Meghan Markle Exposed


Christopher Spivey.


I am delighted to tell you that my new 269 page book: “Meghan Markle Exposed” has now been released on paperback and is available to buy HERE

And just so as you know y’know, the kindle version is also available to buy HERE.

Moreover, I can confirm – without bias – that the book looks absolutely brilliant and the irrefutable evidence that I present to you within its pages will shock you to the core… In fact this is a must read for anyone capable of critical thinking.

The book is of course loosely based around my very long article: “Who Is Meghan Markle” but has been re-edited, is more than twice as long and it is packed with a wealth of new information & photos.

The introduction to the book is as follows:

Who is Meghan Markle?
Now that may sound like a daft question since nigh on the whole population of the planet will know that Meghan Markle is an American actress who is married to Prince Harry – a member of the British Royal family.
Indeed, if you believe the world’s press, then Meghan’s story truly is a real-life Princess fairytale.
However, by the same token that makes you akin to a zombie: Someone who appears to be alive but is brain-dead.

After all, fairy-tales just don’t happen… No ifs, no buts, they don’t happen.
You see, Meghan Markle, like her deceased mother-in-law, Princess Diana is a construct – a made up persona.
Or put another way, Meghan doesn’t exist outside of newspaper reports, faked photos, forged documents and a series of actors who appear in public as and when is necessary.

Furthermore you would not believe how easy it is to pull off a deception of such great magnitude.
In fact, the deception is made all the easier because it is so unbelievable which is reinforced by the Nazi master of propaganda, Josef Goebbels who said:
“The bigger the lie, the more it will be believed”

A truer word never spoken from a man who was also a creation… Indeed, NOTHING from before the dawn of the 20th century is as we have been led to believe.

However, for you to fully understand who – or what – Meghan Markle is, I will have to show you along the way, how the world of the monster-elite really works.
Therefore, read on with an open mind and hopefully by the time that I am finished you will see just how blatantly you have been mugged off. 

Furthermore, to allay any fears that some of you may have, ALL royalties from the book will come directly to me… It has nothing to do with Gary Heath, who unforgivably still owes me much needed money – despite repeated requests from myself for payment.

That money obviously relates to my first book: Never Mind The Sex Pistols, Here Is The Bollocks.

However, you can now buy a re-released version of that book HERE… Nevertheless, make sure that you only buy the book from that link because Gary Heath still has the 1st edition up for sale, despite me withdrawing my permission for him to do so.

Course, unlike the new Meghan Markle book, ‘Never Mind The Sex Pistols‘ is a work of fiction about a Mafia plot to assassinate a world famous singer.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank ‘Veronika’ for re-issuing ‘Never Mind The Sex Pistols‘ and her hard work on formatting & publishing “Meghan Markle Exposed“… She has done a fucking excellent job as you will see when you buy the books and she has asked for NOTHING in return.

Finally, going by the photos accompanying this post, I can confirm that I am still a fucking handsome cunt… Just sayin’.