Maxwell’s Silver Hammer


Christopher Spivey

Once again, I am amazed at the number of supposedly ‘awake’ people who are swayed by the mainstream media.

And I am of course talking about the ongoing Jefferey Epstein play act and the huge number of robots who are now creaming themselves at the arrest of Ghislaine Maxwell.

Indeed, to my way of thinking those men & women now walking around with hard-ons & wide-ons must have the memory span of Goldfish.

After all, this Epstein production is a carbon copy of the Jimmy Savile theater, except this remake has a much bigger budget and as such is a lot more lavish – as you would expect from an American production.

Course, it goes without saying that Epstein took the starring role by playing the Jimmy Savile character.

I mean, both are portrayed as being dirty old men who preyed on mostly over-age teenage girls between the ages of 16 – 18 but occasionally raped the odd 14 year old. Indeed, no mention is made of their darker deeds, which most certainly included child sacrifice and the rape of little boys & girls.

However, it is worth noting that Epstein is mostly accused of crimes committed in Florida where the age of consent is 18 and in New York where the age of consent is 17.

And in the case of New York, it is not illegal for two 11 year old’s to have sex!

Additionally, Epstein was also accused of Statutory Rape on his private island which is – quite ironically – part of the Virgin Islands where the age of consent is also 18 yrs old… Although legally, two 13 yr olds can have sex with each other.

However, in the UK (where Epstein also indulged in sex with young girls) the age of consent is 16… This is an important fact to remember for later on, but it is fair to say that if Epstein had operated out of South Carolina, where the age of consent is 14 yrs old the charges against him would have been a hell of a lot less.

Now, I only mention this because these ages of consent go along way to whitewashing Epstein’s and Savile’s true crimes… Indeed, I am pretty damn sure that in reality Jimmy Savile had very little interest in girls over the age of consent.

And as a further means of damage limitation the press are pushing these young women as being willing participants in their sex acts with Epstein, which they entered into knowing that they were going to be well paid for their services.

This was also the case with Savile where it was implied that these teenage girls willingly had sex with him because of his celebrity.

Moreover, both Savile & Epstein were extremely well-in with the British Royal family, top politicians (past & present) and big name celebrities… Yet you only need look at the small number of has-been celebrities who were convicted of sex-crimes in the Savile Saga, to know that the FBI investigation into Epstein will have the same outcome.

Indeed, the biggest name sent to prison in the Savile affair was Rolf Harris and that is exactly what is going to happen in this on-going Epstein bollox – a few Z-listers will be thrown to the dogs along with one or two bigger names, after a major investigation – supposedly costing Millions, has fizzled out and concluded.

But the comparison of the two cases does not end there… Indeed, far from it.

You see, the vile Ghislaine Maxwell has now been arrested and is reportedly willing to co-operate and name names:

Ghislaine Maxwell has a secret stash of Jeffrey Epstein‘s twisted sex tapes and will use the footage as an insurance policy to save herself, a former friend exclusively revealed to

Maxwell, 58, was arrested at her hideout in Bradford, New Hampshire last Thursday. She was charged with six federal crimes, including enticement of minors, sex trafficking and perjury.

The British socialite was arguably Epstein’s closest friend and she is alleged to have acted as his madam, accused of securing underage girls for the multi-millionaire, who reportedly kept evidence of his perverted sex acts against the minors… Source

And if you believe that old bollox, then you will believe anything. I mean, for starters do you really believe that the FBI (with all their vast resources, authority and hi-tech equipment) have only just managed to track down the old-slapper?

In fact, I would suggest to you that the Feds have known Maxwell’s movements from day 1.

Nevertheless, MAXwell is playing the same role that MAX Clifford played in the Savile psyop.

Yet when it came to the crunch, Clifford kept his mouth shut and went to prison for 8 yrs (allegedly) where he died whilst serving that sentence (allegedly).

And I believe this is the same route that Ms Maxwell will take. She will not name-names and she will receive quite a long prison sentence… Or at least that is what will be reported, although in reality Ghislaine will never really step foot in prison.

Furthermore, unlike Max Clifford, Ghislaine will not die during the course of her pretend prison sentence and all these memes appearing on Facebook suggesting that she will (such as the one below) are absolutely pathetic and make me proper fucking cringe:

After all, these nonce cunts may well be laughing at us by putting on these lavish productions, but they are not fucking silly.

And as I say, I am still far from convinced that Clifford died in prison (see HERE)

Course, as I am forever telling you, everything has to connect with everything else in the warped world of these Satanists, hence the MAXwell-MAX Clifford connection and the way that Clifford and Epstein are very similar in looks, style & demeanor:

In fact everything to do with the Savile/Epstein psyops connects.

I mean take Princess Andrew’s role for instance? You see, he is playing the same part that his half-brother, Big Ears played in the Savile shite.

Course, Princess Andrew is only a minor royal and as such the press are being allowed a lot more freedom to implicate him in the Epstein affair than they were allowed to do with Charles in the Savile saga.

Mind you, they still did a pretty good job at the time by mentioning the fact that Bugger-Lugs had been a frequent visitor to Savile’s remote cottage (the equivalent of Epstein’s island) etc, etc along with the role that Savile played in trying to save Chas & Di’s marriage.

However, the inclusion of these two Royal reprobates in these two sordid sagas is only done to add more theater to the old bollox and take the spotlight away from the other big names implicated.

And just like Charles, there will be no charges or real investigation into the part that Princess Andrew has played in this latest old bollox.

Which is why I mentioned the importance of the age of consent earlier. You see, why would the FBI investigate Princess Andrew when he has committed no crime.

I mean, all that he has been accused of is shagging the then 17 yr old Virginia Roberts whilst she was in the UK, where the age of consent is 16.

It was also mentioned in an Epstein documentary that Andrew was spotted at a barbecue on Epstein Island, surrounded by topless “women”!

But so what? That is certainly not evidence of a crime and is no worse than Prick Charles having intimate meals at Jimmy Savile’s Scottish retreat – where it is known that Savile committed some of his depraved acts.

Yet we all know that both Prick Charles & Princess Andrew are wrong-uns – as are the rest of the Royal parasites – and by flaunting the fact that both of them are closely involved in the two biggest paedophile criminal investigations ever undertaken, is just another example of these elite sick-fucks laughing at us.

Moreover, President Donny Fart was also mentioned at being at a party on Epstein Island in the very same documentary but no one is accusing that nonce of any wrongdoing.

In fact if you believe the Qanon total bullshit, then the alleged child-rapist, Trump is the mush behind Epstein’s downfall… Oh my fucking days.

As for the role played by Lord Alistair McAlpine in the Savile saga, which pretty much put a stop to the police investigation arresting the many top politicians & household names really involved in the Savile peadophile ring, well that part will be played by Bill Clinton in this Epstein old fanny… You mark my words.

PHOTO: Lord McAlpine – The nonce who got away with it

And finally, as for all the 100’s of big, big names that appeared in Epstein’s little black book, and who were visitors to Epstein’s Island? Well those names will simply be put down as clients of the worlds biggest financial advisor… No wrong doing taking place there either – end of story.

Course, we all know that in reality, the Savile investigation was a whitewash and those big, big names really involved got away with their sick crimes.

And as I say, that is exactly what will happen with this Epstein nonsense. There will be a few minor celebs thrown to the dogs and maybe one or two big names, but that is as far as it will go, leaving the real sick-fucks involved to once again laugh at our gullibility.

Just sayin’.