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Did you see Boris Johnson take a right mauling off the BBC’s Eddie Mair, who was sitting in for Andrew Marr on his Sunday morning show?

For those who didn’t, Mair made Johnson squirm by reminding the London Mayor that he had once been caught making up newspaper headlines, as well as bringing up the fact that Bollock-head Boris had once got involved in an extra marital affair – although he has had more than one.

I’m pleased to say that Mair – despite Boris having at this point become tongue tied – refused to let the buffoon off the hook. You see, the intrepid interviewer then brought up the fact that Boris had once been caught on tape agreeing to supply his mate Darius Guppy – a fellow ex Bullingdon Boy- with the address of a ‘News of the World’ Journalist, so as Guppy could have him beaten up.

However, that is far from the full extent of Johnsons wrong doing’s. I did in fact cover some of these in my article ‘Camerons Closet’. This is what I wrote:

On the other hand, the Mayor of London, Boris ‘buffoon’ Johnson, who was in the BBDC (Bullingdon Boys Diners Club) with Cameron appears to relish the fact that they were all mindless vandals. And to think that the pair had the fucking cheek to criticise the rioters in 2011. The following is from the Guardian Newspaper:

‘An excessive sense of entitlement” was what the mayor of London ascribed to those looting their way across our sceptred isle – but he could have been referring to himself. In the mid-to-late 80s, Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson – not to mention David Cameron and his now chancellor George Osborne – were members of the notorious Bullingdon Club, the Oxford university “dining” clique that smashed their way through restaurant crockery, car windscreens and antique violins all over the city of knowledge.

Not unlike a certain section of today’s youth, the “Bullers” have little regard for property. Prospective members often have their rooms trashed by their new-found friends, while the club has a reputation for ritualistic plate-smashing at unsuspecting country pubs. It has been banned from several establishments, while contemporary Bullers are said to chant, at all hours: “Buller, Buller, Buller! Buller, Buller, Buller! We are the famous Bullingdon Club, and we don’t give a fuck!”

“This behaviour was criminal behaviour,” said Johnson of the recent riots – but in the past his attitude to vandalism has been more nuanced. In his and Cameron’s day, the Bullingdon was most notorious for heaving a weighty flowerpot through the window of a distinguished Oxford eaterie. Cameron, it is said, had already left the scene, but Johnson was so proud that for a time he claimed he was arrested for his part in these exploits. In fact, he simply hid in the shrubbery at the city’s botanical gardens. Lucky there were no 24-hour magistrates’ courts in those days.


Unsurprisingly, Johnson and Cameron are also related. At least, that is according to the Telegraph:

When the incorrigibly shy and reclusive Boris appeared on the family research television programme Who Do You Think You Are? in 2008, one of the revelations that surfaced was Boris’s descent from Adelheid, Baroness de Pfeffel (his full name is Boris de Pfeffel Johnson), illegitimate daughter of Prince Paul of Württemberg, himself a great-great-grandson of King George II. Since George II was also Dave’s eight-greats-grandfather, that makes Dave and Boris cousins.

That would of course explain why they are both corrupt, thieving, toffee nosed arsewipes. Johnson’s extra marital affairs are of course well documented. One of them even cost him his job in Michael Howards shadow Tory Government. Not that Michael Howard can claim to be whiter than white, by a long chalk.

And, just like Boris the buffoon, Dave ‘the rave’ also likes to ‘put it about’ a bit. In fact, according to the Daily Mail, our hypocritically moralistic Prime Minister “once felt the need to visit a sexual diseases clinic but not, as has been suggested, for an HIV test”. Therefore, if it wasn’t for a HIV test, it must have been because he had a dose of the clap.

Neither do the pair have any qualms about helping themselves to our money. The following is what Wikipedia has to say about the racist Mayor Boris:

In June 2009, it was revealed that Mayoral expenditure on taxi fares had risen by 540% under Johnson’s administration, from £729 in 2007/08 to £4,698 in 2008/09.

Several expense claims for very short taxi journeys were submitted by the Mayor, many which included charges for taxis to wait several hours for the Mayor to use them with the meter running (for example, a return journey from City Hall to Elephant and Castle – a journey of 3 miles – which cost £99.50).

There are questions about whether some of this expenditure was allowed under GLA rules, which state taxis should be used only when there is no feasible public transport alternative and which ban paying taxis to wait more than 20 minutes.

Moreover, according to the Telegraph, the piss taking Pillock even tried to claim £16.50 for a wreath he laid on the Cenotaph during the 2008 Remembrance Sunday:

The former Conservative MP for Henley was told by the fees office that claims for wreaths were “not allowed” and his expenses payment was reduced accordingly.

Mr Johnson said yesterday the cost of the wreath had been “mistakenly added” to his expenses and he had “happily” paid for it out of his own pocket when it was pointed out by the fees office.

Between 2004 and 2008, Bugger all Boris also claimed £85,299 on his second home allowance for his constituency home in Henley on Thames. In fact, in his last two years as an MP, the ponce claimed the maximum allowable second homes allowance… Vile cunt.

… And then there is the time that Johnson managed to upset just about every house-hold in Liverpool. Johnson was the MP for Henley on Thames at the time as well as the editor of ‘Spectator’ magazine when he somewhat foolishly okayed an article suggesting that Liverpudlians were wallowing in grief following the Hillsborough tragedy.

Such was the outrage caused by the article that the then Tory Party leader, Michael Howard ordered bog-breath Boris to go to the city and make amends. Unfortunately, Johnson is incapable of such action and only succeeded in making things worse:


You’ll Always Walk Alone

Daily Express. Thursday, October 21, 2004


Liverpool hates Boris even more as he tries to grovel.

BORIS Johnson, Tory MP and magazine editor, was called a “self-centred, pompous twit” during his controversial visit to Liverpool yesterday. After publishing an article which accused Liverpudlians of “wallowing” in grief, the Tory leadership ordered him up to the Merseyside for some double quick fence mending. 

Despite six hours of grovelling and abject apologies, Mr Johnson – who is MP for Henley-on-Thames – probably left the city even more swamped by hostility than when he arrived.

Paul Bigley, brother of the murdered British hostage Ken Bigley, called him “a self-centred, pompous twit” live on air during a phone-in at Radio Merseyside, while the programme’s host, Roger Phillips, revealed that lots of people had phoned in to say they did NOT want to talk to Boris Johnson. Though Johnson was not the author of the offending article in The Spectator, as editor of the magazine, he had authorised it.

After Tory leader Michael Howard dismissed it as “nonsense from beginning to end”, the party insisted Johnson, had to perform a massive “mea culpa” – in public, in Liverpool.

But it descended into farce with journalists chasing the MP around the city after Tory officials kept details of his itinerary a closely guarded secret.

The trouble was, the party apparatchiks did not exactly factor in much “face time” with actual members of the public. By Johnson’s own admission, by the end of the morning, he had only met one “real person” – a man out jogging near Johnson’s hotel in Sefton Park.

“He was very friendly. He crossed the road to shake my hand and said ‘Nice to see you here and never mind the b*******’. ”

Even when other “real people” tried to meet him, they were thwarted. Bereavement counsellor Janet Dacombe, 48, who lost her baby son in Alderhey hospital 14 years ago and then learned his was one of the bodies dissected for research said she was there “because Boris Johnson needs educating about bereavement and grief”.

After four hours, Mrs Dacombe finally intercepted the MP as he left Radio Merseyside by the backdoor. “I told him he’s got till 5pm today to contact me otherwise I am making a formal complaint to Michael Howard and I will be demanding an apology.”

At 12.50pm, Johnson faced the first blast from the irate public on the Roger Phillips programme on BBC Radio Merseyside. One caller was Paul Bigley, who lives in Holland but joined the rest of his family in Liverpool following the announcement of Ken’s murder.

“I think you are a self-centred, pompous twit and I don’t think anyone wants to see you,” Mr Bigley told the squirming MP. “Even your body language is all wrong. You don’t look right, never mind act right. Get out of public life and do something in the private sector.”

Clearly flustered, Johnson attempted a response. “Well, I don’t think I can say anything to reshape your opinion of me….” before Mr Bigley cut him off with, “You’re waffling again.”

Johnson admitted he had been amazed at the “firestorm of hate” unleashed by the article. “My first response was that I should come here but then I sort of shelved it because I thought people would think it was some sort of stunt – which in a way, is what it’s become, he said.

More recently, football has once again plunged Johnson into controversy. However, where as BJ may not have been directly responsible for the ‘Spectator’ fuck up – in so much as he didn’t write the offending article – the buffoon is definitely responsible for the following fraud involving West Ham United FC and the Olympic Stadium.

West Ham United’s new £625million Council House



Last week London Mayor Boris Johnston signed off the Olympic Stadium to West Ham United Football Club on a 99 year lease. The Olympic Stadium had been seen as a political humiliation and “white elephant” with no real practical use.

The terms for the lease of the £600million Olympic Stadium are a down payment by West Ham of £15million plus £2million per year for 99 years. In return the Government/taxpayer will hand over the £600million stadium plus £25million in cash towards an estimated upgrade which could eventually reach £40 million.

However the deal is structured in such a way that the estimated £40million upgrade is paid first with the Government’s £25million and then by West Ham’s £15million down payment.

If West Ham spends £25million or less on the upgrade they will obviously pay nothing. It is interesting that the £40million upgrade estimate was provided by West Ham themselves.

The yearly payments part of the contract are also quite interesting and mean in certain circumstances West Ham may pay no rent or very little.

West Ham will be free to sell their present ground Upton Park and keep the proceeds of any sale.

West Ham are co-owned by David Gold and David Sullivan who made their fortunes in pornography. Karen Brady the vice-chairman of West Ham stated: “We accept the cost of making this into a world-class stadium has come from the Government, but we hope over 99 years we can pay it back.”

There are obviously all sorts of allegations flying around about this deal, and Leyton Orient Football Club has launched a legal challenge. Ironically Leyton Orient may eventually buy or rent Upton Park from West Ham. 

As usual Joe Public will pick up the tab for this fiasco/fraud. 


… Bugger-all Boris let his mask slip further when he tried to get out of paying for the damage caused to a neighbours car after one of his tree’s fell over onto it… You couldn’t make this shit up.

The car in question, a BMW, had cost the neighbour £3700. However, in typical tight, rich cunt fashion, Johnson offered the man £370… I fucking hate piss takers.


Boris and that tree

The Daily Express. Friday March 22nd 2002 –  James Hickeys Column


THE saga of Boris Johnson’s diseased ash tree is far from over, Hickey learns. As I revealed back in September, a tree belonging to the haystack-haired Tory MP and Spectator magazine editor fell down in his North London garden, demolishing a wall and writing off a car parked in the road.

Now it appears the owner of the car – a Mr S Hutchinson of Islington, North London – is feeling aggrieved that Boris has not sufficiently compensated him.

Without mentioning Boris’s name, Mr Hutchinson has written in a legal column in a down-market tabloid newspaper, saying: “Please advise me regarding a tree that fell on my car and demolished it. The tree belongs to a local MP. The car costs £3,700 – he offered £350.”

Unless there are any other MPs who live in Islington and who have had the recent misfortune of having a tree fall on to their neighbour’s car, Hickey suggests Mr Johnson might want to deal with the matter pronto.

The column’s author, lawyer Gary Jacobs, advises Mr Hutchinson: “Sue him in the county court small claims department!”

So far Bozza does not return my calls. 


… Returning now to that mauling Eddie Mair gave the Loony London Mayor on Sunday the 24th. The following is how it was reported in the Guardian:

Boris Johnson lashes out at ‘trivial’ questions about integrity and ambition

The Guardian 24th March 2013


London mayor in terse exchanges with BBC’s Eddie Mair about his past and his ambition to become prime minister

Boris Johnson has hit out at “trivial” and “hysterical” questions about his personal integrity and ambitions to be prime minister.

In an interview with the BBC’s Eddie Mair, a clearly uncomfortable Johnson was forced to deny being a “nasty piece of work” and refused to discuss allegations about his private life.

The intense exchanges came after the London mayor agreed to take part in an in-depth documentary about his life, due to be aired on Monday evening.

Johnson suggested the journalist Michael Cockerell had effectively blackmailed him into participating.

“It is like when the News of the World ring up and they say listen, you are going to be in this story. You can either co-operate or not co-operate,” he said. “I thought on the whole it was probably wiser, given that it was going to happen anyway, to try to say something rather than leave the field clear to put the boot in.”

When Mair said he wanted to “talk about you”, Johnson joked: “That’s exactly what I am trying to avoid.”

The mayor appeared thrown when Mair grilled him on his sacking from the Times more than two decades ago for making up a quote. “I mildly sandpapered something someone had said. It is very embarrassing, and I am very sorry about it,” he said.

Mair, who is standing in for Andrew Marr on his Sunday morning show, pressed Johnson over whether he lied to the then Tory leader Michael Howard about allegations of an extra-marital affair in 2004, which resulted in his resignation as shadow arts minister.

“I never had any conversation with Michael Howard about that matter,” Johnson said. “I do not propose to go into all that again. Why should I? I’ve been through it a lot. Why don’t we talk about something else?”

Insisting that he was talking about integrity, Mair turned to a telephone conversation Johnson had in 1990 with one of his friends who was demanding the private address of a News of the World journalist. A recording of the call suggested Johnson had agreed to supply the details, even though his friend indicated he wanted to have the reporter beaten up for smearing his family.

Johnson said that “nothing eventuated” from the conversation, adding: “I think if any of us had our phone conversations bugged, people say all sorts of fantastical things whilst talking to their friends.”

Mair said: “You are a nasty bit of work, aren’t you?”

“All three things I would dispute … if we had a longer time I could explain that I think all three interpretations you are putting on these things are not wholly fair,” an exasperated Johnson said.

Challenged to give a straight answer on whether he wanted to be prime minister, Johnson said: “What I want is for David Cameron to win this election, which he deserves to do. In these circumstances it is completely nonsensical for me to indulge this increasingly hysterical conversation … What I want is to spend my time remaining as mayor to do as well as I can as mayor of London.

“I think people would rightly conclude that I don’t want to talk about this subject because I want to talk about what should happen, which is that the government deserves to win the next election.

“It is a measure of the trivialisation of politics that I thought I was coming on to talk about the budget and housing in London, and you have … I do not mind all these questions about other stuff, but I think it is more important that we look at the things that are happening now in the economy and what the government is doing to help.”

Asked whether he would watch the documentary, Johnson said: “I’m certainly not, not after what you have told me. I am not going to watch it.” 


… The ‘friend’ in question is Darius Guppy, who had received a 5 year prison sentence for a faked jewel robbery. Although Johnson says that he was just humouring Guppy at the time, I don’t believe that for a minute. I do however, agree with Mair’s opinion of the prat:  “You are a nasty bit of work, aren’t you?”

The same opinion would also sum up Guppy, as would it Guppy’s best friend Viscount Althorp. For those who don’t know, Viscount Althorp is Diana:Princess of Wales brother. Guppy was in fact Spencer’s best man at his wedding. Indeed, the pair are more or less neighbours in South Africa… What is it about South Africa? The country seems to crop up as often as Australia and India just recently.

The following is a newspaper report on Guppy’s trial:


Police hunt for Guppy’s Hidden £4M

DAILY EXPRESS Monday February 15th 1993


DETECTIVES were last night preparing to fly to Switzerland in their search for Darius Guppy’s £4million criminal fortune. 

Darius, a friend of Viscount Althorp, and his accomplice Benedict Marsh, were found guilty on Saturday of faking a gems robbery in New York, defrauding insurers and selling the stones. They will be sentenced later, 

“If we don’t trace this money, it will be waiting for them when this is resolved,” said Detective Inspector Peter Avery. 

Guppy and Marsh, both 28, will remain in custody while they await sentence. 

Regional Crime Squad detectives have fought an 18-month battle to get permission to check out their Swiss Bank accounts. 

But Guppy and Marsh have appealed to the Supreme Court — the highest court in Switzerland — to prevent a police investigation. Last night officers feared the Oxford-educated pair could have switched their nest-egg into off-shore accounts. 

Mr Avery said: “We will fly to Switzerland to check out these accounts just as soon as we get the go-ahead from the Swiss court.”We just hope the decision goes in our favour; I’m sure an examination of the accounts will yield the clues we are looking for, but just how much if any money is left in them, we don’t know.” 

But a senior detective said: “Guppy may be in jail now, but he could end up having the last laugh if we don’t find this missing cash before he gets his hands on it.” 

Old-Etonian Guppy is married to former Sunderland factory worker Patricia. She is pregnant but lost one of the twins she was expecting during the trial. 

Guppy began planning the gems heist just two weeks before his best man duties at Althorp’s wedding to Victoria Lockwood. 

Yesterday Althorp, who shared a house with Guppy during their university days and put up half his bail, was staying loyal to his chum. But he has removed his name from the list of trustees of his Althorp estate in Northamptonshire. 

Patricia, 27; said: “Charles has been brilliant. He is very loyal and a true gentleman.” 

Guppy and Marsh had denied conspiracy charges including fraud, theft and false accounting but a jury at Snaresbrook Crown Court, East London found them guilty on all counts.

… So there you have it. Boris Johnson is a friend to criminals and has no qualms about getting someone beaten up just for doing their job – A job in the same profession as he was in to boot. He is also a proven liar, completely lacking in integrity.

Neither could he stay faithful to one woman, even if his life depended on it. Moreover, he certainly has no qualms about helping himself to public money. The same can be said when it comes down to getting involved in dodgy deals.

No wonder then that the corrupt cunt is being tipped to take over Cousin Camerons job… He certainly has impeccable qualifications for the post. Zombies beware.

Finally- just for good measure – here is a link to 10 things you never knew about Boris: