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Christopher Spivey

Did you know that prior to the 28th of December 2018, the celebrity obsessed Chimp had not mentioned the actress, June Whitfield since August 5th 2017?

And then, out of the blue on the 28th they published a completely pointless interview with the largely forgotten celeb:

Indeed, it could even be said that June was being a bit of a hypocrite in that interview since she played a large role in the long running sit-com “Absolutely Fabulous” – which upset a significant number of shrinking violets.

Yet as major coincidence would have it, less than three hours after the Chimp updated that article (although why the article needed updating is beyond me), the Monkey Boyz reported that old June had kicked the bucket.

So, she won’t be watching TV anymore, but am I the only one who – given the interview of the 28th – finds the whole death thing suspect? I mean it is a bit like David Bowie and Alvin Stardust both having finished new albums a week before their deaths.

And talking about Bowie, along with the news being in short supply, the Chimp simply resort to making it up:

I mean it is very strange how it has taken over 52 years for this revelation to come out. Indeed, despite my extensive research on all matters connected to the Profumo Affair I have to tell you that this is a new one on me.

And strangely enough, the shit-rag neglects to name the champion boxer that Randy Mandy was engaged to at the time. But then again – like I say – when news is in short supply the Monkey-Boyz always resort to dragging out new old bollox connected with famous cases from the past in order to keep them in the spotlight:

Fuck me! Old Sammy Lou has been killed AT LEAST once yet here she is again, alive and kicking in the Yemen… Yeah Man.

Still, full credit to the Monkey Kuntz fo using photos of two different people to depict Sammy in the farticle:

I mean that top photo is actually a photo of the singer, Adele and the bottom photo is a photo of the singer, Lilly Allen.

Just sayin’.

And another fake story that the Monkey-Kuntz are keeping in the headlines is that of Rose West:

Now I wrote about Fred & Rose’s true identities in my article How The West Was Won Part 2“:

Nevertheless, Rose West and Linda Gilroy, the camera shy former Labour Party MP for ‘Plymouth Sutton’ from 1997 until her defeat at the 2010 general election are definitely the same person.

Linda Gilroy was in fact very close to the former Prime Mincer, Tony Blair.

Tony Blair & Linda Gilroy

Course, that is hardly surprising since photos of Cherie Blair were also used to depict Rose West. In fact Cherie and Linda are in all likelihood the same person.

Indeed, Cherie even posed for a photo with the fella who played the part of Fred West. That fella is in reality DOCTOR David Drew, the MP for stroud, having first been elected to Parliament in 1997 – the same year as Linda Gilroy was elected as chance would have it.

David Drew and Cherie Blair

Before that Drew had been a Councillor for Gloucestershire County Council, having been born in the County, as was Fred West as chance would once again have it.

And if that isn’t evidence staring you straight in the face then I am fucked if I know what is! I mean David Drew, MP from Gloucestershire posing for a photo with Cherie Blair and both looking exactly like Fred & Rose West from errrr… Gloucestershire.

Or is that a coincidence?

Now funnily enough I wrote an article around 5 years ago in which Nancy Drew had been mentioned and I commented on his photo at the time about how much he looked like Fred West… But I was a lot more Naive back then:

Drew/West comparison

But come on people, how much evidence do you need. I mean Drew & West even have the same fucking gap in their teeth in the exact same place.

And it doesn’t end there. You see, photos of a young Fred West are also photos of the allegedly murdered boy, Keith Bennett

Again, just sayin’.

And in other fake news over the weekend, it seems that “Gavin & Stacey” star Matthew Horne was hit by a train:

HIT BY A TRAIN! NO HOSPITAL TREATMENT? Safe to say then that Horne was not hit by a train.

Moving on and it would seem that the Monkey-Nutz are on a mission to re-brand the old baby-sling and making it out to be used by posh cunts in order to sell them in their millions to the mind controlled masses:

That article was published on the very same day as the one below:

And I predict that sales of Papoose’s will rise in their millions… Silly cunts.

Finally, I would just like to say that this site will be 7 years old exactly on January 1st 2019. An awful lot has happened in those 7 years and the fact that this site still continues is nothing short of a miracle.

I hope that you all have a happy new year and a great 2019.

Happy New Year 2019 with colorful fireworks