Madeleine McCann is officially DEAD.


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Now, I was originally going to discuss the old fanny surrounding the Madeleine McCann circus on Sunday afternoon, but as you know, the best laid plans and all that jazz.

However, the fact that I didn’t get round to it has done me a favour because Fiona from the Jill Haven website kindly sent me a transcript of a Portuguese news video which includes an interview with Goncalo Amaral – the man originally leading the investigation into Madeleine’s disappearance.

And as you would expect, the Portuguese news is much more revealing than the old fanny fed to us by the British MSM.

Never the less, before I discuss the Portuguese news, lets have a quick review of what the Monkey boys tell us has been happening over at the ‘bigus digus’.

Course, as you probably already know, the digger cops found a hole straight away which immediately made me  think; “surely they are not going to claim to have found Madeleine’s final resting place so quickly”.

Thankfully they were not that silly.

Never the less, I have no doubt whatsoever that the dark hole got the silly as fucking arseholes pro-McCann twats moist for a day or two.

Especially when the Odd Bod Plod Squad found a fucking sock and 2 cannabis plants leading to rumours that the hole was a child and drug traffickers lair.


Course, those pathetic rumours were no doubt started by Chief Defective Andy Deadwoods, deadwood defectives:

Police investigating the disappearance of Madeleine McCann are carrying out DNA tests on scraps of clothing they found in a hidden pit just feet from where she vanished, it has been claimed.

Forensic experts drafted in from the UK are said to be carrying out analysis of the ‘non-organic’ material, which was found near a hole in the ground on wasteland in Portugal’s Praia de Luz resort.

The find comes as officers said they need they need at least another week to search the strip of wasteland, which is just 1,000 feet from the Ocean Club complex from which Madeleine went missing on the evening of Thursday May 3, 2007Source

“Just feet from where she vanished”… All one thousand of them!

The area British police have been given permission to search is not far from the apartment where the McCanns were staying. It is understood to have previously been used by local children as a play area

And looking at the map, that is a very conservative 305 meters if you ask me… The more clever ones amongst you will probably see the irony in that sentence.

Course, on the strength of that old fanny, the Odd Bod Plod Squad got a weeks extension on the time that they had been given to search the area – An area that presumably no man has stepped foot on for the past 7 years … Except for three hamburglars, one disgruntled, smack addicted tractor driver (deceased), three drug dealers and knowing the Chimp, number eight is probably marked down as being the Departmental Head of Terrorism at Procol Harum PLC… The racist, hairy bollocked, red arsed, knuckle dragging apemen.


Just to clarify: I was referring to The Monkey Boys as racist, hairy bollocked, red arsed, knuckle dragging apemen not Procol Harem… I like them… Especially Pandoras Box…. Just sayin’.

And as for those eight cut throat gangsters?

Well never fear, Deadwoods here.

You see, the Secret Seven Plus One’s reign of terror is about to come to an end now that the Clown is in Town… Course, I wouldn’t put too much store by the following old fanny.

Unless of course you are a bit of a fanny magnet… As in someone who loves a bit of fanny… I’m not making myself very clear here but I feel sure that you know what I mean – if ya know what I mean of course:

Scotland Yard detectives searching for Madeleine McCann in Portugal have been granted permission to question their prime suspects, it has emerged.

Police identified eight local men earlier this year who they believe could hold the key to solving the mystery of Madeleine’s disappearance.

The suspects, three of whom are convicted drug dealers, were traced from phone records linking them to Praia da Luz on the night Madeleine was last seen alive. Source


You couldn’t make this shit up… But the cunt in the photo above is a master at it… Again, just sayin’.

So, with an extra weeks holiday time to fill in front of the worlds TV* cameras – serves the cunts right for showing off – and no suspects to really question; whilst at the same time having to avoid Jennifer Eccles Murat like the fucking plague in case she offered to let them dig up her rear driveway again, it was down to the men who point a lot to save the day.


Do not get erect, TV stands for Television, not Transvestites.


Anyway, the pointless exercise on site 1 has now finished and it seems that the Odd Bod Plod Squad will be starting on their next pointless exercise at Site 2 tomorrow:

The search for Madeleine McCann is to move to scrubland around a water treatment plant where a prime suspect may have worked.

Portuguese police sources have revealed that British officers are due to start scouring the area near the resort of Praia da Luz on Wednesday.

A fingertip search of wasteland in the centre of Praia da Luz is due to be completed today.

It comes as it has emerged Scotland Yard detectives searching for Madeleine in Portugal have been granted permission to question their prime suspects.  Source

That then concludes the news for the Great British Simpletons… Whom judging by the comments left on the Chimps old fanny are finally beginning to show a bit of common sense.

At least they are where Gelly Baby & Wheelie Healy are concerned anyway.

Course, if you want the full facts then never go to the British MSM for your information.

Which of course, brings me nicely to the Portuguese news transcript that I mentioned earlier… Excuse me one moment, I won’t be a second.


Did you see that you useless twats? Its called continuity.

Okay, the Portuguese film footage apparently begins with a TV ‘Anchor’ interviewing local people on how they feel about the bigus digus.

Now I say “apparently” because I have not watched the news footage being as it is all in Portuguese – which just so happens to be one of the 6908 languages that I can’t speak … Fucking typical.

I therefore just read the transcript.

But I’m waffling now so to get back on track I would guess that these locals all hold very similar views to mine – albeit they do appear to lack my bluntness.

In other words, they think that the British are absolute fucking headbangers and that the bigus digus is nothing more than old fanny for show, based on a lie with intent to deceive.

Not that they actually said that but it isn’t unfair to say that the Portuguese appear to be blessed with something that the semi-retarded British have lacked for years, namely: Common Fucking Sense.

The following then are the views of a couple of those local residents from Praia da Luz.

And I will just remind you that the transcript has been translated from Portuguese to English:

Bystander 1: It has no logic. What thief goes to burglarise a house, takes a child, kills her, carries her in his arms, in everyone’s sight, walking down the street, and comes to bury her here, on a terrain that is made only of stones? That is crazy! That’s all I have to say.

Voiceover: These searches are being seen by residents and tourists as one big police movie.

Bystander 2: A movie. A movie, maybe. I don’t know if this is, as we say, for the English to see. I am a bit suspicious that this is going to result in nothing. 

Bystander 1: I think that they won’t find anything here. Animal bones, maybe, but otherwise…

Voiceover: And in the middle of this movie, some risk a possible scenario with different actors.

I told you ages ago that our government and the odd bod plod squad are making us a laughing stock throughout the world, didn’t I.

Never the less, the interview continues on for a while and basically consists of the locals taking the piss out of us for a while longer until we come to the interview with Goncalo Amaral – which is when the real interesting stuff is revealed… And by “interesting stuff” I mean the information that you won’t read in the nationals over here:

Anchor: How do you see the movie of the searches this week?

Gonçalo Amaral: That is exactly it, it’s a movie. There are British journalists who speak of a farce, something staged for the media, and maybe it’s nothing more than that. What is dangerous and serious is this attempt to find a new thesis, a so-called new theory about someone who goes to commit a theft and is scared by a three-year-old child and kills her and takes her out of there, I think it’s convoluted.

But it’s nothing new. I remember that within the investigation, back then, and I recall that I spent six months in that investigation, not seven years, or three or four, like Scotland Yard – during that time, there was this thesis, too. And it happens that it was brought forward by a colleague who was a member of British Police, of Scotland Yard. He was the only member of Scotland Yard who was present in that work group of the Polícia Judiciária and the British police, he was Scotland Yard. 

And when he advanced that hypothesis, it was discussed and completely set aside because it made no sense. Now they even added a bit more spice, to spice it up, that they are traffickers, that apart from trafficking, one day they thought of breaking into a house. Nobody proves that house was broken into, that there was a theft, there are no traces of a break-in.

I wonder if he had me in mind when he said: “There are British journalists who speak of a farce, something staged for the media”?

Mind you, that is by the by.

You see, what is interesting is not so much the fact that Amaral is alluding to the British police trying to take the focus of the investigation away from the McCann’s having any involvement in Madeleine’s disappearance – His allegation, not mine… After all, we already knew that anyway.

It is the fact that there was one of our coppers sat in on the original investigation, who from the off was already trying to influence the Portuguese officers into believing that the McCann’s were innocent – and that tells me just about all that I need to know in that department.

Moreover, it is abundantly clear just how far the Portuguese bent over backwards to appease the British authorities by allowing the English Dick’s totally nonsensical theory to be discussed… Mind you, i’ll bet that there was more than a bit of smirking going on behind PC Dick Heads back throughout the course of that embarrassing 5 minute discussion.

Anchor: And who is writing this farce’s plot?

Gonçalo Amaral: It’s Scotland Yard that is writing. They have a certain difficulty to end the investigations, they are getting to the point of saying that she is dead, they will reach the point of saying that the cadaver can’t be found, and that the case can’t be solved. 

Anchor: They are being pressured by the government, by the McCann family, by whom?

Gonçalo Amaral: By time. By time and by the money that they have spent already, which is a lot. I remind you that this is a special group that has been on this investigation for a long time and that this has already cost the British public coffers thousands of pounds. And now it also costs ours, we saw some people mentioning that, what is being spent in terms of the Portuguese police, which is surely not being paid by the British.

Anchor: I understand that in your opinion, this is a diversion manoeuvre, but what is the purpose?

Gonçalo Amaral: It’s not a diversion manoeuvre, it’s a way of making forget what exists. If you notice, while we are engrossed in the searches, that are even performed on the limit of the grounds for the press, for the television cameras to film, the grounds are huge but it’s on the border, close by – nobody is discussing the case files, nobody is discussing the indicia.

And returning to the indicia, there is one that is proved and is included in the report that the Portuguese police wrote in September, after the disappearance, at that time, and which is the simulation of an abduction. So there is the simulation of an abduction, I ask: if these burglars are so intelligent, so intelligent that “let’s take away the child that is dead, that died of fright or that we killed, and that cannot appear because a homicide is different from a theft, there is no trace of theft, and on top of that we simulate the abduction”. Notice that is the story of the open window, everything is open as if the child had been taken through there.

And in fact these have to very intelligent burglars. Then, they seem to lose their intelligence, because all of a sudden, they apparently went there on foot, it is said that they are three but only one was seen carrying the child in that area, into the direction of those grounds, leaves a body near the location of the disappearance – this not intelligence anymore. The intelligence seems to have stopped at that moment. But well, they say that there are phone calls that place them there… there is no substance, there is nothing there to give this thesis credibility. 

Anchor: But how do these eight suspects appear, and with the intention of questioning three of them?

Gonçalo Amaral: They appear because all that it takes is to go to the list of phone calls made in that location, during one or two days, or on that night, and check who has a criminal record. And these are traffickers. And then there is a jump. Traffickers are also burglars, they also break into houses, so it goes. Anyone who says that doesn’t know what drugs trafficking is, or at least drugs trafficking in the Algarve and the means that it implicates and the people that are behind it. Or we are talking about the trafficker that consumes, who is stealing to buy drugs and to sell some drugs.

No surprises there of course, since myself and others have been pointing out for years how improbable the scripts are that Deadwood’s deadwood come up with – costing the British taxpayer fucking millions, I hasten to add.

Indeed, it is a fucking national outrage that our MSM is so controlled that they cannot state the blatantly fucking obvious… And yet the Cunt Cameron has the audacity to criticise other countries for censorship… Fucking evil nonce cunt.

There then follows a brief conversation about how embarrassingly cringey our officers are by putting forward the 2 cannabis plants as proof for the need to interview the 3 drug dealers/traffickers.

Amarol then lets go of what I think is a staggering revelation, given the publicity that the case gets afforded over here.

Anchor: Gonçalo Amaral, is there any cause-effect relation between the fact that these searches, these excavations started shortly after Madeleine McCann was officially declared dead by British authorities?

Gonçalo Amaral: That death declaration, a declaration in terms of, a civil death, which is a mechanism that we also have in Portugal, when someone disappears, I think it Portugal it’s after five years – 

Did you know that Madeleine McCann had been declared dead over here, because I fucking didn’t.

Amaral then goes on to say what should have already been blatantly obvious to those British halfwits hoping that Daft Deadwood and his band of idiot defectives were going to find something: The areas where the bigus digus has taken place and the other sites marked down for a bigus digus have already been thoroughly searched… Dog give me fucking strength.

After that, the newsreader basically says that Andy Deadwood is a joke.

And then there comes another bombshell:

Anchor: Our guest Gonçalo Amaral already had the opportunity to say that in his opinion, all of this is a farce, but Gonçalo, so much time later, they are looking for a body, and that had not happened before.

Gonçalo Amaral: Well, I heard an earlier version where they were digging but still maintained the hope that she is alive, so they are looking for a hole where the child is living, so there is some confusion here, also from the British police. But in fact the theory that the child is dead and that it died that night in that apartment exists since that time, since September of 2007, and it was a conviction both from the Portuguese police and the British police that worked on the case. So it’s not something new.

Got that?

The British police in on the original investigation seven years ago think that Madeleine McCann died in the apartment.

And anyone who is not outraged that the McCann’s have not been question under caution since then – let alone not been arrested – wants beating around the head fifty two times in quick succession in order to knock some fucking sense into them.

But why have they not been arrested? Why has the case not been solved?

Doctor Amaral knows why:

Anchor: Then there is a declaration from Gerry and Kate, in the middle of this week, that thank the authorities for the support and for their ongoing efforts to bring Madeleine home. This is the expression.

Gonçalo Amaral: There are other expressions. Mr Gerald McCann said, a few years ago, two or three years ago, I can’t remember, “if she is dead then show us the body”. He will know why he says “show us the body”. There are other elements that point towards the fact that no body exists. Those elements should be taken into account. Those that are in the investigation should think how a body could disappear, how it is possible for this body to disappear under those circumstances.

Anchor: Gonçalo Amaral, let me ask a final question for a quick reply. Will we ever find out what really happened that night?

Gonçalo Amaral: Yes, we will. When MI5 opens the case files, we will find out. Don’t forget that the British secret services followed the case right from the beginning. On location. 

Over to you then, the men in G Strings… Fuck me, the McCanns have had a lucky let off now that the Libel trial has collapsed.

Never the less, you can read the full transcript which contains more revelations that you won’t read about in our MSM by clicking HERE

Thank you once again to Fiona for sending me a copy of that transcript.

And thats ya lot… Go on! Off you all pop.