More Royal Noncesense


Christopher Spivey


According to The Chimp thousands of sex offenders are being let off by the Odd Bod Plod Squad:

Child rapists, kidnappers and perverts caught with child abuse images have been allowed to walk free by the police – because they said they were sorry.

Hundreds of sex offenders have been let off the hook because they apologised to their victims and the police for their actions, according to figures obtained by MailOnline.

The government is facing calls to halt the use of controversial use of the resolution orders, with MPs demanding to know: ‘How on earth has this happened?‘  Source

Is anyone surprised?

As for “MP’s demanding to know how on earth this has happened”, you will note that these MP’s appear to consist of two: Enfield North’s Nick de Bois and Labour’s Yvette Cooper.

Course, both of these MP’s have no problem with helping themselves to thousands of pounds of your money in the form of the expenses scam, with De Bois being the highest claiming London MP having helped himself to an extra £52,857.47 on top of his over inflated salary in 2013.

Cooper on the other hand and her husband Ed Balls have ‘flipped’ the designation of their second home three times in a 24-month period, despite being warned several times by expenses officials that their claims were duplicated or inaccurate.

Tellingly, at the bottom of the article is an NSPCC video.

For anyone who doesn’t know, the NSPCC is a front for paedophilia.

Therefore, I shouldn’t think that the practice of letting the nonces off with a sorry will be clamped down on too hard.

After all, the Palace and Westminster are infested with the sick cunts.

And yet again, we see the Duck at the forefront of this sexual perversion:

The Duke of Edinburgh’s former aide has appeared in court accused of sexually abusing a young girl in the early 1970s while he worked at Buckingham Palace.

Benjamin Herman, 79, appeared at Wimbledon Magistrates Court today charged with three counts of indecent assault on a girl aged under 14 and one of attempted indecent assault on a girl aged under 16.

They are alleged to have been carried out on a girl aged 12 in 1972 at a house in London used by military personnel where Herman was living at the time, the court heard. Source

The offences are alleged to have been carried out on a girl aged 12 in 1972 at a house in London used by military personnel where Herman was living at the time, the court heard

Course, I very much doubt that news will come as a shock to anyone.

After all, it would make perfect sense for a family of super rich nonces to surround themselves with like minded people wouldn’t it.

For instance:

A former royal butler who opened doors for the Queen downloaded obscene images of young children, including scenes of torture and babies just months old.

Nicholas Greaves, 33, worked as an under-butler at Buckingham Palace between 2002 and 2004. He was jailed for two years at York Crown Court. Source

And he is just one of many who worked for or are associated with the royal nonces.

Another couple of examples would be the notorious back step Billy AKA William Tallon, and Paul Kidd, both of whom worked for the paedophile Queen Mother and other members of the parasitic family:

The Queen Mother’s favourite servant was William Tallon, who died of Aids.Tallon had an underground passage leading from his room to the Queen Mother’s room.
Tallon used the underground passage to smuggle controversial guests in to see her.
Paul Kidd was the Queen Mother’s butler.
He sexually abused a number of boys over a 30-year period.
He took at least one of his teenage boys to meet the Queen Mother.
Kidd claimed to have met and looked after three U.S. presidents, including Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan. In 1979 Kidd was awarded the Most Noble Order of Merit by then West German president.Kidd is also said to have worked closely with Princess Diana at Buckingham Palace  Source

Mind you, The once dashing Duck first took advantage of the future Queer of England when she was just 13 years old:

Getting an insight into Philip’s feelings about his relationship with Elizabeth is not easy. Getting an insight into her feelings about him is much more straightforward. The Queen is happy for you to know that, in her heart and in her way, she has been committed to Prince Philip from the age of 13. Source

However, there can be no real surprise there since the marriage was arranged by the Duck’s paedophile uncle Louie Mountbatten.

Course, Phil the Duck also owned a black cab which was allegedly often seen parked outside of the notorious Elm guest house:

Now Prince Philip used to keep a Black British Taxi, a London taxi and a chauffeur’s cap.  And he used to put his chauffeur’s cap on, get in the taxi and drive to a brothel and walk as so he was going to pick someone up, and then he would stay in the brothel.
And one of his favourite sex-hunting buddies was Kate Middleton’s father. Source

Mind you, the Duck doesn’t just rape children. The dirty old cunt will literally fuck anything.

Indeed, in my unfinished expose˜ of the murder of Princess Diana – which is on the computers stolen by the police – I have documented how Phil the Duck tried to force himself on Diana.

The fact that she turned him down in no uncertain terms and the story leaked did nothing to help her chances of survival.

Moreover, according to Greg Hallett, the Duck not only had a bash at his son Ed the Balls wife, Sophie Wessex, but also fathered her first child:

And then Prince Philip had sex with Prince Edward’s wife, Sophie Rhys-Jones, and produced their child.

So in compromising the Royal Family, Prince Philip who was initially an outsider, has taken control of the British Royal Family, he has turned it into a paedophile, heroin trafficking and Nazi organisation which is not a Royal Family at all.  

The British Royal Family, as they are illegitimate, is completely destroying the United Kingdom from within. Source

In case you are wondering, the photo of Kate is just gratuitous… Just sayin’.

Likewise, Filthy Phil is rumoured to have had sex with his paedophile son, Princess Andrew’s ex wife Sarah Ferguson, whilst she was still married to the nonce.

It is however beyond doubt that Phil knobbed Fergie’s mother Susan Barrantes

seanCourse, it is hardly surprising then that the Duchess of Pork was forced to cut short her break at Balmoral supposedly because the Duck and his former daughter in law can’t stand each other:

The Duchess of York has arrived in Balmoral to spend a long weekend with the Queen but will have to leave before Prince Philip joins her, it has been revealed.

Sarah Ferguson arrived at the Scottish estate for a summer break with former husband Prince Andrew and their daughters Beatrice and Eugenie on Thursday.

They will enjoy some time with the Queen, who is believed to be fond of her former daughter-in-law, but has to leave before Prince Philip arrives on Tuesday because ‘he won’t have her in the house’, a source told the Sun. Source

Paedophiles, thieves & gangsters!

Like our nonce infested government; they all have to go.