

Hate doesn’t fucking come into it. It is all to do with OAP’s being easy fucking targets. And as muggings go, the one in question was pretty fucking lame.

After all, even if you believe the old fanny that the MSM is spouting, which I most certainly don’t; blind as a bat – or “visually impaired” – Barnes was pushed over and had no money whatsoever taken.

Yet according to the shit-rags, Stooge Gatiss is a drug addicted cry-baby bully, whose parents once both stood for election as Tory Councillors (source)… Which with that being the case; Gatiss ought to fucking stand for election himself as he appears to possess all of the necessary traits to make an excellent politician.

However, the story is bollocks as I have quite extensively documented elsewhere.


Nevertheless here is the bullshit on how Gatiss was caught:

Gatiss crept up on Mr Barnes, who is only 4ft6in tall, in a dark alley as the pensioner placed a bin outside his home last month. He rifled through his victim’s pockets while demanding money, before throwing Mr Barnes to the ground, breaking his collarbone.

Gatiss was found after DNA on Mr Barnes’s jacket was linked to samples stored from the thug’s previous run-ins with police. Before the attack, he had been arrested eight times for various offences involving drugs, theft and drunkenness.

He was last convicted in 2009 for possession of cannabis.  source

Yet the scriptwriters are oblivious to their own hypocrisy:

Mr Barnes, who is still recovering from the injuries, last night called for his attacker to be given the most serious punishment available when he is sentenced in April. He said: ‘You need to put people off doing these things. That’s good [the guilty plea] as I don’t want him to do anything worse to anybody else. It will help me to get on with my life again.’  

Mr Barnes, a devout Christian, said it was part of his beliefs to forgive Gatiss but said he would find it a step too far to come face-to-face with his attacker.

‘I don’t want to meet him as it is condoning what he has done. People might think I have gone soft,’ he said.

Mr Barnes told the Daily Mirror: ‘If he can do it to me, he can do it to anyone. It is good because I did not want him to do anything worse to anyone else. 

‘I was an easy target for him. He was coming from behind when he attacked me. He was desperate for money, and this is what he resorted to.

‘He deserves to be punished and should be given a severe sentence so it will deter others.’

Safe to say that Barnes isn’t turning the other cheek then… He had no such qualms about becoming a very rich man off the back of his misfortune though.

And he sounds pretty cock-a-hoop with his life at the moment:

Disabled pensioner Alan Barnes has told how the attack he feared would ruin his life has changed it for the better.

Mr Barnes – who is partially-sighted and suffers growth problems after his mother contracted German measles while pregnant – said: ‘My life has totally changed.

‘I have got to know a lot more people all at once. So some good has come from it.’

He added: ‘I’m starting to get used to being so well-known. At the weekend three lads came up to me and asked if they could have their photo taken with me. I’m quite happy to do that, it doesn’t bother me.’ Source

And neither would seeing Gatiss hung, drawn and quartered bother him by the sound of things.

Indeed, Barnes doesn’t seem bothered by the fact that having already been convicted, Gatiss appears to be on trial for the 2nd time for the same crime… Very strange.

Now if Gatiss had murdered 3 kids under the age of 5, he would already have served half of his sentence by now.

However, I am drifting. You see the point of bringing Barnes up is to highlight one of the other causes that his “guardian angel”, Katie Cutler… AKA Paris Brown has going – albeit nowhere as successful as her campaign for Barnes.

The campaign that I am talking about is for a little 3 year old called Kacie who has TYPE 1 SMA, the severest form.

Now you have all seen the photos above of poorly children with Type 1 SMA, who rarely live past the age of two.

Kacie on the other hand is three and doing well apparently as you can see from the recent photo below of her and Cutler.


And the following is what Cutler has written on the Go Fucking Fund Me page that she set up for Kacie:

Hello my name is Katie Cutler & I set up the Alan Barnes Fund… Tonight I met a very special Little Girl called Kacie, who for the past year has lived between home & hospital.

Kacie has the severest form of Spinal Muscular Atrophy – Type 1. SMA is a genetic Muscular disease and children who have it are not able to hold up their heads, roll over, crawl, sit up without support, or walk.

All of their muscles are extremely weak, with the weakest muscles being the legs, upper arms, and neck. SMA affects all muscle systems including sucking, swallowing, digesting food, and excretion.

The life expectancy of these children is very short & children rarely see it past their second Birthday, however every child is different & Kacie will reach 3 on the 12th of April. Kacie so desperately needs a special wheelchair which costs £27000, that despite her severe weakness and young age this will give her a new lease of life, for however long that might be. Continue reading

And that is just about it… Which is just as well because my internet has been proper shite all night.

Indeed it sometimes seems that it is not just the human race that is broken.

Beam me up Scotty.