Millers resignation is no big deal.

Chris Spivey


It seems that the Sniffenpissin monster ‘Culture’ Secetary, Maria ‘windy’ Miller has quit.

Course, she has without a doubt been scapegoated.

I mean, fiddling under £6 grand is peanuts for these cunts, yet with the spotlight shining brightly on old Windy, she couldn’t be allowed to get away with it.

Besides, it is just a good excuse for The Cunt Cameron to highlight that he won’t put up with ‘sleaze’, despite the fact that the sleazy cunt will.

Now, as it happens this story actually gives me an ideal opportunity to use a chunk of an article that I began writing about the twisted cunt Leon Brittan last December.

That article sort of took a different direction as it went along, finally ending up being more about the 2009 expenses scandal, than the nonce cunt Brittan.

And as such, it never got published because it never got finished.

Anyway, with the release of todays Chimp article about Millers resignation, I had the perfect excuse to update and finish that old article – minus the Leon brittan bit of course (which I have already used in another article).

You see, whilst the country was descending further into chaos last December, it had just been announced in the news that the puppet cunts responsible for the mess were set to get a wage rise of £7,600.

And that figure is more than some people have to live on in this country for a year.

Now, I don’t want to dwell on this too much because even now, I can feel my whole body tensing up.

You see, not only have the nonce ponce puppet show deliberately wrecked the country, they are laughing at you all as they fuck your children and steal your public funds.

Most of the fraud cunts have second jobs, thus proving how little is actually involved in being an MP… So little in fact that Blow Job Johnston was even doing the job of a magazine editor whilst pretending to be an MP.

Therefore, I find that MP’s wage increase a real kick in the bollocks for the common man and galling enough to set me off on a mad one:

An obligatory £7,600 pay rise is expected to be given to MPs this week – despite the furious objections of all three party leaders. 

The Commons pay watchdog is expected to cause public outrage by pressing ahead with an 11 per cent hike, which David Cameron previously described as ‘unthinkable’. 

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority will sign off on an increase in MPs’ salaries from £66,396 to £74,000 – and try to defuse criticism by toughening its crackdown on perks such as taxis and hotels. Source



People, enough really is enough.

Fucking obligatory!… Piss taking useless, sadistic warped CUNTS.

No pay rise… Not one, is fucking obligatory.

But here is the fucking thing.

The pox infested child molesters are going to appease those of you such as the half witted, dribbling idiots, on a government hoax Forums who are calling for the hanging of two obvious stooges, by saying that they will offset the obligatory fuck off pay rise by cutting down on MP’s expenses.

And the fucking Dum-Dums fall for it hook line and stinker.

I mean, show me an MP who has cut down on his poncing and thieving.

I can’t see no great reduction, that is for fucking sure.

Do the IPSA mean cut back on their heating bills for their 2nd fucking home whilst thousands of pensioners died last winter because they couldn’t afford to heat their homes?

Course, the cause of death of those poor old people was blamed on anything other than the truth.

Never the less, there was no chance of our warm MP’s dying of cold:

MPs have been criticised for claiming £200,000 of taxpayers’ money to cover the cost of their energy bills.

Some 340 MPs, including ministers, have used the parliamentary expenses system to recoup the cost of heating their second homes,according to the Sunday Mirror.

Bills costing more than £1,000 were submitted by 41 MPs while 78 made claims for £500 in the 12 months to March this year, its analysis found.

The claims do not break any parliamentary rules but come at a time of heightened tensions over the spiralling cost of gas and electricity.

The Conservative MP Nadhim Zahawi, a founder of the market research firm YouGov, claimed the most with a bill totalling £5,822.27 to cover electricity and heating oil for his estate in Warwickshire.

Alan Duncan, the international development minister, claimed £2,750 for electricity bills and £1,250 in heating oil for his home in Rutland, Leicestershire, while the universities minister David Willetts claimed £2,596. Source

Nadhim Zahawi MP with David Cameron

No fucking cut backs there then.

And whilst the fat cunts tucked into the finest, non cancer causing food on Christmas day, do you think that the Syphilis Scabs thought twice about the 850,000 children who spent their Christmas dodging the sexual deviant head bangers smashed out of their skulls on White Lightning whom the poor little fuckers were forced to live amongst in absolutely disgusting, totally unsatisfactory, temporary accommodation?

And if you think that I am exaggerating, come to Southend and I will take you to York Lodge.

You see, I speak from experience because when I became homeless, about 5 years ago, Rochford District Council (RDC) tried to stick me, Stacey and my ex-girlfriend in there.

And that was:

Despite the cunts having had 6 months notice that I was going to become homeless.

Despite York Lodge being out of Rochford District Councils jurisdiction (The place falls under Southend Councils jurisdiction)

Despite the place being extremely dangerous for a 13 year old child (Stacey) to stay.


It doesn’t look too bad in the photo does it, but I can guarantee you that the BMW doesn’t belong to one of the residents.

York Lodge is actually on York Road in Southend and is in the top 7 percent of deprived areas in the country. Source

Course, had I refused to go there, RDC could have then turned around and said that they no longer had a duty to house us because we had made ourselves homeless by turning down the fucking slum.

But as you know, I am not fucking silly so what I did was walk in there, get the key to our room and walk out again.

That was so as RDC could not say that I hadn’t even looked at the place.

We then went to stay with my girlfriends mother in her 2 bedroomed house in Southend. I immediately emailed RDC and told them that there was no way I was letting my daughter stay there on account of the fact that the place was also home to single men who were either Alcoholics, mental outpatients or had just been released from prison.

After that, I simply didn’t send Stacey to school being as where we were living was not on the bus route to Rochford and as such Stacey couldn’t get there – which I made quite clear to King Edmunds School ( I of course neglected to mention the fact that I had a car).

And sure enough, four days later I had the school liaison officer ring me up to see what was going on, to which I told her the above and more.

When I mentioned that RDC wanted us to stay at York Lodge her exact words were: “OH NO, Stacey can’t possibly stay there”.

That is how well known and notorious York Lodge is.

And of course, as soon as a school liaison officer said that to me, RDC didn’t have a leg to fucking stand on and we were allocated a temporary, self contained place in Rochford within a week of that phone call.

Unfortunately, most of the homeless families living in dangerous, unsuitable places like York Lodge, are not as clued up or quick thinking as me and as a consequence, the country’s councils are getting away with this shit instead of applying pressure on the government.

As for the government cutting down on their free for all expenses? Get fucking serious.

You see, according to Sky News, in 2008/9 – the year leading up to the nonce ponce cunts expenses scandal – The total allowances bill was £95.4m.

This huge sum dropped to £90.7m by 2009-10 mainly because many of the kiddie fiddlers already had a whiff of what was about to happen.

Course, our wholly corrupt, ponce Prime Minister, the Cunt Cameron was also involved in the fraud:

David Cameron has repaid nearly £1,000 he had claimed on expenses after what he calls a “thorough review” of his claims by his office.

The Tory leader had already announced he would pay back £680 which he claimed for maintenance costs – including removing wisteria from a chimney.

But he has paid a further £267 after noticing a series of errors in claims.

He said he was “very sorry” about the claims which he described as an “inadvertent error”.

The news came as details of all 646 MPs expenses claims were published on Parliament’s website but with many crucial details blacked out.

Electricity bill

BBC political correspondent James Landale said Mr Cameron’s team were keen to draw a contrast between his “greater transparency” and the censored version of claims.

In a letter to the Commons fees office, the Conservative leader said: “I would like to make clear that these were discovered as a result of a thorough review by my office, not as a result of media enquiries.”

They include an overpayment of £9 on his electricity and gas bill from 2007, which he said was due to a change to his direct debit payments. Source

Now, let me remind you a bit about this grand fraud that has been going on for untold years.

What our MP’s and the nonce ponce House of Dress Up M’Lords are doing is no worse than some cunt with no hope, no money and no future nicking a charity box full of coins from say a pub or a shop… Yet if you got hold of that cunt, you would kick ten bells of shit out of him wouldn’t you?

Maybe call him the scum of the earth, whilst you were doing it? … And all because the fella was hungry and desperate.

Yet you all said fair enough when the millionaire, child raping ponces apologised and excused themselves by saying that they misunderstood the rules – that they have all had 20 fucking years to learn – didn’t you?

After all, had your silence not been a sign of forgiveness, the scum cunts would all have been in prison.

I mean, what other job would an apology and a claim of ignorance not only get you let off  but also allow you to continue thieving just as before?

I am being real calm now. But I tell you, I would rip each and everyone of our 650 nonce MP’s and 780 Gay Lords tongues and eyes out right now.

I am fucking seething as all the details of the expenses scandal come flooding back to me.

There is not one single cunt amongst the Sniffenpissin cunts who deserves their position.

What kind of mindless, spineless sad cunts are you people to let 1430 child raping, greedy, self obsessed, egotistical, clammy skinned, sweaty, in-bred, parasitic, piss taking, sick in the head, murdering, smarmy conmen & women look after your money and your children’s future?


Because the fact that those shit heads are still breathing air let alone still in a position to condemn your kids to death – because be very, very fucking clear, that is what they are doing – totally, totally blows my fucking mind.

Please, just read how I have described of our MP’s and Lords one more time and understand that each and every one of them are all of those things – except maybe for a few who are not inbred nonces.

However, make no fucking mistake whatsoever, those few who do not fuck kids are all nonce protectors… They know exactly what is going on.

And to my mind, nonce protectors are almost on a par with the filthy cunts who rip and tear children arseholes to bits – Derek Laud you sick fucking scumbag –  in their ultimate quest for perverted domination… Yes you too Edwina Currie, you sick perverted old stinking, slacked cunt whore.

Now, out of the millions, upon millions upon millions of fucking pounds that those cunts have deliberately stolen from you – and I would imagine that many of you could use a few bob right now – how many of them went to prison?

I mean, it should have been a hell of a lot of them considering the important positions of trust they were – and still are – in.

After all, there was no mistake, no oversight, no misunderstanding of the rules. The cunts committed deliberate fraud… So answer the question. How many?

How many out of the 1460 sum-human fully grown spunk eggs went to prison for systematically stealing OUR money and taking the food out of our children’s mouths?

FIVE, is the answer that you are looking for. That is 0.3 percent of the thieving, sub-human, evil, warped cunts.

Three MP’s, Two gaylords.

Yet those 5 couldn’t even take their punishment like men… Then again, they are not men.

No man would fuck defenceless little boys and girls. No man would deprive millions of other children sufficient food and warmth whilst laughing their stubby little circumcised cocks off at us from the warm glow of their luxurious mansions paid for by you mug punters.

You see, those five snivelling, nigh on hysterical big girls blouses tried to claim parliamentary privilege, which would have made them immune from prosecution.

Have you any idea what these little boys and girls go through at the sweaty hands of these toffee nosed sick fucks like Leon Brittan?

They are stolen by the state just so as some sweaty monster can get his – or her – rocks off , isn’t that right Terry May and Harriet Harman – you vile sick cunts.

Have a look at your child, be they boy or girl and think of them when they were 5 or 6. Remember how protective of them you were and how you hated when they were hurting and crying?

Now try and imagine that they were taken from you.  Imagine your 5 or 6 year old, now sitting in a room, alone and frightened with no one to hold them and calm their fears as they wait for some fat cunt like Leon Brittan, or Cyril fucking Smith to come and arse rape them.

And in return for their inhuman behaviour – which continues unabated to this very day, all that the Sniffenpissin Cunts had to do is pretend to be upset at having no choice but to accept a pay rise of £6700 for the difficult task of stealing your money, your possessions, your health and your fucking children… People what the fuck are you doing to yourselves?

Never the less, the Parliamentary privilege was turned down for those 5 who drew the short straw because someone had to carry the can for the greed of 1430 sick, rich cunts.

So the five were offered up, the most prolific of whom was Paul White AKA Lord Hanningfield… WHO? Ex-fucking-actly.

Course, Hanningfield, one of the shadiest, self serving, corrupt, vilest pieces of shit you are ever likely to encounter is the former head of Essex County Council, so I know who he is.

I doubt however that the majority of you people have ever even heard of him… Least not at the time of the expenses scandal although the shit-cunt has been in the papers plenty of times since.

On top of those five who went to prison – and as such the MP’s obviously had to give up their seats –  a further 18 MP’s & Gaylords resigned.

That makes a grand total of 1.6 percentage of 1430 robbing cunts, who suffered – if that is even the right word – as a result of being caught stealing the equivalent of a charity box each, from a pub bar or a shop counter… And I find that totally, totally unacceptable, with my disgust and anger increased ten fold by the fact that the pus-filled rich, nonce cunts continue to carry on doing the same today as they were doing 4 years ago.

Only five of those 18 who resigned were cabinet members, including Jackie Smith who was charging the nation for her husbands fucking porn films.

The following is from Wikipedia:

Smith was investigated by the parliamentary commissioner for standards over accusations that she had inappropriately designated her sister’s home in London as her main residence. The arrangement had allowed Smith to claim over £116,000 on her family’s Redditch home since becoming an MP. Smith contended that she had done nothing wrong.

On 8 February 2009, it was revealed in the press that Smith had designated a house in London owned by her sister as her main residence in order to claim a parliamentary allowance for her house in Redditch as a secondary home, despite explicitly stating on her website that she “lives in Redditch”. 

She has claimed more than £116,000 over six years from this arrangement.

When asked whether it was fair that she made claims believed to have been made for items such as a flat-screen TV and scatter cushions, she said that analyses of her receipts had been very particular. In response to criticisms over her housing allowances, she said it was the “nature of the job” that MPs had to furnish and run two properties.

Fucking old Slag.

David Laws was another of those robbing cunts. Oh how that poor arsewipe suffered:

LAWS was the first ministerial casualty of the coalition Government, resigning after 17 days  after claiming allowances to pay his partner’s rent for the London flat where they lived.

Education minister David Laws, left, with Education Secretary Michael Gove

SMIRKING for the camera, disgraced MP David Laws took his seat back in the cabinet yesterday to a chorus of outrage.

Laws is back in the fold as an education minister two years after leaving the Cabinet for wrongly claiming £50,000 for accommodation expenses.  Source

And then we have the The Right Honourable Hazel Blears MP… Right fucking honourable… All MP’s are given that title and not one single one of them has a shred of honour.

I mean, the ugly, piss taking, slag Blears was forced to resign in 2009, yet stood for reelection in 2010… Do you know what? The nation deserves all that they get. They really fucking do and I’m not even joking.

The slut, Blears didn’t even have the honour to pay back the money that she had stolen!

And yet thousands upon thousands voted her back into office less than a year later, just so as she too could pick up where she left off.

This again, from Wikipedia:

Commenting on the announcement,Prime Minister Gordon Brown, said that Blears had made an “outstanding contribution” to public life even after refusing to pay back expenses which were claimed in breach of Parliamentary rules.

“An outstanding contribution” said the paedophile, child raping British Prime Minister at the time.

That would make sense I suppose since the sex case claimed £12,415 for cleaning and gardening costs himself.

An outstanding contribution to cleaning and gardening services then, by the one eyed, deranged, child rapist, who unbelievably rose through the ranks to head this nation of apathetic, semi-retarded, self obsessed, “I’m alright jack, fuck you“, imbeciles… You really couldn’t make this abhorrent shit up if you tried.

Never the less, by refusing to pay back what she stole, the fucking old sludge gulper Blears must have considered her self innocent, mustn’t she?

See if you agree:

In May 2009 The Telegraph reported that Blears had claimed the maximum allowable expenses, within one pound, for three properties, as well as for stays in hotels, £4,874 on furniture, £899 on a new bed and £913 on a new TV, the second such TV in under a year, and the maximum £400 a month in groceries.

Further, Blears had not paid capital gains tax on profit from the sale of a London flat. The property was registered as her main residence with HM Revenue and Customs, but Blears had been claiming MPs’ second home expenses relating to the flat.

She had made a £45,000 profit on its sale without paying capital gains tax. 

On 12 May she volunteered to pay the £13,332 capital gains tax she had avoided on the sale of her ‘second home. It was subsequently claimed that Gordon Brown had ordered her to repay the sum. The Daily Mail printed allegations that Blears ‘flipped’ her homes in London three times in one year.

Flipping is the practice of switching which of two or more properties is designated an MP’s second home. This allowed her to maximise her taxpayer-funded allowances.

In Salford she was met by a number of angry protesters and stayed in a local hotel rather than at home.

In June 2009 the police at Scotland Yard and the Crown Prosecution Service issued a statement regarding MPs’ expenses, which stated that they had not found evidence of criminal activity and that it was ‘highly unlikely’ that MPs would face charges.

The police said that the incidents of flipping second homes to avoid paying capital gains tax was not a matter for police investigation. 

Following an investigation by Sir Thomas Legg, Blears was told to repay £225 in expenses in relation to a glass shelving unit for her London flat.

Fuck me, she must have some fucking dirt on the cunts to get away with that.

Now, quite how the MP who was actually forced to pay more back than any other MP escaped prosecution is beyond me… Well its not as it happens, but you know what I mean.

The MP in question is Barbara Fiddleit Follet.

This slag cunt STOLE £42,458 of the nations money… Got that?  The thieving slag deliberately stole £42 grand and then simply just said sorry.

And in doing so, she avoided prison… Give us what you’ve got Wikipedia:

In May 2008 following the release of details of MPs expenses it emerged that the taxpayer had paid in excess of £1,600 for window cleaning of Follett’s London flat in a single year. Further still, the invoices for the work were addressed to her husband.

In May of the following year, The Daily Telegraph alleged that she claimed more than £25,000 for private security patrols at her London home after she was mugged. Follett was also criticised for claiming £120,000 in expenses from the taxpayer over 6 years to pay for a London flat when she already owned one property in the capital.

Additionally, commuting to London from her main home in Stevenage takes less than 30 minutes by rail. It was also revealed that Follett had claimed £528.75 to repair and clean a Chinese rug, though only £300 of the claim was actually accepted as the amount was deemed excessive.

In February 2010, following a review of all MP’s expenses it was revealed that Follett had claimed more in dubious expenses than any other MP.

This led some newspapers to brand her “The Expenses Queen”.

Additional items she was ordered to repay included £4,454 for having six phone lines at her property and £2,812 for insuring her fine art collection. 

Follet also claimed twice for boiler insurance and for pest control at a property which wasn’t actually her second home.

Follett had initially insisted all her claims were justified, but following significant criticism she changed her position and agreed to repay £32,976 for the security patrols and other similarly extravagant claims. 

The rest of the money she owed was repaid later. Follett apologised, stating “I did try to act as honestly as possible but where I failed, I am sorry”

I did try to act as honestly as possible“!  And those nine words sum up the entire cesspit of thieving, parasitic, blood suckers.

A person doesn’t try to act honestly… You are either honest or you’re not.

Of the five who went to prison the longest sentence was given to the labour MP David Chaytor.

On 7 January 2011 he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for fiddling his expenses to the tune of £18, 000.

Now compare Follet’s £42 grand to David Chaytor’s £18 Grand… Scapegoat see?

But don’t get me wrong. Eighteen months was nowhere near long enough for the shameless robbing cunt.

It is just the fact that the other 1425 robbing spunk fests didn’t go to prison that fucks me off.

Not that Chaytor did really.

You see, just 139 days later – which is equal to exactly 4 months and 19 days – Chaytor left the nick a free man.

And me old friend Lord Hanningfield, the former leader of Essex County Council who lives about a 15 to 20 minute car drive from me, began a nine month prison sentence in July 2011 for robbing the country of £30,254.

Earlier he had told police officers that he had been “singled out“, adding that: “I have done the same as 500 or 600 other peers“.

So, just like the slag’s Follet and Blears, Hanningfield has no conscience either.

Then again psychopaths don’t do they – and they are all fucking psychos, you know.

I mean,how much fucking proof do you need?

To the slimeball, vomit inducing, Hanningfield, the very fact that he states between 500 – 600 of his fellow Gaylords were also committing massive fraud, in his fractured mind made it alright for him to do so.

Whereas any sane cunt would have been horrified by the fact that at least 5 – 600 of his colleagues were on the fiddle and got his arse down the cop shop to report what he knew quicker than Billy Fucking Whizz.

But Dog forbid he should ever have had the bollocks and integrity to report what was going on instead of helping himself to what isn’t his!

And the thieving cunt was released after 73 days – or put another way, 2 months and 11 days exactly.

Yet, the obnoxious thief had not learned one dog damn thing.

You see, the cunt was exposed by the Daily Mirror in December 2013 for clocking on at the House of Lords, claiming his £300 attendance fee and then simply fucking off home.

And when confronted with the evidence, what did the noble lord have to say?

Brazen ex-jailbird Lord Hanningfield told our reporter he should be sent to prison for exposing his expenses fiddle.

In what could be a thinly veiled reference to attempts to bring in new laws to stifle the press after the Leveson Inquiry, he said: “Thank goodness people are going to stop people doing things like that.”

Earlier he stormed: “I am trying to get back on track again… and if people like you put me off track again you deserve to be in prison.”  Source

PHOTO: Hanningfield photographed after clocking on and then off in order to recieve his £300 attendance allowance

The Mirror then goes on to say:

Lord Hanningfield and Lord Taylor of Warwick, both jailed for fiddling their expenses, have kept their seats in the House of Lords.

They are all eligible for a £300 attendance rate.

The House of Lords costs taxpayers more than £100million per year.

More than £2million of public money goes on subsiding peers’ restaurants and bars alone.

Annual accounts for 2012-13 show the Lords cost a total of £101,896,000. This covers Members’ expenses and allowances, staff salaries, pension and admin costs, as well as security for the House.

More than one fifth, roughly £21million, is paid out to cover the expenses for the 760 Lords, bishops and baronesses.

They can also dine in their fancy restaurants on a subsidised rate, costing the taxpayer £2,361,437 per year, or £63,823 for each of the 37 weeks the Lords were sitting.

Each of the House of Lords’ 760 peers benefits from an £84 discount on their food every week so they can eat foie gras and steak on the cheap.

That is on top of the £300-a-day “subsistence” allowance to cover food and accommodation for each day they attend.

Another of those scapegoats, Eric Morley who was jailed for just 16 months, only served a quarter of that sentence… A FUCKING QUARTER PEOPLE:

MORLEY, who claimed more than £30,000 in bogus mortgage payments between 2004 and 2007, was released from Ford open prison, West Sussex, early this morning.

EXPENSES fraud former MP Elliot Morley has been freed from prison after serving a quarter of his 16-month sentence for fiddling his parliamentary claims. 

The former environment minister, who claimed more than £30,000 in bogus mortgage payments relating to his home in Winterton, near Scunthorpe, North Lincolnshire, between 2004 and 2007, was released from Ford open prison, near Arundel, West Sussex, early this morning.  Source

The despicable arse clinker Jim Devine given the same sentence as Morley, also only served a quarter of the sentence:

The former Labour MP for Livingston, who was jailed for 16 months in March after being branded a liar by his trial judge, was released from Standford Hill Prison in Kent this morning.

Expenses cheat MP Jim Devine was released from prison today after serving just a quarter of his sentence, sources said.

The former Labour MP for Livingston, who was jailed for 16 months in March after being branded a liar by his trial judge, was released from Standford Hill Prison in Kent this morning.

He spent four months behind bars after submitting false invoices totalling £8,385 between 2008 and 2009 – after politicians’ claims had already become front-page news.

It is understood that Devine, 58, was freed under the home detention curfew scheme, which allows prisoners who pose a low risk to be tagged and released early after serving at least a quarter of their sentence. 

He is the third former MP jailed over the parliamentary expenses scandal to be released. 

Eric Illsley and David Chaytor have already been tagged and released under the same scheme after serving part of their sentences. 

Devine told his Southwark Crown Court trial that he was acting on advice given with a “nod and a wink” by a fellow MP in a House of Commons bar.  Source

I gotta tell ya, that I find it hard to even write this shit.

Course, there should have been one other slag cunt MP who went to prison – but she cried and got let off… You probably think that I am fucking joking, but I am way past the point of joking.

The cunt in question is the ex Labour MP  Margaret Moran… Although the ‘A’ in ‘Moran’ should be replaced with an ‘O’.

Over to you again Wikipedia:

On 6 September 2011 the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) announced that Moran would face 21 criminal charges – 15 of false accounting and six charges of forgery.

She was summoned to appear at Westminster Magistrates’ Court on 19 September 2011 where she was reported to have wept throughout the hearing.

Moran was sent to the Crown Court at Southwark for trial on 30 October 2011.

She failed to appear and a ‘not guilty’ plea was entered by default in her absence.

A date for the trial of an issue was set for 18 April with a directions hearing set for 15 December. On 15 December 2011 Mr Justice Saunders was informed that psychiatrists considered Moran unfit to plead with the defence contending that the trial should therefore not proceed.

In April 2012, after receiving evidence from a number of psychiatrists, the judge determined that Moran was not fit to plead.

On 13 November 2012 a jury found her guilty of the acts alleged.

And that is what passes for fucking justice in the Cuntry.

Of course, justice doesn’t apply to these Sniffenpissin monsters.

Have a read of the following and then tell me it does:

  •  Tony Blair‘s expenses were shredded ‘by mistake’ when they were the subject of a legal bid to have them published.
  • Conservative Derek Conway was alleged in May 2007 to have employed and paid his son, a student at the time. The matter was forwarded to the House of Commons Standards and Privileges Committee, whose report dated 28 January 2008 concluded there was no record of such work. Conway was suspended for 10 days and ordered to repay £13,000. Conway was also expelled from the party. A second case a year later found he had done the same with regard to his other son.
  • Chairman of the Conservative Party Caroline Spelman was alleged in June 2008 to have paid for her nanny out of parliamentary expenses during her early years in Parliament, between 1997 and 1998 an allegation that became known as “Nannygate”. It was ruled that she had inadvertently “misapplied part of [her] parliamentary allowances”, but calls for her sacking were rebutted since she might not have been aware of the rules governing the use or purpose of parliamentary allowances. The committee recommended that Spelman repay £9,600.
  • Married couple and Labour Cabinet ministers Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper were accused in September 2007 of exploiting the Commons’ allowances system in order to pay for a £655,000 house in London. The complaint, centring on the gain made by allocation of their “second house”, was dismissed since it was held the couple had acted in accordance with parliamentary rules.
  • Married Conservative MPs Sir Nicholas and Lady Winterton were accused in June 2008 of claiming back mortgage interest on a mortgage they had fully repaid, on a flat they owned in London, and then also placing the flat in trust and claiming for the rent on it. It was held there had been a clear breach of the rules, but no repayment was ordered.
  • Labour Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was stated to have claimed for her main home by designating it as a second home, while identifying as her main home a location she spent as little as 2 days a week, and despite also having access to a “grace and favour” home in Westminster. No investigation was held, however, the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards stating there was “not sufficient evidence for an inquiry”.
  • Labour minister Tony McNulty admitted claiming expenses for a second home in Harrow, 8 miles from his main home in Hammersmith, and asserted they were appropriate, but ceased claiming the allowances. Under continuing pressure, he apologised to the House for expenses abuses on 29 October 2009.
  • Conservative MP Eric Pickles likewise was identified as claiming for a second home 37 miles from his main home

Source: Wikipedia.

Hang your head in shame people, because you are letting these abhorrent cunts piss all over you.

There now follows a series of quotes by our honourable MP’s – all given after the expenses scandal:

  • Gordon Brown, the Prime Minister, during a speech to the Royal College of Nursing Conference on 11 May, apologised “on behalf of all politicians” for the expenses claims that had been made.

Oh, that is fine then Dead Eye Dick. Carry on .

  • David Cameron, the Leader of the Opposition, said that all MPs should apologise for the expenses scandal, shortly after the Telegraph published the claims of members of the Shadow Cabinet. Cameron also admitted that the existing system “was wrong and we’re sorry about it”. The following day, 12 May, Cameron said that some of the claims made were “unethical and wrong”, and imposed new rules on what Conservative MPs could claim for in the future.

Way to go Cunt Cameron… He did fuck all.

  • Ben BradshawMinister of State in the Department of Health, raised the spectre of MPs being sent to prison for abusing the expenses system.

But that simply hasn’t happened.

There have been numerous MP’s still caught fiddling their expenses post 2009, yet only one has been sent to prison.

Take the cunt Eric Joyce for example mentioned in the following snippet published in September 2013, which also highlights what I said earlier about justice not applying to our cunt MP’s:

DISGRACED MP Eric Joyce claimed £191,783 of taxpayers’ cash on top of his £65,000 salary over the last year – despite calls to quit.

The figure included £47,326 of personal expenses for drink, food, travel and accommodation.

Falkirk MP Joyce has continued to claim for everything from ­restaurant meals to parking fees and hotel bills despite having destroyed his career through booze fuelled ­bust-ups.

The former Army major was forced to resign from the Labour Party after lashing out at fellow ­politicians at a House of Commons bar in February last year.

He yelled: “There are too many f****** Tories in here” before headbutting Tory MP Stuart Andrew and attacking councillors Luke Mackenzie and Ben Maney and Labour MP Phil Wilson.

The 51-year-old later told police: “You can’t touch me, I’m an MP.”

Joyce was given a 12-month community order and handed a three-month curfew, forcing him to wear a tag which he later cut off with scissors resulting in a further court fine. Source

Imagine what would happen to anyone else cutting off their prison tag?

The MP in question- the only one imprisoned since 2009 – was jailed for just 6 months in December last year and was of course Denis MacShane who thought it okay to help himself to £13 grand of our money.

Let the quotes continue:

  • Lord Foulkes, when being interviewed for BBC News by Carrie Gracie to defend Michael Martin, asked Gracie how much money she earned. When she said she earned £92,000, Foulkes said: “£92,000? So you’re paid nearly twice as much as an MP to come on and talk this nonsense.” Gracie defended herself by saying that she paid for all of her phone calls and “understood what public sector money is about”.

And there are not too many fucking MP’s on less than £92 grand a fucking year, I can tell you.

But this last one is the fucking best:

  • Anthony Steen, Conservative MP for Totnes, told BBC Radio 4‘s The World at One that he ‘didn’t see what all the fuss is about,’ and suggested that the public were ‘jealous’ of his house that he compared to Balmoral Castle, the Royal residence. David Cameron, Conservative party leader, disapproved strongly of his statement, saying, ‘One more squeak like that and he will have the whip taken away from him so fast his feet won’t touch the ground.’. As a result of his involvement in the scandal, he declined to contest the next general election.

And that is a perfect example of the sheer arrogance of these cunts and the utter contempt that they hold those in whom they were elected to serve.


Take Jeremy Cunt for instance. The following is from November 2013:

WITH a £4million fortune about to be boosted to £21million, you’d think Jeremy Hunt could afford his own stationery.

But the mega-rich Tory Health Secretary has instead claimed 5p from taxpayers for just one large paperclip.

The miserly minister also submitted expenses requests for an 8p page marker and a 41p black folder.

The claims came to light as it was revealed that Hunt will shortly pocket £17million by selling his 
49 per cent stake in education publishing firm Hotcourses.

The MP has also racked up £5543 in car expenses since griping about losing his ministerial limo in 2010 – when half his staff were facing the axe due to cuts.

Labour MP John Mann said: “The rule in Parliament seems to be the richer you are, the more you don’t just watch the pennies but claim the pennies. He could pay for his own chauffeur and 
take someone off the dole with this £17million.”

Hunt’s spokeswoman defended the penny-pinching, saying: “These items were part of a bulk order of office supplies that all MPs claim to support their parliamentary and constituency duties.”

The paper clip claim follows revelations that Chancellor George Osborne is raking in £10,000 a month letting out his family home while living rent-free in his flat above Downing Street.  Source

And then there is the stinking arsehole Liam Fox. This following report was published last October:

WHAT planet does Liam Fox live on?

After all the revelations and scandals over MPs’ expenses you think he would have learned to check his claims thoroughly.

Yet somehow the former defence secretary thought it would be acceptable to claim a measly 3p for a car journey it would’ve taken him a minute to walk.

When asked about it, he shrugged it off as something processed by his office in line with the rules.

The Daily Record is happy to confirm Fox is right about that. His claim was perfectly legitimate under the regulations.

This isn’t the “flipping” of a second home or false accounting. And it certainly doesn’t involve the eye-watering amounts of money exposed in some cases during the original expenses scandal.

But once again it shows the Tories’ complete and utter detachment from the realities of life for so many people in the UK.

To claim 3p at a time when many families are struggling to afford enough food to eat is an insult.

It is worth remembering that Fox was last heard of back in March, when he demanded another attack on the poor to fund tax cuts for the rich.

The Scots-born MP urged Prime Minister David Cameron to slash spending on welfare even further so their millionaire pals could fill their pockets even more.

And Fox remains one of the loudest voices on the Tory benches perpetuating the shameful view of the poor as scroungers who want something for nothing.

Yet here he is unwilling to be 3p out of pocket for a trip of 0.06 miles.  Source

Say no more

And talking about that breath taking arrogance and contempt in the wake of the expenses scandal, far from wanting our MP’s to become more transparent, two of the vilest cunts to ever walk this earth set about trying to get their and their fellow MP’s exempted from having to disclose their expenses.

The first of those two is the Sniffenpissin paedophile slag Harriet Harman:

In January 2009, Harriet HarmanLeader of the House of Commonstabled a motion which would exempt MPs’ expenses from being disclosed under a Freedom of Information request, in order to prevent any further disclosure of information. 

Labour MPs were placed under a three line whip in order to force the motion through the Commons. However, opposition parties stated they would vote against the proposals, and large-scale public opposition emerged. The proposals were ultimately dropped on 21 January 2009.

The Commons authorities announced that full disclosure of all MPs’ expenses would be published on 1 July 2009 Source

And the second is the piss taking dwarf cunt John Bercow:

MPS are pocketing nearly £20,000 a year of taxpayers’ cash by renting homes to each other.

The scandal was revealed yesterday after Commons Speaker John Bercow launched a fight to stop publication of a list of landlords who are paid out of MPs’ new rent allowance.

He insisted he was only trying to protect MPs’ security, arguing that releasing details of where they live could put them at risk.

But Sir Alistair Graham, former chairman of sleaze watchdog the committee on standards in public life, said: “It would be most unfortunate if the Speaker was seen to be involved in what looked like a potential cover-up.”

The rent merry-go-round exploits a loophole in rules introduced after the expenses scandal. Under the new rules, MPs have to rent a second home rather than buying one and can claim up to £19,900 a year.

The rules were meant to stop politicians building property empires using public money to pay mortgages.  Source

And then on July the 13th last year, The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority (Ipsa) kindly gave our MPs special dispensation to claim higher expenses to rent bigger properties and to pay for their children’s travel.

This followed lobbying from MPs who can now claim thousands of pounds extra for each child they register with the expenses regulator.

According to the Telegraph:

At least nine Government ministers have registered to benefit, Ipsa has disclosed. Some MPs have made more than £10,000 on the scheme. Such a perk would not be available in the private sector and will add to the debate over the pay and perks packages of MPs. Source

And as they say themselves, “all those on benefits are scroungers”… Just sayin.

So there you have it.

Maria Miller is just one of the 1430 piss taking cunts who have learned fuck all since the 2009 expenses scandal and until WE say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH, they will carry on taking the right fucking piss.

Nuff said.


BREAKING NEWS: Maria Miller QUITS as Culture Secretary in wake of expenses scandal

  • Tory MP was under huge pressure to quit over mortgage payments
  • Mrs Miller’s resignation letter to David Cameron said scandal ‘became a distraction from the vital work the Government is doing’
  • Basingstoke MP widely criticised over 32-second apology in Commons
  • Ordered to pay back £5,800 and say sorry to the Commons after inquiry


PUBLISHED: 07:21, 9 April 2014 | UPDATED: 08:13, 9 April 2014



Maria Miller today finally resigned as Culture Secretary after the row over her expense claims became a catastrophic distraction for the government.

The Basingstoke MP quit the Cabinet after becoming overwhelmed by a chorus of disapproval from Tory MPs and ministers over her mortgage claims and her terse, 32-second apology to the Commons six days ago.

Prime Minister David Cameron had been determined to cling on to one of his early supporters as Tory leader, but at 7am as he prepared for a drubbing at PMQs he reluctantly admitted the row was causing damage to the entire government and she had to go.

Resignation: The Basingstoke MP, pictured leaving Downing Street yesterday, stood down as Culture Secretary this morning following controversy over her mortgage claims and the tone of her apology to MPs


Resignation: The Basingstoke MP, pictured leaving Downing Street yesterday, stood down as Culture Secretary this morning following controversy over her mortgage claims and the tone of her apology to MPs


Prime Minister David Cameron said he was ‘sad’ at the circumstances of her departure and hoped she could make a return ‘in due course’ but was accepting her resignation.


1996: Bought double-fronted Victorian terrace house in Wimbledon, south-west London, for £234,000

2005: Elected Tory MP for Basingstoke

2005-2009: Claimed £90,718 in expenses on the property

2007: Increased the mortgage for a second time to £575,000, with taxpayers meeting the cost

2009 April: Stopped claiming expenses

2009 May: Commons officials wrote to MPs demanding they sign a declaration agreeing to pay capital gains tax on second homes

2010: Became minister for Disabled People

2011: Started claiming expenses on renting a property in her Basingstoke constituency

September 2012: Joined Cabinet as Culture Secretary

December 2012: Labour MP John Mann made a complaint about claiming expenses because her elderly parents lived in the house

2014: Sold London home for £1.47million, a profit of £1.236million

In her resignation letter, the Basingstoke MP told Mr Cameron she was ‘very grateful’ for his personal support.

‘But it has become clear to me that the present situation has become a distraction from the vital work this Government is doing to turn our country around,’ she added.

She defended her work on press regulation – which allies have suggested has resulted in a media ‘witch hunt’ against her.

‘Of course, implementing the recommendations made by Lord Justice Leveson on the future of media regulation, following the phone hacking scandals, would always be controversial for the press,’ she wrote.

‘Working together with you, I believe we struck the right balance between protecting the freedom of the press and ensuring fairness, particularly for victims of press intrusion, to have a clear right of redress.’

Mr Cameron told her it was ‘important to be clear that the Committee on Standards cleared you of the unfounded allegations made against you, a point which has been lost in much of the comment in recent days’.

‘As you leave the Government, you should be proud of your service on the Frontbench and in Opposition,’ Mr Cameron said – including steering through gay marriage and press regulation.

‘I am personally very grateful for the support you have always given me, and which I am sure that you will continue to give.

‘I hope that you will be able to return to serving the Government on the Frontbench in due course, and am only sad that you are leaving the Government in these circumstances.’

This is the house in Wimbledon, south London, which Mrs Miller owned for 19 years, claiming expenses to pay the mortgage for four years, before selling it for £1.4million


This is the house in Wimbledon, south London, which Mrs Miller owned for 19 years, claiming expenses to pay the mortgage for four years, before selling it for £1.4million

Dream home: This is Maria Miller's new £1.2million converted Tudor barn in Hampshire, bought after selling her family home in Wimbledon for £1.4million


Dream home: This is Maria Miller’s new £1.2million converted Tudor barn in Hampshire, bought after selling her family home in Wimbledon for £1.4million

The Culture Secretary’s dramatic decision this morning comes just hours after she used a column in her local newspaper to try to save her job.

She has been widely criticised following her 32-second apology in the Commons last week after being ordered to repay £5,800 in overclaimed mortgage costs.

Prime Minister David Cameron had vowed to stand by Mrs Miller and refused to sack her but his judgment was came into question from other Tories


Prime Minister David Cameron had vowed to stand by Mrs Miller and refused to sack her but his judgment was came into question from other Tories

It follows days of mounting public and political pressure on the MP to quit and signs she was losing support among Tory colleagues despite Mr Cameron’s backing.

The Culture Secretary had used a column in her local newspaper, the Basingstoke Gazette, to broaden her widely criticised 32-second apology in the Commons last week after being ordered to repay £5,800 in overclaimed mortgage costs.

‘I am devastated that this has happened, and that I have let you down,’ she told constituents.

But last night, Mrs Miller’s appeal appeared to be falling on deaf ears, as the Basingstoke Gazette’s website was overwhelmed with almost universally negative comments from readers.

Mr Cameron appeared determined to stand by Mrs Miller, despite a growing number of Tory MPs insisting publicly that she should go.

Downing Street repeatedly pointed out she had been cleared of the central allegation against her – that she set out to cheat taxpayers to fund a property lived in by her parents.

Mrs Miller’s position in the Cabinet  precarious after she was forced to apologise to the Commons and pay back £5,800.

David Cameron has refused to sack her, despite a poll showing 78 per cent of people think Mrs Miller should be fired.

Last week the independent standards commissioner Kathryn Hudson said Mrs Miller had overclaimed for expenses on her mortgage by £45,000.

But in a dispute about the rules at the time, Miss Hudson was overruled by MPs on the Commons Standards Committee which said she need repay only £5,800.

Mrs Miller caused further outrage with a 32-second apology to the comments, after she was criticised for her attitude to the year-long inquiry into her claims.




9 April 2014

Dear Prime Minister,

It is with great regret that I have decided that I should tender my resignation as a member of the Cabinet.

I am very grateful to you for your personal support but it has become clear to me that the present situation has become a distraction from the vital work this Government is doing to turn our country around.

I have been a member of the Conservative Party for more than 30 years. As a working mother, educated at a South Wales comprehensive school, I know that it is our party that understands the importance of giving everyone the opportunity to succeed regardless of where they come from.

I am immensely proud of what my team have been able to achieve during my time in Government: ensuring that our arts and cultural institutions receive the rightful recognition that they deserve in making Britain Great; putting women front and centre of every aspect of DCMS’s work; putting in place the legislation to enable all couples to have the opportunity to marry regardless of their sexuality.

Of course, implementing the recommendations made by Lord Justice Leveson on the future of media regulation, following the phone hacking scandals, would always be controversial for the press. Working together with you, I believe we struck the right balance between protecting the freedom of the press and ensuring fairness, particularly for victims of press intrusion to have a clear right of redress.

I will continue to support you and the work of the Government as you move forward. Ensuring the best future for the people of Basingstoke has been my priority throughout the last nine years. Whether on the front or back benches of the House of Commons I will continue this work.

The only reason I was able to become an MP and indeed a government minister and cabinet minister is because of the unstinting support of my husband, my mother, my father and my three children. I owe them all a great deal.

Maria Miller


9 April 2014

Dear Maria,

Thank you for your letter. I was very sorry to receive it.

I think it is important to be clear that the Committee on Standards cleared you of the unfounded allegations made against you, a point which has been lost in much of the comment in recent days.

You can be extremely proud of your work in Government – as Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, as Minister for Women and as Minister for Disabled People.

You have been responsible for successfully handling two of the most controversial issues with which this Government has dealt. As Culture Secretary, you have played a critical role in advancing Britain’s proud record of respect and equality in piloting the Equal Marriage Act through Parliament and onto the Statute Book. There are many people in our country today, and there will be many in the future, who will always be grateful for this very important change, which you did so much to bring about. You have also handled the sensitive subject of press regulation with skill and dedication.

You can be very proud as well that you have led one of the most important infrastructure projects: many more premises are now able to access super-fast broadband . You have also ensured a lasting legacy for the Olympic Games.

As you leave the Government, you should be proud of your service on the Frontbench and in Opposition.

I am personally very grateful for the support you have always given me, and which I am sure that you will continue to give. I hope that you will be able to return to serving the Government on the Frontbench in due course, and am only sad that you are leaving the Government in these circumstances.

David Cameron

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