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Three stories for ya.

The first involves Savile’s driver who has just been arrested and charged with noncing. I have no idea what so ever if that is the fella or not in the above photo.

The second story is from March 1982, and is about Savile celebrating Lord Matthews 40th wedding anniversary. I have added a bit underneath the article about some of the other guests in attendance.

The 3rd and final article is about Max Clifford having a punch up on Robert Killroy Silks TV show, which saw the paedophile Margaret Hodge get a soaking.

Savile detectives charge driver with five alleged sex offences against underage boys

  • David Smith accused of indecent assault, gross indecency and assault
  • First person to be charged under national probe Operation Yewtree
  • Charges against driver Smith relate to incidents in June and July 1984


PUBLISHED: 13:34, 3 April 2013 | UPDATED: 16:07, 3 April 2013


Probe: A driver is to be charged with five sex offences as part of the investigation triggered by allegations of abuse against Jimmy Savile (pictured)

A driver was today charged with five sex offences as part of the investigation triggered by allegations of abuse against Jimmy Savile.

David Smith, of Lewisham, south-east London, is accused of two counts of indecent assault, two of gross indecency and one of sexual assault in 1984, the Crown Prosecution Service said.

The 66-year-old is the first person to be charged under Operation Yewtree, the national investigation prompted after claims were made against disgraced TV presenter Savile.

Alison Saunders, chief crown prosecutor for CPS London, said: ‘The CPS has carefully considered the evidence gathered as part of Operation Yewtree in relation to David Smith, who was employed as a driver at the time of the allegations.

‘The CPS received a file of evidence on December 21 2012. Further enquiries were necessary and the result of those enquiries was received by the CPS on March 18.

‘We have concluded, in accordance with the Code for Crown Prosecutors, that there is sufficient evidence for a realistic prospect of conviction, and that it is in the public interest for David Smith to be charged with five offences.’

The charges are two counts of indecent assault on a boy under 14 between June 1 and July 21 1984; two counts of gross indecency with a boy under 14 between the same dates and sexual assault of a boy under 16 between July 1 and 21 1984.



Smith, who was arrested last December, will appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on May 8. Scotland Yard confirmed that the counts relate to one victim.

The force led Operation Yewtree, and separated its inquiries into those involving ‘Savile’, those involving ‘Savile and others’, and those involving ‘others’. Smith was probed in the ’others’ strand.

BBC News reported that Smith had worked as a driver for the broadcaster and possibly other employers. But a BBC press office spokesman said she was unable to confirm whether he had been employed by the organisation, as the Corporation’s records do not go back as far as 1984.



40 years together.

DAILY EXPRESS Tuesday March 9′ 1982


LORD MATTHEWS and Lady Matthews celebrated their 40th wedding anniversary with 80 close friends at the Ritz Hotel, London, at the weekend.

In the picture with, them, cutting the cake are (left-to-right):  Eric Parker, Reg Varney, Bill Cotton Jr, Jimmy Savile, Nlgel Broackes, Sir Douglas Bader, Lord George Brown, and Denis Compton.

The cake was surrounded by 40 different motifs showing Lord and Lady Matthews’ various Interests in business and leisure.


So who’s who out of the above motley crew.  

Mathews, Parker and Broackes were long time business partners. Tellingly, Broackes was one of Slaggy Thatchers favourites. Unsurprisingly, both Broackes and Parker were knighted by the Queen.

In 1995, all three were partners in the Trafalgar House conglomerate, which was part of the Jardine Matheson group, for whom the Cunt Cameron was a ‘ship jumper’. Trafalgar was at that time a laughing stock, although, no doubt all manner of skulduggery was taking place:

The latest annual survey in Management Today of 250 top British firms slated Trafalgar as “Britain’s least admired company”. In a damning five out of nine categories – management, financial soundness, product quality, innovation and long-term investment value – Trafalgar ranked last against nine of its biggest peers.


Matthews, who according to the Independent newspaper was a natural Thatcherite and claimed to be the biggest individual donor to the Conservative Party after he had realised that you could give money in the name of a company rather than as an individual, died at his retirement home on JERSEY in December 1995.

Lord George Brown was a Labour Cabinet Minister in Harold Wilson’s Government. He was a chronic alcoholic and lifelong bachelor. Indeed he has never been romantically linked with any women.

Reg Varney was an English actor most famous for his role as Stan in the long running sit-com ‘On the buses’. Married with one daughter, there appears to be nothing untoward about Varney. 

Denis Compton was a cricketer. Nothing particularly suspect about him, apart from working at the BBC and being awarded a CBE. He married 3 times during the course of his life time.

Sir Douglas Bader was a highly decorated fighter pilot. No scandal as far as I’m aware although he was undoubtedly racist. 

Billy Cotton Jr, was a TV producer at the BBC. I’m sure if I had time, I could dig up some dirt on him…


This last article about Max Clifford, appeared in the Daily Express in January 1997  and involves all manner of  government sleaze-balls.

PR and MP in near-KO at the BBC.



IN the red corner was sleaze merchant Max Clifford, the PR guru who has made clear his contempt for the Tories.

And in the blue corner the MP and former disc jockey Roger Gale who, as chairman of the Conservatives’ backbench media committee, takes a strong line on intrusion into people’s privacy.

What followed yesterday was an extraordinary fracas just moments before a live TV debate on Mr Clifford’s role in disclosing allegations of a close friendship between Tory MP Jerry Hayes and 24-year-old Paul Stone.

During ugly scenes, in which former Liverpool deputy council leader Derek Hatton intervened, Annabel Heseltine was hit on the arm and knocked back into her seat and Labour MP Margaret Hodge had a glass of water spilled over her.
But the melee, witnessed by an audience waiting to see the BBC’s Kilroy-Silk show, was all over in one brief round — with no real winners.

Journalist and broadcaster Miss Heseltine — the 33-year-old daughter of Deputy Premier Michael Heseltine — said Mr Clifford was in an “uncontrolled frenzy”.

“I didn’t realise quite how shocked I was by the incident until later. I was shaking. Quite frankly, last time that happened, I was in a war zone. I got knocked, because there were three or four men in a scuffle around me. Nobody tried to hit me.”

Clifford the publicist later denied he was Clifford the pugilist.  Although the fight was over by the time the show went out, scenes were later shown on national news broadcasts.

The blue corner version…

Mr Gale, MP for Thanet North, said: “Max Clifford sat down in the chair allotted to him. “He looked at me and glared and I said, ‘Good morning, I have been looking forward to this because the last time we were supposed to be on something together you did not show up’.  “He leapt out of his chair. He had already been wired for sound and the microphone was ripped off his clothes as he leapt out.  “He hurtled towards me and stuck his nose about three millimetres from mine. Clifford’s face was right up against mine and Hatton and Robert Kilroy-Silk grabbed him by each arm. “Clifford tried to throw them off and partially succeeded with Derek Hatton.  “That was probably how Annabel was inadvertently struck and how the glass of water fell over Margaret Hodge.”

The red comer version…

Mr Clifford, who claims to be waging a “personal vendetta” against the Government, insisted he never touched Miss Heseltine.  He said he confronted Mr Gale when he spotted the MP mouthing words at him.

“He was either blowing me kisses or saying something. I don’t think he was blowing me kisses”, he added.

He said he was standing face to face with Mr Gale when Kilroy-Silk and Derek Hatton came over and put their arms round him to stop him becoming physical.

“I wasn’t going to hit him. I pushed them off me and I think perhaps Derek Hatton fell on Miss Heseltine.”

The referee’s view…

A spokesman for Kilroy Television said Mr Clifford and Mr Gale had started “staring each other out”.

He added: “All of a sudden Max lunged forward from his seat and sat right in front of Roger. They were,nose to nose, snarling at each other. “We tried to intervene and then Derek Hatton said to Max, ‘If you want a scrap, scrap me’. When Derek jumped in he accidentally nudged Boris Johnson of the Daily Telegraph and some water went over Margaret Hodge. “There was a melee. Max threw his arms out and accidentally caught Annabel.”