Meet the Manufactured Anti-Christ?

by Zen Gardner




Wanna piss a planet off? Take all of your carefully religiously programmed humanoid peons and flaunt their anti-god in front of their faces. Wave it like a red flag in front of a bull.

That’ll work.

This staged bullshit is so indicative of the One World Order clandestine controllers it’s beyond description. These bastards are not only triggering every pre-programmed hot button they can find, but the confusion factor is beyond description.

It shows they’ll not only go to any length to pull off their shenanigans, but that the time is ripe in their minds to do so.

Damn these bastards.

It’s All “Prophesied”

So, let’s cut to the quick. For any informed researcher, this is as plain as a gay day:

According to the Bible:

Neither shall he regard the God of his fathers, nor the desire of women, nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all.

Daniel 11:35

This is a mainstay of Christian prophecy. The antichrist will be gay. Odd the Jews don’t claim it, but they’re on a different channel altogether. Big subject, but same deception.

But our Unisex antichrist has been awaited for some time. Is this a deliberate reference to this programming? And are they staging this jerk?

What’s amazing is seeing how manipulated this entire scenario is. The Obama phenomenon has been clearly orchestrated from day one, but how far they’re taking it so fast is another aspect. It’s getting crazy fast, like they’re preparing in a hurry for some future event they know is coming.

And it is. We know it is. All of us

We’ll see what transforms as the lower powers push the upper. We’re watching a drama unfold that will undoubtedly tick off hoards of people that they know will only spur on the change they want to see. And it has everything to do with there NOT being another election.

It’s evil manipulation to the core.

But we’re still in charge. Big time. Don’t ever fall for their leads, they’re born into deception and have no qualms about deceiving others, while they live in the lap of a temporary luxury.

We’re well off without any of that.

Nature is our playing field. That’s why they’re trying to kill her. As well as most of us.

But as sure as the vastness of the Universe, there’s no way they’ll succeed.

Be aware…be very aware….