Met Plod Squad Ordered: Be Nice


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The Independent Police Coverups Commission watchdog has urged the UK’s national Plod Squad to reduce the use of excessive force following complaints from scores of victims hospitalised and crippled after receiving a taste of the gratuitous violence dished out willy-nilly by the homicidal maniac Riot Unit officers assigned to the Met’s Territorial Support Group’s knuckle-draggers division.


The IPCC report claims public confidence will be further damaged and reduced to minus zero percent unless the psycho-infested TSG put a stop to the culture of oppressive conduct and racist behaviour, and improve the manner in which they conduct their ethnic-biased impromptu ‘stop and strip search’ operations in the middle of the High Street.


Emphasis was made on the need to rein in the clinically insane elements of the TSG to prevent them going berserk when dealing with breaches of the Public Order Act situations – such as the recent appalling incident where several Bolshie members of the Smegmadale-on-Sea Townswomen’s Guild were clubbed to death while waving ‘No to Mutant Meals’ and ‘Frankenfoods Fuck Up DNA’ banners and protesting on the edge of a field hosting one of Monsanto’s experimental toxic GMO insta-tumour crops – and refused to disperse.


A review was begun by the IPCC into complaints and conduct cases filed against the not-fit-for-purpose TSG between 2008 and 2012 – not only by the victims of their excessive use of force but also paramedics, hospital staff, funeral directors and coroner’s courts whose systems were being overloaded with the injured, maimed – and corpses – every time a group of the common herd got a cob on with the Libservative Coalition government’s latest ‘hack n burn’ austerity measures and gathered to protest against G20 fiscal policies or student tuition fee hikes or welfare benefit cuts – or Posh Dave Scameron’s refusal to honour his ‘forked tongue’ pledge to grant the proletariat an ‘in or out’ vote referendum on continued membership of the fascist EUSSR community.


The Met’ fields a current compliment of 793 Territorial Support Group rough trade Philistines in and around the capital to deal with public order issues and terrorism – plus crimes involving Brazilian electricians out to impersonate Muslim suicide bombers – or the likes of Jody McIntyre, demonstrating against government initiatives while drunk in charge of a wheelchair.


One controversial incident in which the offending officer was cleared of all disciplinary charges – thanks to the contradictions, lies and inconsistencies in TSA narratives – involved the Neanderthal Sgt Delboy Stinkie bringing his wife-beating habits to work and thumping a defenceless Nicola Fisher in the face in a definite breach of Plod Squad anger management policy – using the excuse she was in possession of an orange juice carton that he mistook for an AK47 assault rifle which caused ‘fear and alarm’ – hence his pugilistic reaction with fists and a telescopic steel baton was simply an act of self-defence.


The IPCC report indicates there had been a sustained decline in complaints concerning the use of excessive force and gratuitous violence against TSG officers since 2009 – mainly due the fact most of the victims were brain damaged – or deceased – and in no state to register a grievance.


Here parallels were drawn with the case of defenceless newspaper vendor Ian Tomlinson, an innocent passer-by who inadvertently came within hailing distance of the site of the 2009 G20 protests in London and was hit with a baton from behind and shoved violently to the ground by a craven PC Simon Harwood – who apparently got off on bullying defenceless members of the public – especially while his i/d was removed and enjoying the air of anonymity provided by a balaclava and riot gear helmet.


Due drawing a jury unable to differentiate between shit and shinola at his trial, the smarmy Harwood was acquitted of the hapless Tomlinson’s manslaughter (read ‘murder’) but had his name entered into the Naughty Book after being found guilty of breaching standards by a Metropolitan Police disciplinary panel and is now allegedly employed by one of the G4S or Serco Renta-Thug security agencies.


Thought for the day. Our national Plod Squad – the type of pricks who could fuck up a perfectly good anvil – amount to no more than an actual ‘uniformed’ prime example of Mother Nature’s failed experiment with intelligence-equipped bipeds.

These enforcers of the political elite and the rich and shameless need to be reminded to be nice to people as it’s the common herd that pay their wages.

Ha – some chance of that happening before Hell freezes over.


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