Master Sneeze


Christopher Spivey

And so, according to the National Press we are all supposedly deliriously happy about the birth of the latest Royal, Master Sneeze – or Archie as his parasitic parents like to call him.

Mind you, apart from having a name that sounds like someone having a sneeze, the only other really, really famous Archie that anyone knows is Archie Andrews… A made up person, usually depicted as a cartoon so perhaps Master Sneeze’s name is appropriate after all.

However, I have to say that to me it seems that the press and the Royal family themselves are trying to add fuel to the conspiracy theory that Meghan was never really pregnant in the first place… Which she most definitely wasn’t since Meghan is nothing more than a made up persona – also just like Archie Andrews was.

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Nevertheless, let’s have a butchers at some of the new evidence that has come to light surrounding the birth of Master Sneeze, that all goes to indicate that the pregnancy was a total sham from start to finish.

I mean for starters why did Buck House originally announce that Meghan was in labour despite the fact that she had supposedly already given birth:

MEGHAN MARKLE and Prince Harry welcomed a baby boy into the world on Monday, but there was some confusion over the announcement as Buckingham Palace announced Meghan was in labour hours after she had already given birth. Source

Or are we just supposed to believe that internal Royal communication is really, really shite?

However, things got more bizarre still when Prick Henry supposedly let slip during a press conference that Master Sneeze had been born at least two weeks previously:

Fans have gone wild with theories that Prince Harry ‘slipped up’ during his touching speech on Wednesday as he introduced his son Archie to the world.

A proud Harry, 34, and Meghan, 37, introduced their much-anticipated newborn, named Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, to the world from Windsor Castle on Wednesday.

Beaming with pride when asked who the little boy resembled, Meghan described the last two days as ‘magical’, before Harry added: ‘Everyone says that babies change so much over two weeks. 

‘We’re basically monitoring how the changing process happens over this next month really. But his looks are changing every single day, so who knows.’  Source

Course, that “slip of the tongue” can easily be explained away as just being a badly worded state of fact, but I personally believe that it was a deliberate attempt by Ginger Pubes to start a conspiracy theory – hence the press reporting on the old bollox – because that is what these rich cunts do in order to steer you away from the truth… Which in this case is that Master Sneeze is not the child of Henry & Meghan.

Then there is the fact that the couple did not parade the baby around for the worlds press as they left the hospital… Not one single photo, despite it being royal tradition to do so.

Neither were any of the doctors – who were supposedly present at the birth – named in the official Buck House bulletin which is also very strange.

However, the biggest clue that it is all bollox came about on Wednesday 8th (two days after Master Sneeze was officially born), when Prick Henry & Maple Syrup allegedly took Master Sneeze to meet the Duck & the Queer for a photo shoot:

A delighted Duke and Duchess of Sussex today revealed the name of their newborn son as Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor after they took him to meet the Queen – the first member of the royal family to see the child. 

The baby boy, who weighs 7lbs 3oz (3.2kg), will not have a royal title like Kate and Williams’ children, Prince George, five, Princess Charlotte, four, and Prince Louis, one, but will be known simply as Master Archie after George V limited titles within the family during the First World War.

The child’s name was revealed on the couple’s Instagram account this afternoon, four hours after the beaming pair first showed their child to the world during which Prince Harry described him as a ‘little bundle of joy’.

It’s believed that during the intervening period, the couple went to visit the Queen who is pictured happily smiling in an image used alongside the name reveal. Source

Now that farticle is the most damning of all and in it, the royal parasites are most definitely not trying to start any conspiracy theories. In fact, the complete opposite is true and what they are trying to do is give credence to the sproglodyte.

Yet the truth points to the fact that the child was not shown to the Queer at all because the ONLY available photo to prove that the meet & greet took place is a blatant photoshop.

Now before I show you where the photo slips up, it is also worth mentioning that Ma-In-Law, Doria MK2 is also in the picture yet there has been no prior evidence produced in the press that she is even in the cuntry.

I mean if she was over here do you really believe that the press would not have photos of her arriving along with time and dates?

Moreover, do you think that there would only be the one photo of the family gushing over Master Sneeze… Yet that is the fact of the matter.

Nevertheless, let me show you where that one and only photo opportunity is faked.

Firstly look how the bottom of the large picture frame changes in style from where it is visible between the Queer & Doria to where it is visible between the Prick & the Duck.

I mean, fuck me, it doesn’t even line up:

Neither do the left and right uprights of the frame appear to be the same.

Next, notice the chair with the very weird back seen between the Queer and Doria. This chair is clearly flat to the wall yet is sitting at a totally different angle to the large painting above it… How the fuck does that work?

That chair is supposedly sat next to some type of blurry wooden cabinet yet if you look at the wall and the chair leg, then that cabinet must be the thinnest fucking cabinet in the world.

And then there is Prick Henry’s homemade trousers:

And as I say, that is the only photo of the meeting, yet had the meeting really taken place then there would have been untold photos taken because it would have been a great PR opportunity.

Therefore, with the photo being so obviously faked you can only conclude that the Queer & the Duck have no interest in meeting their fake great grandchild, yet since they would have a say in the photo being released they are clearly quite happy to play along with the charade and no doubt share in the fortune that this latest cash-cow will generate.

That is to say the Queer will since the Duck is probably already dead. Certainly, he looks strangely more youthful in the photo than he has done for many years.

Yet it doesn’t stop there. You see, the photos of Henry & Maple Syrup parading Master Sneeze in front of the cameras do not add up because Meghan still looks 9 months pregnant!

And I should point out that I have 5 children of my own, by 3 different mothers and NONE of them had a stomach like that, two days after giving birth… Sure they all had a bit of a soft bulge but those bulges were a lot smaller than the actors seen in the photos above… And their remaining bulges certainly did not sit anywhere near as high as Meghan’s still does.

The baby and placenta are gone for fucks sake and as such you would have thought that the tight cunts would have a least got the actor a more realistic prosthetic belly bulge… Amateurs.

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