Mars Bah


Christopher Spivey


Now despite you lot probably already being spaced out – what with all of my recent articles on the subject of the final frontier – what follows is yet another look at the NASA deception.

You see, I simply could not ignore the press publicity that has been given over to the latest landing on Mars earlier this week.


Well the answer to that is because it is in your face total bollox that only a total cretin could fall for… Most people in other words:

Touchdown on Mars! Jubilation as NASA’s InSight rover survives ‘six and a half minutes of terror’ landing to begin historic mission to dig deep into the Martian crust

  • A $1billion NASA Mars probe has been travelling through space for 7 months since launch from California 
  • InSight probe touched down on the Martian surface Monday afternoon after successful atmospheric entry
  • Craft had to slow from more than 12,000 miles per hour to 5 mph in less than 10 minutes in dramatic landing
  • Experts hope the mission will unlock geological secrets of Mars’ hidden core by digging 16 feet into crust
  • NASA will spend the next few days helping InSight find the right spot to put down its seismometers  

NASA’s $1 billion new Mars lander has successfully arrived to the red planet after a nerve-wracking ‘six and a half minutes of terror,’ when it broke through the Martian atmosphere and was subjected to temperatures of more than 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

So presumably, the six months of travel were not “nerve-wracking” then?  I mean this new space probe had to surely have been in danger of being obliterated by space debris along the way? But that fact appears to have been ignored in the same sort of way that most facts have in this old bollocks.

I mean according to this monkey-hack, who was no doubt blindly taking her facts from the ‘official’ NASA script was “subjected to temperatures of more than 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit” while landing… So straight away she is ignoring the IMPOSSIBLE journey there.

Yet temperatures of 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit are fuck all where metal is concerned. For instance the boiling point of copper is 4,667, but I suppose by quoting the magical 3000 number the hack was trying to add some drama to the old bollocks.

The InSight lander has been traveling through space for seven months, but its long journey ultimately boiled down to a nail-biting few minutes this afternoon as it attempted to plant its feet on the surface.

Now strangely enough, a month has been added to the journey since I first put this farticle to one side with the intention of writing about it. And I know that for a fact because ALL of the calculations that I did were based on 4380 hours (six months) and I do read very well for my age.

Nevertheless, that extra month makes very little difference to the old bollocks because seven months is still incredibly quick to travel 34.8 million miles which is the closest that Mars has ever got to Earth and that was back in 2003.

Indeed, the average distance between the two planets is 140 million miles. Therefore, at best the InSight Lander had to be travelling at a minimum of 6,810 MPH and a maximum of 27,397 MPH… Which is fucking fast by any standards.

Moreover, those calculations are based on travelling in a straight line which is hardly likely given that a straight line would bring any rocket too close to the sun. Nevertheless the MPG must be fucking fantastic even if only travelling say 35 million miles.

Yet travelling so fast must have generated a fantastic amount of heat which begs the question as to where the large amount of rocket fuel was stored on the InSight Lander.

Because liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen are both cryogenic — gases that can be liquefied only at extremely low temperatures — they pose enormous technical challenges. Liquid hydrogen must be stored at minus 423°F and handled with extreme care. To keep it from evaporating or boiling off, rockets fuelled with liquid hydrogen must be carefully insulated from all sources of heat, such as rocket engine exhaust and air friction during flight through the atmosphere. Once the vehicle reaches space, it must be protected from the radiant heat of the Sun. When liquid hydrogen absorbs heat, it expands rapidly; thus, venting is necessary to prevent the tank from exploding. Metals exposed to the extreme cold of liquid hydrogen become brittle. Moreover, liquid hydrogen can leak through minute pores in welded seams. Solving all these problems required an enormous amount of technical expertise in rocket and aircraft fuels cultivated over a decade by researchers at the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) Lewis Flight Propulsion Laboratory in Cleveland. Source

And that is NASA’s official explanation which just does not add up.

Nevertheless, the old bollocks continues:

Its descent started just before 3pm EST (8pm GMT), with helpless scientists waiting on the final word from a pair of Mars orbiters dubbed Wall-E and Eve to confirm touchdown.

Less than eight minutes after breaking through the atmosphere at 12,300 miles per hour, the team confirmed it had successfully made it to the surface, slowing to just 5mph before putting its feet on the ground. 

Now, for arguments sake let’s say that the InSight Lander landed at double the speed that it had been travelling at for the past seven months and in doing so generated heat of 3000 Degrees Fahrenheit in 8 minutes. Therefore, how the fuck could it not have become too hot to explode while travelling at speeds of 7,000 MPH over a 7 month time line?

Scientists could be seen jumping and cheering in the control room as they marked the successful landing, with more than a few wiping tears from their eyes. 

Only because the brainwashed cunts were to dumb to realise that they were being sold a crock of horse shit!

The newly minted Mars lander even managed to send an image back to Earth moments after setting down – but, it left the dust-covered lens cap on for a blurry first look at its new home.

PHOTO: The first photo of Mars taken by the InSight Lander with the dust cap left on.

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha… “It left the dust-covered lens cap on for a blurry first look at its new home“… Oh my days!

Is there a little robot on board who nips out and takes the lens cap off then? And what is that lens cap made of to stop it burning up in the 3,000F heat? Moreover, how was it insulated to stop the glass lens melting? After all, glass has a melting point at a maximum 2,600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Course, I have never seen a lens cap that is made of metal and which you can take photographs through… But what do I know!

InSight’s touchdown now marks NASA’s eighth successful landing on the red planet.

No it doesn’t… Nothing from Earth has ever even come remotely near Mars.

‘The vehicle is reported nominal, this means it’s happy – the lander is not complaining,’ chief engineer Rob Manning said as the team cheered in the control room.

Rob Manning is a cunt.

‘It’s going to chug along for the rest of the afternoon on Mars, and continue its activities.’

Who is driving the fucking thing? Or do you really believe that we have the capabilities to control something by remote control over 35 million miles away?

Experts hope the mission will be the first to unlock geological secrets of the planet’s hidden core, using a probe to dig 16ft (5m) beneath the surface. 

Stop, stop for fucks sake, you are killing me… You see, what the cunts are saying is that by digging down 16 ft (although they don’t say who is controlling it – presumably via remote control) they will be able to uncover the “geological secrets of the planet’s hidden core”!

Do me a fucking favour… I once dug down to a depth of 14 ft by hand when I was a builder and the only thing that I discovered was Clay and a broken sewer pipe. I certainly did not feel closer to the Earths core.

C’mon, get real for fucks sake! Is 16ft really going to make any difference to their findings?

However, tellingly the Lander then sent a ‘selfie’ back to Earth:

Now why would the Lander send photos of itself back to Earth? Nevertheless, there are no scorch marks to be seen anywhere. Moreover, the pipes look plastic and the main body looks like a badly made copper tea urn held together with duct tape.

Better still, the Blue Peter mock-up appears to have landed in a nice smooth area to take its “selfie” as opposed to the rocky terrain in the background.

But best of all, the photo quality is blinding, something that the monkey-kuntz can’t even get right on Earth.

So, it is safe to say that this latest Mars Landing is pure bollox – like all of the others. However, at a billion squid a pop, it is also safe to say that a select few people are now considerably fucking richer via means of fraud than they were seven months ago… Just sayin’.

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