Much Ado About Nothing?


Fuck The State


Hi all and a very happy Weirdy-Beardy-Man-In-The-Skyday to each and every one of you.

T’as been a testing, hard week all round as it happens, with demands on my time coming so thick & fast I hardly know whether I am coming or going.

Predominantly, the Piss-Poor-Paris-Propaganda-Prank has dominated my week which would have been done days ago had I not have looked into something that is only sort of loosely related – or so I thought. Indeed, I was ‘umming & ahhing’ whether or not to bother, but having done so, everything literally came together.

This has led to a major re-write and I am going to bombard you with so much information that I think it best to split the exposé in two with a third to follow.

I have also been to court for a pre-appeal, case-management hearing which quite unbelievably has had a reporting ban put on it – Ask me why?

“Why Chris”?

I’m fucking glad you asked me that… The ‘reason’ for the ban is because according to the prosecution barrister – Antony Abel – I seek “Press Attention”… You know, attention from the press who fucking crucified me with libelous, made up bullshit which put my family in real danger of attack.

You couldn’t make that shite up ever.


Course, Antony Abel is one of the country’s top barristers and a part-time high court judge to boot.

The following is what his Chambers says about him:

Anthony Abell specialises in cases of serious crime with an emphasis on fraud.

By way of example, he has led for the defence in a lengthy Serious Fraud Office prosecution

Anthony also regularly acts in cases of murder, manslaughter, rape, armed robbery, perverting the course of justice, drugs manufacture, importation and supply and the stitching up of Christopher Spivey. Source

In other news the HCPC have appointed a new case-manager on the once again re-opened investigation into the evil, un-social-wankers, Nicole Miles and Julie Robinson – who as you know were actively trying to ruin a toddlers life to get at me.

Still, perhaps now instead of trying to find excuses to not investigate my serious complaint into their CRIMINAL behaviour, this new case manager will act with the integrity that her job demands… We shall see.

Course, someone who is most definitely not acting with integrity is Essex PCC, Nick Alston – who continues to hope that I will just go away.

Indeed, my friend Christopher Ricketts has received a letter from Essex Police on his behalf that takes stupidity & an inability to grasp basic facts to a whole new level.

However, I am not going to publish that correspondence on this post as it is worthy of an article on its own – stay tuned.

So all in all you could say that I’m glad the week is over.

Right, I am off to bed because I am shattered and the rest of the site news can wait. Nevertheless, I am going to leave you with an important post which comes via way of my good friend Fabooka – a man of honour who you cross at your peril.

Byeeeeee, I said byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Much Ado About Nothing?


First of all, I would just like to acknowledge the ending of my thirty-day ban from Facebook, which was supposedly implemented for the very disturbing infraction of calling George Clooney a wanker in one of my many comments. The fact that it came into effect on the same day as “The Paris Debacle” is of major concern to several people, including myself. Also, it should be appreciated that the actions of this organization in its continued attempts to upset and prevent the sacrosanct right of access to free speech is abhorrent to all who may have any desire or need to express themselves with regards to any number of societal injustices or other social wrongdoings.

Now, please allow me to convey to your good selves something that should serve as a most severe warning to all who are involved in the defence of the people against those in power who think it is their God given right to oppress the world for as long as they deem it necessary to ensure their pampered and unholy status of residence above and among us.

For a couple of years now, I have been quite vocal in my criticism of these corrupt and evil entities that think they have some preferred biological or historical traits that will make their travels through this life a lot more comfortable and secure than would be the case for the rest of us. It has been and still is my firm intention to expose these heathens for what they actually represent and what they are at any and every available opportunity that may open itself up to be questioned. They and their minions and indeed anyone else should be in no doubt as to what is at stake in this most imperative fight which is now well and truly under way as a direct result of the insidious interfering in the lives of normal people who simply wish to be free from harm and the control of demonic persons by way of the system they have created through the lack of diligence and knowledge of our ancestors.

Make no mistake, as this situation is going to be turned around one way or the other and I shall make sure I do my part as I have been doing for some time in order to illustrate and thus help to prevent the furthering of the ideas and ideals of those who would wish to do us no good. Nothing, and I mean nothing on this Earth will impede my voice or impinge upon my actions of defence in overcoming the pernicious and perverted scum who think the likes of myself and others like me, are something to be stepped over, ever again.

For them, this truly is the beginning of the end, and the Internet is one key weapon that we must never relinquish control of, no matter how it is maligned by those who have been involved in many deadly sins from way before it evolved into the communications behemoth that it is today.

During my many activities in the online arena, I have come up against all sorts of individuals and groups who claim to be on our side as we struggle against considerable odds to enable the free flow of information and thought processes that would serve to marry up to each other and possibly reach some degree of unity for all those who know that something is and always has been wrong with the structure of the world we are forced to accept as natural from childhood.

People such as ourselves cannot be unified through colour or creed or any kind of indicators similar to the ones used by those who rule through their expert analysis of dividing factors; indeed, we are somewhat of an emergent breed amongst the people of this world, despite us consisting of a multitude of ages and backgrounds – and no doubt millions of us would have simply gone along on our way for eternity by not fitting in or accepting the previously unquestionable authority of those who seem to wield a magic wand of impotence over the masses. Therefore, let it be stated with clarity right now, that those days are over, once and for all.

It also has to be acknowledged that for some time I have been well aware that people like us are on the radar of certain branches of the security services who are meant to be charged with the protection of this country and by necessity, all of the people in it. Instead, the sad reality is that what we really have is a security system designed to cocoon all of the very disturbing practices of many an inbred line of aristocrats or political-class bigots and other assorted high-society deviants, that is then implemented against good and upstanding members of the public who have either innately possessed or discovered within themselves – often through trial and tribulation that they have the required attributes so as to enable them to speak out or even act against seditious elements. We are all well aware of how they are attempting to wrestle control and direction away from the people in order to favour those aforementioned usurpers.

Often it is done by way of hard and soft methods, that are either designed to baffle and cajole, such as the media and mentally lethargic television shows or those that coerce and punish by way of placing the people under duress, both in the short and long-term via the likes of the police and the courts, all the way through to benefit sanctions or councils taking your hard earned wages based upon their own whimsical desires to make you continue to pay for what is already in place throughout your locality.

These kinds of methods that are employed on behalf of the malignant warts who infest the upper echelons need to be addressed with the utmost urgency for the benefit of all who are living at not only the present time, but also those who will be born in the future. The fact of the matter is that our situation is very real and it is very ominous as a direct result of multiple failings on the behalf of those who are classed by the likes of royalty and Henry Kissinger as useless eaters. Well, let me be one to address most vocally that there are indeed, many people that some of us would class as “sheeple” and it is true that many of them may be naturally ignorant to the machinations that have taken place for millennia within all aspects of not only our own society, but also that of many others across the world that are ruled by so called “elites”.

As I have suggested in the past, it is still my firm belief that these overindulged groups and niche occupiers are actually far from naturally gifted to the point where their dominance prevails without upkeep and continual maintenance or help from those lower down the man-made levels of stratification that divide our nations based upon many identifying features. As many of us are aware, these factors largely emanate from the privilege that long-term wealth and accumulation of other valuable assets afford those in such positions. We can quite comfortably observe how fools like Cameron, Osborne and other parasites, including the Germans in Buckingham Palace have passed themselves off as bona fide, stalwart and upstanding leaders within our nation and that they are the epitome of what we should also aspire to be about.

Ironically, once again, nothing could be further from the truth in relation to these pseudo righteous propaganda merchants, as they hide their genuine aims of bringing nothing much apart from doom and fear mongering so as to keep everyone exactly where they want them. It has for a long time been a most effective strategy and its deployment has been utilized in a ubiquitous manner all over the world by countless dictators, megalomaniacs and basically a significant collection of some of the most determined, cold-hearted, ruthless killers ever to have walked into the annals of history. After all, if they had not been given such personalities in the first place then they would neither be known about today or remembered on the basis of their wicked deeds against their fellow man, which have then ultimately left them in the position of being able to state how everybody else should act so as to maintain peace.

Does anybody really believe or begin to imagine that those who are ruling today, here in our nation are less manipulative or callous than those who ruled before them? Do people still fall for the old preconceived notion that we are all happy and our leaders are only looking out for our interests in a paternal or maternal manner so as to keep us all safe and happy and leave us feeling protected from the perils of the harsh and foreboding world outside our borders, or even our front doors? I for one, certainly do not accept any of these fallacies that are dispersed and emphasized so as to keep myself and others in what some would like to think is our rightful and totally natural place beneath them.

As of now, I am going to explain to yourselves through the medium of the electronic world and several of its nodes, the lengths that I personally am prepared to go to in order to highlight the malevolence that is thrust upon us without our knowledge in the newest phase of the battle to dominate the minds of the people of this planet. I am most thankful to my friend and literary brother for the way he has allowed me to engage my activities by way of using his particular portal in order to reach a significant number of people: that is to say, an extra dose of thanks is to be apportioned to Mr. Chris Spivey and my fellow moderators at his site, especially in respect to the constant abuse and scepticism that has been directed towards some of the things we say and with reference to what we are about.

Thus, Dogman, Arm, Benny and Lisa, you are the people I trust most of all concerning what is going on at this time and I take delight in our different viewpoints and also the manner in which we formulate our collective defence, based upon those wide-ranging skills as we each attempt to promote ours and other peoples’ causes in the constant struggle to overcome tyranny in all of its manifestations.

So, let us begin in earnest with the situation as it stands at the current juncture:

Eighteen months ago, I embarked upon a social experiment to prove some of the theories that have been running through my mind for a considerable length of time. The theories themselves related to the transition of the world as we know it into something that most people would identify as being similar to Logan’s Run, Brave New World, or the very well quoted 1984.

I have been aware for several years how we are massaged into accepting what would be described as common values that are part of a supposed national identity that in general makes us the kind of people we are to be classed as. I noted that this was particularly evident with regards to how we can be steered as a nation by a very small and secretive collection of people whom most of us would quite honestly class as odd-balls.

Indeed, to most ordinary people the likes of the politicians and the royal parasites seem physically weak and somewhat maladjusted to any kind of life that we live on a day to day basis. Often times, many of the people will pour scorn upon them by way of state orchestrated programmes that feign rebuke so as to make it appear we have a chance to say what we feel in order to apparently get a bit of our own back on them. Unfortunately, this type of satirical pussy-footing is nothing but another branch of control to boost the ego of those way down the ladder.

At present there can be no doubting the fact that I am a “wanted” man. The reasons I am so keenly sought by the authorities are numerous and they are all based upon my successes in proving collusion between the very secretive branches and the methods they employ in order to allow them to preside over everything we are allowed to say in our collective focus to stamp out corruption at all levels. In fact, Facebook itself and certain individuals who masquerade as freedom-fighters are key components in what I have been trying to highlight so as the public can begin to appreciate and hopefully accept what all of us “conspiracy theorists” or “troofers” have been saying for quite some time.

I have factual knowledge and irrefutable proof of underhanded tactics being employed in order to tarnish, intimidate and subdue anyone who may appear to be too vocal or correct in their analysis of what is going on in the very sinister spheres of subterfuge that are used against us: that is to say, government departments are in direct contact with some of those who claim they are on our side when the truth is that they are infiltrators and narcissistic pretenders who are well and truly in the pocket of those whose ego allows them to think they rule over us in every aspect of our little lives, and that we have no need or right to request clarification as to the obvious intention.

In order to facilitate their requirements of control and suppression, the likes of the NATIONAL CRIME AGENCY embed fake websites in order to accumulate as much information as is possible in relation to those who may have been victims of historic child abuse, and more specifically, institutionalized historic child abuse, as carried out at many a care home across the nation.

I know for a fact that the NCA are very deeply involved in such practices in relation to North Wales care homes that are meant to have been frequented by high-profile members of parliament and even lords. They do this in order to soften any blows to the establishment and they do it by employing the likes of those websites which I will not mention by name on here, due to the fact that Facebook will then attempt to close Chris down for a while by way of removing the truth and saying it is offensive or goes against their community standards.

So, suffice to say, that in the grand scheme of things, many a poor survivor of CSA has probably been stalked, abused and dehumanized to an even greater level than was previously the case by way of divulging information to a couple of scabby little criminals who act like they are caring and have been abused themselves. These actions of further abuse will have probably been carried out with the full knowledge or even at the request of those who oversee such websites.

In addition to the above, when the likes of myself are approached by people who operate under the protection of the likes of the NCA and receive multiple instances of malicious correspondence – nothing is done by Facebook in particular to prevent their activities.

Instead, what occurs is that during the course of their vassals taking a severe intellectual hammering, time and time again, we get to the point where spiteful and yet woeful attempts of entrapment are initiated so as to try and induce fear into the unwilling and hopefully unknowledgeable victim. I am of the opinion that this is designed in a way that is totally meant to confuse and create more fear and apprehension within those who may be unfortunate enough to be on the receiving end.

It is therefore most unlucky for the likes of these agencies and their informers and mental prostitutes that at some time in the past they attempted to try to play out the same game-plan with myself. Yes, it was a massive mistake as I am more than capable of dealing with all of them in any set of circumstances they wish to engineer so as to destroy peoples’ lives and rights or to prevent them gaining access to the truth.

Thus, it needs to be appreciated that the extreme countermeasures that were put into place so as to overcome any filtering down of corrupt practices by those guilty parties were more than effective in this particular set of circumstances. It also has to be said that I was well aware that they would probably bend as many rules as possible in order to try and create an ad-hoc chance of them being able to apprehend me for totally destroying and uncovering them and their highly dubious application of falsehoods, which ranged from false accusation of threat to commit rape, threat to commit male rape and ultimately a threat to kill.

Those operating at the levels above the police are indeed personally responsible for sustaining the lies that were broadcast by their very seedy and evil employees against myself. No threats to kill have ever been delivered by myself to anyone, anywhere, through my equipment and neither have they been carried out by those whose services I may have indirectly requested in order to show you all up for what you are. The truth of the matter is that they would have been most aware of this had they not rushed in like the proverbial bull in a china shop so as to try and prevent the online demolition of their very shaky facade and its shopkeeper.

Yes, I say to all of those involved: North Wales Police, Greater Manchester Police, and the other monkeys who reside at the National Crime Agency – if you were so sure of yourselves and were acting within the law, then you would have obtained Home Office approval to inspect Internet Service Provider records in order to ascertain what you thought was my address, and subsequently would not have needed to raid a home with eight idiots from Greater Manchester Police itself in order to try and convince yourselves you are the good guys, when the truth is that none of you are anything of the sort.

As such, you acted under instruction from those operating at higher levels than yourselves in order to obtain a Warrant from an equally corrupt and ignorant Justice Of The Peace (lol) so as to enable yet more scare tactics to be invoked against the people.

Further to this, if you had gone through the correct channels and been acting with honest intention, you would not have simply needed to use an I.P. address finder from Google to obtain a general area for the supposed posting of that Golding photograph that was owned by Elton John and was hanging in a prestigious gallery despite it depicting a young girl urinating on another, would you?

It would also mean that you could have simply had the ISP give you the required address instead of carrying out what you thought was covert surveillance in the form of a large helicopter circling the vicinity on multiple occasions so as to try and obtain a location based upon your not too precise feedback from that stated address finder.

We can further add to this that GMP Firearms Licensing Officers who attended the address can’t be too fucking expert at all, if they needed to remove some perfectly legal crossbows, knives and a nice new machete that was purchased so as to chop up several sections of old and rotting fence, would they? So, who the fuck do you ass-holes think you are and whom is it that you think you are serving or attempting to demonstrate authority on behalf of?

Let me assure you little piggy winkles that corrupt wannabes like yourselves never have and never will exert anyone else’s authority over the likes of myself. In fact the only consent I give to the likes of you droplets of sputum is to fuck right off. You got that?

Then in drawing to a close on this little escapade, it needs to be stated that I have to inform all the good people who operate on Facebook that the justifications for any snoopers charter or amendments to it are nothing but a misnomer; in that Facebook will quite happily relinquish their personal details for any reason whatsoever to totally incorrect branches of unlawful enforcement.

Finally, I would just like to inform the officer from GMP who wants to know what is behind “fuck the state?”

Well, let me tell you my little Pork Chop……a lot fucking more than you could ever begin to imagine!!!!!

I am the one known as fuck the state – and fuck the state I shall….at my leisure.

Cin Cin.

(Via Fabooka De Stait)