Man cuts throat with knife in Runcorn benefits office in protest bedroom tax


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It comes down to something when you have to cut your own throat to get people to sit up and take notice of your plight.

If the MSM did their fucking job properly and reported on how desperate people are becoming, perhaps the stupid cunts cooing over a baby that will grow up to despise them would take time off and realise the shambolic level that the country has sunk to.

We are, without a fucking shadow of doubt, doomed.


Man cuts throat with knife in Runcorn benefits office in protest bedroom tax

Jul 25 2013 by Oliver Clay, Runcorn and Widnes Weekly News

A MAN cut his throat with a knife in a Runcorn benefits advice office during an outburst about the bedroom tax.

An eyewitness, who asked not be identified, heard the middle-aged man say he was ‘sick of all this sh*t’ then watched him drag a blade through skin from his ear down to his throat on each side of his neck.

The wounds left him and the floor spattered with blood, the witness said.

Staff hit an emergency alarm during the incident.

It happened at about 2pm on Monday, at Halton Direct Link in Halton Lea shopping centre.

Cheshire police officers have spoken to the man, who suffered ‘minor injuries’, about his wellbeing.

No criminal offences were reported.

Halton Borough Council said he was receiving support following the incident, as are Link staff.

The witness, who was waiting in line to see an adviser, said no other residents reacted to the outburst but that staff seemed ‘a little bit shocked’.

He said: “From what I could see, the bloke had gone to see an adviser.

“He was upset about the bedroom tax and wasn’t getting through and he started to cut his throat on both sides and threw the knife on the floor and he had blood coming from his neck.

“There was a lot of blood but it hadn’t come out of his artery, he wasn’t gushing out blood.

“He went through the side of his neck from his ear to the front.

“It would have needed medical attention.

“Everyone was just sat about normal waiting to go and see the adviser. I was in the queue. Nobody did nothing.”

A Halton Council spokesman said: “We are aware of this incident. The person concerned is receiving appropriate support and we are supporting our staff who witnessed the incident.”