Massive act of censorship sees alternative media pages disappeared


Max Keiser

Spivs Comment

Be afraid people, be very afraid. The censorship of the internet has begun. The Police State has formally introduced itself.

Below is a list of names of those in the AM who have had their FB accounts shut down over the past 24 hours.

Both my FB account and FB page (Christopher D Spivey) are still up and running, although I did receive a strange inbox msg at around 5PM yesterday from someone calling themselves Angela Taylor.

The msg was in regard to the banner photo on the CDS page. As I say, it might well be something or nothing. However it is strange that ‘Angela’ chose to address me as Christopher D Spivey (Ive had complaints before and they usually start with “Oi Shithead”).  The inbox also had a thumbnail of the offending banner photo and the words Respond to Angela’s request, which allowed me to click on it. The inbox msg in full is printed below:

  • Hey Christopher D Spivey, there’s something about this photo that bothers me. Would you please take it down? Thanks.

  • Photo
Respond to Angela’s request


Two hours had elapsed between ‘Angela’ sending the msg and me reading it. I have not removed the offending banner on the grounds that it is not particularly offensive. I replied to ‘Angela’ thus: “What bothers you about it Angela?“.

There has been no reply since. Course, it may be something or nothing, but I thought I ought to give you a little ‘heads up’.

If my FB does go down, my twitter account is chrisspivey3 and details of any alternative networking site that I decide to use will be announced on there.

I don’t know how much longer you people intend to stand for this shit – but however long it is, its too long.

Lets go to war!

Much love,


Massive act of censorship sees alternative media pages disappeared



The following is a list of Facebook accounts operated by individuals in the alternative media that have been shut down by Facebook staff over the past 24 hours.

Michael F Rivero (account inactive)
Anthony J Hilder (account inactive)
William Lewis (account inactive)
Richard Gage (account inactive)
William Rodriguez (account inactive)
Infowar Artist (account inactive)
We are Change (account inactive)
Wacboston At Twitter (account inactive)
Michael Murphy Tmp (account inactive)
Robert M Bowman (account inactive)
Peter Dale Scott (account inactive)
Jason Infowars (account inactive)
Mike Skuthan (account inactive)
Packy Savvenas (account inactive)

Sean Wright (account inactive)
Katherine Albrect (account inactive)

It is important to stress that most of these accounts have not simply been temporarily suspended, they have been shut down completely.

A 24 hour suspension was also placed on the Alex Jones Facebook account due to an image that another user had posted in which Alex Jones was tagged.