McAlpine, Nadir & Slaggy Thatcher – Still awaiting my letter Mr Reid.

The Daily Express

Reading the following article from June 1993, makes you wonder what was on the tape recordings Asil Nadir claimed to have as a safety net. Certainly, Nonce McAlpine knew more than he was letting on… Fuck all changes with the Tory Perverts there then, does it?

It is interesting that Nadir says “It is the right of people in the whole world to know exactly how the Government-supported  authorities in Britain have acted in a criminal fashion.”

It is a shame however, that the crooked arsewipe denied us that right. Then again, I suppose allowing Nadir to skip the country ensured his silence.

The 2nd article is from 1994 and is about how Slaggy Thatcher is planning to spend Christmas with Paedo McAlpine. Apparently that made it fourteen years on the trot.

So, if I spent 14 Christmas’s with McAlpenpoop and 11 with So-vile, what would you hazard a guess at my sexual preferences being?

I don’t know about a State Funeral for Slaggy, but the cunt seriously needs burying.  


DAILY  EXPRESS  Friday  June  18 1993 

F U G I T I VE  tycoon  Asil Nadir  last  night  threatened  to  engulf  Tory-Ministers  in  a  Water-gate-style  conspiracy scandal.

In a series of extraordinary allegations, he claimed he has tapes of conversations he had with Government Ministers.

From  his hideout  in  northern Cyprus, Mr Nadir  threatened to begin  making  his  accusations public  next  week.

His  threats came in interviews with  The Times  and  Financial Times  and immediately  caused alarm among Tories at Westminster.

He  claimed  the tapes  “prove” there  was a conspiracy  to bring down his former  company  Polly Peck  International.

But  Downing  Street  officials said  they  were  not aware of the allegations about tape  recordings of Ministers’  conversations.

And one senior Tory MP said: “Allegations  from  Asil  Nadir have to be taken with a very large pinch of salt.”

Earlier,  former  Tory  treasurer Lord  McAlpine  took  the blame for  accepting  donations   of  £440,000  from  the boss  of the Polly  Peck empire. “I was wrong in the matter of Mr Nadir,”  Lord McAlpine  said on ITN. “There is no two ways about it. I misjudged him.

“The truth of the matter is that I made no judgement at all. It was done third  hand.

“I  could, I  suppose,  have  said when it appeared that he seemed like a crook. But he did not seem like a crook at the time.”

Mr  Nadir  told The Times his allegations  would  be  more damaging  for Britain  “than the Watergate  affair  was for America”.

He  said: “Everything I  will be saying  will  be substantiated by relevant  documents.”

He  threatened  to speak  about  his  relationships  with  Northern Ireland  Minister  Michael  Mates and  Board  of  Trade  President Michael  Heseltine.

Mr  Mates  gave  Mr  Nadir  a watch  inscribed:  “Don’t  let the buggers  get  you  down.”  Mr Heseltine raised his case with the Attorney  General.

Mr Nadir said: “Yes, I will have to spell out everything in order to clear up this whole tragic  affair.”

He  added:  “It is the right of people  in  the whole  world  to know  exactly  how the Government-supported  authorities  in Britain  have  acted  in a  criminal fashion.”

In his interview with the Financial Times, Mr Nadir denied  Lord McAlpine’s  claim  that  they had

little  contact.  “Our links  were a lot  more  than that,” he said.

But  asked  for  some  details about the tapes, he said: “Would I dare  to  mention  a  tape  which was  not backed up by veritable proof?  This  is not some  mish-mash.”

He  told  the FT that  tapes of Cabinet  Ministers  would  ‘make “Watergate  look  like  a  minor bugging  offence”. But he refused to  name the Ministers.

He  said he had a recording of one  Minister  saying: “We know there is a conspiracy by the intel-ligence services but there is nothing we can do.”

Last  night bankruptcy  officials said  they  had written  to  Tory Central  Office  asking for details of  money  donated by Mr Nadir.

For those unaware of who Asil Nadir is, click HERE




DAILY’EXPRESS  Friday November’25 1994 


LADY THATCHER, always the traditionalist, will be spending Christmas as usual with her friend Lord McAlpine. But this festive season Margaret and her husband Denis will be travelling not to Alistair’s Venice retreat. They will be pulling Christmas crackers and tucking into turkey in Barcelona.

“Of course we will be having turkey,” says Alistair, who has entertained the Thatchers for a record 14 yuletides. “I hope we have a peaceful break.

Margaret always looks forward to it.” With his customary twinkle Euro-sceptic Alistair added: “Remember the first Euro-turkey came from Spain.” At that his car phone broke up and he could not answer questions about whether Lady T’s son Mark will be joining them under the mistletoe.