More child abuse charges brought against US priest

New documents by US prosecutors present evidence of ‘uncharged crimes’ by a priest who already faces more than a dozen child pornography-related charges.

In a new court filing, US federal prosecutors said that Rev. Shawn Ratigan, 46, surfed the Internet for photos of young girls and also searched online for two-way mirrors and tiny cameras disguised to look like pens.

A federal indictment accuses the priest of having been taking explicit photos of girls for six years.

Ratigan faces 13 federal counts of sexual exploitation of children, along with three state child pornography charges.

Ratigan’s trial is scheduled to kick off next month. Complaints against the priest began piling-up from 2009.

“My client is awaiting and looking forward to his opportunity to dispute any and all of the information at trial,” said Bob Kuchar, Ratigan’s federal public defender.