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Christopher Spivey.

Now to fully understand this article we need to revisit October 2012 when the useless tool, Tom Watson MP stood up in the House of Conmens and made a statement about a paedophile ring operating out of number 10 Downing Street:

A powerful paedophile network may have operated in Britain, protected by its connections to Parliament and Downing Street, a senior Labour politician suggested today.

Speaking from the back benches of the House of Commons, Tom Watson, deputy chairman of the Labour Party, called on the Metropolitan Police to re-open a closed criminal inquiry into paedophilia. Source

We then fast forward a month when the BBC ‘Newsnight‘ program let it be known that it was set to release the name of a former MP who was a predatory paedophile.

However, before they got the chance, the name of that former MP (Lord Aleister McAlpine) was conveniently leaked on social media and quickly went viral.

Now, the man who was accusing this former MP was a mush named Steve Messham who alleged that he was the victim of child sexual abuse at the hands of McAlpine and other prominent names whilst a resident in Wales care homes.

Course, before the Newsnight program aired Messham did a U-Turn and blamed the POLICE for showing him a photo of the fella who had raped him. They then told Messham that the fella in the photo was Lord McAlpine – which apparently it wasn’t.

And because of that Police cock-up, McAlpine was cleared of the allegations, Messham’s reliability as a witness was shot and Newsnight never named him.

However, McAlpine still received substantial compensation from the BBC as well as ITV – who also never named him – as well as from Sally Bercow (Speaker John Bercow’s wife) who had published a tweet about him.

McAlpine’s Solicitor also ordered everyone who had named McAlpine on Twitter to hand over a fiver or also get sued.

Course, whilst the ruse worked out brilliant for the cunt McAlpine, it does not alter the fact that he was guilty as fuck. Indeed, his innocent young victims have alleged that if they refused to have sex with him, he would have them buried in a coffin.

And of course, once these boys – terrified beyond belief – were dug up they were willing to do whatever the fat nonce wanted them to do rather than face being buried alive again… Think about that for a moment.

Now, here is what really went on. You see, following the huge number of child abuse victims who came forward after Jimmy Savile’s death, the establishment was alarmed by the other famous names cropping up and drastic action needed to be taken to stop that.

And so began the elaborate ruse to do so. which started with Watson’s accusation in the House of Commons… He was telling the truth but only doing so in order to aid the forthcoming cover up.

Meantime, McAlpine knew that he was also going to be publicly implicated as a nonce and as such, ’employed’ Steve Messham as a patsy specifically so as he could be very publicly discredited – not to mention humiliated – thus clearing McAlpine’s name and [hopefully] putting off any more victims from coming forward.

The BBC, ITV, and Sally Bercow then paid out around half a million Pounds – in total – to McAlpine in compensation – for not naming him as nonce – and scaring to death all those on social media who had… Thus making them also think twice about doing so the next time.

And this is exactly the tactics that have been employed in the Carl Beech fiasco… Indeed, if something goes to plan the first time then why change tactics.

Mind you, this 2nd attempt at clearing our perverted nonce MPs – past & present – has far surpassed the Messham attempt.

In fact Carl Beech has just been jailed for EIGHTEEN fucking years! Now that is certain to put off any more victims from coming forward… Although I am not saying that Beech was a victim.

Yet is 18 years a just sentence for making sexual allegations against four very dubious characters – two of whom are dead and two who aren’t far off?

Mind you, that very long sentence is all part of the ruse and I doubt that in reality Beech will spend too long in prison – if he spends any at all.

You see, he was in fact a well chosen tool for the whitewash:

A fantasist whose repeated lies ruin the lives and tarnished the reputations of the high-profile men he falsely accused of being murderers and paedophiles has been jailed for 18 years.

The Metropolitan Police spent £2 million looking into Carl Beech’s allegations – made over the course of hours’ worth of tearful interviews – that he had been sadistically raped and abused by famous Westminster figures in the 1970s and 1980s.

The 51-year-old former nurse made malicious claims about men including 91-year-old Normandy veteran Field Marshal Lord Bramall, the late Lord Brittan and former Tory MP Harvey Proctor.

All three men had their homes searched by police officers during the Operation Midland probe, which was set up in 2014 to look into the divorced father-of-one’s allegations.

Carl Beech, 51, repeatedly told officers he had been abused in the 1970s and 1980s by a string of high-profile figures from the worlds of politics, the military and security services.

On Monday, Beech was convicted by a jury at Newcastle Crown Court of 12 counts of perverting the course of justice and one of fraud.

Speaking during his sentencing hearing, prosecutor Tony Badenoch QC said: ‘In this case, the defendant’s conduct amounted to the cynical manipulation of the criminal justice system on an unprecedented scale.’

He said that the offences demonstrated an ‘unparalleled cruelty and disregard’ towards those who he wrongly accused.

Mr Badenoch added: ‘These offences were motivated by entirely selfish purposes.’ … Source

So first off, let’s deal with the press labeling Beech as a “fantasist nurse” because that simply is not true, although it obviously serves a purpose for them to do so.

In fact Beech was so much more than a “nurse” although he is in all probability, a nonce himself. You see, he worked for the NHS for 25 years in quite senior managerial posts. He was also on the board of governors at two schools, held posts with the nonce “charity” the NSPCC and spoke at national and international conferences on child abuse:

The VIP paedophile ring accuser Carl Beech gave talks to children as young as five about the dangers of abuse on behalf of the NSPCC, it can be revealed.

Beech, himself a convicted paedophile after pleading guilty to hoarding indecent images of children and spying on a teenager urinating, volunteered for the charity by delivering assemblies and workshops to young children.

At the same time as he was going to police with his false claims about a murderous gang of high-profile abusers, Beech spoke to key stage 1 and 2 pupils at dozens of primary schools in Herefordshire as part of the NSPCC’s Speak Out Stay Safe scheme.

The 51-year-old father of one, who was also governor of two schools, volunteered for the NSPCC from November 2012 until July 2015. It is understood the charity was aware that Beech’s allegations had triggered Operation Midland, which was launched in November 2014, although he is not thought to have referred to his own experiences during the school talks.

He formally resigned and handed in his ID in February 2017. The charity said it had received no complaints about his behaviour while he was volunteering. In total, he volunteered at 33 schools for the NSPCC… Read More

Now that is very telling, but I will come back to the NSPCC shortly.

Beech was also responsible for ruining the career of a ‘whistle blower’ – Dr
Corascendea Cathar (see HERE):

So, in other words Beech conspired against a whistle blower then decided to become one himself… Hmmm!

And as you can see, he was hardly what you would call a “Nurse” with far too much responsibility to be labelled a “fantasist“.

Course, the fact that he was part of the NSPCC is very telling. I mean think about all of the Social Workers that they have employed over the years who have turned out to be paedophiles – many involved in the Satanic child sacrifice scandal of the 1990’s and beyond:

The NSPCC – a cash cow for rich nonces – also employed Heinrich Grosskopf , a convicted ANC terrorist (who blew up a South African Army Barracks maiming many children) as a grief counselor – of all things – at their Blackpool Center:

Grosskopf entered this country illegally yet was allowed to stay here by the John Major government!

Course, the fact that the NSPCC employed the nonces Princess Andrew and the vile, Peter Mandelson should tell you all that you need to know!

Beech also claims to have been sexually abused by his father and a paedophile ring from the age of 7-15… Which is probably true.

However, there can be no doubt that came from an upper middle-class background. You see his mother also worked for the NHS before becoming a vicar… She too was involved in “child protection“:

Therefore, there can be little doubt that Beech is not the imbecilic fantasist that the press are now making him out to be.

However, as an ordinary kiddie fiddler ordered to take the fall for the elite kiddie fiddlers, Beech is an ideal candidate.

Moreover, just like in the Messham fiasco, the police have come under severe criticism over how they handled the Beech investigation.

Indeed, the plod were credited with calling Beech a “credible witness” and like in the Messham case, none of them will receive any punishment for their fuck up:

None of the bungling police officers who spent 18 months and £2.5million investigating Carl Beech’s dreamt-up VIP paedophile ring will face any disciplinary action, it emerged today.

Metropolitan Police officers swallowed his lies and raided the homes of elderly suspects including Leon Brittan and Lord Bramall while giving their deceitful accuser anonymity and insisting his fabricated evidence was ‘credible and true’. 

MailOnline can reveal three officers helping run Operation Midland have been allowed to leave the force on full pensions while being probed by the Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) for alleged misconduct.

Detective Sergeant Eric Sword retired in 2017 at the age of 49 and his boss DCI Diane Tudway, who was promoted after Midland was shut down, retired last year. The third officer has not been identified.

They are in addition to Detective Superintendent Kenny McDonald – who branded Beech’s incredible claims ‘credible and true’ – and Deputy Assistant Commissioner Steve Rodhouse.

The three officers’ search warrant applications declared that Beech was ‘felt to be a credible witness who is telling the truth’ and said his account had remained consistent… Source

Course, the more cynical of you might question that £2.5 Million Pound cost of the investigation and some might even suggest that ‘some‘ people did in fact make an awful lot of money out of it.

Nevertheless, just like the dangerous nonce, Lord McAlpine was cleared of any wrong doing by the Messham fiasco, so have the four accused perverts implicated in the Beech fiasco.

They are the disgraced former MP, Harvey Proctor whom according to Dr Sally Baker’s website:

In 2003 Proctor was appointed the Private Secretary to the 11th Duke of Rutland at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire. He entered obscurity but of course hit the media again in 2015 when he was named as a suspect in the Operation Midland investigation into child abuse. Proctor held a press conference at which he angrily denied all allegations made against him – which included allegations that he had sexually tortured boys, attempted to castrate one of them and that a boy was murdered. The allegations against Proctor were tied up with allegations that Ted Heath abused boys – Proctor maintained that he hated Ted Heath so much that he wouldn’t have shared a cup of tea with him, let alone have attended an orgy in his company.

Now, this abuse was said to have taken place at the Dolphin Square apartment complex although I did in fact have to chuckle to myself at the time when following the police raid on his home, Proctor gave a press interview denying ever being in Dolphin Square – you know, the usual old bollocks – and then added that he had always been very discreet… He even implied that it was the press that was responsible for his downfall in the 1980’s!

Always someone else’s fault with these cunts isn’t it!

So lets have a look at how discreet the only politician to never go to the notorious, paedophile infested, Dolphin Square was:

Tall and gangly – he was once described in the Commons as a loping greyhound – the softly spoken Proctor revelled in the notoriety of being one of the most outspoken voices on the Tory backbenches.

Fiercely ambitious, Proctor was consistently overlooked for ministerial preferment by Mrs Thatcher because of views on immigration which even some Tories viewed as racist. The Whips, in charge of party discipline, also feared his sexuality would be an issue that would return to haunt them. They were right.

The first story to emerge in public about it was in 1981, when Terry Woods, a flamboyant art dealer who was his boyfriend, had left the MP’s London flat after a row and Proctor refused to let him back in. The fracas led to a court appearance in which Woods claimed he was in a relationship – albeit it a very tempestuous one – with the MP. Proctor repudiated the claim and got away with it.

Lurid allegations surfaced in a Sunday newspaper in September 1986 claiming he had organised gay spanking sessions with canes and teenage rent boys in his flat – allegations he dismissed as monstrous.

He was embarrassed again soon afterwards when Woods, who remained his long-term lover, was found in his underpants by the police outside the MP’s apartment. He admitted that he ‘loved’ Proctor but insisted the relationship was not sexual.

Days later a story emerged of how a naked Arab boy had been found under Proctor’s hotel bed on a Tunisian holiday.

When police eventually charged him over the teenage rent boys in his flat, Proctor bowed to the inevitable and announced he was standing down as an MP, admitting to a charge of gross indecency and accepting a fine of £1,450.

Proctor was ruined. He had to sell his house in the constituency and the flat in London and was on the dole for a year.

But he could never escape his past. One day in 1992, two men walked into the Richmond shop. One of them demanded: ‘Have you any boys for tying up before you spank them,’ and then the men started punching him

Proctor’s friend Neil Hamilton, then a government minister and in the shop at the time, came to Proctor’s aide and received a broken nose for his pains.  Source

Fuck me! He couldn’t have been less discreet if he had fucking tried… And as for his wholly corrupt friend, the also disgraced former MP, Neil Hamilton? Well he is very very good friends with the vile, predatory paedophile Derek Laud.

Laud even provided the Hamiltons with an alibi after they were arrested for sexually assaulting a woman in 2001- he said that he was having dinner with them at the time:

SCOTLAND YARD yesterday dropped its investigation into allegations that Neil and Christine Hamilton sexually assaulted a woman while another man raped her.

The Metropolitan Police now faces the prospect of being sued by the former Tory minister and his wife after one of its most embarrassing climbdowns in years.

Mr and Mrs Hamilton had always maintained that they had a “cast iron alibi” in the form of shop till receipts and mobile phone billsSource

And it goes without saying that Laud – speech writer to Margaret Thatcher and close friend to former Prime Mincer David Cameron – was also named as being in a government paedophile ring (see HERE)

Laud, who attended David Cameron’s wedding also holidayed with Prick Charles’s fag hag, Camilla Parker Bowles – just sayin’.

Moreover, Dr Sally Baker also has the following to say about Proctor – the nonce who never was:

Harvey Proctor is legendary. He was Chair of the York University Conservative Association between 1967-69, then the Assistant Director (1969-71) and a member of the executive council (1983-87) of the hard right Monday Club. He was the Tory MP for Basildon (1979-83) and then for Billericay (1983-87). In the early 80s some mind-boggling rumours circulated about Harvey Proctor, rumours so florid that I didn’t believe them.

He was alleged to be taking part in extreme S&M activities with under-aged boys. ‘Private Eye’ ran a few articles about him – he was featured in their ‘The New Boys’ column and I expected him to sue them. However he didn’t. Proctor became a source of fascination to the ‘Eye’ and sometime later they published allegations that a building that he owned was housing members of the League of St George (a far-right group) and then allegations that someone had been walking past his London flat, heard guttural noises coming from within and observed bloody handprints on the outside of the building.

Interestingly, no-one from the Tories denied these stories, they just ignored them. The rumours continued to circulate and eventually some Tories started expressing the opinion that Proctor was a serious embarrassment and that they’d rather he stood down.

In 1986 ‘The People’ newspaper claimed that Proctor was in same sex relationships with males and then the shit really hit the fan – in 1987 Proctor was found guilty of gross indecency and fined after participating in spanking sessions in which young male prostitutes were tied up. The prostitutes involved were not ‘children’, but they were under the legal age of consent for gay sex between men, which at the time was 21.

Proctor and others who were charged under similar circumstances now angrily point out that they were targeted for being gay and that the men that they were having sex with would these days be over the age of consent. I take their point about the relevant changes in the law – but whereas some of these men were charged for offences involving young men between the ages of 16 and 21, there were constant allegations that some of them had sometimes been sexually involved with boys under the age of 16.

Furthermore these rent boys had frequently been trafficked into prostitution at the age of 16-17 after leaving children’s homes, where they had been ‘groomed’ by years of sexual abuse – often accompanied by violence if they resisted. This was certainly the pattern regarding the kids from north Wales children’s homes – and John Allen, the owner of the Bryn Alyn Community, was known to own brothels in London and Brighton where children formerly in his care were sent after they left the children’s homes.

The boys pimped by Allen also alleged that he was involved with a major crime ring dealing in child porn and drugs. The defence used by Proctor et al never involves answering any difficult questions about where those rent boys had come from and why they were so willing to have sex with rather deranged sometimes elderly MPs whom they could not have found attractive in any way.

Proctor resigned his seat after his conviction and Theresa Gorman succeeded him. In 1988 Proctor established a shop in Richmond-Upon-Thames selling shirts, ties and waistcoats, after receiving a grant from the Gov’ts Enterprise Allowance Scheme. Proctor had considerable help establishing this business. The Tory Whip Tristan Garel-Jones organised the raising of the sum of £75,000 and over the following years, as Proctor’s shop repeatedly encountered financial difficulties, Tory MPs and former Tory MPs came to the rescue.

Some of the people who were financially involved with Proctor’s business were Jeffrey Archer, Michael Heseltine, David Heathcote-Amory, Mark Lennox-Boyd, Sir Nicholas Bonsor, Richard Shephard, David Evans, Neil Hamilton, Christine Hamilton, Tim Yeo, Michael Brown, David Ashby, Sir Neil Thorne, William Benyon and Sir Charles Morrison.

Charles Morrison was the older brother of Sir Peter Morrison whom it is now admitted was molesting boys in their mid-teens and younger, including boys resident in children’s homes in north Wales. Heseltine and Archer invested more than £100,000 in Proctor’s shop.



Moreover, Beech was not the only one to make allegations of a VIP paedopohile ring operating out of Dolphin Square.

You see, the Daily Record had the following to say about the paedo playground, which was home to former Conservative Party leader, Willie Hague – unsurprisingly enough – and was also home to Derek Laud too:

A VICTIM of a VIP paedophile ring believes a girl of 15 was killed at a vile orgy.

The new witness has told police he watched the teenager being taken into a ­terrifying “medical room” by a senior Tory MP – and never saw her again.

The sickening events are said to have taken place at London’s notorious Dolphin Square flats in the 1990s, the Sunday People can reveal.

He fears the teenager may have been killed by a brutal sadist acting out his horrific fantasies.

It would make her the fourth reported murder victim of a Westminster-based pervert ring, some of them household names.


The witness told the investigative website Exaro that he was himself abused while in his teens by prominent politicians and a famous comedian at the now notorious Dolphin Square complex in central London.

We are calling the man Darren, ­although that is not his real name ­because he lives in hiding, fearing for his own life. He is the third alleged victim of the gang to come forward.

Darren told us: “I would never have gone to those parties willingly. It was fear that led me to Dolphin Square.”

Recalling the night in 1993 he ­believes a girl died, he said: “I ­witnessed a senior Tory politician go into the medical room with a girl who I know was 15.

“This was a bedroom containing a hospital-type bed with shackles, gimp masks and a tiled, washable floor.

“She was 15 and in care. I didn’t know her name but had been bumping into her for years at paedophile parties. I had been trafficked for sex since I was a young boy, initially by my father.

“She had a smashing smile and wore braces on her teeth.

“I never saw her leave that room, in fact I never saw her again. I fear she may have been killed.”

Darren has identified the exact apartment in the luxury Dolphin Square complex where he claims abuse parties were held while he was a teenager.

He says he was taken to up to 20 orgies, which were ­attended by around 30 VIPs, and ­has described ordeals – ­including beatings with a cane – to Scotland Yard detectives investigating a string of historic sex abuse claims.

A former Tory cabinet minister ­already named to police by another alleged abuse victim, a Labour minister, and the famous TV comedy actor are among well-known faces he says were at Dolphin Square in the 1990s.

Darren claims he was driven to sex parties by the notorious paedophile Peter Righton, a former government adviser who had been recently fined for having indecent images of boys.

Righton would collect Darren and other boys from children’s homes in Suffolk and drive them to London in a luxury car, complete with leather seats and electric windows.

At Dolphin Square they would go to a four-bedroom serviced flat that had been rented out.

He recalled: “Guests would be standing around, chatting and drinking. There would be women there but they would leave before any sex took place.

“The attitude seemed to be that they would leave early so the boys could have their fun.”

Darren said that there were “very powerful” people at the gatherings. He went on: “They stood out a mile. I saw a former Labour minister at one party.

“They were very protective of their jackets. I think they were worried the boys would steal their wallets.”

Darren claimed violation and ­humiliation inflicted on youngsters at Dolphin Square ­became a familiar routine to him.

He said: “This Tory ­cabinet minister always insisted I should be presented to him with ladies’ underwear on beneath my clothes.

“The game he liked to play was that he would pretend he had spotted that I was wearing the lingerie.

“He would tell me I was a naughty boy for turning him on and take me into a bedroom and punish me.

“I was spanked with a bamboo cane that he brought with him, which was painful. I was then sexually abused.

“He liked boys to dress up in lacy women’s underwear. He would make a game of it.

“The minister would be accompanied by a minder who stayed outside while I was abused.”

The Dolphin Square apartment had three rooms ­specially fitted out and decorated to cater for the tastes of party guests, Darren said.

He claimed the spanking ex-minister preferred a ­bedroom known as the “leopard room” because it had a leopard skin rug.

Another was known as the “gay room” because it was “flowery and ­effeminate”.

Darren claimed that in this room he was forced to give oral sex to the famous comedian. He said: “At first he was an interested spectator at the parties but then decided to take part.

“He was much kinder and more considerate than the others but it was still unpleasant.”

The worst of the three rooms was the so-called “medical room”.

Darren said: “This was the bedroom you did not want to be taken into. Fortunately, I was never taken in there but I remember one boy who did.

“He had been dressed up in tight leather shorts and went in with a senior Tory politician and some other men.

“I met him afterwards and he told me he had suffered humiliation too vile to describe and was then beaten up.”

Darren said the brutalised boy was under 16 at the time.

He recalled that traumatised children would gather in the kitchen at Dolphin Square to ­comfort each other after their ordeals. He admitted he was given £50 each time he attended a child abuse party.

But he insisted he only went because evil Righton forced him to. He said: “I would never have gone to those parties willingly – it was fear of Righton.

“One occasion when he attacked me stands out. It happened after I was taken into a bedroom with the famous TV personality and Peter was driving us back to Suffolk.

“I kept saying the name of the comic character played by the actor and saying that he was at the party. Peter kept saying, ‘No he wasn’t.’

“Then he suddenly swung a tremendous punch, while still keeping control of the car. It hit me flush on the chin and I may have passed out. It was a warning to keep my mouth shut.”

Darren was interviewed over three days by Met Police detectives and named his abusers.

His account bears chilling similarities to allegations by a victim known as Nick, who claims three abused boys were killed in the 1980s.

His evidence is being investigated by Scotland Yard’s Operation Midland.

Officers have spoken to the families of two lads, Martin Allen and Vishal Mehrotra, who vanished in London.

Among those named by Darren is the recently convicted paedophile Charles Napier.

Darren says Napier abused him when he was 15 at Righton’s home. Righton ­ordered Darren to give Napier oral sex and when the horrified lad refused he was beaten until he complied. Read More

Course, now that Beech AKA “Nick” has been given 18 years for his allegations, “Darren” and the others can now be ignored.

You can read more about Dolphin Square and it’s residents which include Prick William and his aunt, Prickcess Ann by clicking HERE

The second of those accused by Beech was the former Prime Mincer, Edward Heath… Mentor to the nonce Maggie Thatcher.

And in truth, Edward Heath was a vile, paedophile who murdered little boys once he had finished raping them.

In fact history has since shown that Heath was blackmailed into taking the country into the Common Market under very unfavourable terms.

You see, when Heath became Prime Minister (1970-1974), Britain looked set to opt out of joining the EU or Common Market as it was called back then.

The blackmail came about by threat of revealing Heath’s penchant for sodomising the afore mentioned little boys aboard his Yacht, before throwing them overboard once he had finished with them.

This turn around in Britain’s decision to join the Common Market meant that the UK would have to pay a financial penalty for being late in doing so.

Moreover, those countries that had already signed up to the Common Market saw no reason to be generous to the UK given, firstly, our late entry, secondly, the fact that budget shares were already decided and finally that they would be financially better off  if the UK joined on the terms proposed by the Commission.

However, the key feature of the budget was the dominance of Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) spending – over 90 per cent at that time – including export subsidies. This put the UK in a disadvantageous position as it had a relatively small agricultural sector and thus would benefit less from the CAP spending and also because it was a net importer of food from outside the EC whereas other Member States were net exporters. – Source

To put that in perspective, the UK was receiving around 10% of the budget while contributing 20 % to the gross costs.

Now, as I said earlier, with Heath being blackmailed, he was forced to accept these very unfavourable terms.

Worse still, the terms were based on the understanding that in the first year (1973) we would pay 8.64 percent of the Common Market budget rising to 18.92 percent of the budget by 1977. That figure was then to remain static for a further two years until 1979 when our contribution would rise to 19  percent.

Luckily enough, there was a proposal drafted into the agreement that stated  “should unacceptable situations arise within the present Community or an enlarged Community, the very survival of the Community would demand that the institutions find equitable solutions”.

It was this proposal that allowed Slaggy Maggie Thatcher to secure the rebate – she wasn’t responsible for putting that clause in the agreement and had it not been there she wouldn’t have had a leg to stand on.

However, it could still be argued that she had to make a case for an “unacceptable situation” in order to get the rebate.

Fair enough, except that wasn’t hard to do since, come 1980, the UK was the largest net contributor to the EEC (as it was being called then) while in terms of GDP per head, we were seventh.

Now, when Heath signed us up, the Common Market Commission had predicted that the 90 percent budget share spent on the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) would fall by the late 1970’s.

This in turn would have then benefited the UK. However, predictably it didn’t fall. The cost of CAP  had in fact risen, as had the total size of the EC budget as a whole – and risen substantially to boot.

Everybody understand so far? Good.

Now , it was in fact the crooked little puppet with a pipe, Harold Wilson who had in reality set up the groundwork for the rebate that Embryonic, Dolphin Square resident, Willie Hague credits exclusively to Slaggy Maggy.

You see, he had renegotiated the terms of Heaths deal which brought about a change whereby more emphasis was placed on the UK’s national wealth when it came to calculating our contribution.

This new agreement negotiated by Wilson left Slaggy Maggie in pole position to argue that under the old terms of agreement, the UK had – at the time – been the 2nd poorest nation in the Common Market yet had been paying the highest contributions towards the budget, despite those contributions benefiting the UK the least out of all of the other member states.

Never the less, it took the old Bitch from the time that she swept to power in 1979 right up until June 1984 to convince the other EU members that “unacceptable situations” were in fact, an actual reality and get them to agree to the rebate. Having said that, we had already received the first lump sum, which was paid in 1980.

So, not such a great achievement after all.

In fact Thatcher did fuck all to our benefit. The EU deal simply had to be renegotiated in order to stop the country going under.

In short, she secured that rebate in the same way that any other cunt would have done.

In truth, Thatcher was nothing more than a depraved, perverted  crooked puppet who laid the groundwork for the mess we are in today.

But I digress.

And indeed even the Police said that the evidence suggesting that Heath was a nonce was insurmountable:

The police inquiry into allegations of sexual abuse of children involving Edward Heath has uncovered testimonies by seven “credible” alleged victims, according to The Mail on Sunday.

The paper reported that the two-year investigation by Wiltshire police had found evidence sufficiently serious that, if the former prime minister were still alive, he would be interviewed by police under caution.

The inquiry is expected to reveal that about 40 people made allegations spanning five decades against Heath. Most were dismissed, including several said to have been made by fantasists. It is understood that one accuser may face a caution for wasting police time. However, seven were regarded as credible and described a similar pattern of behaviour, The Mail on Sunday reported.

The inquiry, led by Chief Constable Mike Veale, has drawn fierce criticism from former friends and associates of Heath, who was prime minister from 1970 to 1974 and leader of the Conservative Party for a decade. Its findings will be published on October 5… Source: The Times

But once again, all of those other witnesses can be discounted now that Beech has done the job that he was tasked with.

Beech also included the nonce – who now apparently wasn’t – Leon Brittan in his police statements.

Yet the truth is, Beech was once again telling the truth about the disgraced former MP.

In fact Brittan very quickly – and rather conveniently – died after the allegations surfaced:

The following is the statement put out by his “family” in 2015:

“It is with great regret that we announce the death of Leon Brittan.

“As a family, we should like to pay tribute to him as a beloved husband to Diana and brother to Samuel, and a supportive and loving stepfather to Katharine and Victoria, and step-grandfather to their children.

“We also salute his extraordinary commitment to British public life as a Member of Parliament, Minister, Cabinet Minister, European Commissioner and Peer – together with a distinguished career in law, and latterly in business.

“Leon passed away last night at his home in London after a long battle with cancer. We shall miss him enormously. There will be a private funeral service for family only, and a memorial service to be announced.” Source

Very, very fucking strange. Especially with the PRIVATE funeral, which turned out to be that fucking private that there is not one single photo of it:

Leon Brittan has been buried after a ‘very private’ funeral with cemetery staff told not to reveal his grave’s location amid vandalism fears, it has been claimed.

In accordance with Jewish tradition, the former home secretary is said to have been interred in an simple plot without flowers in Golders Green Cemetery, north London.

However, staff at the facility say they have been asked only to allow people to visit the site when granted permission by Lord Brittan’s widow Diana, according to investigative website Exaro. Source

I mean to say: As if they would pass up the chance of a big fuck-off televised funeral!

Brittan friends of europe

And whilst not wishing to come across as smug, I was onto Brittan years ago after being told by a former Fleet Street journalist that the Scum Sun newspaper had been ORDERED to drop an investigation into the former Homo Secretary’s sick pursuit of raping little boys.

This prompted me to send the following email to the shit-rag on 3/11/2012:


My name is Chris Spivey and I am looking into an  allegation made on the internet about Leon Brittan. I have it on good authority that you were investigating the former Home Secretary in 1989 in regard to this allegation. The allegation is that Brittan raped a young boy. The details are along the lines of the following:

The police raided a house after they found a young, half naked boy staggering in the street. When police asked what had happened he told them about Brittan and took them to the house were the sex attack had taken place. When the officer called in to report the incident, they were ordered to take the boy in, and when they got there, there were 2 officers from the security service waiting. The story was then subsequently covered up. A short time later, Brittan was summoned to meet his fellow MP William Hauge, who told Brittan that he was to resign his post and that he was going to be made commissioner for the UK.

As you no  doubt know, Brittan was later  forced to resign this post  in 1999 amid accusations of large scale fraud. A key member of his office staff back then was the current  Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. I am further reliably informed that the investigating journalist, who is no longer in your employ was told to drop the 1989 rape investigation.

My question to you therefore is; can you confirm or deny that your newspaper was ordered to drop the investigation into the rape accusations (along with other similar accusations) made against Leon Brittan.

I look forward to your response.

Chris Spivey

And of course, that email generated a nice automated response informing me that my e-mail had been forwarded to the appropriate department:

After which I never heard no more… Not that I expected to.

And the following is what I also wrote in regard to the nonce in January 2014:

I take it we all know that Leon Brittan was the former heavyweight MP who was questioned by the Dutch & British police a few weeks back after the old bill seized a child porn film in which he is seen sexually abusing a young boy?


Also see HERE

I also take it that you know that he was forced to resign from the Slaggy Thatcher cabinet after the old bill found a young boy wandering the streets half naked, after being raped by Brittan.


I say good because if you know about that rape, it saves me explaining how a cover up took place in which it was put out that Brittan had resigned over the Westland affair.

And if you know that, you will also know that the vile Sniffenpissin MP, Willie ‘the embryo’ Hague – acting on Slaggy Maggies instructions – allegedly ordered Brittan to resign as the pair strolled along Brighton Beach… Whether the gay pair were holding hands or not at the time, isn’t known.

Course, instead of going to prison for child rape, the piece of dog shit was rewarded with an extremely lucrative job as European Commissioner as well as receiving a Knighthood from Sweaty Betty.

So, the cunt had now became Baron Brittan of Spennithorne …. And yet even after being sacked for noncing, the hugely reprehensible fat arsewipe couldn’t play it straight and was later forced to resign from his post following his part in a mass fraud.

Which obviously, Nick Clegg knows nothing about – despite him having been a senior member of Brittan’s office staff at the time.

Now, since you know all of that, I hope that you find the following Daily Express article, from March 1987 as sick as I do.

Indeed, the article is nothing more than a PR exercise, designed to quell any rumours of wrong doing on Brittans part.

However, what I want to know, is does Brittan’s wife Diana know that she married a homosexual child rapist, and as such is  going along with this vomit inducing PR exercise –  or is she just plain fucking stupid… Just askin’. Continue Reading

Course, it is quite ironic that Dolphin Square resident, Willie the embryo Hague was the one to give Brittan the push what with them both being homosexuals who both married for sake of appearances.

Mind you, that is quite a common occurrence for politicians – especially the ones who reach the top. After all, they didn’t reach the top because of their business brains, level headedness and forward thinking, did they?

And it certainly has fuck all to do with their integrity, honesty and selflessness – non of which any of the bent fucks posses.

Indeed, they are manouvered into the top jobs by shadowy figures who really call the shots and to make sure that their puppets are compliant they are compromised – usually by being filmed having sex with kiddies.

And of course. as we have seen, Leon Brittan was no exception as it was allegedly a film of Brittan taking part in a child porn video as to why he had become the focus of police attention – in the UK and Holland.

Just sayin’.

As for the fourth person implicated in this whitewash, namely Lord Bramall, it is a bit hard to comment on because he is not sufficiently well known for any real scandal to be newsworthy.

However, I do notice that Bramall is being touted as a war hero who at age 21 was the first to lead the charge at Normandy… Was he bollox, if he was then he would most certainly have been dead in 1944.

I also note that the Chimp are inferring that the investigation led to his wife’s death, despite the fact that she had Alzheimer’s disease and would have forgotten about the police raid an hour later:

Normandy veteran Lord Bramall, whose Alzheimer’s sufferer wife died during the investigation before his name was cleared, told how he had to move her around his home while police scoured the place for ‘evidence’.

One of Beech’s ridiculous claims was that he had been raped and tortured by Field Marshal Lord Bramall and the heads of MI5 and MI6 on Salisbury Plain. 

As part of Operation Midland, Lord Bramall’s home was raided by 20 officers and he was interviewed under caution, despite him pointing out to officers there was not a shred of evidence against him.

Course, just because there was no evidence found, does not mean that the rape never took place… Although as I am pointing out, Beech was roped in to play a part in clearing the name of these nonces so his allegation against Bramall could indeed be false.

Finally, we return to the person with whom I started this article, namely Tom Watson MP – a greedy, bent cunt who would sell his granny if the price was right.

In fact Watson was put in a very embarrassing position a few years back when people on Twitter were tweeting him to read and comment on my expose of the NSPCC – which you can read HERE

Those calls then led me to confront him on Twitter myself… Which then got even more embarrassing for him:

Inevitably, Slim Fatty Watson never got back to me.

Yet, as I stated at the beginning, it was fat-boy-slim Watson who started off this whole chain of whitewashing events back in 2012… They do like playing the long game don’t cha know.

Therefore, it is no surprise that Watson backed Beech’s claims:

Labour deputy leader Tom Watson was accused of an ‘outrageous’ attempt to elicit sympathy last night after claiming he too was a victim of convicted liar Carl Beech.

Watson also admitted for the first time he had been quoting Beech when he accused Lord Brittan of being ‘as close to evil as a human being could get’ in a brutal attack on the former home secretary just days after his death – for which Watson was ordered to apologise by Parliament.

Beech was convicted on Monday of perverting the course of justice and fraud, after his lies about a Westminster paedophile ring were proved to be blatant falsehoods at Newcastle Crown Court.

Watson met with Beech in 2014 prior to Beech’s police interviews, and Beech told Scotland Yard the then-rising Labour star was one of a small group supporting him… Source

And by doing so, Watson’s 2012 allegation of a paedo-ring operating out of Downing Street can now easily be whitewashed too… Just sayin’.