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Quite obviously these piss taking cunts don’t care if people know they are taking the piss or not.

If you read the following article about the Tory Party’s £1000 per head fund raising dinner and don’t get the right fucking hump about the extravagance and waste, while children go hungry in this country, then you are one of the brain dead fucktards.

According to the Mirror:

“The event was so lavish, tens of thousands of pounds had been spent on the flowers alone.

But if reading shit like that isn’t bad enough, sentences such as the following really send my blood pressure sky high:

In a forthright speech, Mr Cameron laid out how he had paid back his rich donors through tax cuts while pursuing policies that have meant pain for millions.

Could the cunt get any more brazen?

The glorified actor then continues:

“Who is cutting corporation tax to the lowest level of the G20? That’s what you’re doing.

Fuck knows why the slimy ponce came out with that shit?

The big corporations don’t pay fucking tax, or very little. Fuck me, they spend more on lobbying than they pay in tax.

I feel sure that the comment had Gideon Bean coming in his Captain Scarlet underpants though.

Yet woe betide the average working Joe if he owes the inland revenue a few bob.

All I can do is shake my very tired and weary fucking head.

I know that I keep saying it, but these cunts are killing us and have to go.

What are you all so fucking scared of that you are prepared to sacrifice your children’s or your grandchildren’s fucking future?

Fuck me people, where is your fucking fight? Where’s your spirit? Where’s your fucking pride?

What are you actually doing to put a stop to this madness… I know what I’m fucking doing and its a fucking lot more than my fair share.

To be Frank… Cos it’s a good fucking name as it happens – I’m sick to fucking death of hearing “well, what should I do?”

Or, “I would do something but if no one else joins in, its pointless”.

Is it bollocks pointless. If nothing else, make a stand for your own fucking pride and sense of fucking self worth.

I’ve been waging my own private war against the cunts for well over a decade… Long before I started writing.

I didn’t have to ask what to fucking do. I didn’t need any cunt to back me up. I did it because no cunt is going to mug me off without me retaliating.

So, I haven’t paid a TV licence or water bill for 13 or 14 years.

I also fucked the debt collection agencies off years ago… I’m due in court today, for non payment of council tax as it happens.

Fuck em.

They are cunts and  will get fuck all off of me… Zero.

I do not and will not contribute to the fortunes of fat useless nonce ponce cunts who want me dead.

I didn’t fill in the Census… Its no cunts business except mine on how many people live here. Or how many bedrooms I have.

Neither is it any of their business  what the fuck I got up to on the twelfth of never… Nosey cunts.

I’m not on the electoral role either… Yet the cunts still know where to fucking find me. So why do I need to be on the electoral role?

Answer: I don’t, the cunts just want to know the inside and out of every little aspect of your life. They are control freaks. 

Course, they threatened me with all types of punishment… But they ain’t had nothing out of me for all of their fucking threats.

Threats mean fuck all to you, if you are not scared… And it will take a lot more than them useless, pasty skinned prats to scare me.

They even send Muppets round… Fuck em. They are the ones who look like cunts standing outside my door in all weathers.

And that includes the plods, Laurel and fucking Hardy in plain clothes who have been around twice.

They can all go and fuck themselves too. 

It has fuck all to do with bravery… Its called self respect.

You do realise that writing this shit will get me fucking killed don’t you? And for what?

So as you lot can make me a conspiracy fucking theory or talk about the size of my fucking balls?

Because I gotta tell ya. From where I’m fucking sitting, that ain’t a fair fucking trade off.

If you know that some cunt is trying to kill you, you take them down first. You don’t wait around until your too fucking helpless to fight back.

I don’t want to be a fucking dead hero.

I want you cunts to fucking grow a pair and say ENOUGH. NO FUCKING MORE.

I’ve got the right fucking hump now.


Inside Tory summer ball: Recession, what recession as guests bid for grouse shoots and £90,000 bust of David Cameron

While the country struggles with the recession and unemployment, guests paid at least £1,000 a head

Night out: The Camerons arrive for the lavish partyNight out: The Camerons arrive for the lavish party


David Cameron has taken time out to chillax and sip champagne with the loaded fatcats who will fund his next election campaign.

While the country struggles with the recession and unemployment, the Prime Minister welcomed a judo pal of Russian President Vladimir Putin, millionaire hedge fund traders and TV presenter Tania Bryer at the Tory summer ball.

Guests in London had paid at least £1,000 a head to get a seat at the event attended by the leader and his Cabinet.

Drinking vintage champagne, the 450 revellers at Old Billingsgate Market in the City mingled with politicians, including Chancellor George Osborne and Mayor Boris Johnson – who cycled there.

Hundreds of thousands of pounds were raised in an auction, with grouse shoots and the obligatory Margaret Thatcher portrait on offer to the true blue faithful.

And there was laughter as a bronze bust of Mr Cameron – who was at the event with wife Samantha – went up for sale.

But the PM’s blushes were spared by a foreign businessman who snapped up the artwork for a massive £90,000.

One reveller said: “There was obvious laughter when it came up for auction.

“Everyone thought it wouldn’t go and there were no bids until a businessman stepped in. It could have looked awful for him.

“The event was so lavish, tens of thousands of pounds had been spent on the flowers alone. Security was very tight and everyone was told to keep their phones away and take no pictures.

“They knew exactly what it would look like if details of the bash got out.”

Lisa Tchenguiz, Heather Kerzner & Anita ZabludowiczRevellers: Anita Zabludowicz with pals at bash

Guests were treated to an extravagant menu, including smoked rainbow trout, guinea fowl stuffed with herbs and mascarpone, and rhubarb and elderflower tart with gingerbread cream.

The event, hosted by City boss Howard Shore, was themed Holding 40, Gaining 40 – the target the Tories have set for seats to win the next election.

Each table at the dinner was named after a target constituency.

Ex-Ulster Unionist MP turned City PR David Burnside invited a host of Russian businessmen to his table, including Vasily Shestakov, who penned a judo book with his close pal Mr Putin.

Now an MP in Russia’s Duma assembly, he heads a unit which aims to spin Russia’s – and Mr Putin’s – negative image.

billings gateVenue: City’s Old Billingsgate Market

Seated next to Boris Johnson was billionaire property developer Poju Zabludowicz who is no stranger to donating money to the Tories.

In 2011 he said he was “extremely disappointed” to hear he had been tricked into funding the lavish lifestyle of former Defence Secretary Liam Fox and adviser Adam Werritty, who blew his £3,000 donation jaunting round the globe.

He was angry at suggestions he benefited from the payments.

But at Monday’s bash he and art collecting wife Anita seemed to spend an enjoyable night with Mr Johnson.

Club mogul Peter Stringfellow was also there with his pregnant wife, Bella.

In a forthright speech, Mr Cameron laid out how he had paid back his rich donors through tax cuts while pursuing policies that have meant pain for millions.

Peter & Bela StringfellowBacking: Peter Stringfellow with wife Bella

He said: “Think of what you have done through your support for the Conservative Party.

“Who is cutting corporation tax to the lowest level of the G20? That’s what you’re doing.

“Who has brought in the benefit cap? You have.

“Who has frozen council tax for three years in a row? That is what your support for the Conservative Party has done.

“Who has cut the top rate of income tax making Britain competitive again, saying to wealth creators come here, invest here, that is what this Government’s done.”

The conservative party invitation to 2013 summer ballInvite: Guests paid at least £1,000 a head

The PM made clear his backers would have to dig deep for the campaign in May 2015.

And he said he wanted to ditch the Coalition. He said: “I want a full Conservative majority. I want to do more.

“I am not interested in fiddling about with our constitution, I want a government dedicated to firing up enterprise in Britain.

“We have to throw everything we have got at the next election.

“This will be the mother and father of all election battles, the toughest fight in years and we need your support every step of the way.”

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