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The Daily Mail.



Below is a seemingly innocuous article from the Daily Mail about a woman who turned her car over.

Hardly newsworthy of a local newspaper let alone a national newspaper.

I mean, what with the Syrian crisis, our perverted politicians and royal family, not to mention the dire financial situation in the country, its not as if there is no news about.

However, what caught my eye was the photo. I noticed that It had been photoshopped.

To me the policeman’s legs – who is supposedly in three quarter length shorts – didn’t appear to line up with his body.

So I looked closer and noticed that the car doesn’t line up in the first two photos either.

So I went on google maps, but their photo was from 2008 and the bricklayers arms was just being converted into a pub and next door to the pub, the flats were still workshops.

So I went on Bing Maps, whose photos are from 2012. The pub was there and the workshops had been converted into flats. However, the low level brick wall in front of the flats wasn’t there like it is in the Mails photo.

Never the less, that is by, the by. Its the other side of the road that doesn’t match up with the reality.

I have added some photos after the article so as you can see what I mean.

I have also added a copy of the press standards because the shit rag Mail is obviously breeching them.

Moreover, the second line of the article states:

These remarkable pictures capture the moment a woman is freed from the wreckage of her overturned car, and beams at her rescuers.

As far as I can see, the photos are very remarkable because they take photos that have different backgrounds to what is there.

However, since the purpose of the article is to air these ‘remarkable’ photos, the whole article is based on a lie.

The article then goes on to say that it is a mystery how the car happened to flip over in the first place… Well why the fuck didn’t anyone ask the driver?

After all the article states that the driver was ‘very lucky’ to escape virtually unhurt.

Never the less, going by the damage to the car, its fucking obvious that it hit something and hit it fucking hard.

Now, I am not suggesting that there is some great conspiracy happening here.

All that I am doing is pointing out that we are being deceived big time and this fuck up of a national newspaper is blatantly breaking the press rules.

Moreover, these photos have not been merely touched up or enhanced. They have been dramatically altered.

I have said it before and I will say it again.

The only reason that the press has to alter photos is either to hide something or make something appear different to what it really is.

Its not fucking good enough.

Feel free to report the propaganda rag to the Press Complaint Commission.


The smile that says ‘I’m alive!’: Delight of woman driver as she is freed from wreckage after flipping her car over in freak accident

  • Her orange hatchback flipped over near The Bricklayers Arms pub in Hawks Road, Kingston
  • It was a quiet Sunday afternoon with little traffic – locals are puzzled as to how the accident happened
  • The driver was sitting upside down waiting to be rescued and smiled quietly when pulled from the car


PUBLISHED: 18:16, 10 September 2013 | UPDATED: 18:53, 10 September 2013

It’s the smile that says ‘I walked out of that alive’.

These remarkable pictures capture the moment a woman is freed from the wreckage of her overturned car, and beams at her rescuers.

Her orange hatchback flipped over near The Bricklayers Arms pub in Hawks Road, Kingston, Surrey, on Sunday afternoon.

ed for Kingston Guardian Please bylinThe moment a woman is freed from the wreckage of her overturned car – she had been sitting upside down in her car while waiting to be rescued

The driver was helped from the car by paramedics and fire crews and taken to Kingston Hospital. 

Pub landlady Zoe Day, whose pub is just yards from the scene, called the emergency services after hearing the crash.


She said: ‘It was a perfectly quiet day and I was working behind the bar when I heard a massive bag.

‘I went outside and saw the car lying on its roof. The woman was in the car and sitting upside down, bless her.

ed for Kingston Guardian Please bylinLocals heard a massive bang last Sunday afternoon on the quite Hawks Road in Kingston – the driver was taken to hospital

ed for Kingston Guardian Please bylinThe road was almost empty when the accident happened in Surrey – the driver was ‘very lucky’ to escape virtually unhurt

‘I called the emergency services who were there very quickly and helped her out. She didn’t say anything and was absolutely fine. I think she was just passing through town, because I’d never seen her before.

‘I have no idea how it happened, but there was a car parked in the road with a bump in it, so maybe that’s how her car overturned. She is very, very lucky.’

Tim Woolf, 53, of Somerset Avenue, who took the pictures, said: ‘I was on my way home and when I got there the police blocked off the road. 

‘No one seemed to know how it happened.’

ed for Kingston Guardian Please bylinPolice, ambulance and firefighters were at the scene quickly, but luckily nobody appeard to be seriously injured in Sunday’s mystery accident

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Press Standards.

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