Meghan Markles Naked Photo-Shoot.


Christopher Spivey.


I didn’t think that it would be very long before nude photos of the construct Meghan Markle appeared on the internet.

And no I am not talking about the blow job she gave on television… Neither am I talking about the naked photo’s of Natalie Sulliman, despite the fact that she is the main actor for the role:

No Angles Changed… Natalie does porn don’t cha know:

No angles changed again.

Natalie Sulliman/Meghan Markle comparison.

That is all a bit quick. Here let me slow it down for you:

And you really think that the blood-line Windsor family would let that join their wranks? I certainly don’t!

But like I say, I am not talking about naked shots of Sulliman or implied blow jobs… I am talking about nude photos of Meghan Markle in her role as errrr… Well Meghan Markle as it happens.

All this and much, much more can be found in my forthcoming, second paperback book: Meghan Markle Exposed.

Just sayin’.