Monkey Madness Crime-Wave Reaches Epidemic Levels


Christopher Spivey


I have tried, I really have.

However, I now find that I can no longer ignore the total and utter bollox of  ‘news’ offerings published by the sub-normal Orangutans at the Daily Chimpanzee in regard to this years London gang related crime-wave.

So let’s start with the fake murder of Tanesha Melbourne:

The halo is a nice touch, but then again it is from a Spook photo agency, although the added irony – something that the Monkey Trampz cannot stop themselves from inventing – is cringe worthy to the maximum. I mean c’mon for fucks sake, “a youth worker trying to keep kids safe” gets murdered!

At 17 years old she is – or was if you believe the total bollox – only a kid herself and wouldn’t even have been earning an adult fucking wage.

Mind you, in typical Chimp fashion that old bollox changed the following day:

It also emerged today that the teenager was studying child care at college and hoped to one day become a social worker. Source

I wonder if she knew that the main qualification needed to be a social worker is that you have to be a psychopath?

She also worked at Tottenham Hotspur’s, White Hart Lane football ground… Apparently:

Ms How, who also works in security at nearby Tottenham Hotspur football club, said her niece had worked at the old White Hart Lane ground.

A Spurs spokesman said: ‘As a Club we send our deepest condolences to the family, friends and everyone affected by the tragic passing of Tanesha.’ 

Ms How added: ‘She worked in the catering department on a few occasions. She had a bright future, she was a good girl who didn’t deserve this.’ Source

Busy girl, but I should point out that football clubs are nearly always involved in these fake events… The Minions obviously think by getting them involved, the story becomes more believable.

Nevertheless, it seems that Tanesha had just left her boyfriend’s mother’s house and was stood outside talking to someone – despite living over two miles away, when she was shot:

A family friend told MailOnline: ‘Tanesha lived with her mum, nan and sisters in South Tottenham, the reason she was by Northumberland Park was because she was seeing her boyfriend.

‘She was outside his mother’s house when she was shot. Source

We are talking about London here, not the fictional village of Emmerdale… But for the sake of goodwill we will pretend that two and a bit miles away in London isn’t a whole different world.

So, Tanesha has just walked out of her boyfriends house – he must have been keen to get rid of her and he certainly wasn’t a gentleman since he must have immediately shut the door leaving his bird to fend for herself at 9.30 PM in what the Chimp describes as being a very dangerous area –  when she immediately bumps into someone she knows well enough to stop and chat with.

This chance meeting then led to speculation that the fella she was talking to was the intended target:

Youth worker Tanesha Melbourne died in a drive-by shooting in Tottenham, north London, on Monday night.

The 17-year-old was leaving her boyfriend’s home and standing with a friend who was thought to have been the intended target.

The area of Tottenham where the killing took place has a history of violence between local youths and rivals from nearby Wood Green. Source

Yet the Chimp’s are portraying her as a nicely brought up, innocent girl who doesn’t hang around in gangs:

‘She would go round friends homes but wasn’t usually one of these kids who hangs around on street corners. She was a sensible girl who had a good head on her shoulders. She wouldn’t have been involved in anything stupid.’

One friend said: ‘Tanesha was just an innocent child caught up in this stupid postcode war.’ Source

Yet despite being a “youth worker, trying to keep kids safe“, we are now being asked to believe that sweet & Innocent, Tanesha – with her head screwed firmly on – who didn’t hang around in gangs, knew a gangster well enough to stop and chat to him… Roger that.

Course, that old bollox is in total contradiction to version 2 which has Tanesha stood outside an old terraced house owned by two solicitors with a gang of friends… Obviously Solicitors don’t earn much these days.

Yet there is always one or two solicitors or barristers guaranteed to be caught up in the thick of these am-drams… The Minions think that this gives their old fanny credibility.

So how is this for credibility:

Tanesha and a group of friends, including two males and a female, had moments earlier been gathered outside a terraced home owned by solicitor Martha Yassein, 30, and her husband Phil, aged 33. 

Mrs Yassein said that the teenager had been on the phone and was asking someone on the other line ‘where are you’ just before she was shot.

Fuck me, Mrs Yaksick – or whatever the fraud cunts name is – wants to invest in some double glazing although she would be a wizz as a member of her local neighborhood watch… Sorry, please do carry on:

Three shots were fired with one bullet slicing into Mrs Yassein’s home, just above her front window, which forensic police officers recovered earlier today. 

She said: ‘My mother-in-law had called round and when I answered the door I could see there was a small group of boys and girls by my front wall. 

Some might say perfect timing:

‘I’d not seen them there before.

Well Tanesha lived over two miles away so that is probably why although the sweet & innocent child seemed to know every cunt within a two and a half mile radius of her home… In London, whereas I don’t even know half of the people who live in my block of flats.

We’d not been inside a minute when there were three bangs, the first two we didn’t really pay much attention to but the last one was louder and made us stop talking. This was the bullet which hit the house.

HA HA HA HA HA. So Yakshit could hear what Tanesha was saying on her phone but thought fuck all about two gunshots, although the third shot snapped her out of her trance because everyone knows that shot number three has a much larger discharge bang than the first two have… Roger-Fucking-That:

‘I opened the door and saw a young girl, that I now know to be Tanesha, shouting “I’ve been shot, I’ve been shot”.  As she did so, she slowly sank to the floor but it looked out of shock more than anything. 

‘She lay down on the road flat on her back and one of the boys she was with lifted her top to find where she was bleeding but there didn’t look to be any blood. 

Why did Tanesha lay down in the road? Oh, hang on, it’s London we are talking about, the City with zero traffic… Triffic… Carry on:

‘The other boy said “don’t worry, you haven’t been shot” and she was put into the recovery position.

No traffic, Eagle eyed, bat eared, upwardly mobile residents and first-aider teenagers calmly putting their friends into the recovery position in the middle of the road… Cosmic:

‘Her friends were telling people to give her some air and some space so she’d calm down. 

She is lying – somehow – in the middle of the fucking road. How much more space did she want:

‘At this point the paramedics had already been called and I closed the door thinking she was having a panic attack and would be OK in the long run.

Where can I get me a set of them there bat-ears, I’m as deaf as a fucking post me. Nevertheless, Mrs Yakshite is like no other woman ever in the history of the world. I mean, three gunshots are fired right outside her front door, a bird goes down claiming to have been shot, and Paramedics have been called, but does Mrs Batshit stand and gawp? Does she fuck. she wants to go back and chat to her mother-in-law.

Beam me up Scotty:

‘The street soon filled with flashing blue lights and police and paramedics were everywhere. 

Fucking curtain twitcher:

‘A while later I heard screaming and crying but it sounded really anguished and I knew then that it was more serious because someone was obviously in deep despair. 

‘Looking out the window, I could see that Tanesha was still lying on the ground but was now covered in a sheet from the neck down. You could still see her face.

‘A police officer then called round and told us that she had been shot in the chest and had died. 

Well, that is standard procedure in cloud cuckoo land… Manners cost fuck all… Was he carrying a bunch of flowers by any chance?

‘It was a huge shock as we’ve only been living here for a year and this road is usually very quiet.

In a gang infested, crime ridden kind of way:

‘There’s been issues with crime in the area but this street is usually left alone.

Indeed. Even cars don’t bother with it… Apparently:

‘My mother-in-law had heard Tanesha on the phone to someone when she arrived at our house and she was asking them ‘where are you?’

In fact it was the very first thing that Ma said to her daughter-in-law as she stepped over the threshold: “Ello, dear, ere, there is a young girl outside on her phone asking whoever she is talking to, where they are”

“Nooo, surely not… Mum”.

“Yes, true as I’m standing ere, couldn’t fuckin’ believe it… And don’t call me mum” 

‘Less than 60 seconds later, she was shot. It’s awful, my heart goes out to her family.’ Source

Lying cunt.

Shall we have a butchers at version 3?

Of course we fucking shall:

A woman who knew the murdered girl said the victim was “just chilling with her friends” when she was shot from a car for “no reason at all”.

“The car just pulled up and just started shooting,” said the 21-year-old, who did not want to be named. She said she heard the gunshots “like fireworks” from her house.

So, we now have another “witness” who knew Tanesha, yet how many times do we read about these “witnesses” comparing gunshots to fireworks or a bomb going off and vice versa? Indeed these are standard “witness” statements on all fake events along with “it was like something out of a horror film” or a “Hollywood movie“.

Carry on shit-bags:

The witness in Tottenham said: “Her friend came banging on my door so I came out quickly. I even tried to save her – had to, had to.”

Did you, did you?… Cunt.

I mean it goes from the sublime to the absolutely ridiculous… What is this witness? A super-vet or summat?

Carry on:

She said the gunshot wound, below the victim’s breast, was not immediately visible and it looked like she was “having a fit”.

That’s modern bullets for ya:

“I put her on her side and I was just rubbing her back, saying ‘everything’s going to be OK’. I just can’t believe it – so young. It’s ridiculous now.”

Spot on, it is absolutely ridiculous:

The woman said the victim was not responding, but added: “I could see she was looking at me.” 

She told how the girl’s mother arrived before paramedics, adding: “She was screaming. She didn’t know what to do.”

It only became clear the 17-year-old had been shot when the paramedics took her bra off. “She didn’t deserve that. Her mum didn’t deserve to watch her die,” she said. Source

Apparently Mum – who arrived before the paramedics got there – is superwoman too, since Tanesha’s family home is a 9 minute drive away if there is no traffic.

So, now we have Tanesha getting shot dead in the road, whilst stood talking to a gangster friend on the pavement – despite having a job trying to keep “kids” away from gangsters – outside her boyfriend’s house, who had left her to go back inside, leaving her with a gang of friends (despite Tanesha not living in the nice quiet, crime ridden area), outside an ultra-nosey solicitor’s house, who gets late night visits from her mother-in-law but is that laid back she takes no notice of gunshots going off.

And then, after being shot with a self hiding bullet, her gangster friend (masquerading as a gang of teenagers), instantly calls Tanesha’s mother (obviously having got Tanesha’s mother’s phone number on speed-dial), to tell her that she has been shot, despite there being no physical signs as such.

Meantime, the gangster morphs into a “female friend” of Tanesha’s and runs over to a house to tell another of Tanesha’s friends that Tanesha has been shot by an invisible bullet.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, having received the news that her daughter has been shot by an invisible bullet, Tanesha’s mother grabs her car keys (or caught the tube or bus) and makes the 9 minute car journey (as long as there is no traffic), arriving at the scene before the Paramedics… Or police for that matter.

Tanesha then dies in her mother’s arms… And that is what passes for journalism in this cuntry. Worse still, I am only quoting from the Chimp, not various other news sources.

Course, at this stage Tanesha’s – apparently stone deaf – boyfriend, living with his – apparently stone deaf – mother, having left his “sweet & innocent” young bird outside his front door chatting to a gangster in the dark in a dangerous, crime-ridden area, inhabited by the upper-middle-class, is nowhere to be seen.

However, as luck would have it, that anomaly was solved by the 12 year old Monkey-Hackz a couple of days later… In other words, the shit-cunts simply changed the story once AGAIN to suit their made-up narrative:

Last night her boyfriend, who was with the teenager when she was shot dead, was revealed by MailOnline as an aspiring model and basketball player.

Course he was, I mean aren’t they always? And of course, male models always, but always go out with big fat bloopers:

PHOTO: Big, fat Tanesha seen out in an ever-decreasing-in-size gang, an hour before she was murdered whilst visiting her superstar, super-looking male-model boyfriend.

Just gerron wi’it:

Lumear Small, 20, had been with the 17-year-old for seven months after they met some years ago at the local Bruce Grove Youth Centre in Haringey, north London.

Mr Small said: ‘She was beautiful inside and out. She had the biggest heart of any girl I’ve ever met.

‘We’d been together for seven months but had met a few years ago at the youth club and were friends. She wanted to work in child care after her studies which shows you just what a warm, caring person she was.

I thought that she wanted to be a social worker, the exact opposite of working in child care, but there ya go:

‘I’m heartbroken. I hope whoever has done this is brought to justice.’

Mr Small said he was unable to speak about the night of the murder because he is helping police with their enquiries. 

INQUIRIES” not “enquiries” you thick useless cunts:

‘I’ve been told I can’t talk about it,’ he said. Source

Obviously he can’t… The final script hasn’t been decided on just yet!

PHOTO: Lumear & Tanesha… Allegedly

Now according to the Chimp blurb, that photo was taken from Lumear Small’s Facebook, cept I am fucked if I can find it on there. In fact I am fucked if I can find any photos, likes-from or even mentions of Tanesha on the spook account.

However, it is worth noting that of the 1.4 billion people who use Facebook, he is the only person who has the name ‘Lumear Small’.

Neither is Tanesha on Lumear’s friends list, although she has Facebook and his account info states that he is “in a relationship“. Course, the fact that it states that as such means that Tanesha has not reciprocated… Very fucking strange.

So I had a butchers at Tanesha’s Facebook… The bane of the Security Services life since mostly everybody in the first world under 40 has it and genuine looking accounts are hard to fake.

Yet Tanesha Melbourne – the only person on Facebook with that name – doesn’t have her ‘boyfriend’ on her account either.

Nevertheless, Lumear looks to me very much like 25 year old Harry Uzoka who was supposedly stabbed to death in January making him victim number 7 to be murdered in London this year.

PHOTO: Harry Uzoka

Harry was apparently on the books of Premier Model Management and had modeled for brands including Mercedes and Zara – meaning that he couldn’t possibly be Lumear since he models for ‘First Model Management‘, not ‘Premier Model Management‘.

And of course, Lumear is only 20 years old and not dead. Yet the likeness is uncanny.

Coincidence of course.

As is Lumear’s likeness to someone dead called Shaq:

“Shaq” appears on Tanesha’s Facebook friend, Fat Jasmines account… Just sayin’.

I should also point out that Fat Jasmine looks very much like transexual, Naomi Hersi who was stabbed to death in March 2018:

PHOTO: Hersi & Fat

My, hasn’t the Hersi-Bar-Kid got a weird shaped face?

And, as yet another coincidence would have it, Tanesha is an anagram of Asenath

Asenath, Asenith and Osnat (, ) is a figure in the Book of Genesis (41:45, 41:50-52), an Egyptian woman who Pharaoh gave to Joseph, son of Jacob, to be his wife. The daughter of Potipherah, a priest of Heliopolis, she bore Joseph two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim, who became the patriarchs of the Israelite tribes of Manasseh and Ephraim.

Modern scholarship says her name derives from the Egyptian language name “she who belongs to (the goddess) Neith” and that her name may be phonetically transliterated from the New Kingdom-era Egyptian hieroglyphsNs-Nt.

And also an anagram of Shantae

Shantae is a fictional character from a Capcom video game:

Set in the fictional world of Sequin Land, the series follows Shantae as she tries to protect her hometown Scuttle Town, and more generally Sequin Land as a whole, from various threats, which generally involve to some extent her nemesis, the lady pirate Risky Boots. The setting, despite various fantasy, dark fantasy and steampunk elements, mostly displays oriental-inspired esthetics.

However, disregarding that fact, does anyone else find it strange that it is only London affected by this 4 month long “crime wave“?

I mean surely Manchester and Birmingham should be just as affected?

Yet in an effort to prove that this crime epidemic is not total bollox the Chimp paraded a doctor in their fanny-peddling shit-rag, telling us all about it:

And of course no bollox-claim made by the Monkey-Kuntz is complete without putting a face to the name:

Fuck me, I haven’t seen him since the Westminster Bridge terrapin-attack total fantasy:

I have got a better photo somewhere but I am fucked if I can find it at the moment.

Mind you, the thick-cunts managed to get one true headline out of the old bollox:

After all, there is no risk of being caught up in a terrorist attack in this country… Not even the government orchestrated ones since they all take place in a carefully controlled environment.

Course, you know what is causing this crime-wave epidemic don’t you?

Well as it happens, neither did I until the gob-shite-monkey-kuntz told me:

Although I find that very hard to believe:

But then again what the fuck do I know!

Nevertheless, I know for a fact that it is all bollox because I had already picked up on the Chimps almost hysterical reporting on the London murder epidemic before Tanesha had even been pretend murdered.

And by doing so I can prove that not only is the shit-rag peddling fake news, but they are also quietly altering their archives to suit their purpose… In other words, more Winston Smith than Winston Silcott.

You see, Tanesha Melbourne – who was allegedly shot dead on the 2nd of April 2018 – is being touted as the 48th murder to take place on the ‘mean streets’ of London this year… Which is mighty fucking strange since I know for a fact that when the farticle was released on the 3rd, she was being touted as the 37th victim… It is after all, my job to read and process facts.

Course, that left me the rather difficult task of proving it since that “37th victim” fact has now been totally erased from the Chimp Archive…  So I simply typed the words “37 murder victims in London so far this year“, into the Google search bar and my problem was immediately solved:

And when you click on that link you are taken to the farticle seen further up this page about Tanesha with no mention whatsoever of a “37th murder victim“.

Tellingly the article was last updated on the 5th of April with no mention of how many revisions have taken place between then and when the farticle was first released.

Nevertheless, the child-like hacks cannot even get their fake facts right since Tanesha has moved up 10 places to the number 47 spot not  the number 48 spot as is claimed in the fake-news above:

The victim, named locally as Tanesha, was killed in a drive-by attack while she was with friends in Chalgrove Road shortly before 9.30pm on Monday.

Her death – the fifth fatal shooting in London in 2018 – means the Metropolitan Police have now launched 47 murder inquiries this year. Source

And just to show you that was no fluke, here is a segment from another report:

The teenager, who had just become a mentor at her local youth club, died in the street as she was cradled by her mother who arrived before paramedics. She became the 47th person to be murdered in London this year. Source

Indeed, the number 48 spot goes to 16 year old Amaan Shakoor who was originally murdered – according to the Chimp – 30 minutes after Tanesha although that has now been revised to “minutes after

PHOTO: Official Met Police photo handout of SIXTEEN yr old A Fella Shakoor

He’s a Muslim then? Surely that falls under the category of a terrapin attack?

Nevertheless, in a further effort to massage the figures, Shakoor was elevated from number 48 to the number 49 spot:

Mourners at the scene where a 16-year-old boy was shot in the face ‘after being warned he was selling cocaine in the wrong place’ were searched by police following an altercation between two groups.

Amaan Shakoor was said to have been shot in the face by two hooded men on Monday night near a school in Walthamstow, East London.

Police said the 16-year-old was the 49th person to be murdered in London this year fuelling fears of a surge in youth violence and postcode wars between gangs.

Amaan’s father, Mohammed Shakoor, speaking at the family’s east London home said: ‘He was a wonderful son. We need time to come to terms with this, we are obviously devastated.’ Source

And of course, that plod photo handout just didn’t cut the mustard for the Ape-Shitz and as such, they knocked the following photo up and are now using it across the board:

Which immediately reminded me of the gangster, Mark duggan who was controversially shot dead by the plod

Which was obviously the aim of the Monkey’s game since Duggan was then incorporated into the old bollox:

Tragic gun victim Tanesha Melbourne’s father was jailed for nine years for handing a gun to a masked man who shot a motor dealer in an incident which led to the arrest of Mark Duggan.

Conrad Kingdom, 45, was convicted in 2007, when Tanesha was seven. He had roared up to a garage on the back of a motorbike carrying a loaded handgun that was then used by a balaclava-wearing thug to shoot a mechanic.

Mark Duggan, the gangster whose death by police in 2011 sparked the London riots, was friends with Kingdom. Duggan was arrested in the search for the identity of the masked gunman but was later released without charge.

The revelations provide new background for the brutal killing of Tanesha who was shot in the chest in a drive-by attack at 9.35pm on Monday. Source

But of course the cunts do not associate that claim with their claim that Tanesha was “sweet & innocent”.

Nevertheless, matters became even more ridiculous. You see in one of the many farticles about Tanesha (found HERE), the Monkey-Boyz also printed the following photo:

Which when added up totals 47, an presumably includes Tanesha, but not Amaan Shakoor who wasn’t dead when the farticle was published.

And just for the benefit of the terminally thick, the Chimpz wrote the following directly above the graph:

So far this year the Metropolitan Police have launched 47 murder inquiries – eight in January, 15 in February, 22 in March and two in April.

Before stating the following directly below it:

In the whole of last year, there were 130 murders in London. The number of killings reached a peak around June before dropping again in the second half of the year.

So far this year, 31 people have been stabbed to death in the capital. The latest was a 20-year-old man who was attacked moments after leaving a bar in Wandsworth and died in the street.

On Thursday, the family of Abraham Badru, 26, who was shot dead in Hackney, east London, on March 25 warned that “gun culture is becoming rampant in our community”.

There have been five fatal shootings in London so far in 2018.

Keep those figures in your head.

Now on Wednesday the 4th of April there were apparently 2 more murders in the Capital:

On Wednesday, another two men died in another night of bloodshed in London.

A man in his 20s was found fatally wounded by officers in Hackney at about 8pm, and died at the scene half an hour later despite receiving first aid.

In the same borough just four hours earlier a man in his 50s died outside a Betfred bookmakers in Clapton following a suspected fight at about 4.30pm. Source

Which should take the total to 49 or at best 50… But it doesn’t. Not according to the Chimp anyway:

An 18-year-old student who became the 55th victim of London’s 2018 murder spree was stabbed five times on New Year’s Eve in a previous attack, friends say. 

Israel Ogunsola was found fatally wounded by officers in Hackney at 8pm yesterday, and died at the scene half an hour later despite receiving first aid. Source

Now Israel is the fella described as in his 20’s in the report above the last one:

A man in his 20s found fatally wounded by officers in Hackney at about 8pm, and died at the scene half an hour later despite receiving first aid.

Yet the original article was published before he was even murdered:

However if Israel was not included in the original article released 2 hours before his murder (before it was updated), then why the fuck did the cunts not just write a whole new one? After all, the hacks can get at least 50 stories seemingly  out of someone standing in dog-shit.

Moreover, how in the name of fuck did he become the 55th victim? Indeed, even giving the shit-rag the benefit of the doubt, Israel – nice name – should have been at worst victim number 52 or 53.

And as for him being on Tanesha’s Facebook friends list? Well as far as I can see, he is as absent as her boyfriend is… Although there is someone on there named Ibrahim Ahmed from Birmingham, who shares a very real likeness to Israels photo published in the Chimp:

PHOTO: Ibrahim & Israel

But definitely no one called Israel.

Nevertheless, once the Monkey-Nutz had started quoting the figure of 55, they stuck to it, which is highly bizarre since they also published an article on the 4th – the same day as Israel and the 53 yr old fella were murdered – stating the number as being 50:

And as you can see, that article was updated on the 5th yet the total remained at 50 and did not include Israel and the 53 year old in that figure.

Course, that 53 year old who died following a fight can hardly be described as gang related either:

And a London Ambulance Service spokesman said: ‘We were called today at 7:57pm to reports of an incident on Morning Lane.

‘We sent two ambulance crews and an incident response officer to the scene. Despite extensive efforts by the medics, the patient died at the scene’

Speaking about the Clapton death, a police spokesman said: ‘Police were called at 4.27pm to a bookmakers after reports of a male unconscious.

‘Officers attended with LAS and London’s Air Ambulance. Despite the efforts of medical staff the male, believed to be aged in his 50s, was pronounced dead at the scene. Source

But nevertheless the total of the Chimps 50 murder victims (which they are trying to portray as gang violence) was reached by their April murder tally of four:

Which obviously puts Tanesha back to number 48 (following her stints at number 37 and number 47) with that unnamed victim in 50th place being Henry Vincent, who was allegedly stabbed to death by 78 year old homeowner, Richard Osborn-Brooks.

Course, since Osborn-Brooks no longer faces a murder or manslaughter charge – or any charges at all for that matter – and it was not gang related that case can be scrubbed meaning that the [non gang crime related] 53 yr old man beaten to death becomes number 50 and Israel becomes number 51. Agreed?

Of course we fucking are.

Yet Israel still somehow becomes victim number 55:

Do you not get fucked of with being taken for proper mug cunts all the time?

I certainly do.

However, before I carry on I should just point out that the case of Osborn-Brooks is as totally fake as the rest of this old shit. I mean, a burglar gets stabbed to death and two days later the perpetrator is cleared of any crime. That has to be a fucking record when your average person accused of a misdemeanor will spend 6 months to 2 years on bail.

But anyway, lets go through the list starting with January 2018 of which the Metropolitan Police graph tells us that there were 8 murders committed that month:

And straight away the purveyors of fake news are touting the number as TWELVE – four more than the Met’s figure.

However, in an effort to massage the figures the Monkey-Liarz have included a murder committed on the 31st of December 2017… Excuse me?

I mean it doesn’t matter a fuck how late into the night that murder took place. The fact is it took place last year and as such has to be struck off the list. This means that we are now only three murders over the Met police number.

Does that matter?

Of course it fucking does.

Nevertheless, of those 11 murders: 7 were stabbed, 1 was beaten to death, 1 died of a head injury and 2 give no cause of death.

However, victim number 10 is described as a one year old child whose cause of death STILL remains unknown, and whilst I am trying to be as fair as possible, that death has fuck all to do with gang related violence.

Therefore, the total stands at a dodgy 10… Two more than the Met’s figures.

And I should also point out that Steve Frank Narvaez-Arias – stabbed to death on New Years Day – looks suspiciously like Tanesha Melbourne’s Facebook friend, Matthew Robert Mastalerz – without part of his ear bitten off:

Nevertheless, the Chimps January total for the 50 murders tallies with their January total giving the names of the 55 murder victims – found HERE – which appeared on the same day as the 50 victim list:

But quickly moving on and according to the Chimp there were 15 murders in February – which tallies with the Met figures and the Chimps list of 55:

Of those 15 it would seem that 10 were stabbed, 2 were shot and 3 were beaten to death.

However, Hannah Leonard who was stabbed to death on February 8th looks to me suspiciously like the lesbican MP Angela Eagle:

PHOTO: Hannah & Angela

And of course it isn’t the first time that I have caught Eagle – and her aherm,aherm, identical twin sister who is also an MP – up to no good.

Moreover, Promise Nkenda allegedly stabbed to death on Valentines day is also probably the unpronounceable, Rotimi Oshibanjo – allegedly stabbed to death 5 days later:

PHOTO: Promise & Unpronounceable

And Sadiq Mohamed looks suspiciously like Khader Saleh – murdered in January:

The latters nose is obviously photoshopped.

And there are plenty more from February who could double up for others killed that month and in January but you can make those connections for yourselves by clicking HERE

So, to recap we now have 17 stabbings and 2 shootings taking place in January 2018 and February 2018.

Moving swiftly on to March, the Chimp tells us that there were 19 murders on both their lists of 50 and 55, although the Met has the number at 22 – which makes up for the discrepancy of 3 on the January statistics I suppose:

Of those 19, it would appear that 12 were stabbed to death, bringing our total stabbings to 29 since January the 1st 2018.

However, Russell Jones, allegedly murdered on the 17th of March has his death bizarrely put down as “stabbed and shot” to death… I mean you can’t have both, since one or the other caused the fatality. Therefore I am allocating Jones to have died by being shot to death since it helps to tally the ludicrous figures.

This means that March saw 3 people shot to death bringing the total to 5 since January the 1st 2018… Which is strange since Tanesha was supposedly the 5th person to be shot to death this year.

Nevertheless, of the remaining 4, there is a Russian businessman found strangled in his home, which is obviously not gang related – the whole point of these hysterical farticles. There is also one “cause of death unknown” from March the 12th… How the fuck can they not know the cause of death by now?

Moreover, I feel sure that the fact that the dead Russian looks like a cross between a younger looking poisoned, Russian spy and Vladimir Putin is purely coincidental.


There was also a murder on the 14th which has the victim “killed as he sat in his car” but it is not stated how he was killed and a 59 year old unknown male found “dead” in Barking & Dagenham – two seperate places in Essex. Once again, it does not state how the latter died.

Moreover, I think you will find that the difference in totals between the Met’s figures of 22 for March and the Chimp’s of 19 comes from the 5th of March when Laura Unpronounceable was found stabbed to death in her London home:

Police launched a murder investigation after Laura Cecilia Navarrete De Figueira was found with stab wounds at her home in Twickenham. An hour earlier the body of her husband Figueira de Faria and the bodies of Claudio, 10, and Joaquin, seven, were discovered on the beach at Birling Gap, in Eastbourne, East Sussex

Twickenham is very posh and her murder clearly wasn’t gang related. However, tellingly the Monkey-Kuntz did not add the deaths of her “husband & 2 children” to the tally which would obviously form part of the murder investigations. However, those three murders do not fit in with the Chimp’s agenda and still leaves their January total 3 short of the Met’s which only adds up to 47… With at least 6 of those not being gang related.

Moreover, the photo supposedly showing Romanian victim, Beniamin Pieknyi is clearly photoshopped:

Whilst victim Leyla Mtumwa – who makes these fucking names up – is a ringer for our Tenesha:

Checkout the ears.

And victim, Kelvin Odunuyi matches nicely with Tanesha’s ‘boyfriend’ and his lookalikes:

PHOTO: Harry Uzoka & Kelvin Odunuyi

Photo: Rumear and Kelvin Odunuyi

Not to mention Rumear’s friend, Adrian Karl Simms:

Just sayin’.

And that brings us to April in which the Met has the murder total of 2 although that doesn’t include the 16 year old shot half an hour after Tanesha, or Israel Whatshisface shot in the face on Wednesday the 4th of April or the 53 year old found dead outside a betting shop on the same day.

However, the Chimps list of 50 and their list of 55 published on the same day differs here by 2 – which when you add 2 to 50 you get 52, not 55… Just saying:

PHOTO: The Chimps list of 50 showing 4 deaths in April 

PHOTO: The Chimps list of 55 showing 6 murders in April

However, as I showed you earlier the unnamed victim stabbed by Osborn-Barnes was not a murder (it was justifiable homicide) or gang related and as such, can safely be discounted. And as I also said earlier, the fella who died outside the bookies is not gang related and he wasn’t shot or stabbed – but I will keep him in anyway.

Yet even so, including the 6 in April the total only comes to 51, NOT 55… Can the cunts not count?

Moreover, the total number of stabbings now comes to 32 if you include the justifiable homicide and 7 shootings bringing the total to 39 – many of which are dubious to say the least.

Course, this old bollox is nothing more than an exercise in the agenda to further disarm the public and introduce a whole new range of sweeping powers granted to the wholly corrupt police… Mind you, the ban on selling Acid appears to have worked, following the Chimps hysterics about those attacks so who knows.

And of course, this invented crimewave gives the Men Who Point A Lot something to do:

Just sayin’.

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