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Henry Makow with thanks to Arcim / The Telegraph


The following Henry Makow (Red Ox) article proceeding this foreword is a very interesting read for those of you with an open mind.

There are quite a few interesting names thrown into the paedo ring too.

I have in fact, been hearing whispers quite a bit over the past few months about one of those mentioned – you may have noticed the hints.

One of the other’s, I must confess that I hadn’t really thought about, but I can certainly see why his name has been brought up.

And then, there are the usual suspects.

Below the Makow article is a Telegraph article, the contents of which are self explanatory, and very relevant to Henry’s article.  


Satanists Control Britain With Blackmail – Insider

May 12, 2013


If you ask a local Mason about “The Royal Arch,” they might be scared, assuming they know what goes on. Maybe they joined Masonry to progress up the career ladder, get told what to do by a semi-official government official and call it a day.

You can join The Royal Arch after joining the friendly and relatively insignificant local lodge. It is for the people who “will do anything, absolutely anything to get on”. A British Intelligence Officer involved – an ex Director General – told me “we have our fair share of sociopaths”.

Indoctrination is by degree, but if you are caught by the Royal Arch as a child, as I was,  you will be subject to such deliberately traumatic rape, torture and “mind control” that a normal person disassociates.

Injections are administered to prevent recall, and drugs such as Rohypnol are used along with electroshock punishment. Most of the people involved in the Royal Arch would have been through this at the hands of their own “Illuminati” or “multi-generational-Satanic” family. For example, Douglas Hurd (Foreign Secretary) and his son Thomas Hurd (‘Diplomat’/MI-6 Officer) Hurd. They will then often suffer displacement – meting out similar punishments to others – and cognitive dissonance identifying with the organization that abused them.

The best way to understand how they work together is to see the agenda as “a force”. They are Luciferian but some take it more seriously than others. Either way they all agree that the way to prove one’s power is to cause suffering to others and that “do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the law”. If you can imagine what ‘normal’ people regard as the worst possible philosophy, you will also be pretty close.

In a previous article I went through the torture techniques of electroshock with cattle prod. My parents were not Satanists, but those who are in with the Royal Arch can let their offspring be ‘treated’ with electroshock therapy 3 times a week. At the extreme, Miley Cyrus’s father (left) used to rape her live at Bohemian Grove as one of the leading attractions.


Today, I want to be specific about actual pedophiles in music, entertainment and politics.  I can confirm from my experience that the cult is everywhere. I mean literally everywhere: you will not be successful in “Allied” music or entertainment industry without being part of it. If you know that, it should make turning off MTV entirely rather than have your unconscious or subconscious mind subverted.

When people watch Royal Arch music videos/live performances or watch entertainment programs, the information is “hidden in full view”.  The most obvious recent example for British readers is Jimmy Savile, whose cathphrase “Jim’ll Fix It For You” was also used in child rape sessions with all his British government chums. “Has Jim Fixed it for You?” an enthusiastic Thomas Hurd would ask a child rape victim.

Another prominent child rapist who was then forced to do Rothschild bidding is the former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. An Intelligence minion like Hurd would ask him if he wanted a go with a boy, and the PM would say “that’s very prudent of you”. Planned in advance, he then used this phrase an inordinate  amount of times in the mass media to millions. Easy to understand when you know how.

Tony Blair was introduced to me as “the future Prime Minister” in about 1992 by Douglas Hurd and Mandelson, although Hurd told me Mandelson was more important (Rothschild direct contact). Hurd told me that Tony Blair wasn’t into rape as much as others, same as Evelyn Rothschild usually didn’t get involved directly. “Sometimes my brother does” Evelyn told us.

There was Kathryn Blair’s suicide bid after being raped by friends of her father. There’s also rumours Tony Blair is the actual illegitimate son of a Rothschild. Either way you can see how timely that “heart attack” was for Labour Leader John Smith. Blair said  “I had a funny feeling it would be me.”

Some of these people are more victim than perpetrator. For example in the music industry you can take most famous women and young men. Is there much doubt that Justin Bieber and the dude from N Sync have been subjected to it?

From personal experience being flown by MI-6 to Bohemian Grove I met Nicole Scherzinger [lead singer Pussy Cat Dolls] who was being subjected to “ugly duckling” programming by having affection withheld in favour of Jessica Simpson.

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Mystery surrounds rooftop death of Douglas Hurd’s daughter-in-law


The daughter-in-law of former foreign secretary Lord Hurd plunged 60ft from the top of her New York house two days before the family were due to return to the UK, an inquest heard today.

Catherine Hurd, 46, who was known as Sian, climbed a ladder, went through a hatch and stepped off the roof of the four-storey house in the fashionable Upper East Side of the city on May 21 last year.

Her body was found in the back garden of the house at 455 East 84th Street by her husband, British diplomat Thomas Hurd, who went looking for her when he woke and she was not beside him.

She was pronounced dead in hospital and died from multiple blunt impact injuries.

Central Hampshire Coroner Grahame Short told the hearing in Winchester the fall was “more than likely an intentional act” but he recorded an open verdict.

He said the mother-of-five, who took an overdose in 2007 after a nervous breakdown, was anxious and possibly depressed but he could not be certain it was suicide, as no note was found, or an accident, as no one saw the fall in the early hours.

A report from the New York Police Department ruled out foul play, and a footprint was discovered on the roof heading in the direction of the ledge as well as mud on the ladder.

The body was found 18 feet away from the building.

Mr Hurd told the hearing the house had been packed up as the family were moving back to London on May 23 after his three-year posting at the nearby United Nations.

At the time, the couple’s three children, Benedict, Oliver and Hannah, were living at the house and the family were moving back to Garfield Road in the capital.

“She was looking forward to returning home. We were going through a period of transition both logistically and we were also confronted by some family illness,” he explained.

He said that the day before her death, his wife, who did not work, was tired and had trouble sleeping and had taken small doses of sedatives although she usually avoided pills.

“She was in a good mood, not an excessively good mood. She had lunch at the Museum Of Modern Art with our son and she sent emails to some friends.

“She had conversations with family about how she was looking forward to coming home. She organised a number of deliveries and went to bed early at 10pm. There was nothing untoward during the day.”

Mr Hurd, a Middle East expert who was working with the UN Security Council at the time, said he went to bed at midnight and his wife was asleep.

He then woke up and his wife was not there.

Mr Hurd is the son of former Conservative minister Douglas Hurd, 82, now Lord Hurd of Westwell.

“Between three and four in the morning I searched for her and could not find her in the house, and then I found her in the garden and I tried to resuscitate her and then called an ambulance.”

He said his wife was unconscious when he found her and he had not been aware she had gone on to the roof using the hatch as that was not part of her usual behaviour.

Asked by Mr Short if he could tell whether she had jumped or fell, Mr Hurd replied: “We will never know.”

He said that later that day he found recent cigarette butts of Mrs Hurd’s brand on the roof.

He explained his wife had taken an overdose of sedatives in 2007 “after a sudden nervous breakdown” that caused her to be treated in hospital.

He said his wife seemingly made a quick recovery and did not want to talk about it.

Her father, retired GP Roland Aubrey, told the inquest that the type of benzodiazepine sedatives his daughter had taken could cause an altered mental state.

“We were a very close family. She gave us a lot of pleasure and a lot of fun when we saw her and she had five children which contributed to that.”

He said there had been no indication to him or his wife that their daughter was depressed when they had talked.

“But having said that she was under strain. It’s no mean feat to pack to come home for the last time,” he added.

Recording his verdict, Mr Short said the information he had was limited but he was satisfied there was no foul play.

He said Mrs Hurd could be anxious but she was not receiving treatment for depression.

“I cannot know for sure what was on her mind or whether she was intending to plan to take her life or not.

“However, it’s more likely than not this was an intentional act but I have to reach a verdict based on the evidence.

“She was probably feeling depressed, it does not necessarily follow she jumped.”

He also explained that the fall was not witnessed and so he could not be certain it was an accident.

“Cases such as this, however they happen, leave a terrible shock and void for the family,” he told the relatives.

“There is no doubt this was a tragedy for Mr Hurd and the entire family. I’m sure you will never forget her.”

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