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Christopher Spivey.


And so it would seem that we have another mouth to feed now that Kate Golddigger-Smiff has ‘given birth‘ to Prince Troglodyte II.

Mind you, she is the only bird that I know that has come out of hospital after giving birth who looks far more pregnant than when she went in!

And not for the first time either:

It kinda begs the question – what with her looking so fit and well in her high-heels – has Golddigger-Smiff ever really been pregnant… And my answer to that is a resounding NO. In fact I am slowly coming to the conclusion that the Windsors are not a bloodline family at all, but are in fact a multi-million Pound money-making factory.

Indeed I would suggest to you that the Windsor blood-line was halted back in the very early 20th century due to the devastating fallout from such an inbred gene-pool.

Certainly, most of the photos that we are shown of the ‘royal’ family are photoshopped… If not all. I mean take the photo of Little Bald Willie taking his Trogs – George & Charlie – to see the ‘new baby’.

Now if that visit really took place then it was nothing more than a publicity stunt. I mean for starters Willie took the pair to see the new baby at very shortly before 5 PM on the day that the new sprog trog was born, yet Kate left Hospital at 6 PM so what was the point of taking George & Charlie to see the new baby there when they could have seen it at home an hour later without the trauma of having 1000’s of photographers shouting their names.

Although Willie did the Chimp a right favour by doing so:

Indeed, my regular readers will know exactly what I am talking about but for those who don’t, The Chimp takes a massive kick-back by exploiting a loop-hole in the advertising laws. Course, you also have to wonder why George is still in his school uniform… In fact the only reason that I can come up with is to perpetuate the myth that the boy actually goes to school. I mean it would be impossible for him to do so and far, far too much of a security risk, especially since the school location is not top-secret.

PHOTO: George & Willie on his ‘first day at school’ and George & Willie yesterday

And of course Willie’s wardrobe is as limited as the rest of the ‘royals’… So much easier to photoshop you see.

Yet why was the boy in school uniform nearly two hours after ‘paying the visit’. Willie knew that there would be all manner of photographers there so why did he not have the boy changed… For one not in school uniform?

Course, like their pretend parents, the two children never get any older.

And it would seem that Charlie doesn’t have her outfits changed very often.

Indeed as I say, I doubt very much that the royal family exists although it is quite obvious why the family is portrayed by actors giving the gullible public the illusion that they do. In fact the Monkey-Boyz quite often give us hints that they don’t. For instance, take Potty Middleton – one of the first to visit the new baby, once it arrived home to Willie & Kate’s “APARTMENT’… You know the “APARTMENT” I mean – the 20 odd roomed flat that the ‘family’ of five supposedly live in.

PHOTO: Potty Middleton leaves Kensington Palace after visiting the new baby

I’m not sure what that strange contrast in picture is all about but WENN photograph agency is on a par with the SWNS agency i.e a front for the spooks.

Now the thing is, I have in the past pointed out that Potty is one of those who makes up the persona of Meghan Markle – an ideal choice since her and Prince Henry of Ginger Pubes get on famously. Here, take a look at the following Markle-Middleton comparisons.

Indeed Meghan is a made-up persona in the same way that Princess Diana – mother to  Prick Henry of Ginger Pubes and Prick Willie – was a made up persona. In fact the whole Spencer-Churchill bloodline is manufactured.

I mean Lady Diana Spencer was far from the first construct of the ‘Spencer‘ blood-line. And whilst not wanting to venture too far off track I will tell you that Winston Churchill was another of them who did not exist. Indeed Churchill was played by the American, cigar chomping, alcoholic ACTOR W.C Fields… W.C also being the initials for the cigar chomping, alcoholic, construct Winston Churchill.

As for Young Churchill? Well you need look no further than the photos of Prince John:

Now of course you will think that I am talking bollox there – which is cool. But until you learn that our whole history is built on lies and illusion then you are never going to understand it. Indeed, millions of innocent men, women and children died unnecessarily in World War 1 and 2 and all because the Rothschild’s needed them to shape our future… And make billions of Pounds in the process since they financed both sides.

Yet to go to war they needed government leaders who were prepared to do so… And how better to do that than arrange for Illuminati actors to play the parts?

Indeed, I would put it to you that Lord Victor Rothschild was responsible for the construct, Winston Churchill and I broached that subject in my article “How The West Was Won Part 1“.

Victor Rothschild – a top spook – was in all probability the persona Aleister Crowley:

Aleister Crowley born Edward Alexander Crowley; 12 October 1875 – 1 December 1947 & Victor Rothschild born Nathaniel Mayer Victor Rothschild, 3rd Baron Rothschild; 31 October 1910 – 20 March 1990.

And as I continually tell you, these created personas are always played by more than one person, and as such it should be no surprise that Rothschild/Crowley also played Churchill:

In fact it is quite obvious to me that the Churchill photo was derived from the Crowley photo, not least because of the brilliant white scarf/neckerchief which Churchill would never wear – indeed anything cept a bow tie was a rarity for Winnie the Poo to wear.

Moreover, they have fake right ears – your left.

Furthermore, Look at Crowley’s nose on your left and then look at Churchill’s nose and it becomes obvious that Churchill’s nose has been widened by overlaying the section of Crowley’s nose next to the original.

Now, I have blown the photo of Crowley up for you below so as you can have a look at his scarf and the top of his head.

All up to speed so far?

Good, then I can tell you that even when I have made all the relevant checks and comparisons, I still go do some more… Because by doing so, I more often than not find a photo to back-up what I have already proved… Which in this case is another photo of Winnie the Poo:

And of course, the part of Hitler was played by Walt Disney – supposedly an anti-Semite… Although I would say that fact was probably fake too and just used as a Satanic connection between Hitler and Disney.

After all, Hollywood was started by the Jews and by the time Disney rose to prominence their stranglehold on the film industry was so tight that had Disney been that way inclined, his film company would never have got off the ground.

Understand? Of course you fucking do.

Now, whilst hunting for a suitable photo of a Disney/Hitler comparison – with the intent of using someone else’s to avoid getting sucked into deviating off topic – I was inadvertently led to some startling finds.

Far from conclusive I am sure you will agree.

However, because of my curious nature and given what I already knew along with the new bits of information that I had just uncovered, I couldn’t just leave it at that.

So I tried some comparisons of my own and the first problem I came across is that Walt Disney smiles a lot and Adolph Disney… Ha Ha Ha HA… Walt Disney smiles a lot and Adolph Disney… I really am funny as fuck.

Nevertheless, have a butchers at these:

Indeed I now certainly wouldn’t rule the possibility out.

Furthermore, and as I said earlier, whilst looking for a comparison photo, I made a startling discovery and as is usually the case when that happens, I am spurred on to dig deeper.

And here is what I found by doing so:

Photos of Walter Disney are very badly photoshopped.

Although I also have to say that Disney could also just as easily be Josef Goebbels as well as Adolf Hitler:

So, it is safe to say that Walt Disney is Adolf Hitler… And there you have a perfect example as to the type of thing that crop up every time I start writing an article with a plan in mind!

Indeed Goebbels could have also been played by Henry Ford:

That would have been good for propaganda… Although like our Royal Mobsters, the American Mobsters were all mates with the Nazi Mobsters.

Photo: Henry Ford receiving the Grand-Cross of the German Eagle from Nazi officials in 1938

Which brings me to the Holocaust from which the Rothschild’s are still making millions of pounds a year from.

You see, the “Angel of Death“, Josef Mengele (16 March 1911 – 7 February 1979) was played by the ‘traitor Spy‘, Guy Burgess (16 April 1911 – 30 August 1963):

And only one month difference – to the day – between their birth dates!

Moreover, Burgess was supposedly in the same spy ring as… Wait for it, wait for it… Victor Rothschild.

Now just try to think about it logically. Germany is supposedly still paying Millions of Pounds a year for Holocaust survivors:

The German government has agreed to pay €772 million ($1 billion) for the homecare of Holocaust survivors throughout the world. The decision was reached by the German Finance Ministry together with the Claims Conference, a Jewish fund for victims of Nazi aggression, after negotiations in Jerusalem concluded on Tuesday.

The money, which will be given in stages between 2014 and 2017, will provide some 56,000 Holocaust survivors — about a third of whom reside in Israel — with home nursing care, medication and social services, said the Claims Conference in a statement. The funds are especially important now, it added, because the survivors who are still living are increasingly elderly and have an ever-greater need for such services. Source

Yet the cunts want it all ways. I mean on the one hand they want you to believe that the elderly and children were murdered the moment that they entered the camps such as Auschwitz. Yet these death camps were liberated 73 years ago – surely making the majority of the ‘survivors’ well over 90 years old… So, no long-term effects to the severe ill-treatment they suffered since according to The Office Of National Statistics:

In 2014 to 2016, life expectancy at birth in the UK was 79.2 years for males and 82.9 years for females. This was a very slight increase from 2013 to 2015 (79.1 years for males and 82.8 years for females) by 4.2 weeks for males and 2.1 weeks for females.

And the fact is, the numbers do not add up which ever way you look at it (See HERE)

Indeed the biggest indication that we have been sold a lie appears in plain site on the gates of Auschwitz itself:

Yet that original 4 Million deaths counted towards the fabled 6 Million and should have been revised to 3.5 Million when the plaque was changed in 1989… But it wasn’t. Mind you, the sickest act of all is Benjamin Netanyahu dressing up to play a Holocaust survivor to perpetuate the myth:

Now obviously there is so much more to all that but I have given you the links to the articles so you can go read them yourself.

So, to get back on track, if you flip that photo of Potty leaving KP you get the following:

And that mole on her lip is very telling:

PHOTO: Potty Middleton and Mental Markle

Just sayin’.

Moreover, the Middleton’s are also a made up un-touchable family, with all of the usual traits that push the agenda.

And by “un-touchable” I mean how many people could wave a hand gun in public and not get prosecuted never mind shot dead by the plod? But Potty’s ex fella can:

Very funny Potty – Not.

Course, if you have read my article about Diana entitled “Night Of The Living Dead” and my article on Markle entitled “Who Is Meghan Markle” you will know that the personas are not only played by multiple actors; their photos are also made up from various old photos of other people.

For instance, Young Meghan Markle’s photos are made up from photos of Mick Jagger’s eldest daughter Karis:

PHOTO: Meghan (aged about 6 months old) and Karis Jagger – daughter of Mick & Marsha Hunt – Check the teeth

PHOTO: And again

PHOTO: Meghan and Marsha & Karis – take ya pick of who is who

Now I say “take ya pick of who is who” because of the following:

Get the picture? Or are you still being a dumb cunt?

And I will just take this opportunity to pour scorn on the Diana myth.

You see, the story goes that Diana and Dodi were hassled by the Paps from the moment that they arrived in Paris on the last day of their lives. But that is pure bollox not least because photos of the ‘couple’ were already ten a penny by that time since they were extensively photographed in the months and weeks leading up to that final day:

PHOTO: Di, Dodi and Dopey 

Although every single one of them was photoshopped (Read my article HERE for proof).

Nevertheless, after losing the paps with some nifty driving – as if a merc could lose motorbikes in a capital cities traffic – the couple arrived at the Ritz via the Rue Cambon… The very same entrance that they left by on their final exit.

PHOTO: Di and Dodi arrive hassle free via the Rue Cambon

The couple then leave two and a half hours later via THE RUE CAMBON to go to Dodi’s apartment:

Totally unhassled… Although the press were present:

Now, according to the Press Dodi and Diana arrived back at his apartment only to be mobbed by photographers. Here have a read of the following:

“The paparazzi literally mobbed the couple,” said Wingfield. “That really disturbed and frightened the Princess, even though she was used to paparazzi. These paparazzi were shouting,which made them even more frightening. I had to push them back physically.”

But once again the narrative doesn’t match the photo evidence.


Hardly what you would call mobbed is it? And I am not responsible for that photo caption stating that it is a photo of Diana in 1996.

Nevertheless, the official version goes on to say that the couple were besieged by the Press when they left Dodi’s apartment to go out for dinner – but again the photos tell a different story:

You see, once again there was no sign of them being mobbed by the press – despite the alleged, thirty strong Roland Rat-Pack being in pursuit.

9fce7bafabc2cc353c57d0866b993494 (1)

That is to say that I’m fucked if I can see the ‘in-ya-face-papz’!… Certainly there is no hurry to get into the motor.

We are then told that the papz following the car were making the journey so dangerous that Dodi copped the hump and quickly changed his mind about going to the restaurant and diverted the car back to the Ritz instead… This time arriving at the front entrance:


And that should have been it as far as the Papz hassle was concerned because it would have been impossible for them to know if Dodi & Di were not going to stay the night at the Ritz… After all, the couple already had use of the best suite in the place.

PHOTO: Outside the Ritz main entrance was deserted by 11:15PM

And indeed the front of the hotel is pretty deserted by quarter past eleven, which makes sense since most people would assume that when it got to that time, the couple would indeed be spending the night at the hotel… And quite rightly too since there was money to be earned elsewhere what with Michael Jackson – the biggest pop star in the world at the time – also being in town.

Yet we are meant to believe that Dodi then comes up with a brilliant plan to fool the papz – who aren’t waiting around anyway – so as they can make their getaway. This brilliant stroke of genius involves the couple leaving by the Rue Cambon, since the papz would never for one second imagine that the couple would leave via that exit… Despite having earlier arrived and left by that exit which was photographed by the press thus making it the entrance/exit that they used the most.

And by the time they put the plan in motion, the place was heaving with press out front – despite them not knowing if the couple were going to leave the hotel.

Whilst the couples preferred entrance/exit remained deserted.

Dodi and Di then left their suite at 12:05 AM, despite it not being known whether there was a car available. The following is taken from the Paget Report – the official Scotland Yard investigation into Diana’s death:

At 12:15 the couple were already at the entrance leading out to the Rue Cambon, yet they could not possibly know if a car was going to turn up or not.

Nevertheless, as we know, a car did and at 00:19 AM, Diana – at the time the most photographed woman in the world –  walked out of the hotel, covering her face so as the handful of waiting press photographers couldn’t catch her on camera… WHAT?

You heard.

Course, the real reason for the Shy-Di act is that the Diana in the photos is actually 18 yr old Ondine de Rothschild who lived in Paris at the time.

PHOTO:  Ondine de Rothschild photographed in 2012 with her mother Arianne

No wonder she looked so pleased with herself when photographed after the ‘accident’ had happened:


Just sayin’.

Now because of the length of my Meghan Markle article, I suspect that many didn’t have the attention span to read it properly or in its entirety. Moreover, because that article deals with a lot of offshoot connections to Markle and her made up family, I believe that some of the compelling evidence to suggest that I am right about my claim was diluted by those other matters.

Therefore, to end this piece, here is a very, very condensed version of that long article, with some more evidence that wasn’t available at the time:


Now the internet has been sanitized of the seedier shows that ‘Meghan’ took part in… For instance, the blow job she gave a fella is very hard to find now:

That is all a bit quick. Here let me slow it down for you:

And you really think that the Windsor family would let that join their wranks?

But all the same, like I say, Meghan – as we have already seen – is played by many, not least ‘Lil Waynes‘ bird, Sarah Vivan:

What would the odds be of being able to do that with two different people?

PHOTO: Sarah and Meghan

No angles changed but notice how Meghan’s eye has been opened.

Remember, they are just photos. Like the following of Meghan and her ‘friend‘, Jessica Mulroney:

Again, what would the chances be?

And there is nothing more cringe worthy than a dumb cunt being taken for a mug… And if you believe that Meghan Markle is for real, then that description fits you to a ‘T’… “T” is also for TIT.

You see Renault Meghan is also Natalie Suleman AKA Octomum… Mother of 8 babies, which carries odds – according to Google  – of 1 TRILLION to 1.

And to put that in context, for a person to count to a trillion, allowing for no breaks let alone sleep it would take, 31,709.79 years.

Therefore, what would the odds be of a woman having octuplets and looking exactly like Mental Markle?

No Angles Changed… Natalie does porn don’t cha know:

And that Ladies & Gentliebobs is your Princess Meghan Markle:


Thomas WAYNE Markle is supposedly the RECLUSIVE, former, award-winning, top HOLLYWOOD lighting DIRECTOR, now living in MEXICO – so straight away the Hollywood connection is suspicious, as is his full name since he bears an uncanny resemblance to the serial killer John WAYNE Gacy:

PHOTO: John Wayne Gacy and Thomas Wayne Markle comparison.

Markle also looks very much like the MEXICAN film director, Guillermo Del Toro… Remember, Markle supposedly now lives in Mexico.

PHOTO: Guillermo Del Toro and Thomas Markle comparison

Guillermo Del Toro specialises in SATANIC films and is best known for directing “Hellboy” and “The Shape Of Water“:

Moreover, In ALL of the photos taken of the Markle family back in the day, Thomas is photoshopped into them:

And as for him being reclusive? Well the press certainly seem to know when he is out and about shopping:

Note that the toilet is made by ORION and I recently remarked in an article how important the ORION BELT is to the Monsters along with the vast increase in mentions that it receives in the national press of late.

How coincidental that the press picked up on Thomas wearing an “Oscars” jacket since Guillermo Del Toro recently won his first one for “The Shape Of Water“… A reward perhaps?

Just sayin:

Course the above article is not the first one to have captured RECLUSIVE Markle out and about:

Despite the fact that the book is photoshopped into the picture:

Now I have taught you enough about photoshop-spotting not to have to tell you where that picture falls down.

And then there is this:

Par for the course then.

And of course Prick Henry and Made-Up Markle gerron like a house on fire:


And most recently:

Indeed it is very hard to think of anyone less reclusive who does his daily exercises in front of Press cameras … Although the fuck-wits at the chimp asked the very same question about Doria Rag-Tag – Meghan’s ‘mum’ – as they asked in the article above:

Errr, no you soppy cunts she is walking her dogs!

Although just because Doria was pictured in the farticle with her dogs and also without her dogs does not mean that it was a set-up photoshoot:

As if the institutionally racist Windsors would let her join their wanks!

So let’s look closer at Rag-Tag.

DORIA RAGTAG, Mother to Mental Markle

Now if Meghan isn’t real and neither are her dad, brothers and Nephews then it follows that Doria – daft name – isn’t real either.

Course, that would explain the need for faked photos:

PHOTO: A clearly faked photo of ‘mum & daughter’.

Moreover, the Doria in the photo above should really be called Doria II since she clearly isn’t Doria the 1st:

PHOTO: Meghan & her mum, Doria the 1st

Shall we compare Mk I & Mk 2?

Of course we fucking shall:

PHOTO: Doria compared to Doria

Close call… Not!

However, Doria II does looks quite like the feminist activist, Dorothy Pitman-Hughes to me:

PHOTO: Ragland & Pitman

Now admittedly they are not a great match although to be fair Ragland is photoshopped to fuck and is probably a mixture of people.

However, the two old buzzards did look a lot more similar to each other when they were younger:

PHOTO: Young Rag-Tag & Pitman.

I should also point out that no angles were changed… And I am actually pleasantly surprised that the two halves matched so well.

However, there is still more to my suspicion that Rag-bag is also the Pits-Man. You see, the Pits-Man has that large Mole on her upper cheek which is kinda like the mole that Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has… Sirleaf being the 24th President of Liberia up until January 2018.

They do like to dish out those Knob-Hell-Piss-Prizes to the bad guys don’t they… And of course we now see another President involved in the Markle manipulation.

Nevertheless, best we check that we are not barking up the wrong tree before we go any further:

PHOTO: Pitman & Sirleaf comparison

It’s certainly going well isn’t it?

So, while we are on a roll we best compare Raggady Ann Doria with Shirtlift or whatever it is the criminal calls herself:

PHOTO: Ragland & Sirleaf comparison

It looks good to me although I suppose that I best do another just to appease the Doubting-Thomasisisisisis… Don’t cha just hate those words/names that you can never end!

PHOTO: Ragland/Sirleaf comparison

And funnily enough, Sirtealeaf has just been replaced as the President of Liberia by the former footballer George Weah… Proof positive then that you don’t need brains to be a President.

Mind you, the timing couldn’t be better as no longer being President will free up another couple of hours per week to allow Harvard educated Sirleaf to play the part of Doria Ragbag.

However, I also feel the need to tell you that Sirleaf has a [camera-shy] step-son who no one in the press appears to know how to spell his first name; so, I am not sure if it is Fombah or Fumba or a variation of.

However, that fact is rather strange given that he was apparently the head of the Liberian secret service, as well as the step-son of the President and he is implicated in a major multi-million (some say a billion) pound fraud.

Nevertheless, I cannot help but think that Chumba-Fumba looks very much like Meghan Markle’s cousin – who we saw earlier on – Joffrey (couldn’t be Jeffrey obviously) Ragland:

PHOTO: Joffrey & Fombah comparison

Take a look at the ears! The ears – which are unique to each individual person – are the same… And they do like to keep it in the family, don’t cha know.

Moreover, if you have read my “How The West Was Won” series of articles you will know that these High Profile – with Low Profile – people usually have a historical blast from the past and in Raganbone’s case I would image that her doppelganger is Patrice Clarke – the first female air captain for an international airline:

PHOTO: Patrice Clarke compared to Doria Ragland

Okay, returning now to the feminist Dotty-Doria Pitman-Hughes and here is a thing: Pitman is known for her iconic photograph taken with the Feminist, Gloria Steinman (below), in 1972:

PHOTO: Pitman-Hughes & Steinman’s iconic 1972 photograph

Mind you, Shirtlift is also all for a bit of air-thumping too:

PHOTO: Shirtlift doing her tub-thumping thing and looking very much like Doria Ragland in the process

And indeed the pair of rug-munchers – Pitman & Steinman – posed for a recreation of that air-thumping photo in 2014:

PHOTO: The 2014 version

Somehow, it just doesn’t have the same impact as the original does it?

Although the pair have milked the pose for all its worth:

PHOTO: Milking their moment of glory

And then there is the oddball half-brother who provided all of those faked family photos:


like the photo below for instance:

PHOTO: A screenshot of the ‘Markle’ family

Now I have taken a screenshot of the snappy-snap above rather than use the actual photo because the Chimp caption beneath it is quite telling – especially since (as I say), the photo comes courtesy of Tommy the Tit Jr.

You see, it MUST have been Tommy the Tit Jr who told the press recipients that Renault Meghan was 11 years old when the photo was taken… Which would mean that Thomas the Turd-Dooley (who is gay apparently although that is not stated in the article that the screenshot is taken from) is ONE year old in the photo and Tyler Dooley is at best, a new-born baby… Since Mental Meghan is supposedly only ten years older than the eldest Dooley boy.

Markle Jr also appears to have his children mixed up as that surely must be Thomas the Turd on the right (holding the doll), and not Tyler as stated in the caption.

And just to clarify the above, Gay Thomas the Turd Burglar observation; the article does not state that he is gay, but does state:

Eldest son Thomas is a 26-year-old store manager for Domino’s Pizza and lives in Mammoth Lakes, California, with his husband Ronnie, 41.  Source

Now it also clearly states in the above report that Thomas the Turd is the eldest of Markle’s two boys at twenty-six years of age and his brother, Tyler is twenty-five.

However, as I was writing this exposé another article appeared on the 29th of December 2017, in which Thomas Markle Jr gives an interview to the Chimp hacks following a controversial statement made about his & his half-sister, Meghan’s family, by her pretend-fiancé, Prick Henry of Pubes-Ginger.

And once again the same photo as above accompanied the interview/article, which – like last time – I have taken a screenshot of so as you can see for yourselves the accompanying text.

Yet despite the text being different on this one to the other one, the writer is still insisting that Meghan is 11 years old in the photo, which as I pointed out last time makes her nephew, Thomas the Turd one year old in the photo and her nephew Tyler a new-born baby.

Furthermore, the article also included the following photo (screenshot):

Yet the Monkey-Kuntz are that drugged up that they can’t add and subtract.

And as for Markle Jr himself? Well he also goes by the name of  Tom Hollander on ‘Linked In‘… You’ll like this:

PHOTO: Tom Hollander, Linkedin profile picture

Now what would the chances of that be? I mean you do know that the fella in the photo claiming to be TOM Hollander is without doubt really TOM Markle Jr, don’t you?

Of course you fuckin’ do, but best we confirm it all the same:

Fuck me, I should be a millionaire instead of living hand to mouth like I do.

And of course there is an actor named Tom Hollander who un-coincidentally is a friend of Mental Markle:

PHOTO: Meghan Markle and the actor TOM HOLLANDER

You will of course have to read the full article (found HERE) to find out why their friendship is no coincidence.

And like his ‘father‘, Thomas Jr is also a ringer for the killer, John Wayne Gacy:

Course, there is also much more to that Gacy connection, but that is well documented in the “Who Is Meghan Markle” article and if you want to know more, then read it your fucking self.

Nevertheless, it seems that neither Markle Jr or the Chimp pays any attention to what he says since his then wife Tracey Dooley is seen in those photographs of Markles which show 11-year-old Meghan and Tom & Dooley’s children who SHOULD have been one yr old and a new-born baby:

PHOTO: L to R – Eleven yr old Meghan, new-born baby Tyler Dooley, Thomas Markle Snr, One yr old Thomas Dooley and Markle Jr’s wife, Tracey Dooley.

Now I say that because after the farticles using that photo were printed, Thomas Markle went on to say in another farticle:

It is almost like the cunts are amateurs isn’t it… Especially since Tracey Dooley – like Doria Ragtag – has now switched actors for someone completely different.

But there ya go.

As for the Dooley boys? well Tyler Dooley is now a big time drug dealer:

“YOUR ROYAL FUCKING HIGHNESS”!… Don’t make me laugh.

Although I kinda think that the brothers are one and the same:

As they were when they were children:

Except the boy in the photo above did not grow into the cannabis dealer.

You see, the boy above is also the boy photographed below with the wife of former American President Jimmy Carter:

And of course the former first lady, Rossalyn Carter knew John Wayne Gacy:

PHOTO: Gacy & Carter 

Here, have another one:

PHOTO: Gacy & Carter


Mind you, Thomas Markle Jr does speak some truth:

Indeed she is as phoney as what that cunt is.

Mind you, he also improved on that truth:

As in Meghan is not genuine in the same way that Diana wasn’t genuine either… Clever wording by the thick cunts.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that the redneck, Thomas Markle Jr is Meghan’s equivalent to Kate Golddigger-Smiff’s drug addled, alcoholic uncle, Gary Goldsmith:

PHOTO: Gary Goldsmith cutting up his cocaine

And of course, Goldsmith’s wife, Julie Ann Brown – note the telltale different surname – is also his ‘sister’, the actor who plays Carole Middleton:

PHOTO: Goldsmith and his ‘wife’ Julie

Fuck me, it almost gets too easy.

However, here is the thing; everything in the Satanic world has to connect to everything and that is why Gary Goldsmith is also a top class jeweler named… Wait for it, wait for it… THOMAS MARKLE:

Thomas the Jeweler had a chariddy promotion not so long ago using a bird who just so happened to look exactly like Meghan Markle:

And I will leave you to work out who the Thomas Markle Jewelers assistant looks like:

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Very true dat.