Christopher Spivey


Now whilst I feel sure that the Monsters must have had more than their fair share of face-palm-moments over the centuries, the one brought about by their minions over the last week or so must surely be a mighty-humdinger even by their standards.

And I’m not even joking… Although luckily for us the Monsters never seem to learn from their past mistakes.

I mean there can be no denying that when their Minion’s attempted to make me the country’s public enemy number one back in July/August 2015 by having the national press print absolutely outrageous old fantasy bollox about me, it backfired spectacularly on them.

Course in printing their nutty-monkey-shit about me, the various shit rags thought it would be prudent to make sure that all submitted comments were vetted first so as there would appear to be nobody backing me whilst at the same time initially allowing their own self-penned vile-bile through moderation to set the tone and get the ball rolling.

And after that, all comers i.e those clearly afflicted with brains akin to mushy-pea’s were allowed to say whatever the fuck they liked about me as long as the gist of their comments was akin to: “Spivey is a cunt, and whilst I am opposed to violence, can someone please go and kick the shit out of him for me“.

Course, logic dictates that the very fact that the comments were moderated infers that the Monkey-Burkz were expecting a lot of comments contrary to the opinion that they wanted to put across.

And with that being the case that only left the “arrow” option open to those not silly enough to believe the blatant character assassination, by using that option as a means of registering their disagreement with the old bollox being put out by the shit-rag.

Now I am mainly talking about the Chimp here because if you study their form long enough it becomes blatantly obvious that the shit-rag’s comment section is used as:

  • A means by which the Government can gauge public opinion
  • A means by which the Government can gauge the public’s ability to accurately process information
  • A means by which the government can gauge what they can get away with
  • A means by which they can check that the pathetic herd mentality remains strong
  • A means by which they can discourage people from thinking for themselves

For instance, the comments on recent articles written about the Royal Family HAVEN’T [supposedly] been put through moderation so as it can be ascertained how popular the inbreds are.

Yet normally the articles written about them are subject to moderation, meaning that those anti-royalists won’t even bother trying to comment because they know that their viewpoint will be knocked back.

Mind you, I should also point out that even articles with supposedly unmoderated comments are still subject to moderations – albeit a lot less stringent – in order to prevent obscene content and keep them on topic.

Therefore, the fact that the Chimps comments are used as a guide by the Monster-Minions would explain why no other British newspaper puts any effort into publishing comments.

Indeed most other nationals attract hardly any comments at all – including the Sun, the nations biggest selling shit rag – with some not even bothering to openly display them.

Or put another way, you have to go looking for them.

So, for the benefit of the very few who don’t know how the “arrows” work, clicking on the ‘Green Arrow‘ symbol found on the far right of every single comment, registers a reader’s agreement with the commenters point of view, whereas a click on the ‘Red Arrow‘ symbol (located next  to the green arrow) registers a reader’s disagreement with the commenters point of view.

PHOTO: Typical Chimp comment section – this one taken from a Donald Trump article – showing Green & Red arrows. Those arrows agreeing with the comment usually always far outweigh those arrows disagreeing.

Course, it goes without saying – but I will anyway – that to avoid any cheating a reader can only click once on either the green or red arrow symbol for each comment… And fuck me, did those red arrows disagreeing with the comments on the hatchet job done on me at the end of the original trial in 2015 get properly taken advantage of.

In fact so overwhelming was the dissent of what was being written about me that I can say with hand on heart that never once – before or since – have I ever seen an article where arrows disagreeing with the comments outweighed those in agreement to the extent that they did and by such large margins … Apart from on the follow-up shite, old bollox written about me after the sentencing of course.

So, just to clarify; not only were all but a very tiny handful of comments all arrowed in disapproval of what was written about me, the margins between the for or against were fucking massive.

So much so in fact that a major article of this nature i.e an article with an agenda to it – which in this case the agenda was to try to destroy me, among other things – would normally stay visible on the Chimp’s news feed for around three days. Yet such was the trouncing being given to the disgraceful comments that the bullshit article was removed before it had even seen two.

And laughably, having now revisited that article, I see that according to the shit-rag there were only 5 comments left on the old fanny – so fuck knows what happened to the others which I know for a fact were in their hundreds.


Only 5 comments yet the article has 1.5k shares! As if.

But then again you only have to look at those remaining 5 comments to see why the Monkeys have tried to hide their epic fail.

And therein also lies the reason that the article was removed from the Chimp news feed so quickly.

Moreover, the arrow protest was exactly the same a month later after I was sentenced at the end of August 2015.

Only 160 comments?

How very fucking odd for a major news item… Although not that odd in reality because mindful of their epic fail a month earlier; as soon as this new article reporting on the sentencing started to go tits up it was withdrawn from the Chimp’s news feed even quicker than the one written about the trial.

Hence the fact that there are only 478 shares.

And just look at the number of votes shown in the above screenshot in favour of Mark 46‘s comment.

Indeed, when the Monkey- Modz let that one pass I imagine that they were expecting a different result altogether.

However, keep that exact same comment in mind.

You see, I still have a screenshot from back when the article was released.

Now you will notice that the number of comments tallies at 160.

However, look at the difference in green-arrow numbers on Mark 46‘s comment given in the two screenshots, which would logically indicate that either no more negative comments aimed specifically at me were submitted in the time it took a further 300 individuals to click on the green arrow for that comment, or the shit-rag simply stopped accepting even hateful comments aimed at me due to the sheer volume of people registering their protest via the arrows system.

Yet whatever the reason for that anomaly, the plan to discredit me fell flatter than the bollocks of a gnat stuck to a steam-roller.

Now, although I stated earlier that the Monsters never learn their lesson when things go tits up, that isn’t strictly true… They just get more underhand and devious.

You see, what they have done this time round is when the arrow protests started to get embarrassing the fraudsters simply reset the arrows whilst the article was still active… More than once too because I found that I was able to red arrow comments that I had already red arrowed hours earlier… Up to three times as well.

That fact alone proves that the opposition to the comments was outweighing those voting in favour… Not that there were too many comments this time around either.

Yet we are supposed to believe that an article which was shared 1,600 time only attracted 293 comments as opposed to the article that followed my sentencing date being shared 478 times yet attracting 160 comments… How’s that for a demonstration of the Monkey-Boyz integrity?

Course, when I realised that red arrows were being reset to zero, I took a screenshot which is damning by the content of the top comment alone – in the screenshot below.

I mean what red arrows was the numpty cunt talking about? And the answer to that is the red arrows that had been deleted when the counters were reset (for either the 1st 2nd or 3rd time) as proven by the screenshot below.

I mean how else would you explain the screenshot (taken after the one above it) having 6 less green arrows on that comment than it did 10 or so hours earlier?

Likewise, the comment below the one in question had 30 green arrows in its favour when I took the first screenshot yet when I took the second the green arrows in favour had dropped to 23!

And besides the lack of comment votes which have remained exactly the same in total on the article at this time of writing as they are on that screenshot above, taken a week ago on Sunday night/Monday morning, is also testament to the fact that the “Get Spivey” campaign has once again failed miserably.

After all, I certainly don’t give a fuck what the corrupt, controlled, propaganda rags say about me.

I mean why should I? I have lived in Rochford for over 30 years – nearly 20 of which I was for most part the only Tattoo artist in town – so I am very well-known here as well as in the surrounding areas and very well liked too. Therefore the many, many people who know me know that the newspapers are talking utter bollox.

Moreover, I went to a packed Tesco’s last Sunday with my mug splashed all over the Sunday-Shite-Specials and nobody gave me so much as a sideways glance, despite my big baldy head being nicely polished in an effort to look my best… The same is also true for when I went again at around 6 PM last Monday evening… As was the case when I took Clayton to school and picked him up again on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday, despite me being trashed on Monday & Tuesdays National television news and the national TV program “This Morning“.

Yet despite walking with my head held high, not one person paid me any attention… Why?

I’ll tell you why. It was because no one was interested enough to take notice of what I really look like as they glanced at the many photographs of me published in the press or paraded on their TV screen (four different photos on Monday nights 6 o’clock national news alone).

In fact I reckon that I could have stood in Tesco reading that libelous comic, the Sunday People – which had my mooey splashed right across the front page – and still no one would have twigged.

Another reason would be that people have great difficulty recognising faces of strangers which is how the Monsters get away with using actors who randomly turn up playing a role in a whole host of false flags.

And that fact was unintentionally and very ironically proven by the prosecuting barrister in court last week, which had it not been so serious, would have been worthy of comedy gold… But you won’t read about it in the controlled press, so if you want to find out what Judge Morgan outrageously chose to ignore during the course of the court proceedings – just one of many I hasten to add – then you will have to apply for the court transcripts because in what is an affront to justice, I am gagged from telling you.

However, the real face-palm moment for the Monsters is that in their eagerness to do their very, very best to portray me as a mentally deranged affront to decency – via their extremely over-the-top reporting of what is at best, if you go by the official version of events, a non-newsworthy appeal against a conviction, a year and a half old, for a misdemeanour that took place two and a half years ago, in which time the convicted fella (me), of previous good character [as defined in legal terms] has not reoffended – all they succeeded in doing is drawing attention to me.

So with that being the case, how many thousands of the 5 million or so people who buy Sunday newspapers in the UK will have googled my name – or even worse still (for the monsters anyway), Googled my image?

And by doing so, the very information that they have tried so hard to keep quiet would inadvertently become available to those who made those searches.

Moreover, others still would have been directed to this website and discounting those with shit-for-brains, any reasonable person coming here would have found something extremely different to what the woeful MSM are alleging about me.

In fact, the following is a screenshot of an email which was sent to me last Monday by one of those “reasonable” people:


However, that major fuck up in the Monster’s plan to demonise me – which would have revealed a very different picture to the one being touted in the shit-rags and on national television – may have played a part in the bizarre lack of comments generated by such a heavily promoted story.

And of course the other factors would have been that people could see through the despicable old bollox being touted about my good self on what was a story certainly not warranting of such attention from the national – in some cases international – newspapers.

What’s more, others still would have already been aware of me and my undeniably very popular website – and that isn’t me being big-headed, that is the what the evidence makes fact when looking at the site statistics – and as such already knew that the papers were talking their usual made-up old fanny.

But then again, just because there was only 293 comments on the Chimp article – which contradicts the 1.6k ‘shares‘ – doesn’t mean that there were not a great many more comments submitted, far, far in excess of the paltry number that were published.

And I am of course referring to unpublished comments either backing me or which did not agree that despite harassment being a summary offence, I should have been locked up for a very, very long time – of which most of the published comments were stating that, that should have been the outcome… Frightening, by any sane persons standards.

In fact, if we look at two other articles that were also published in The Sunday-Monkey on the 22nd of January, which DIDN’T have the comments moderated and were promoted on the Chimp’s news feed for around the same length of time, you would be entitled to conclude that the vast majority of comments did not make it through moderation.

I mean, when you look at those two articles in the screenshots above, you cannot help but question how come the article on my appeal – apparently newsworthy enough of the whole front page of The Sunday People with a circulation of well in excess of a quarter of a million, and then continued on pages 3 & 4 of the toilet roll, as well as being a major tv news item on Mondays 6 o’clock national news – only generated 293 comments in the UK’s biggest selling Sunday Newspaper?

Or put another way, where the fuck did the other 1000 comments (minimum) get to? … Do you ever get the feeling that you have been cheated?

Worse still, far from reporting the truth as is meant to be their purpose, what these criminal shit-rags did is undeniably, hugely exaggerate and twist the true fact of the story and mix them in among deliberate lies in order to incite hatred towards me in the hope that some brain-dead moron would then convince himself – or even herself – that he was Batman (or batgirl) or some other avenging turnip and come and attack me, my home or even my family.

And on the evidence, that is still a very real possibility.

What follows is just some – albeit nowhere near all – of the messages sent to me by the brain-dead following the Sunday Newspaper reports.

You are going to like these.

Okay, now if you were me and someone who you have never heard of sends you a message that consists of nothing else but your address, you couldn’t take it any other way than as a death threat could you… Fair comment?

Of course it fucking is.

Therefore, for that person to then try to contact you via a video call, makes the death threat all the more real… Not that I knew that the half-baked bum-fucker had tried ringing me until I looked at the inbox message which didn’t actually go to my inbox – In fact all of these abusive messages went to the junk-inbox that most people don’t ever look in.

You see, unfortunately for Knob-Ed, for some reason – which has nowt to do with me – my video-call thingy just stopped working one day last summer so I couldn’t answer it anyway … In fact not only does my computer not ring, which it should do so as you know if someone is calling you if you are not on your Facebook tab, it doesn’t even flash up the message that alerts you to an incoming-call when you are on your Facebook tab.

But all the same, more often than not I will simply ignore messages like the one above and even if they then message again having got no reply, I will just simply block them.

Mind you, having said that, if they do message twice and the messages originate from a bona-fide Facebook account, I will in all probability also report them to Facebook so as the account gets closed down and they lose all their snappy snaps and whatnot… I’m a cunt like that see.

Course, if the account is a false one deliberately set up to send me a howid message to try to make me squeam and cwy, I will just settle for blocking the cunt which only takes a second – an awful lot less time than it takes to create a new fake account; a silly game that the squeaky-arsed dildos will get bored with playing long before I have even yawned.

Yet every now and then this type of message will arrive when I have that little devil chappy sat on me shoulder.

You know the little red fella I mean? The one that tells you to wind the dead heads up, which I do in different ways depending on their messages content… As was the case with some of these lame attempts to ‘put me in my place‘ following the Sunday-shite from a week ago.

So in the case of Chris Griffiths (the msg above) I replied thus:

Straight and to the point.

And that must have shaken poor Chris up because he in turn wrote back:

Stop fucking laughing.

After all, if he had sent the message containing nothing other than the name of the road I live in to me by mistake, then you can only conclude that he meant to send it to someone else for information purposes in the knowledge that the intended recipient had the intention of coming here to commit violence – in which case pissy-chrissy wouldn’t even be out of prison after 5 years let alone receive that as a sentence… Had I been vindictive enough to inform the old bill of course.

On the other hand, if the Dick-Flick is lying and his intention all along was to send it to me – which is in all probably really the case – then wannabe-hard nut, Chris Griffith simply shit his pants when I replied.

But it wasn’t just men giving it the biggun… I mean cop a load of this next one:

Which just shows you that the MSM can influence those lacking in brain cells.

Course, continually slogging my bollocks off for the greater good means I lack female company… So with Angie-Baby being a bird and taking the time to write to me, I couldn’t just ignore it… I mean had I have done so I might have been cutting off my nose to spite my face.

So I text back:

Well it was always going to be a long shot, but if you don’t ask…

And as you can see, she sent me a ‘square‘ by way of reply… What in the name of fuck does a square mean?

Unless of course a fuck wasn’t out of the question and she has sent me a picture of her box… Who knows!

Want another? Of course you fucking do!

Try this one from Malcolm Evans:

Now I don’t want to cause anyone offence here (just thought that I best make that clear from the outset), but Malcolm was always going to struggle playing the tough guy by the very fact that his name is Malcolm… No matter how much he shortens it by.

Moreover, Malcolm comes from Devon so not only is he handicapped in his quest for machismo by his name, he is in all probability further hampered by talking like a fucking old farmer-bumpkin chewing on a bit of straw.

I mean, had he been from Scotland – who all sound like they are about to rip your head off when just saying “hello” – it might have been a different story.

But for someone who talks like Jethro? Well, let’s be honest, it just isn’t scary is it?

Course, according to the message, Talcy-Malcy is a builder which restores a little bit of credibility to his hard-man act… That is until you read on and realise that he is a Painter.

Now at this juncture I best repeat that I don’t want to intentionally offend anyone here. But I am talking from experience because I was a builder too… Once upon a very long fucking time ago… Around twenty years or so ago to be more exact.

And it is common knowledge among builders that Painters are Painters because they aren’t up to doing anything else in the building trade… Just sayin’, that’s all.

So anyway, I thought that I would wind Mal-Ma-Pal up.

Although it is also Ironic that I missed the 2nd ‘o’ off the word ‘to’ – my bad, but I did type my response quickly and in the event, Malcolm didn’t pick up on my mistake.

And with Malcolm’s response being a pathetic LOL, I took that to mean that he had either:

  • Realised that he had been caught up in the newspaper propaganda and conceded that he had been a knob… Or
  • He is a knob… Or
  • The knob hadn’t a fucking clue what I was talking about and was too scared to ask.

But whichever it was, Evans didn’t push it so I left it there. A courtesy that I also afforded to the next fucking plant-pot who messaged me after Super-Malc… Which was nice of me because the abusive message was from a soldier named Chris Campbell and I have a bit of a downer on soldiers, since most tend to believe the hype surrounding them i.e they are all heroes, they are fighting for our freedom, they are fighting to protect us, etc, etc, etc.

Yet there is nothing heroic about invading countries that are no threat to us whatsoever, not to mention anywhere near well equipped enough to withstand the onslaught.

Furthermore our armed forces are not fighting for our freedom, they are in fact enabling what little freedom we have left to be eroded.

And neither do I or anyone else in this country need protecting from a make-believe foreign enemy.

Moreover, they all think that they are proper fucking hard which isn’t my experience because I knocked the fucking granny out of a Sailor once and it really wasn’t difficult to do… But that was a long time ago when I was young & orrible… And now I’m old & nice… Which is nice.

Nevertheless, I cannot show you what this soldier fella named Campbell wrote as I would be in breach of my restraining order, although I was scathing in my response.

Still, I wonder if his commanding officers would mind him sending people malicious communications?

Nevertheless, as a final example of the shit that I have been getting, this next one has to rank as the best ever bar none.

And I have also included my reply in the screenshot, although soft-lad never got to read it because as soon as he sent me his old bollox he must have blocked me, which meant that I wasn’t able to send it… Extremely strange when his old bollox demanded a reply.

Dear oh dear oh dear.

Now it’s okay having a laugh at these mug-punters but to someone less able to defend themselves verbally and physically they could become quite frightening.

Yet despite these half-witted, obnoxious humanoids sending me those moronic messages which are much, much worse than anything that I have ever sent anybody – in fact I have never sent anyone a malicious communication full stop, despite what anyone might think – I still don’t consider those dick-heads to have committed ANY crime.

Course anyone who isn’t familiar with me and my work may well think that because I  was convicted of harassment and sending Malicious Communications I have an ulterior motive for expressing that opinion.

But the truth is, I haven’t.

And I say that because as far as common sense is concerned, sending me – or anyone else – an abusive messages over Facebook isn’t a crime. There is no need to involve the police, you simply block them… End of, no more malicious communication or harassment.

And after that, if by chance you happen to see something written about yourself that you don’t like… Fucking ignore it. If you know it’s not true then you have no need to worry.

I mean fuck me, Google my name and see the pages upon pages of websites spouting totally untrue bollox about me, some of it totally sick such as I rape babies and Clayton is my son as well as my grandson.

Yet it’s all water of a duck’s back because even if people stumbling across that shit think that there is something in it, a small amount of investigation is all that is needed to put them right… The truth will always out and it certainly doesn’t need protecting by law.

Furthermore my conscience is clear, I have nothing whatsoever to be ashamed about so why the fuck should I worry what a bunch of kiddie-fiddling plankton are writing about me.

I mean, get a fucking life people… Calling someone names, or expressing an opinion on your own website about anything – and in my case a lot less offensive than those who accuse the McCann’s of killing Madeleine, which is in fact false since they didn’t – or even sending a Facebook message to someone like those pathetic-plonkers above sent to me are simply not fucking crimes… Yet the government, not just content to have made name calling a crime, now want to go further and make it a serious crime.

But why?

I’m glad you asked me that because I will tell you why! It is so as no one will dare question the activities of the paedophiles who wander the corridors of Westminster or their rich, perverted, cronies, let alone accuse them of wrongdoing, that’s why.

And what’s more the MSM are helping them to do it despite doing so being to their very real detriment… Which would explain why you only ever read stories nowadays that are nothing more than smear campaigns or that belong in a womans weekly magazine – they are preparing for the day when the law is such that it will be a crime to expose crime… Not that the shit-rags do now anyway.

So… In conclusion what we have here is a huge, contradictory, smear campaign based on the bollox written by ONE journalist useless idiot who was absent for long periods of the 4 day trial, launched with the full weight of the country’s enormously powerful MSM propaganda machine, against one man who is unable to defend himself against the libelous falsehoods because of a draconian gagging order.

Moreover, this latest media onslaught against me followed a second court case which just like the original was by any standards an affront to justice, in which facts backed by produced, conclusive, indisputable, physical evidence were ignored in favour of proven lies backed by fuck all, in order for the cherry-picked Judge to deliver a verdict decided upon before the hearing had even started… A FACT that the propaganda machine neglected to mention.

Worse still – at least for the Monsters – despite the enhanced David & Goliath scenario which saw Goliath armed to the teeth whilst David had his hands tied behind his back, the MSM still had to resort to underhand tactics to achieve their goal.

Yet that same MSM has the fucking front to call countries such as North Korea oppressive!

I will therefore leave you with the following screenshot of a comment about the trial that was left on an unrelated article published on here, which – because of that restraining order – is the closest that I can get to offering anything by way of defence against the media onslaught.

However, you really do need to step up your efforts to stand up for yourselves because this site is slowly but very surely going under and even if it wasn’t, I can’t fight the Monsters on my own… A cast iron fact in a very uncertain future.

Just sayin’.