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So! Nick Clegg, an Atheist who plays the part of the quiet thief  in the Westminster puppet show is sending his eldest son to the exclusive, cough,cough, ‘state funded’, London Oratory School.

Despite the Catholic school being massively oversubscribed, and giving preferential entry to those who go to mass the most,  young Antonio Clegg was still never the less accepted. I can only presume then, that non-believer Nick the Dip is never out of the old church.


Nick Clegg son to follow Tony Blair’s boys to exclusive school

NICK Clegg and his wife are sending their eldest son to the top Catholic state secondary school favoured by Tony Blair’s family, it was announced yesterday.


Mr Clegg married his Spanish wife in a Catholic church although he is an atheist
Eleven-year-old Antonio will start at the London Oratory in September.
He and one of his two younger brothers attend a state Catholic primary school. A spokesman for the Deputy Prime Minister, an atheist, said privately educated Mr Clegg and his lawyer wife Miriam, a Catholic, looked at other options but the Oratory was a “very common” choice for Antonio’ classmates.
Critics said other schools were closer to their home but the spokesman added  the couple believed the Oratory “the best school” for their son as well as being just three miles away.
When then Labour leader Tony Blair and wife Cherie chose it for their sons there was a huge outcry as the west London school was a long commute past dozens of nearer options.However the Oratory does not have a catchment area and is attended by children from across London. Antonio and his brothers Alberto, eight, and Miguel, four, are being raised as Catholics.Mr Clegg married his Spanish wife in a Catholic church although he has admitted he is not himself an “active believer” in God.
Course, Clepto Clegg, who learned his trade from the master, Leon ‘paedofraud’ Brittan, isn’t the only Politician to send his kids to the Posh-Poor school. 
In 1995 Tony Blair sent his son Euan to the school,  followed by 2nd son Nicky in 1997. Harry Dromey, the eldest son of Harriet Harman also attended the school as did Ruth Kellys son, Eamon Gadd,
Wikipedia lists a few of the Oratory notable alumni as being:
  • Hayley Atwell, actress
  • Simon Callow, actor
  • Bernard Fitzalan-Howard, 3rd Baron Howard of Glossop
  • Euan Blair Eldest son of 74th Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Tony Blair (Selected after attending interview with his parents)
  • Tony Geraghty, writer
  • Gerard Lee, notable Asian
  • Jerry Hayes, Conservative MP from 1983-97 for Harlow (school governor)
  • Joaquin Ardiles, Sean McWeeny, Derya Nagle & Lorenzo Peri of the Progressive Metal outfit The Safety Fire


Course with the school being both Catholic and posh, albeit poor-posh, you just know that paedophilia is never going to be far away… Oh fuck me! Here it is:


Sex abuse inquiry at Oratory school

Special report: child protection

Tuesday 5 December 2000 16.28 GMT

An investigation was under way today into allegations of child abuse at the London Oratory school.The inquiry centres on a former chaplain and governor at the Roman Catholic state school in Fulham, south-west London, at which Prime Minister Tony Blair’s two eldest sons are pupils.Police and social services acted after pupils alleged they were abused by Father David Martin, who died of a suspected Aids-related illness two years ago.

Martin was alleged to have met at least six pupils in his rooms at the London Oratory church, to which the highly regarded school is affiliated.Two boys were said to have expressed fears that they might have contracted the HIV virus from the 44-year-old Scots-born priest, who died in September 1998.There is no suggestion that Mr Blair’s sons are involved in the allegations or the investigation.

A Scotland Yard spokeswoman said: “Allegations of abuse at a London school have been received by the Hammersmith and Fulham child protection team.”The allegations are being investigated.

“ChildLine founder and chairman Esther Rantzen confirmed that the telephone helpline had been contacted by children who made allegations of abuse at the Oratory school.She refused to discuss the case further, but said: “As a journalist, I have received for years letters making allegations against priests working in the Roman Catholic church, so I am very aware of the problem.

“I also know that this does occur from time to time in schools and I know how difficult it is to investigate these circumstances when they occur in schools,” she told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.”Children who are sexually abused are very often frightened, guilty and ashamed and take the blame on themselves.

“When this happens inside a school, they often feel that they have to protect even their own parents, who sent them there for their own good, and they don’t want to hurt their parents by revealing what has happened.”So there are a great deal of areas in which we need to reassure children in order to ensure the truth comes out.”A spokeswoman for Hammersmith and Fulham council confirmed that a child protection team investigation was under way.As school chaplain, Martin was employed by the church, not the school, so it is not clear whether he was subject to police checks before working with pupils, she said.

Martin entered the priesthood as a novice in 1988 after a 10-year career as a stockbroker in the City of London, the Daily Mail reported.He was ordained by the late Cardinal Basil Hume, archbishop of Westminster, in 1994.Martin died four years later from bronchopneumonia in the hospital of St John and St Elizabeth, Westminster.The 1,360-pupil Catholic boys’ school, which admits girls in the sixth form, was founded by the Fathers of the London Oratory in 1863.

Hmmm. That would explain a lot. After all, paedophilia plays a big part in the elites life. The Cunt Cameron knows that from his time at Eton. Psycho Blairs no better.

We all know about his D notice, his love for Mandy Mandelson, not to mention his penchant for cross dressing and nickname of Miranda as he was known at school.

And who can forget about him showing off his todger  in the men’s public toilets?

“But what about the rape and beatings Spiv?  You can’t rape and beat the kids at the Oratory like you can at Eaton & Fettes, can you”? 

Once again, hmmm… Well  no. But there is that allegation of Tony the Toad trying to rape his daughter. You know the one? Where she tried to kill herself afterwards… Damm well nearly succeeded too.

As for the beatings? No problem to Quare Blair.He cut out the middle man and did that himself too:

Why I belted our children.

DAILY EXPRESS Thursday June 6  1996 

LABOUR leader Tony Blair has risked the anger of his politically correct colleagues by confessing he smacked his children.

He said he always regretted “belting them”. But he believed hitting youngsters was an acceptable way of instilling discipline.

The admission pitches Mr Blair against many in his own party for whom smacking is unforgiveable, whatever the circumstances. He has already taken an axe to many of Labour’s sacred cows and has admitted that being caned at school “probably did me no harm”.

I really have to butt in here. You will notice that the Express specifically quoted him as saying; “Belting them”. I dunno? Maybe it is innocent. After all, my old man gave me a belt now and then, as in a slap.

By the same token… Work with me here… Some kids were actually belted by their parents, in the literal sense. Knowing Tony the Todger like I do, I wouldn’t like to call it either way.

As for the war criminal maintaining that, it probably did me no harm”… Pffft. No Tony, course it didn’t –  you well adjusted Monster, you.

Carry on Daily Express.

Mr Blair, father to Euan, 12, Nicholas, 10, and Kathryn, 8, made his confession in an interview with the magazine Parents.

He said: “When they were little I smacked them occasionally if they were really naughty or did something nasty to another child.

“I always regretted it because there are lots or ways of disciplining a child and I don’t believe that belting them is the best one.”

There ya go! He said it again… Just saying.

Carry on Daily Express.

But he added: “There is a clear dividing line between administering discipline on the one hand and violence on the other, which most parents understand perfectly wall.

Or, put another way. What Tony is saying here is; hitting someone is only violence if it isn’t your children you’re hitting… Geddit?

Carry on Daily Express. 

“The important point is to discipline your children because they must realise that there are some things they can’t do.”

Fuck me; he has some front hasn’t he? “There are some things they can’t do.” Yes TB there are, aren’t there? Mr fuckin’ goody two shoes.

Carry on Daily Express… So much better than the Daily Mail, by the way.

His views on corporal punishment drew a terse response from the NSPCC.

A spokesman said: “We  understand the stresses that parents  and  carers  face  but believe smacking is not an affective or appropriate way  of disciplining children. “ The society is concerned that smacking and other forms of corporal punishment can escalate into more serious forms of abuse.”

Like Rape, for instance NSPCC? … That kinda thing? 

Come on Express… Do get on with it for fucks sake.

Mr Blair says he finds it difficult to challenge the conduct of his children, let alone be strict. But he believes it is vital for their own development.

He said: “Children need parameters and boundaries and ‘if they don’t have those it makes them less secure.

What about incest Tone? Where do you stand on that?  Just so we know, like.

“Even though having to row with them about doing homework, putting their plates away or which TV programmes they watch is difficult, I think it is important to enforce a code of conduct. “My  own mother was very strict about being, polite to other people and in later life it has been of great benefit to me.”

Mr Blair worries about the effect on his children of having a father in the public eye.

Or  even a Father who rapes them… That would worry me.

“Euan got a bit of flak over his schooling,” he says, referring to his controversial decision to send his eldest child to the opted-out London Oratory School.

He says he “couldn’t have looked in the mirror” if he had chosen a school on a political basis.


“We chose it because it was right for Euan,” he says.

Mr Blair added: “My own father was a lawyer and quite often appeared on TV.  “When I was small there was a time when I saw him more often on TV than in real life.

Fuck off with your old bollocks. “Saw him more often on TV” indeed!!! Whose ya dad Tone; Lionel?

“It’s always been a concern for me that my own children don’t think the same way about me.”

Errr… Trying to top y’self doesn’t make for happy families, Tone. Especially not when its a proper attempt… Just saying. 

He has nothing but praise for wife Cherie and the way she balances a career as a barrister with managing the home, Mr  Blair  said: “There  will  be mothers  and  sometimes  fathers who  want to stay at home and raise their children, but the  key thing is to give them a choice.”

Hmmm… Like the choice, we have now whereby people cannot even manage on two wages these days… There is something I don’t like about Miranda Blair, don’t cha know. Can’t quite put me finger on it.  


Hodge Hanging On.



Daily Express Saturday November 15 2003


TONY Blair yesterday turned down an offer of resignation from embattled  Children’s  Minister  Margaret Hodge as Downing Street fought to save her frontbench career.

Her offer followed a full apology to a former child sex abuse victim she said was “extremely disturbed”.

Demetrious  Panton,  who  was sexually molested in a care home in Islington  in  north  London,  where Mrs  Hodge  was  council  leader  in the  1980s,  was  planning  sue  her over  the  slur.

But  yesterday  his solicitor  said  the  apology  was  “a step  in  the  right  direction”  anddemanded she make a payment to a children’s charity to end the row.

In  a  letter  to  Mr  Panton, she  acknowledged  he  suffered “appalling abuse” in the 1970s and said she was “genuinely sorry for having contributed to your pain and anger”.

The offensive remark was contained in a letter to BBC chairman  of  governors  Gavyn  Davies after Mrs Hodge learnt the corporation  was  investigating  Mr Panton’s case.

The  furore  has  sparked  fresh calls  for  Mrs  Hodge’s  resignation over the Islington child abuse scandal, which was brought to her attention while she was council leader.

Allegations  that  she  failed  to  act quickly enough on warnings from social  workers  at  the  time  have dogged her since her appointment as  England’s  first  Children’s Minister in June.

“Anyone in your situation would rightly feel angry and let down after so  many  years  of  being  disbelieved,” she wrote to Mr Panton.

“I have never sought to belittle or invalidate the experience of those who  have  suffered  physical  or sexual abuse.

“Over many decades, all victims of  abuse  in  children’s  homes  in Islington  and  elsewhere  were betrayed  by  those  in  whose  care their  safety  and  well-being  was entrusted.”

Mr  Panton’s  lawyer  said  his client is “willing to let the matter rest” if his legal costs are met and the charity payment is made. He  said Mrs Hodge is “aware of these requirements”.

But  senior  figures  at Westminster  were  insisting  that even if she met the demands, the row  had  “fatally  damaged”  Mrs Hodge’s ability to do her job.

Senior  Whitehall  sources  made clear she had been willing to step down  to  spare  the  Government embarrassment  and  had  told  the PM she would go, but Mr Blair had offered his continued backing.

Tory shadow health and education secretary Tim Yeo said his call

for Mrs Hodge to quit remained in play, despite her apology. Mr Yeo said: “The biggest problem in cases of child abuse is to get the victims to have the confidence to come forward.

“If  they  feel  that  if  they  do come forward that they are going  to  be  branded  by  the  minister

responsible  as  disturbed  people, what does that do to the chances  of us being able to uncover more cases of child abuse.


Ohhh yeah. That’s what I like about the cunt… Fuck all!