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Well, as you will gather, the site is still online and will remain that way for another month or so at least, with an extra big thank you going to ‘Paul’ who donated £350 to ensure that it does so.

Nevertheless, it still rankles that I have to find such a large amount of money every month just to keep going whereas if the site content was more palatable to TPTB I am sure that a months payment would be enough to keep me online for a year… What price the truth aye?

Still, best I just get on with it so hands up who read my last article ‘Book-Ends‘ from start to finish? I mean as in ‘really‘ read it, not just skimmed through?

Hmmm, just as I thought, not too many of you, which I will put down to ‘time & short attention spans‘, which is a shame because despite my obvious bias I think that it is rather good.

Moreover, disregarding that ‘by-sheer-coincidence‘ old bollox, the national press thought Book-Ends rather good too, since it would seem that since I released it, they have felt the need to back-up the official version of events, to some of those that are covered in the epic article… As per usual.

And one of those events is the old fanny about the three convicts who escaped from Alcatraz prison in 1962, with nearly every national newspaper in the cuntry carrying the same article as the one released by the Chimp (seen in the screenshot below):

Now I took the above screenshot about an hour or so after the Monkey-Boyz had published the article and it did in fact go on to become their lead story a little while afterwards… And as I say, the same story appeared in all of the national newspapers, which is strange as it is not particularly newsworthy content, let alone leading news. Especially so given that the ‘escape’ was blatantly fake – as I proved to you in ‘Book-Ends‘.

Mind you, I shouldn’t really have needed to prove that the story was bollox being as commonsense should have alerted anyone vaguely familiar with the fairy tale to the fact that it was a staged event.

After all, Alcatraz was at the time the last port of call for America’s baddest-of-the-bad & most disruptive prisoners, along with persistent escapees. And with that being the case, I can tell you that those keepers-of-the-faith who believe the old bollox and drone on about the lack of security inside the prison being down to the fact that even if they got out of the building they had nowhere to run once they did, get right on my fucking wick.

PHOTO: Alcatraz Prison

I mean not only does that claim fall down at the first hurdle by the very fact that I am even writing about the old bollox now. But to further make mince meat of the claim; what was to stop an accomplice pulling up to the ‘Rock‘ at a designated time in a suitable speed boat, which I am sure could have been quietly rowed or even drifted into place… Likewise a potential escapee could have arranged for a couple of frogmen to swim out with spare suits and breathing apparatus… Not to mention helicopters being a possible means of escape, since Alcatraz was home to some very rich men in its time – such as Al Capone.

Indeed, the very fact that the FOUR men (one of them allegedly couldn’t get out of his cell in time) would even gamble on spending months preparing to get out of the building against the odds of discovery, knowing that once they were out meant that they then faced certain death from drowning, makes a mockery of the lax security inside of the prison claim.

So you then have to ask yourself; how in the name of fuck did the trio get out of the prison building. And remember, the cells were all open fronted making the official version total bollox before they even began to explain how.

PHOTOS: Inside Alcatraz

Nevertheless, the official story, according to the Monkey-Kuntz goes thus:

It was on June 11, 1962, that Morris and the Anglin brothers – all bank robbers – made their cunning escape that was the basis for the 1979 movie Escape From Alcatraz.

They had spent months digging tunnels through their cell walls. 

Now call me Mr Naive if ya want but this “digging” only involved removing a “vent” below the sinks in their cells and for some inexplicable reason, also the plaster round that grate. There is however no explanation of how they got rid of the debris or how they covered up the noise in a place where a fart would echo like a thunder storm.

Mind you, it is easy to see how the prisoners hid those ‘tunnels‘ of theirs for months on end… You see, they used cleverly faked “vents” to put over their tunnels, although the photographic evidence shows that the fake vents were far too small to hide their handy work, but fuck-it-anyway.

And exactly where it was that they knocked up these fake “vents” and fascias in a maximum security prison and then exactly how they held them firmly in place in the enlarged openings is presumably still top-secret since it has never been explained, let alone where the matching paint came from to disguise them.

However, luckily for the felons the “vent” openings led to a service corridor – although it is blatantly obvious that being A VENT, it would lead to somewhere that had an airflow on the other side; else it would have been pointless having the vent there in the first fucking place.

Yet in their wisdom, it seems that the prison authorities never twigged that these large vents would be a potential escape route and as such they were not inspected from one month to the next and apparently no one ever bothered using the service corridor anyway, although I can only presume that it was left unlocked since kicking down doors on escape night would have been out of question.

I mean, you can just imagine a prisoner who had been moved to Alcatraz from another top-security prison because of his repeated escaped attempts, looking around the cell and thinking to himself that either squeezing through the cell’s barred front or going down the toilet were his best chance of escaping as there would be no chance of doing so through that large air-vent under the sink, leading to a corridor that no one ever used.

Nevertheless, forget about all that shit whilst the Monkey-Nutz continue with the official version:

After the prison’s last bed check at 9pm, for six months they used a homemade drill made from a broken vacuum cleaner motor to widen the vents in the cells before recovering the holes with a grate before daybreak. 

HUH! You mean that for 6 fucking months they used a drill made out of a broken vacuum cleaner – which was presumably shared between the four would be escape artists – and the guards put the noise down to prisoners farting!

Fair do’s:

Then on the night of June 11 they filled their beds with elaborate dummy heads made of plaster, paint and real human hair to fool guards.


As in ‘why‘ would they need to fool the guards – who were already clearly drugged up to the eyeballs and had been so for at least 6 months?

I mean the four masters of deception would have been in their cells at 9PM when “the last check took place” – which is clearly stated as being the time when they had started & spent the last 6 months drilling and shit – and the four  would have been long gone by the morning… Therefore there would have been absolutely no point to the fake heads whatsoever.

And of course it has never been explained where, when and how these fake heads were knocked up and hidden, despite the fact that if you buy into the official version they wouldn’t have been needed anyway… (Big sigh).

So, what happened then oh Wise-Monkey-Men?

The trio squeezed through a network of pipes and plumbing and up to the roof. 

How silly of me for asking!

The trio (presumably having ascertained that the fourth man wasn’t fourth-coming), “squeezed through a network of pipes and plumbing“, although I am not sure what the difference is between “pipes & plumbing” apart from making the escape sound slightly more plausible, and got up onto the roof… Absolutely fucking brilliant:

So, having reached just about the highest point on the rock, what did they do then Monkey-Head-Bangerz?

They used an assemblage of rain coats and inflated life vests stolen over previous months and sailed for the mainland. SOURCE

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha… Cunts.

But since there is no plausible answer as to what the versatile trio did then, I will presume that they used the rain coats to base-jump off the roof, down to the waters edge, where they then stitched the raincoats together and along with the inflated life vests – that they had cleverly concealed in their cells alongside their paint-pots & glue, debris from their digging and fake fucking heads – they built a three man dinghy and made good their escape… And right-minded-turnips think that I am the mad one for not believing the official versions of things!

Mind you, I am not really surprised that the right-minded-turnips believe such old bollox when they believe that there is a man in the sky who loves them unconditionally – as long as they worship him and if they don’t they will be killed in the most horrible way – and watches their every move… Mind you, despite lack of evidence it is taken as gospel that the Weirdy-Beardy-Man-In-The-Sky even makes an appearance to give them guidance now and then… Usually in the form of a burning bush, as far as I can make out, but there ya go.

Therefore, despite my mental elf problems I can understand why the right-minded-turnips also didn’t suspected anything wrong with the fact that the trio aged so dramatically in the space of 1-2 years:

Whereas on the other hand I would tend to call their aging total bollox… Especially so given the blatantly easy going, stress-free conditions that they were apparently housed in.

And I should also point out that the last time I read about the Alcatraz fairy-tale in the Chimp was in July 2017 (see HERE) when the purveyors of pulp-fiction reported that the trio’s photos had been coloured in. Indeed I remember it well because the story appeared within a week of me writing the section on Alcatraz for Book-Ends… Which was of course was just another coincidence.

However, I certainly don’t recall the following photo of John Anglin – seen at the top of this next photo batch – being included in the article:

I mean had it been included, then I would most certainly, without doubt have nicked it for my own vast photo library… Like I have done now.

And I can also tell you that the Monkey-Kuntz have now released a second article – following the release of Book-Ends – about the Alcatraz escape… Which the shit-rag nicked off their sister paper, the Scum – found HERE

The new article is about a letter that has – as coincidence would have it – just been released by the FBI, which they had been sat on since being sent it in 2013 and was allegedly written by John Anglin.

Mind you, that old bollox article is basically an interview with two alleged nephews of the Anglin brothers who say the letter is… Well it is actually hard to know what they think about the letter:

Nephews to escapee brothers John and Clarence Anglin – who tunneled out of their prison cell along with Frank Morris 56 years ago – believe John, who was claimed to have sent the chilling letter, could still be alive.

So, they believe that Uncle John is still alive then… Roger that:

Ken and David Widner have slammed the ‘inhumane’ San Francisco Police Department, after it was revealed authorities had been keeping the letter secret since 2013.

So, they believe that the letter was written by Uncle John then… Roger that:

‘I know that if that was John, he would have come to us – not gone to the FBI,’ nephew Ken said, while speaking with The Sun in an interview.

So they believe that the letter is fake and Uncle John is dead then… Roger that.

Course, despite neither of the nephews being allocated an age, neither of them look older than 56 (the escape took place 56 years ago and they would need to be at least 60 years old to have met John & Clarence) and as such they wouldn’t have a scooby-fucking-do what Uncle John was likely to do or not do.

Moving on now, and the more observant of you may have noticed that in the Alcatraz link screenshot – that I started this article with and for your convenience is again seen below – was also a link to a James Bulger article:

And of course – as coincidence would have it – I also talked about the murder of James Bulger in ‘Book-Ends‘.

However, for some unknown reason the article only stayed up long enough to get 2 comments… No more than a couple of hours tops.

Very fucking strange indeed, despite the articles contents being total bollox.

Moreover, and to be fair, in less than two months there have been 18 articles released about James Bulger, mainly to do with the fact that Jon Venables – one of the two killers of James – has allegedly been recalled to prison for a 2nd time since being released on licence, after once again being caught with child porn on his computer.

Course, the more cynical among us might actually say that the timing of Venables arrest couldn’t have come at a better time for James’ mum, Denise; what with her just having written a book about her sons murder.

Mind you, I cannot think what Denise’s book can possibly bring to the table following her ex husband’s book which was co-written in 2013 by the Scum journalist hack, Rosie Dunn, who couldn’t tell the truth if her life depended on it.

How do I know that fact? Well she certainly told some whoppers about me in print despite knowing them to be blatant lies and when confronted via email about the fact, she failed to respond.

I should also point out that the said Email was not sent by me, but was sent by someone who worked tirelessly on my defence and attended every court hearing. However, I cannot tell you what those lies were because of a draconian gagging order that clearly breeches my human rights since slurs and lies can be printed in the national press about me but because of the gagging order I cannot defend myself or put the record straight… In fact could such gagging orders not generally lead to lies flourishing and the truth being buried?

Of course they fucking could… Trust me, North Korea has fuck-all on this cuntry.

Nevertheless, as I pointed out in Book-Ends, James Bulger never existed outside of photographs etc, which he shared with the missing toddler, Ben Needham… Amongst others:

Not convinced? Here have another comparison that didn’t appear in Book-Ends:

And another:

Indeed, most of these hi-profile, supposedly missing or murdered children are each other… James Bulger and Sarah Payne for instance:

Now is anyone silly enough to believe that the photos didn’t come from the same source?

Meantime, Bulger’s alleged murderer, Jon Venables was/is – without doubt – the same child as Michael Davidson, who is an alleged victim of ‘killer’ nurse, Beverly Allitt:

Venables is the one in the top left-hand photo, just so as you know, y’know.

Same source photo, see… In fact without even attempting it first, I can tell just by looking that the photo of Venables will join perfectly with the photo of Davidson, despite the difference in the turn of their heads:

There ya go.

And as I also pointed out in Book-Ends; Ralph Bulger is a wrong-un:

In fact if you keep staring at the bottom photo on your left it should become obvious to you that the head has been superimposed on the [giraffe] neck… You won’t need to stare for very long though as it is also blatantly obvious by Bulger’s jaw line on your left (his right side) that his head has been cut to fit the neck… Now why would they do that?

Furthermore you would have thought that they would have at least modified his ear to suit… Lazy bastards!

Nevertheless, getting back to that screenshot of the Bulger story and it is quite obvious to me that it published in order to form a Satanic connection with the Alcatraz story.

You see, if you did read Book-Ends you will know that John Anglin was also the Mafia boss, JAMES BULGER.

And of course there are many more factors other than their appearance to take into account… As you will know if you read Book-Ends.

Moreover, I thought the revelation in the aforementioned epic article that the dead ‘Rolling Stones‘ founder member, Brian JONES wasn’t really dead – he just became David JONES, AKA David Bowie – was worth a round of applause:

Although apparently no body else appears to have thought so… Yet those photos and the timing – Jones dies 1969, Bowie’s Space Oddity is released 1969 – are damning in the extreme… Indeed, if that revelation had been published in the Chimp it would have gone viral in minutes and been headlines for weeks… Yet no one has mentioned it.

Not that I am bitter, I am just amazed, that’s all.

And of course since releasing Book-Ends, I have had the usual emails, Facebook Messages and comments left on this website, telling me that I am wrong about such and such a person being someone else because their aunties, next door neighbour’s grandmother used to work with someone whose brother in law knew the person in questions grandad… Or some similar relationship.

However, the most persistent of those was a bird called Lucy Barclay who left a long comment on here telling me that I was wrong about the dead Deepcut Barracks soldier, Sean Benton who in 1995 supposedly committed suicide by shooting himself in the chest five fucking times… In fact so fucking keen was Lucy to point out that I was wrong, she submitted the same comment three fucking times having had the comment trashed the first two.

Moreover, the story of Benton is now all over the Press following the release of Book-Ends which covers Deepcut in detail… What a fucking coincidence that is!

I mean I publish Book-Ends and a day & a bit later, Lucy posts her long comment for approval, which was trashed by Wolfie, after which Lucy sent the comment again… Which was trashed by Wolfie, prompting Lucy to go for third time lucky, only to have the comment trashed by Wolfie… Followed by the Sean Benton story being splashed all over the national shit-rags.

So, since Lucy wanted her comment printed so badly here it is in full, punctuated with my observations along the way:

Hi Chris,

Good start, carry on:

I am a long term reader, sometime commenter and also in past, more richer times, donater to your site.

Classic – albeit somewhat predictable – opening gambit and a sure sign that I am about to be told where I am going wrong.

However, just for the record there are no other comments left on here under the email address that she has used, nor is there any record of any donations using that e-mail. Furthermore, ‘Barclay‘ is a distinctive surname so any comments or donations must have been a long time ago, because I don’t recall seeing the name…  And I should also point out, that both the foul-trolls, Jimmy Jones and Jane Russell used to donate to the site and neither of them were ‘supporters’ of mine – they were just after gaining my trust.

Nevertheless, Lucy must be ultra skint if she cannot find a couple of quid to send every now and then.

I mean I am proper, proper ultra skint, but I still manage to send a couple of quid here and there to the few sites that I use regularly, when they mention that they need some financial help… After all, that is just common decency… And anyone who doubts that fact, let me know and we can have a nice Nifty-Fifty Pound bet (or more if you want) and I will provide you with a copy of the transactions – note the plural.

Yet Book-Ends was posted on the 19th of January and skint Lucy was still posting photos of herself on her luxury holiday in Goa on the 20th. In fact after looking at her Facebook profile it is hard to fathom quite how Lucy can spend so much time dinning out in pubs and restaurants when she cannot afford to send me a couple of quid here and there.

I am friends with you on both your fb pages and have been for a very long time.

More softening up then, although technically you can only be friends with me on my Private Facebook as my Facebook Page linked to this site doesn’t have provision for ‘friends‘.

Moreover, and as I have often pointed out, I have a large number of Facebook friends who I know to be spooks and crisis actors, who I expose on here as-and-when the time calls for me to do so. Therefore, being a friend on my Facebook certainly carry’s no weight, especially since I never see the name ‘Lucy Victoria Barclay‘ so much as ‘liking‘ anything that I post on there.

Neither does Lucy share any of my articles to help spread awareness, yet she must be an avid reader of mine since she managed to find and read the 44,000 word Book-Ends and post a long comment about it, three fucking times, all within 3 days of the articles release!

I have followed your work since the LR days; wich is how I came aware of your work. I support your work, ideas and position and have never had cause to unduly question it until today; but today I must as I was very good friends with Sean Benton at school and if you look at my Fb you will see that I am also fb friends with his twin brother Tony.

And here we see Lucy telling me that she supports my work… Just not financially or by sharing my articles, or even liking the links to my articles on my own Facebook. Nevertheless, I am sure she supports my work… Somehow.

Mind you, to say that she was “very good friends” with the dead soldier, Sean Benton, it seems strange that there is no mention on her Facebook about the good news for the Benton family in getting the suicide verdict on Sean, quashed… An event that now has her friend Tony Benton splashed all over the news at the moment.

In fact despite posting her comment on here three times, Lucy’s last post on Facebook was that of her & her fella having a smashing time in Goa:

I do however feel the need to point out that of the 19 Facebook Friends that we have in common, around 75% of them are already long-time known to me as being wrong-uns.

Nevertheless, carry on Lucy:

Please email me and I will gladly copy photos from Tony’s fb that show him and his twin together and also supply you with a list of names (some off my fb, but also general – people who I don’t want to be friends wirh) of people that know/ knew, Sean and also tony.

Now why would I need to email Lucy for photos that I can get myself, from both of Tony Benton’s Facebooks, of which Lucy is only a friend of his on one of them… Strange.

And since both of Tony’s Facebook accounts have open ‘friends‘ lists why would I need Lucy to supply me with a list of names of people who know him & Sean?

Furthermore, having only taken a fleeting flick through those lists it is quite obvious to me that there are ‘friends‘ of his with multiple accounts under different names… In fact, just like those ‘friends‘ lists of the people involved in the cancer-con and other frauds.

And what follows are just a couple of the few of those that I picked up on after the quickest of looks at Tony’s friends list:

Mind you, Lucy also has a tendency to photoshop her photos:

But each to hi s- or her – own… Carry on Lucy:

They were not identical twins and you would never mistake one for the other.

She isn’t wrong, here have a butchers:

PHOTO: Tony Benton (left) & his twin brother, Sean (right)

Indeed you would be hard pressed to place them as brothers let alone twins… Tony & Jon Venables, yes:

But Tony & Sean, no… And I am not saying that Tony is Venables, it’s just that they look more like each other than Tony & Sean.

Now that photo of the ‘twins’ was one of those used in the press having been supplied by The Press Association and indeed that fact is quite significant because the following photo is taken from Tony Benton’s Facebook, on which he comments that it is the ONLY photo that he has of himself & Sean together:

I have enhanced the photo as best that I can – which is now infinitely clearer than it was. Sean is the fella on the right with Tony on your left of the photo. Tony then goes on to say in his Facebook comments that the photo was taken on their 18th birthday.

And apart from that and the official press release photo of Sean in his army get-up, the only other photo of him on Tony’s Facebook is the following:

And once again I have enhanced the photo as best that I can. Nevertheless, it is quite obvious that the image is actually a photo taken of a photo in a photo-frame… Which is also strange.

You see, the Press Association also released the following photo of Sean:

And as you can see, it is the exact same photo of Sean as the one Tony has, but the PA’s is of far superior quality and has a different background – which kinda makes a mockery of Lucy’s offer to send me some photos taken from Tony’s Facebook (singular), since she isn’t ‘friends’ with him on his other account.

Moreover, the image is photoshopped which means that Tony’s copy is too:

I mean just look at his top lip in relation to his gums and teeth, in fact his top teeth are protruding over his bottom lip on the left side of the photo. I would also say that the tip of his nose has been altered unless he is Pinocchio – as has the left hand side of his cheek and neck.

In fact unless Sean was an Owl, I would say that his head has been photoshopped onto the body.

Now you will like this next bit. You see below is a photo of the dead soldier, Lance Corporal, James Ashworth:

James is a national hero apparently:

He isn’t a hero of mine and I am a British Citizen, but if you compare that first photo of Ashworth to the one of Benton above it you get the following:

Now to do that, no angles needed changing and Benton’s photo sits right over Ashworth’s photo just as if they had originated from exactly the same source photo… Which now kinda makes Lucy either very fucking dumb, or a Spook.

However, we shall continue with her comment since she was so keen to get it published and thus cast doubt over all of my work. After all, that had to be her intention didn’t it, since she must know that I do not moderate the comments on here and had her intent been half-way honorable, she would have simply messaged me in private on Facebook.

In fact she could have even posted the comment on my Facebook wall, but then again it would not have been seen by nearly as many people had she done so – and as such, not done nearly as much damage as it would by getting the comment published on here… Which would explain why she tried to do so three fucking times.

Over to you Lucy… Although I doubt very much that it is going anywhere near as well as you hoped:

They come from a very well established old town fishing family in hastings and lived/live here still. Not like they rocked up here 5 mins before Sean was killed etc, Tony still lives here, I saw/spoke to him the other nite.

Now I can only presume that Lucy added that bit to reaffirm how well she knew the extremely photo shy-photoshopped family… That is to say that they were photo-shy until the release of the latest Chimp article in which Tony and his sister are all over the shop… Unlike any of the previous occasions that the story has hit the headlines. I mean there are infinite photos of the other victims families but zilch of the Bentons.

Not that any of the other families appear to have attended this new inquest… Don’t they like each other?

And I could go on and on with those kind of photos!

Yet one thing is for absolutely certain and that is the fact that the people above are frauds, as I proved in Book-Ends… But here, have another photo that didn’t get added to the article:

Now this is a photo of Cheryl ‘giraffe‘ James and her ‘mum’ & ‘dad’. Cheryl obviously inherited her neck from her mother and her father really ought to get his dislocated shoulder seen to… Or on the other hand the photo could just be a really, really badly knocked up photoshop to try and bring credibility to the old bollox.

In fact I would put my money on Cheryl’s head having been lifted from the following photo:

Or this one:

Or even a bit of both.

But when the press have to resort to using fake photos you can bet your life that they are promoting a fake-as-fuck story.

Moreover, the aforementioned Chimp article makes much of the Benton family’s 21 year campaign to get the suicide verdict quashed and in fact gives the credit for doing so to Sean’s now deceased mother:

The new hearing was made possible by Private Benton’s mother Linda who, before her death last year, used the Human Rights Act to access evidence held by Surrey Police. Source

However, far from being innovative that is the exact same route that the family of Private Cheryl James took to force a second inquest into their daughters death… Which was held three years ago:

She was one of four young soldiers who died in mysterious circumstances at the barracks in Surrey between 1995 and 2002, sparking allegations of bullying and abuse.

Private Geoff Gray, 17, Private Sean Benton, 20, and Private James Collinson, 17, also died from gunshot wounds.

The families have refused to accept the theory that all four soldiers committed suicide using their own rifles and have accused the Army of a cover-up.

Concerns about the string of tragedies led Surrey Police to open an investigation in 2002.

Officers took hundreds of statements and instructed forensic experts but concluded there was no evidence anyone else was involved in the shootings.

Controversially, Surrey Police flatly refused to give Mr and Mrs James, from Llangollen, North Wales, access to the files.

Now the force has caved in and handed over 44 volumes of files – including witness statements, documents, notes and photographs – after Liberty threatened them with legal action under the Human Rights Act. Source

And of course, if you have read Book-Ends you will know that it is the other three families that my attention is focused on and I was in fact very easy going on the Bentons.

Nevertheless, you now have to question the motives of Tony Benton and his sister, Tracey Lewis since the second inquest into the death of Private Cheryl James ended in the same outcome as the first i.e Cheryl killed herself.

Yet part of the ruling allowing this new inquest for Private Benton is based on the fact that the family were not allowed access to Sean’s medical records for Round 1:

The original inquest recorded a verdict of suicide, and a criminal investigation seven years later found no evidence of third party involvement.

But Pte Benton’s medical and mental health records were not obtained and no evidence was sought or given about his experiences at Deepcut.

Mr Justice Collins said that a considerable amount of fresh evidence had come to light which cast ‘some doubt’ on the correctness of the original finding and there was also material which concerned the care which was afforded to Private Benton by the Army at the relevant time. Source

But here is the thing, you see if Tony and Tracey are hoping to get Sean’s death now recorded as murder as opposed to the first verdict of suicide  – which, were this not a load of old fanny they ought to be able to do since shooting yourself FIVE times in the chest is just total & utter bollox – then they really do not want to be bringing up their brothers medical history, since he had apparently tried to top himself twice before.

The following screenshot is taken from the Guardian.

Therefore, given that an alleged police investigation into Benton’s death in 2006 concluded that no one else was involved, the suicide verdict looks to be a certainty again and as such the desire for this second inquest can only be money motivated… Which I predict that the Benton’s will get.

Carry on Lucy:

Please understand that I am not knocking your work but I absolutely do not want you to fuck up on something that easily checkable;

Oh I think that is exactly what Lucy is doing, hence – as I said – her desperation to get her comment printed on here.

Moreover, it is a bit hard to actually fathom what Lucy is getting at. I mean no one is stating as fact that Sean didn’t exist, but even so, that doesn’t mean that if he did, he wasn’t up to his neck in it. After all, we are talking about the Military and the ‘M’ in MI5 & MI6 stands for Military.

Therefore it is hard to understand how Lucy feels that I have fucked up since nothing gets published on here without being checked, double checked and checked again.

She then continues:

I cannot comment on anything else to do with Deepcut as I do not know anyone else to do with it; and maybe yes ? They may have used sean’s pic to create other victims, I could not say. But I can say that Sean Benton was a real human person who looked like he does in that pic and has not been seen in hastings since that day.

I can say a lot though… You see, the other people who took part – and are still doing so – all exist, although I doubt very much that they are who they claim to be. And that includes Sean Benton, who also plays the role of Pvt Geoff Gray’s father… And I will use “that pic” which Lucy refers to in order to prove it:

PHOTO: Half face comparison of Gray & Benton

Try it for yourself, they are 100% the same person… Which also kinda fucks about a bit with Lucy’s claim… Whatever that claim may be.

Mind you, Lucy is at pains to point out that Sean actually “looked like he does in that pic”, although she would have known him better as how he looked in the right hand side comparison photo below.

Now I would hazard a guess that – if real – there would be no more than 5 years between these two photos of ‘sean‘, yet if I presented those two photos to you as being ‘John Smith‘ & Jack Jones‘ and claimed that in reality they were the same person you would be skeptical at the very best.

Want another example of how Lucy’s take on things breaks down?

Of course you fucking do. So how about Tony Benton and the linked-to-Deepcut victim, Pvt David Shipley:

I have put 40% transparency on the overlay so as you can see just how exactly the ‘two fellas’ features match… These are easy check-able facts Lucy… Just sayin’.

But just hold on one cotton-pickin’ moment. I have Shipley down in my records as being called Michael Davidson – which is also the name of the Beverly Allitt victim who doubles up as Jon Venables?

Unfortunately I cannot now find any evidence to back that claim, so I won’t dwell on it except to say that because I am so shit at remembering names, I am meticulous in how I file them. Moreover, had Shipley been Davidson then that would have been a case of Harmonie auf allen Ebenen”… Which as I pointed out in ‘How The West Was Won. Part 4’ translates as: ‘Harmony on all levels’… Or put another way; a Satanic connection… Even more so since Shipley died in Germany.

And of course if you have read that aforementioned article you will know that the reason that I used the German quote in the first place was because it includes the words “Harmonie” & “Allen” and in that same article I wrote about the little girl, Harmonie Allen (note the German spelling as opposed to the English, ‘Harmony‘) who had supposedly lost her arms & legs after being struck down by Meningitis B… Which prompted an Email from a fella called Tony:

Hi Chris

Good start, carry on:

I am a long time reader of yours, ever since 2013. 

Classic – albeit somewhat predictable – opening gambit and a sure sign that I am about to be told where I am going wrong.

When I could I donated via Paypal but had to stop after my mid-life-crisis buying a motorbike leaving me without any spare cash. 

Deja-vu anyone? Don’t worry Tony, you are not the only one who can’t spare £2 every once in a while… Indeed Lucy is skint and could only manage a holiday in Goa this year.

I think you are the most credible journalist I have read and am writing this email because I care about your reputation.

You couldn’t make it up, don’t cha know… And don’t worry about my reputation mate, that was shot to fuck years ago:

I saw Harmonie Allen in my local Asda on Wednesday this week.  I wish I’d filmed her to show you but I didn’t so all I have is my word.  It was in our local Asda at Longwell Green, Bristol.

The precise location deeming the claim to be true, presumably

She was with her mum and another mum with her child.  Her stumps were not covered and she is definitely real.

WHAT! You mean to tell me that despite all of the money donated by well wishers to buy Harmonie new legs, provided free of charge by the NHS and yet her mother is still shopping in Asda she wasn’t wearing them!

And of course she is real… I mean I told you in the article that she played the part of a Thalidomide baby in some BBC drama or other… Allegedly.

You thought her mum was photoshopped to look fatter in the face, but she is a big girl and does that uncomfortable looking waddle-walk that some fat people do.

Don’t be Fattist, Tony, there is fuck all wrong with the way People-Of-Weight waddle… Although, I should point out that I didn’t think Freya Allen’s photo had been photoshopped – I know 100% without doubt that it had been photoshopped… To make her look fatter in the face as it happens:

I thought it was important to let you know this.

And just like Lucy’s comment, I am a bit lost as to what Tony’s point is. In fact the best that I can come up with is that Harmonie’s mum is indeed, fat as fuck and despite having hundreds and thousands of Pounds donated to buy Harmonie new legs, which were then provided free of charge by the NHS, Freya still shops in Asda.

Below is a screenshot of that Email.

Indeed it is a wonder that I ever get anything at all done. So, to now get back on track, check out how much Tony Benton looks like Pvt Geoff Grays old fella:

Perfect fit…  Which I suppose could be a reason that the Benton family are not represented in any of the family group photos. And since Gray’s old-man also lines up perfectly with Sean Benton, the twins must have eventually grown to look like each other.

But carry on regardless Lucy:

His family were devestated by what happened and they have not written any fucking book, in fact his mother, father and younger brother have since all died – wich you can check on Tonys fb or as I said before I can mail to you.

I don’t know about devastated, but they were certainly fucking camera shy – as we have seen.

However, if we go back to that earlier photo of the Deepcut ‘families‘ where Sean is not even so much as represented, there are some striking similarities between Cpl Anthony Green’s mother and Sean’s mother Linda Benton:

Indeed I could put forward AT LEAST three distinct possibilities for potential other roles played by both Linda Benton and her daughter, Tracey Lewis – some of which include a mush not unlike Tony Benton.

Mind you, the lines between mother & daughter are very, very blurred. For instance, take a look at this next photo taken from Tony Benton’s Facebook:

Now according to Tony, this is a photo of himself and his sister, Tracey Lewis nee Benton, taken at a wedding where he claims in a comment that they were both “drunk“… However, the image is a photoshop – and not a particularly good one either – which begs the question; why is it?

I mean if they were both at a family or friends wedding why didn’t they just have a photo taken together instead of resorting to having a fake photo knocked up?

And for those who still cannot spot the wood for the trees – despite my years of showing you how to spot a fake image – the biggest giveaway in the above photo is that tony is in a far different shade of monochrome than that of his ‘sister‘.  And of course there is the added photo-fault to try disguise the fact that Tracey’s dress doesn’t match up.

However, the immediate giveaway for me was the orange tinge mainly seen between their heads, although if you look closer you will see that there are orange tinges all over Tracey.

Now that type of orange tinge usually occurs when a colour photo has been overlaid onto a black & white photo or vice versa, which has then had the photo values changed to match-in the two different images. However, I elaborate more on that kind of shit in a nearly completed article so you will just have to wait for the evidence, but for now it is safe to say that Orange tinges do not occur in photos taken in black & white.

Mind you, it is only professional photographers who take pictures in black & white these days and that above photo certainly has not been taken by a professional.

Nevertheless, to get to the point, that photo was supposedly taken just months after Linda Benton had died yet Tracey looks as old as her mother – if not older – in the photo:

And of course, we can also play the “What’s-In-A-Name” game with Tony Benton… A particular favourite of mine.

So, what we have here in the main photo is Tony Benton and his wife from Upminster in Essex and the inset photos are obviously ‘our’ Tony Benton and his sister Tracey.

And here we have the two Tony Bentons and Geoff Gray’s old man… But what’s in a name aye?

Nevertheless, Lucy ends her comment thus:

Only tony and his sister survive and they have lived in hastings their whole lives. Please take note of this and research/email me for further details as I spent the whole of my teenage years as a very good friend of Sean and I am dismayed at your findings.

The End.

And indeed I would imagine that Lucy will be dismayed by my findings. She may even be slightly dismayed to find out that by the time she reads this she will no longer be a Facebook friend of mine since I always delete those I expose for obvious reasons… The rest of the Spooks can stay until it’s time for them to go.

I will also point out that Hastings is a hotbed for Spook activity with previous hoax events including; the Billie-Jo Jenkins murder… That hoax sees the murder of a 14-year-old foster child named Billie Jo Jenkins for which her foster-father, Sion Jenkins (the surnames being coincidence) was convicted, although he was later acquitted of the crime.

Here have a self explanatory, Billie-Jo related photo batch that I didn’t have time to add to Book-Ends:

And another Hastings hoax event that made the national headlines was the kidnap & rape of the two 10 year old schoolgirls, Charlene Lunnon and Lisa Hoodless:

PHOTO: Lunnon & Hoodless looking no worse for their rape & kidnap hell.

And here is another photo batch that didn’t get added to Book-Ends:

And as coincidence would have it, there has also been a Madeleine McCann story in the Chimp since I released Book-Ends and again – if you have read it – you will know that there is a large section on that hoax in my epic exposé.

The following is taken from that new Chimp article regarding Madeleine McCann:

A private detective, who probed the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, died of a brain haemorrhage.

The blood-soaked body of Kevin Halligen, 56, was found at his home in Surrey earlier this month – sparking a major police investigation. 

Halligen, 56, who is said to have presented himself as a ‘cloak-and-dagger, James Bond-style spy’, took over the private investigation into the McCann case in March 2008 but was later accused of conning the family fund out of £300,000. Source

Mind you, the Private Dick could possibly be Hoodless & Lunnon’s rapist:

Although you need to be aware that I am not stating the possibility as fact since a lack of photos makes it impossible to get an accurate comparison.

However, like everything else that has to connect for the Satanic elite to do what they do, the Madeleine McCann hoax does connect to the other Hastings drama involving Billie Jo Jenkins murder, via Sion Jenkins and Hayes Hubbard:

PHOTO: Comparison between Sion Jenkins & Hayes Hubbard.

Although that is only one of many connections.

Furthermore, I do get a bit pissed off by people basically saying “I don’t geddit, can you walk me through it“, because you can be sure that I will have already done so countless times before and it is a very time consuming process to do so, not to mention very boring for me and very repetitive for those who do pay attention.

Therefore, you can be sure that if I tell you that the Madeleine McCann story is fake, or that the Soham murders (which someone else asked about) didn’t happen, then I will have already told you somewhere along the line how it was possible to pull the frauds off… Course, this site is not really suitable for those who have just woken up to the fact that something is very, very wrong with the world because I do not deal with Conspiracy For Beginners.

However, the following photo of Soham murderer, Ian Huntley’s brother Wayne huntley & his wife is interesting:

You see, Old-Wayne matches up nicely with Pvt Gray’s Old-Man:

And had it not been for Gray’s fake neck the above would have been ideal to use for a comparison.. However, with his faked neck and Huntley’s slightly lesser faked neck it looks as though they have a massive tumour when you join their faces together.

However, that isn’t a real problem since I found another photo to match Huntleys, despite the necks still causing a bit of aggro:

Luckily there were no such problems with a Huntley/Sean Benton comparison.

Now it was artificially opened eyes that originally put me off comparing Sean Benton with the medal winning soldier, Matthew Turrell.

PHOTO: Matthew Turrell

Now what alerted me to Turrell was the fact that his picture came up in a search for Sean Benton despite there being no obvious connection between the two fellas. However – as I say – I almost ignored the fact, which would have been a mistake.

Nevertheless, I am not saying that Turrell has had his eyes artificially widened. What I am saying is… Scrub that, Turrell has had his eyes artificially widened:

And as such, Turrell is almost certainly without doubt, Sean Benton:

Nevertheless, I interrupted my own rant there… My bad

So to get back into it, neither do I cater for people who want all the answers to everything, when those answers are not provided for them any further away than they can see.

In fact, to understand this site you need to be able to think for yourself, yet I find myself receiving comments like the following from ‘Thickwick‘ or something along them lines, which was left on Book-Ends the day after I released the 43,000 word – or however many words it is – book length article.

I mean given the length, the content and the many links that makes up Book-Ends, ‘Nitwit’ shouldn’t have even been half way through reading it:

Wow! Thanks for this & the research you put into it.

No “Hi Chris”, bad start:

The photo personas I can get but what about the actual people? Are they all actors? For instance I met a woman last year in the hairdressers who said she’d been talking to Sue Healy in her shop (apparently the Healys have a shop in a suburb of Liverpool). Now as far as I know the woman KNOWS Sue Healy……so I’m confused as to who she was actually speaking to in the shop….an actor who day by day pretends to be Kate McCann’s mother or ??????

Shall I respond? No, I think I will let it run a while longer:

This is what I find hard to grasp. A couple of years ago I met someone who worked for Gerald Grosvenor & came into contact with him on a regular basis. She met his wife regularly too in the course of her work. So WHO was she actually meeting?

How the fucking hell do I know who she was meeting?

If actors, it would have to be the same one permanently otherwise you’d notice the difference!

Don’t fucking bet your life on that fact Colonel Blimp:

I’m probably missing something quite obvious here & am prepared to be lambasted for being stupid but an actor living the daily life of these ‘notables’ I can’t figure out how that can work.

Unless ‘Thickshit’ is a troll of course. After all, that was only comment number 5 – its first being the following:

Really interesting read but something puzzles me. …..if Diana & Bowie etc didn’t die,where are they & how could such ‘celebrities’ continue to live without recognition

To which the answer to the Diana question was answered in the article that the comment was left on and I have in fact once again answered the question to “what happens to the likes of Bowie when they pretend to die” in this very article… They become someone else. That isn’t rocket salad by any means.

That was followed two months later by comment number 2:

I was sitting next to a woman in the hairdressers last week who knows Kate McCann’s parents as they live close to her shop. She said that the Healey’s had never liked Gerry McCann from the outset. So who do they believe their son in law to be????

BINGO! So Dipshit has no sense of time either since the above comment was left in March 2016. Nevertheless, I will play along because it suits my purpose.

However, before I patiently explain, I want to tell you about this rock band that I went to see last night called ‘Arse‘.

And ‘Arse‘ are actually a tribute act to the band ‘Elbow‘, who are my favourite band at the moment. But let me tell you this: They were that fucking good I couldn’t tell me Arse from me Elbow.

ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… Couldn’t tell me Arse from me Elbow… ha, ha, ha, ha… Cosmic.

Yet the sad truth is that most people really can’t. So here ya go.

Now just because a stranger told you that Susan Healy has a shop certainly doesn’t mean that she has. Indeed you would have to be a bit simple to take as gospel anything that a stranger told you in casual conversation. Mind you, these monster-minions are grabbing cunts and I would imagine that a shop owned by Sue healy would do very well, no matter what it sold.

However, David Webb, the former top 1970’s Chelsea & QPR football player and ex-manager of Southend United opened up a bike shop in town – just after he had got the sack from managing Southend Utd as it happened – yet I never once saw him in there… And he is a lot less high profile than Sue Healy.

And then, as coincidence of coincidences would fucking have it, ‘Gerronmewick‘ just so happened to meet someone who worked for Gerald Grosvenor and the mush regularly came into contact with Grosvenor’s wife, Nathalie, who is – without doubt – also Sue Healy and Princess Diana’s ‘sister’, Sarah McCorkindale.

Now, since Princess Diana was a made up persona played by various actors, it follows that her sister, Sarah McCorkindale is also a fraud… As are all the Spencer family, many of whom I have already pointed out.

Yet Nathalie Grosvenor is hardly likely to want to spend time working behind a shop counter that may or may not exist in Liverpool and neither is her husband Gerald who also plays Kate McCann’s dad. Therefore, I would suggest that the bird having her hair bobbed was just wishful thinking.

And as for the fictional person who knew the Grosvenors, well they must surely have been aware that billionaires do not stop in one place for any length of time… Which means that ‘Dimwits’ made-up person wouldn’t see either Gerald or Nathalie from one week to the next, giving them plenty of time to attend an event dressed as Mr & Mrs Healy or in Nathalies case, as Lady Sarah McCorkindale.

But for future reference, do take note that those who are in daily contact with the likes of the Monster-Elite, are ultra posh themselves and all members of the Minion Club… Not friends of those who comment on this site… Just sayin’.

Oh, and since Gerald Grosvenor was also Lord Lucan, the answer to what happens to the likes of Bowie when they pretend die is once again, well and truly answered.


Everybody with the program so far? Gooood – then I shall continue.

Now, next I am going to take half of Lucan’s boat race and overlay it onto Grosvenors… I AM NOT going to do anything else… No trickery, no fuck all.


And for a fuller, more detailed, evidenced account of Sue Healy & Co, click HERE

Mind you, Lady Healy popped up again the other week in the guise of the Author, Helga Schneider, whose book “Let Me Go” is being turned into a major motion picture – or something like that.

PHOTO: Helga Schneider

Wanna see how she compares with Healy, McCorkindale & Grosvenor?

Of course you fucking do:

However, there is obviously a lot more to how the Monsters do what they do because you are looking at layer, upon layer, upon layer of deception.

Meantime, the lesser well-placed actors will have either been born, kidnapped or sold into captivity (MK Ultra), or they will be from a family of Spooks. Some will work undercover (sleeper cells) living as some bod or other for years at a time in the same way that the police undercover agents do when infiltrating criminal gangs… Have you not seen the films, Donnie Blasco or Reservoir Dogs?

And then there are clones, which I talk about in Book-Ends. And surprise, surprise, after its release the Chimp published a totally bollox article about Monkey’s being cloned – which is in fact how the Daily Mail gets its journalists:

However, if you believe that old bollox then you will believe anything.

You see, cloning techniques were being talked about in the press as early as the mid-to-late 19th century and anything that us mere-mortals get told about you can bet your bottom dollar that the Monsters have known about it for AT LEAST a quarter of a century prior. And once you can clone an animal you can clone anything, humans included.

Course, as soon as the Monsters started cloning humans, they were being knocked out by the truck load. Indeed, I can highly recommend the 15 minute long video about clones found HERE

And of course, that is why we are now seeing so many doppelgangers of people from history and in particular, those from the Nazi war-machine:

Just sayin’

Okay, I am now going to tell you how the Deepcut fraud was brought into play and then hopefully that will be an end to asking questions that you are all more than capable of working out for yourselves. I am not a Guru or the Oracle, I am just a normal fella like you. Therefore if I can figure it out, then so can you… Although to be fair I am probably better looking.

Now, the Deepcut Barracks scandal was made possible because of the Press, the passing of time and peoples poor memory. You see, the official story is that 20-year-old Pvt Sean Benton was the first to die in June 1995 – twenty two and a half years ago.

His death was followed by the death of 18-year-old Pvt Cheryl James in November of the same year.

There was then a lull in the mysterious deaths until 2001 when Pvt Geoff Gray was found dead with two bullets in his head. His death was followed in March 2002 by that of 17 year old Pvt James Collinson.

And a month later – 7 years after the death of Sean Benton – in April 2002, a police investigation was allegedly launched… I say allegedly because the public were not informed at the time.

However, according to the Chimp Archives – which I believe date back to 1995 – the first reference to Deepcut Barracks was made in March 2010.

You will also note that I used a general search for the Barracks rather than a specific search. Stranger still is the fact that the search yielded 71 results yet there is only one page worth and a page carry’s a maximum 50 links. Therefore there should have been 2 pages.

Nevertheless, that first link doesn’t mention the deaths at Deepcut at all and the second link (dated November 2010) is about some BBC TV drama involving BULLYING in the army and includes the following segment:

I do not doubt, of course, that bullying goes on in the Army, possibly on a widespread scale. For example, the deaths of four soldiers at Deepcut Barracks suggest there is a problem.

And that is the extent of it.

The third link is about a married army officer who had an affair when he was sent to Deepcut, but there is no mention of the deaths in the article at all.

However, the fourth link dated April 2011 has the following to say about the four deaths:

The rise comes despite a crackdown on intimidation following the mysterious deaths of four Army recruits at Deepcut Barracks in Surrey.

Hmmm, hardly going to town are they?

The fifth link (also from April 2011, so obviously the fraud is now properly getting underway) is about a young recruit who allegedly had his eyes super glued together, although the incident didn’t happen at Deepcut.

In fact the only mention of Deepcut is made in the following Screenshot taken of that article:

Now I find that very fucking strange.

I mean Sean Benton & Cheryl James had both died prior to Gray and both were alleged to have been bullied. So why single out Gray who was the third to die?

Although to be fair I can probably answer that. You see the article contains a [grainy] photo of the recruit who allegedly had his eyes super glued shut.

PHOTO: The bullied recruit

And indeed, the fact that the photo is from SWNS really gets my hoax-radar spinning. Nevertheless, in case you hadn’t noticed, this grainy looking recruit looks a lot like the grainy looking Geoff Gray.

Harmonie auf allen Ebenen… As the Dutch say in Switzerland… And do check out their ears. In fact if I could be arsed to overlay the photo I think that you would find that it matches perfectly except Glue-Boy’s eyes would fall where the bags under Gray’s eyes are.

Nevertheless, I find the lack of information pertaining to the four Deepcut victims very strange from a shit-rag that can squeeze dozens of articles out of a bird having her arse pinched and literally hundreds out of a block of flats catching fire… So I made my search of the Chimp archives more specific:

Yet still my search for Sean Benton only yielded 40 results with only 9 carrying a thumbnail photo of Sean and one a thumbnail photo of Tony Benton & Tracey Lewis. These 10 thumbnails all came at the end of the 40 results with 29 of them carrying the thumbnail of Cheryl James and the other one carrying a photo of her boyfriend Mark Wilkinson.

Moreover, the first of the forty results was not published until October 2013… Eighteen years after Sean had allegedly been murdered.

Course, as we have seen, 21 articles at the very least appear to have gone astray from the Chimp Archives, which knowing the Monkey-Boyz as I do, does not surprise me and the most likely explanation that I can come up with is that those 21 articles going astray is that they told a different story to the one that we are now presented with.

You see, the press really do change history.

In other words, at some point after 2006 (at least 10 years after Bentons death) we were presented with just enough news about the families of the Deepcut four seeking justice, to register in our memory banks.

And then, four or five years down the line we were bombarded with photos & news of those families – primarily those of the James’s & Collinson’s and to a lesser extent the Gray’s who are all exposed as actors in Book Ends – triggering our earlier memories of Deepcut, thus making the hoax a reality… Which with the passing of time can have all manner of details added, which in turn would now be taken as fact because no cunt paid enough attention at the time to say otherwise… Understand?

Of course you fucking do.

And this is also why photographs are so important to these frauds, because like songs on the radio, they trigger memories of the past… Which is of course, also why photos disappear and re-appear on the interwebb as and when needs be.

For instance I found the following photo of Tony Benton somewhere around the earlier part of last year:

And as an aside, I had written his name on the photo so as I knew who he was when I came to use it, which reinforces what I said earlier about the Shipley/Davidson photo. Nevertheless, the photo sticks out in my mind because it was a good find given the lack of photos of Sean Benton and his family available on the net at that time.

Now apart from reducing the photo in size to 700 mega-blixen-flixens down from 826 mega-blixen-flixens the photo is unaltered… It is as I took it off Google.

However, a Google search for the image now brings up the photo as you see below:

So, in other words the same photo that I struggled to find in early 2017 now comes up with Tony sitting next to his sister, Tracey. Moreover, this photo is taken from a BBC news article (found HERE), which is dated the 14th of October 2016.

And your point is?“, I don’t hear you ask, but I will tell you anyway… The point is that after releasing Book-Ends on the 19th of January, the Chimp (and other shit-rags too) released SIX articles on its own, about this new inquest into Sean Benton’s death – the first of which appeared on the 21st of January, which when taken in context with Lucy Barclay’s three-times-posted comment insisting that the Benton family are honourable, is either a massive coincidence or extremely suspect.

Moreover, prior to the Chimp’s six new articles the last time that the shit-rag mentioned Deepcut was November the 28th 2017… So hardly in keeping with their usual 100 articles from 1 policy.

However, more importantly still to the future history of this fraud is the fact that these 6 new articles feature a lot of photos of the previously camera shy, Tony Benton & Tracey Lewis… Many of them dating back from 2016:

However, over the years I have become aware of a common practice used by these actors whereby they will be photographed or filmed in a photoshoot wearing different clothes and what not, for use at a future date.

Let me show you what I mean. And to do that we need to take another look at that interview photo:

Now ignore Tony and Tracey for a second and study the bookshelves in the background.

You see, to me the shelves do not look to run straight and the more I look at the photo the more it appears to me that Tony & Tracey are not actually together, with the film joined to make it appear as if they are, where the black upright of the shelving is – at which point the top shelf behind Tracey appears at odds with the top shelf behind Tony.

Now bearing in mind that the photo was supposedly taken in October 2016, have a butchers at this next photo:

And here we see Tracey giving an interview, presumably on the 23rd of January 2018  – fifteen months later – with the same shelves in the background, albeit different books and blueish tinge to the room. However, take a note of the flowery top that she has on and her earring which looks to be a flat edged circle.

Okay, now have a butchers at this next lot of photos:

And here we see Tracey giving an interview to Channel 5 on the 23rd or 24th of January 2018. Note the books next to her and she has the same top on as she does in the photo above this one. Also take note that this is a TV interview and as such, it is filmed in HD.

However, when you watch the interview frame by frame you get anomalies showing up like you see below.

Look at her eyes, which you would not notice when watching the interview as normal.

Now this is a close up of the screenshot above so as you can get a clearer picture of what I am talking about. And I do indeed see this pen-like-lining in a lot of photos that have been manipulated by the Minions, whilst I am overlaying them on top of another photo and then view the overlay with ‘back-lighting‘.

In fact I can show you exactly what I mean by using the overlaid photo of Sean Benton on top of Matthew Turrell’s picture:

See? The lining now showing around Benton’s eye is nigh on the same as that around Tracey’s eyes yet there is no transparency on the Benton overlay, just a back-lighting so as I could line the overlay up properly.

Yet whatever the reason for it, that shit shouldn’t happen with HD video unless – as I suspect – Tracey’s face has had an overlay on it… Which were the overlay not to match up exactly, you would see a blurring of the features, kinda like the blurring that we also see on Tracey’s eyeballs in the screenshot.

The video then cuts to some footage of Deepcut Barracks and when the video returns to Tracey we see the following:

The camera is slowly panning down onto Tracey in what looks like a fairly normal home setting… However, it is anything but, and the video is now being filmed in Techna-Crap.

Moreover, Tracey now looks tiny, but that is not really important.

What is important is the lengths that the film-makers have gone to – in trying to make it look like a home setting – by photoshopping the background.

You see, at first glance – and bear in mind that this is rolling stock and people are concentrating on Tracey – we see a photo of someone which is very low hung, but doesn’t look it because Tracey has now shrunk. We also see a mirror on the wall with the picture reflecting in it.

Now that mirror isn’t really there. It has been added to the footage in order to make the wall that it [wrongly] appears to be hung on a continuous straight.

Moreover, the TV appears to be sat on a stand on top of the book case… But its not.

And the plug socket that the TV is plugged into has also been manipulated – again in an effort to make it appear like the wall is one long straight and give off the appearance that the wall with the picture hung on it is the back wall of the room… It’s not… Well sort of not anyway.

Yet why would they bother. I mean it wouldn’t matter a fuck if the interview was filmed in a home or studio would it… Not unless they were using old footage overlaid onto a different background so as it appeared to be new.

Moreover, when you realise that the TV is actually sat on a corner wall shelf and the mirror (were it really there) would be fastened to the wall by its side and the plug socket is actually on a return wall the mystery deepens… Here let me show you what I mean:

I hope that I have made the screenshot easy enough to understand.

The camera then moves into a close up and stays there for the duration of the interview.

Now I will just point out what I have noticed in this screenshot and the ones to follow. So first off, there are not too many people who can talk naturally with their top teeth behind their bottom teeth, but Tracey can.

However, I am 99% certain that Tracey isn’t actually doing her own talking and Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment is being used – which would of course explain the brilliant party trick with her bottom teeth.

And of course, if the footage of Tracey was actually filmed in say October 2016 then Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment would be needed to make her talk about what is currently going on, not what was going on in 2016.

In fact other examples of this one-photoshoot-for-pictures-to-be-used-in-the-future is demonstrated by Theresa May currently wearing the same outfit that she was wearing four or five years ago.

Course, if you don’t know what Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment is, then you didn’t read Book Ends all the way through, which, despite me being biased deserves to be read… So off ya pop and don’t come back until you have.

Now it does at times almost appear that Tracey’s face is made up of two faces joined together (see below). And I believe this to be so, because the left side of her face appears to be wider than her right and the right side of her mouth appears sunken.

Moreover, at times her eyelids are out of sync with each other when she blinks and she also appears to have two different earrings in.

This half face theory is reinforced by Tracey’s shirt collar as noted in the screenshot below:

You see, if you look at the collar, it is much wider on the left hand side. Moreover it has like little ‘Vs’ cut out on that side whereas the shorter side hasn’t.

Furthermore, the larger flower on the short side is proper shite (it has two centers) and the collar itself looks to have had an edge added to it to try and make it look wider. You can also once again see Tracey’s weird neck lines and there is also an example to be seen of what I mean by her blinking being out of sync.

And that is not to mention that her face is banana shaped which is probably why her head is on the tilt in an effort by the film-maker to try and disguise the fact – as well as her jaw once again collapsing inwards on the right hand side of the photo, whilst once again she has too much left side.

Now I could go on and on but I will make this the last one as I am 100% convinced that the video is faked and the footage originally filmed back in 2016. So, what I have done here is straightened her head up and you can clearly see that her skull must be horribly misshaped if there is no skulduggery going on.

Moreover, we once again see that her blinking is out of Sync and the two sides of her collar are clearly different – as are her earrings.

Okay, to crown things off, let us take a quick look at Sean & Tony’s ma & pa… Who quite obviously either don’t exist (and I don’t mean as in them being dead) or they couldn’t stand the other three families involved in the Deepcut drama… I am however inclined to go with the first option.

You see, Tony Benton is 100% without doubt his old-man in the following photo:

How do I know? Well take a butchers at this next photo:

Now the inset photo was supposedly taken 3 or 4 days ago. However, if you reverse that photo, Tony’s head matches his dad’s perfectly without even having to change the angles.

I’ll bet that Lucy is really, really proper fucking dismayed now.

As for ‘mum‘ in that photo? Well they have used the same head as the one of her holding the photo of ‘her dead son‘.

Although it would appear that her eyes were sometimes blue and sometimes brown… Next photo purleeeezzzee:

The year is 1995 and here we see ‘Pa’ stuck in a time-warp wearing bell-bottom trousers, a kipper tie, and massive collars on his shirt and jacket … 1995 in-fucking-deed. Then again, if you blow-up the photo you will see that his head has been photoshopped onto the 1975 body, whilst Ma and Sean could literally be anybody.


Fuck me, Pa Benton’s turned into Arnold Schwarzenegger… Or pin head. I mean, c’mon! Whoever photoshopped that pic needs to change career.


Oh… Right, must be true then… Silly me… Same printer too.

Mind you, I see that whoever photoshopped Pa the first time around had a more realistic attempt at it for the ‘order of service’ dished out at his funeral:

Although whoever did it still hasn’t got it quite right… A bit too big this time and they have really taken the piss with the ears.

Meantime, ‘Ma’ Baker Benton is unrecognizable on the funeral, order of service:

Although looking at the fringe they probably had the same photo source… You really couldn’t make it up.

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