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I’m not going to waste words on these two vile sick-fucks. A picture paints a thousand words.

Porn addict, 59, caught with images of paedophilia, SUES police to get back his massive collection of filth

  • Anthony Gerrard escaped prosecution as the child images had probably been ‘unwittingly’ downloaded
  • Former lorry driver had huge collection of adult pornography that was automatically sent to his computers
  • Says computer is better than a wife as you can ‘turn it off’


Anthony Gerrard wanted his huge stash of adult pornography returned

A porn addict found with paedophile images in a massive collection seized by officers in a raid took police to court – in a failed bid to get it all back.

Disabled Anthony Gerrard, 59, downloaded so much adult material it would have taken more than a month of non-stop viewing to watch it all.

He also had tens of thousands of photographs – including 11 indecent ones of eight girls and three boys.

Police arrested him three times on suspicion of possessing indecent child photos and seized six PCs and laptops from his home in Knowle, Bristol.

But he escaped prosecution when experts revealed the child images had probably been ‘unwittingly’ downloaded as the adult porn was automatically sent to his computers.

They said they were found on parts of the computers that four-times married Mr Gerrard could not have accessed without specialist tools or techniques.

Police returned two of the computers – but retained those containing the child pornography.

They took Mr Gerrard to court for the forfeiture and destruction of the hard drives they had kept which had a massive 888GB of adult movies and 2.5GB of adult photos.

A district judge found in the police’s favour last July, saying they could not return hard drives containing child porn because they would be distributing illegal material.


Mr Gerrard appealed, claiming they could delete or transfer the child images and return his huge stash of adult pornography.

The former lorry driver claimed: ‘I’m not interested in child porn. I don’t think it’s fair they are keeping my computers when I haven’t done anything illegal.

gerrardThe father downloaded so much adult material it would have taken more than a month of non-stop viewing to watch it all

‘I paid £40 for a month’s subscription to a website and I was downloading films from it day and night. I wanted to get my money’s worth.

‘They cost me a couple of thousand pounds in total. Every time the police took two computers away, I would buy another two.’

Mr Gerrard, who is estranged from his son, added: ‘The good thing about having a computer is you can switch it off when you’ve finished – you can’t switch off a wife.’

But his appeal was rejected by Judge Julian Lambert, sitting with magistrates Simon Brookes and Chris Barke, who said the police were entitled to keep the computers.

They said there was no foolproof way of deleting the offending material from the computers before returning them.

And the law states that if it is not ‘practicable’ to do that the item should be forfeited to the police.

Digital evidence recovery officer Scott Eggins told the court: ‘Deletion in a computer sense is a very complicated matter.

‘There is no such thing as a permanent deletion on computers unfortunately – or fortunately.

‘There is no way of permanently deleting it, short of putting it through a shredder.’

‘I don’t talk to kids or touch them – I only get out once a fortnight’

PC Ben Jefferies, who arrested Mr Gerrard, said: ‘The vast proportion of images that were recovered from Mr Gerrard’s PC were adult in nature. The pornography that he had searched for was all adult.

‘The 11 (child pornography) images had been downloaded unwittingly, probably.’

The police also said that because of the sheer volume of legal porn possessed by Mr. Gerrard it would take days to transfer it to an external hard drive.

That would cost up to £100 per new drive, plus police time, and Mr Gerrard had refused to pay for that.

Judge Lambert said: ‘We see no way, on the evidence in front of us, that the hard drives could be returned to the appellant with the images deleted so that they cannot be recovered.’

Mr. Gerrard, who said he only had £100 in savings, was ordered to pay £1,533 costs.

After the case he said: ‘If they had just been able to delete the images and give me my computers back it would’ve saved a lot of court time and money.

‘I’m gutted, but I’ve had my day in court and I thought the judge was very fair.’

He said he was paralysed after breaking his neck in an accident at home but has now recovered enough to walk with a stick.

Porn addict Anthony Gerrard yesterday denied any suggestion he was a paedophile and insisted: ‘I hate that stuff.

‘I don’t download that kind of thing and I don’t go to those vile sites – I want them closed down. Those children need protection.

‘I don’t talk to kids or touch them – I only get out once a fortnight.’

Mother-of-three, 31, molested schoolboys as young as 12 after drinking enough alcohol ‘to knock out an elephant’ at party

  • Amanda Wheeler, from Cheltenham, kissed and groped a 12-year-old boy
  • She had downed vodka, beer, and wine and straddled a group of teenagers
  • Mother-of-three also persuaded a 13-year-old to perform a sex act on her
  • Judge said incident was ‘one-off’ and suspended her prison sentence
  • Wheeler ordered to sign Sex Offender’s Register for ten years



Amanda Wheeler was found guilty of four counts of sexual activity with a child and one of sexual assaultAmanda Wheeler was found guilty of four counts of sexual activity with a child and one of sexual assault

A mother who molested three boys after  consuming enough alcohol to ‘knock out a bull elephant’ walked free from court today.

Amanda Wheeler, 31, downed vodka, beer and wine at a friend’s birthday party before kissing and groping a 12-year-old boy on a bench.

She then performed a lap-dance and straddled a group of teenage boys.

The part-time cleaner also bit a 13-year-old boy on his neck and persuaded him to perform a sex act on her.

The mother-of-three denied four counts of sexual activity with a child and one of sexual assault but was found guilty following a two-week trial in October at Worcester Crown Court.

Today, Judge Patrick Thomas QC said he did not believe the incident on November 29, 2011, ‘arose out of paedophilia’ but was a ‘one-off’.

Wheeler, from Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, was given a two-year prison sentence suspended for two years at Birmingham Crown Court.

Judge Thomas said the three boys had made a full recovery ‘from what could have been extraordinarily traumatic experiences’.  

However, he told Wheeler she ‘should be ashamed’ of herself for pleading not guilty as he said the quantity of alcohol she had drunk meant she could not dispute the testimony of the boys.

He told the court: ‘It is a highly unusual and very difficult case.

‘I’m satisfied that this behaviour arose not out of paedophilia, although these were paedophile acts, but out of drunkenness, selfishness and a real element of childishness on your part.


‘You were grossly disinhibited but I don’t think that in you there is a tendency or proclivity towards this sort of behaviour and because of this I can regard it as a one-off.

‘The aggravating features are the age of the children, the presence of other children during the offending itself and the fact that you were drunk and out of control.

‘It is right to say that they show that the major impact on the children came from all of this coming to light and the embarrassment and difficulties that caused them at the time.’

He said the victims had made it clear they were ‘over whatever trauma’ they felt when they made statements in April 2012.

Judge Patrick Thomas told Wheeler she should 'be ashamed of herself' for pleading not guilty but said he was satisfied it was a 'one-off' as he gave a her suspended prison sentence at Birmingham Crown CourtJudge Patrick Thomas told Wheeler she should ‘be ashamed of herself’ for pleading not guilty but said he was satisfied it was a ‘one-off’ as he gave a her suspended prison sentence at Birmingham Crown Court

The judge added: ‘It is because and only because of the victim impact statements and the impact of the sentence to be served upon your children that I think it is appropriate to step back and suspend the sentence.’

During the trial, the court heard Wheeler could not remember parts of the night she attended the party near Worcester, because of the ‘extraordinary’ amount of alcohol she had consumed. 

Samantha Forsyth, defending, said her client had ‘very significant gaps in her memory’.

Judge Thomas criticised Wheeler for her ‘out-of-control’ actions.

He told her: ‘The evidence established very clearly that on that night you got paralytically drunk and that your behaviour with some children passed beyond the flirtatious to the point where you touched them indecently.

‘This was a significant and serious offence.

‘You fought the case and you should frankly be ashamed of yourself for refusing to accept that your memory of the matter was such that you really couldn’t dispute what the boys consistently said.’

Wheeler was acquitted of a sixth charge of sexual activity with a child.

She was also ordered to sign the Sex Offenders’ Register for ten years.