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Well, after sitting here looking at the screen for ten minutes trying to work out how to put a positive spin on this post I have had to admit defeat, because I can’t.

You see, after agreeing a deal with the site hosts (Orange), which involved moving the site off its own server on to a shared one, in a bid to avoid – or at least lessen – the crippling £270 a month site fees, the move proved unworkable… The site simply wouldn’t load on a shared server due to its size and the volume of traffic.

So with that being the case, Orange agreed to moved the site back to its own server until the 23rd of January, at which point I will have to pay them some money or the site will once again be suspended… And having already paid them well over £400 this month, I certainly have none to give them.

What price free speech aye!

However, on a brighter note, Part 1 of “A Bridge Too Far” – my epic exposé of the Westminster Bridge fake terrorist attack – is now available on Amazon.

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Interestingly enough I put the links up on my own Facebook and the Facebook linked to this site last night and I am receiving messages telling me that there is no means of sharing the post although there is on my Facebook profile:

And as my site-hosts – Orange – pointed out when I was looking for a better deal: The site is constantly under attack:

Which all leaves me confused as to why all this time and effort is put into silencing me since I am forever being told that I talk shit… Very fucking strange indeed

So, with such an uncertain future, it is a bit pointless working on the solid shit in progress at the moment since I won’t be able to get to it if the site is suspended.

And with that being the case, let me tell you shit about the two biggest stories doing the rounds at the moment in the upstanding national newspapers shit-rags.

Now the first fairy-tale is about the rapist John Worboys:

Black cab rapist John Worboys was denied a move to a lower security open prison two years before he was deemed safe to be released.

The 60-year-old was jailed indefinitely in 2009 and ordered to serve at least eight years for drugging and sexually assaulting a string of women, one of whom he raped.

He was convicted of 19 offences relating to 12 victims – but police said they believe he could have attacked up to 102 people and lawyers believe the total was 105. Source

Indeed, I find it very fucking strange that I have never heard of the cunt before now.

PHOTO: John Worboys… Apparently

And I also have to point out that Worboys is wearing a sweatshirt with a mighty queer neck… Then again, that queer opening has an extremely scrawny neck poking through it… Very thin indeed.

Moreover, with such a dangerous fella you would have thought that the photographer would have ensured that his camera lens was clean before taking the mug shot… Least I presume that flaw travelling up his boat-race is down to a dirty camera lens and nothing to do with disguising the fact that Worboyz has had a lump added to his cheek… Making his neck too thin to support his head.

In fact I am surprised that the purveyors of bull-crap didn’t go the whole hog and have Warboys down as one of those taxi drivers with Uberculosis.

Nevertheless, the second fairy-tale being done to death by the lame excuse for journalists in this Cuntrty is the story about the Turnip family in America.

You see, it would seem that Mr & Mrs Turnip have just been arrested for torturing and keeping prisoner their 13 children… The oldest of whom is a TWENTY FUCKING NINE year-old male.

Indeed, contrary to the narrative the Turnip children were all healthy looking and smartly turned out (albeit in a Von-Trap-family-kind-of-way) whilst on their regular holidays to Disneyland, but once they got home to their average sized bungalow in the middle of suburbia, the unlucky 13 were all beaten, starved and shackled to their beds.

You really do have to giggle. I mean Thirteen fucking kids and the Monkey-Arsewipz reckon that is a scruffy back yard! Fuck me they ought to see the state of mine with three dogs!

Yet despite their healthy, clean appearances in the family holiday snapz, we are supposed to believe that the heroes police were only alerted to the “House of Horrors” after the 17 year old Turnip daughter escaped through the square window and run, run, as fast as she can to the nearest police station where the heroes in blue mistook her for a 10-year-old – such was the emaciated state of the teenager.

PHOTO: Mr Turnip… Boooo…. Hisssss

Yet as far as I can see, the Rapist cabbie and the Turnip are the same fella.

PHOTO: Straight overlay, no angles changed

But then again, I do chat shit.

Just sayin’.