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Only Me. Unfortunately I am still tied up with the writing about the Glasgow hoax. Indeed, it seems that every time I think that I am near finishing, I stubble upon another piece of relevant information.

Never the less. I am going to work through the night and tomorrow morning to try and get it done. 

Therefore, in view of the fact that I have nothing new to offer you to read in the here & now, and taking into account how well the articles about our not so royal family that I have been posting over the past few days have been received, there now follows an article from July 2013, by the Daily Chimp that I – shall we say – ‘jazzed up’ a bit.

The original article was about the renovations taking place to Little Bald Willie’s Kensington Palace ‘apartment’ which we were told was going to cost us a cool One Million Pound.

Course, the fact that it wouldn’t should have been obvious to all and did in fact end up costing us a not so cool £4.5 Million Pounds – doubtlessly a very conservative final total.

However, like I say, I expanded on the article and added a few other facts of my own in order to give the Chimps article a more balanced view.

And in doing so, I added content such as that under-reported at the time news about a poor girls body which had been found on the Sandringham estate…


Living on the love of the common people

So, there I was, fast asleep, dreaming about how well the MSM portray Bald Willie and Kate Gold-Digger-Smith as the Royals with the ‘common touch’ without so much as a hint of sarcasm, when the old phone begins to ring.

“Hello Chris… Sorry, Mr Spivey. Its Paul Dacre, Editor of the Dail….”

“What do you want”, I interrupted, not bothering to conceal the annoyance in my voice.

Turns out he wanted me to contribute on a new Royal article.

“Who with? Ruth?” I asked.

“No Rebecca English” Dacre stammered, quickly adding that John Stevens would also be involved.

Well, obviously, had it only been Beccy English I would have told him to fuck off… I mean to say, I had more than enough of her sycophantic musings to last me a lifetime following our previous collaboration on a Royal article. 

However, Stevens usually writes about paedophiles and murderers for the Daily Mail.

“How befitting a choice then for him to be writing about the Royal family” I thought to myself, before accepting Dacre’s offer… I really do have to stop being so fucking naive, don’t cha know.

Mind you. It has been a while since I rattled the Palace gates.

Oh, and just to avoid any confusion, my bits are in Yellow…


Duke and Duchess of Cambridge prepare to move into new country bolthole with Prince George after Queen asks current tenant to leave

  • Royal couple to move into Anmer Hall in Norfolk
  • 10-bedroom Georgian property is on Queen’s Sandringham estate
  • Used as illicit bolt-hole by Prince Charles and Camilla during affair
  • Currently renovating 20-room home in Kensington Palace to serve as primary residence
  • Norfolk Police confirm they are looking to ‘beef up security’



The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are preparing to move into their new country bolthole with baby son Prince George in a matter of months, MailOnline can reveal.

HUH? Kensington Palace isn’t in the countryside. It’s in the heart of London, ya daft beggars.

It is understood that the Queen has asked the current tenant of Anmer Hall in Norfolk to vacate the property as soon as possible, four years before his lease is up.

Ohhhh. You aren’t referring to their 57 room apartment that the nation has just paid the cost of refurbishment for then? … Without even being asked, I hasten to add.

Is there even such a thing as a 57 room apartment? … Sorry, Big John, Bex. Just thinking aloud.

I trust the current tenant told Bizzy Lizzie to go and fuck herself?

The 10-bedroom Georgian property is situated on the monarch’s private estate at Sandringham and has been lived in by company director James Everett and his family for 13 years. He also runs his bespoke timber company, Norfolk Oak, from its stables.

I’ll take that as a no then.

So, lets get this straight. Fifty seven  fucking rooms isn’t enough for the pair of Royal ponces and their brat  then? They need 67 rooms now do they? 

Yet there are people in this country who are being forced out of their homes for having one spare bedroom?  I can feel my hackles rising already John ‘n’ Bex, I gotta tell ya.

New home: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are preparing to move into their new country bolthole with baby son Prince George in a matter of months

New home: The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are preparing to move into their new country bolthole with baby son Prince George in a matter of months... No mention has been made of the millions of pounds of public money that has already been spent on refurbishing  the 57 roomed apartment that was good enough for Bald Willie’s Great Aunt, Princess Drunk Alot, without having the need for a million pound plus refurbishment…

And what about the undisclosed millions of pounds of public money spent on bringing Bald Willies in-laws mansion up to scratch?

Were the pair of pampered spongers not going to live there? Was that fact not the justification behind spending millions of pounds of tax payers money to improve security, the kitchen, the garden etc, etc, etc?

However the magnificent mansion has now been earmarked by William and Kate as second home for their family.

Because, all couples with a new baby need 67 rooms to store their nappys in… C’mon chaps. Up your game… Lets start talking about how the Royal family are paedophiles and murderers John.

The couple are already renovating another 20-room home in Kensington Palace to serve as their primary London residence, which has so far cost taxpayers £1.1 million in building costs.

HUH! Where the fuck did the other 37 rooms go?  I know the place had 57 rooms Bex because  you said so yourself on the 27th of June:

William and Kate are hoping to move into Apartment 1A, the 57-room residence once inhabited by Princess Margaret, with their new baby this summer. Source

I also know that you tried to make it seem like the public wasn’t footing the cost Bex:

Although the couple are personally paying for fixtures and finishing – such as curtains and soft furnishings – the cost of basic building work including new heating, electrics and plastering is being met by money given to the Queen by the Government.

But the government hasn’t got any money Bex. Its all public money.

Interestingly enough, that same article – that you put your name to Bex – stated this:

The spokesman also stressed that occupied royal palaces are held in trust for the nation, so William and Kate do not own the apartment, nor can they or the Royal Family sell it.

So, if that is the case, why can we not evict the sponging piss taking bastards? 

The Monarchy is a drain on society and there is no difference to the principle behind their annual income and that of someone on benefits.

Can you imagine if a family of three were living on benefits in a 57 roomed apartment? … It takes the right fucking piss.

And if the fucking palaces belong to the people how come the piss taking bastards are charging up to £30.50 per head for people to have a look around what they already own?

Seems to me Bex that the public are getting a bit of a raw fucking deal here… So why are you not reporting that?

I will remind you Bex that you also wrote in that article:

A spokesman for the Duke and Duchess stressed that a close eye was being kept on costs

Well, if that is the fucking case, why the fuck were X amount of pounds – no doubt in their thousands –  spent on the pretty picture to hide the scaffolding? (see photo below)

Facade: The fake frontage of Kensington Palace has been erected while work is being carried out. The enormous canvas - measuring about 25,000 sq ft - covers the south side of the building

That isn’t my fucking idea of keeping the costs down, I can tell you.

Get on with it. I’m getting the right fucking hump now.

Last night Mr Everett confirmed to the Mail that the family business had already started moving out of Anmer Hall ahead of the lease, which had not been due to end until March 2017.

Oh yeah! That’s right, Mr Everett will need somewhere to run his business from too. Where is he going to relocate too?

The business is in the process of relocating to new premises at nearby RAF West Raynham.

Oh right. He’s moving his business onto MOD land. Can anyone do that?  

I mean, if the MOD has land to spare would it not be more prudent to build houses on them? You do know about the severe housing crisis in this country don’t you John & Bex?

But Mr Everett denied that he is receiving compensation from his landlord, the Queen, to leave.


I tell you what Bex & John. You lot at the fucking Mail do nothing but continually contradict your fucking selves. How can you possibly justify charging the public money for your newspaper when you so obviously make it up as you go along?

I will remind you of what your shit rag said on the 29th of this month.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are preparing to move into their new country bolthole with baby son Prince George in a matter of months, Mail Online can reveal. It is understood that the Queen has paid the current tenant of Anmer Hall in Norfolk a ‘generous’ settlement to vacate the property as soon as possible, four years before his lease is up…

…  Last night a member of Mr Everett’s staff confirmed to the Mail that the family had already started moving out of Anmer Hall ahead of their lease, which had not been due to end until March 2017. His business is also in the process of relocating to new premises at nearby RAF West Raynham. But they declined to comment on how much his landlord, the Queen, compensated Mr Everett to leave. Source

See, your poor excuse for a NEWS-paper said Bizzy Lizzy dug deep, yet two days later you are saying that she didn’t… Can you get anything right Bex?

Oi Johnny come lately! When you going to get down to the nitty gritty? You know what I mean… About the Duck and grandad Big Ears being paedos?

Never mind.  Just get on with it ya useless cunts.

The news coincides not just with the birth of William and Kate’s first baby on Monday, but also the end of William’s current job as a Search and Rescue pilot based at RAF Valley in Anglesey.


First off, it is now becoming very fucking clear that the reason for the millions of pounds of public money spent on the Middleton’s mansion was for no other reason than Bald Willies in-laws wanted to have it off at the public’s expense.

The following is from the Daily Express:

Undergrowth has been cleared, while ditches and drains surrounding Bucklebury Manor, the Middleton’s £5million estate, have been cleared.
Even the local council has passed an emergency bylaw preventing any vehicle from stopping along the road leading to the family’s Georgian farmhouse.

 Experts believe the massive security operation – a joint exercise between Thames Valley Police, the Met and the elite royal protection squad – is costing more than £1million.  Source

Fuck me! Is it not enough that the Royal ponces take the right fucking piss, without the fucking in-laws getting in on the act.

Is Mickey Middleton not rich enough to finance his own fucking gardening and security arrangements after making a £30 million pound fortune off of the backs of child slave labour?  Source

It takes the right fucking piss and I for one have fucking had enough of these cunts taking the right fucking piss.

I mean, for fucks sake Bex. How fucking useless are you?  Here is what you said on April the 19th of this year:

The Duchess of Cambridge is to move back in with her mother when her baby is born.

In a break with royal tradition, Kate, 31, will not employ a maternity nurse after the July birth.

Instead, she has told friends, she will live with her parents for at least the first six weeks after leaving hospital. Source

But then again, you bunch of fucking Toadies knew that Bald Willie and Gold-Digger-Smith were moving into Anmer Hall back in January didn’t you? 

I know you knew because you cunts reported it on January 5th and again on January 13th along with the very costly work that was to be undertaken before the ponces moved in. 

You know the work I mean? Moving the swimming pool so as Gold-Digger-Smith doesn’t get caught flashing her tits again.

I will remind you what your shit rag said in early January 2013 in case you don’t fucking remember:

The pool at  the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s new home could be moved to a sunnier and more private site it has today been claimed.

And the decision may have been influenced by the publication of topless photographs taken of Kate while she was on holiday in France last year.

Kate and William are expected to be given Anmer Hall, a Norfolk mansion, by the Queen.

According to the Sunday Times, a list of refurbishments to the grade II listed Georgian building have been released in planning documents, submitted on December 10 last year.

It includes a new driveway, installation of electric gates, and conversion of wood stores.

King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council is being asked to approve plans to re-route the existing driveway in order to make it more private as well as construct a new garden room.

The application, which is described as a ‘major development’ in council papers, also involves converting a wood store into accommodation – which could be used for police guarding the couple – and extending an existing garage block to form an equipment room. Source

And what about this from your own fucking website just two days ago:

Either way, dozens of specially trained armed police officers are now being recruited to guard Anmer Hall on a rolling 24 hour, seven day a week basis, in line with other royal properties. Norfolk Police confirmed to the Mail this week that they are looking to beef up the security capability around the Queen’s Sandringham Estate, on which the house is situated.

Do you pair of useless cunts not feel that you have a duty to report all of this as a national fucking scandal, instead of crawling up the royal fucking arses and relying on peoples short fucking memory’s?

Do you not know that people are fucking killing themselves in this country because they are losing their fucking homes through no fault of their own, while these two piss taking cunts have more fucking luxury rooms than there are weeks in the year?

However, the Cunt Cameron and his equally atrocious, corrupt cabinet ministers know that they are driving people to suicide. So what do they do about it?

“Do away with the unfair bedroom tax Spiv”?


They waste more of the public’s money on training benefit staff to spot the signs of someone about to top themselves. Source

And worse still. The fucking retarded British population see nothing wrong with that? I really am surrounded by cunts.

And how come Bald Willie’s current fucking job has ended now?  

If you can call playing Airwolf a fucking job.

He’s meant to be in the RAF. Since when did they start using zero hour contracts?

You certainly never mentioned Bald Budgie the helicopters job ending when you were gushing about how the ponces were moving in with Mummy in law.. You really take the piss Bex. How can you be a royal correspondent when you are so fucking clueless? 

So, what is Bald Willie going to do with himself now. Surely he isn’t just going to sit around Anmer hall moving nappy’s from one room to another?

In fact you would have thought that he would have wanted to spend as little time as possible in the house where his old man spent time shagging his whore, Camilla Parker-Horseface behind his mothers back.

You people do remember that our future King is so weak, spoilt, and lacking in morals that he was shagging Parker-Horseface whilst married to Bald Willies Mother don’t you?

You know, shagging her despite you all contributing the equivalent of nearly £100 Million pounds at today’s prices, for his wedding to Willies Mother? .. The wedding where he solemnly swore a vow to forsake all others…  And Big Ears’s Mother, Willies Grandmother is the head of the fucking Church of England!

Yet millions of silly cunts wave little plastic flags at them when they should really be throwing fucking house bricks at the cunts.

However, if that doesn’t gobsmack you, this titbit should.

According to ‘The People.Com’, Ingrid Seward, editor-in-chief of Majesty magazine has Tiggy Legge Bourke down as a possible candidate for Baby George’s Godmother:

Tiggy Legge-Bourke, who’s William’s former nanny. “William is godfather to one of her children [Tom, who was a pageboy at William and Kate’s wedding], plus she has always been there for William and Harry.”  source

Course, just like the Daily Mail, the People is also selective on the information that it gives out. 

You see, Big Ears was also shagging Tiggy Legge Bourke at the same time that he was shagging Camilla Parker Horseface, whilst still married to Bald Willies Mother, Diana. 

Moreover, this was at the time that Diana was writing letters to her solicitor stating that her husband, Big Ears was going to have her murdered in a car accident. 

But it gets even better… You see, the man who one day in the not to distant future you will be waving your silly plastic flags at whilst singing “God save our gracious King, God save our noble King”, got Legge-Bourke pregnant… And then, with the full knowledge of Bizzy Lizzy, forced her to have an abortion.

Don’t believe me?  Click HERE to read my article Monsters Inc where this information amongst other ‘interesting’ snippets is all source referenced.

But hark at me hogging all the article. You were saying what Bald Willie intends to do with himself for a couple of days a year, John and Bex.  Please, do enlighten us further. 

One possibility is that he could transfer to fly with 22 Squadron B Flight at nearby RAF Wattisham in Suffolk, where his brother Prince Harry is also based with the Army Air Corps, using the new Norfolk home as a base.

But it is more likely he will transfer back to London for a new office-based role with the Household Cavalry.

In other words, you ain’t got a fucking clue?

However, you say it is likely that he will transfer back to London… Where he will stay at his 57 bedroom ‘apartment’… Leaving Anmer Hall empty apart from the very costly 24 hour round the clock police protection… You do both know that there are children in this country living on Jam sandwiches whilst their parents go without food, don’t you?

You do also know that that this family of inbreeds who you unashamedly brown nose are murderers, paedophiles, fraudsters and Satanists don’t you?

You do also know that I have absolutely no respect for the poncing scumbags or those that blindly worship the ground they walk on, don’t you? 

Just saying.. Get on with it.

Idyllic: The house, which has a swimming pool and tennis court, will provide a place where the young family will be able to entertain and host guests

Idyllic: The house, which has a swimming pool and tennis court, will provide a place where the young family will be able to entertain and host guests... Now there is a sentence that makes me wanna puke

Country home: The 10-bedroom Georgian property, Amner Hall, is situated on the monarch's private estate at Sandringham

Country home: The 10-bedroom Georgian property, Anmer Hall, is situated on the monarch’s private estate at Sandringham... That she neither worked for or deserves.

Incidentally, the Daily Mirror reported the following on April 3rd 2013:

The couple also still have their home in rural Anglesey, but they will move on from there once William finishes his tour of duty as a Search And Rescue pilot with the RAF this September.

He will announce within the next two weeks what his plans are beyond that, with options including becoming a full-time royal or another military role.

Is it September already? Just asking… Carry on Dickheads.

Either way, dozens of specially trained armed police officers are now being recruited to guard Anmer Hall on a rolling 24 hour, seven day a week basis, in line with other royal properties.


Norfolk Police confirmed to the Mail this week that they are looking to beef up the security capability around the Queen’s Sandringham Estate, on which the house is situated.

Ohhhh, I see what you have done. You have just updated this article from the one on the 29th but omitted the bit about Bizzy Lizzy paying Everett off and substituted that fact with a denial that Everett took a pay off… How very novel… And dishonest. 

You really couldn’t make this shit up, don’t cha know.

Moreover, UK Online also appear to have been censored. 

Yes I know that the screenshot says Entrainment top news but it is linked to the story from UK Online  which has removed any mention of the Queen paying Everett off.

Course, if there are any doubts about what the Mail and UK Online printed, I am sure that the newspaper will sue the earlier source I referred to quoting the Mail from the 29th.

And, I suppose we could always ask the Daily Express to clarify matters after they reported the following back in April:

William, 30, and Kate, 31, are expected to move in when the work is completed. The current tenant, businessman James Everett, will have moved out of the property long before his lease runs out in 2017.

It is understood that around forty to fifty police officers will be involved in the operation, with extra personnel being sought from both within existing Norfolk police ranks and outside. It costs at least £100,000 to train and arm each firearms officer and the cost will be met by taxpayers.

At last… A bit of fucking honesty. Did you get that?  “THE COST WILL BE MET BY THE TAXPAYER”

I thought the baldy bastard was in the armed forces… Let him protect his fucking self.

Will I get 24 hour armed guards when the scummy cunts come looking for me for speaking the fucking truth? 

Yeah, like fuck I will.

But it isn’t just the 100 grand cost of training a firearm officer is it? The following is from the Express in connection with the security costs at the Middletons:

“With public services cut by 25 per cent, including the police, I wonder how this will go down.

“Sooner or later someone will start asking the question, ‘who is paying for this?’

“To police somebody’s home 24-hours-a-day, requires at minimum an inspector, sergeant and five or six police officers, probably far more, plus whatever physical and technical systems they put in place, plus Scotland Yard protection and whatever accommodation they will need to find.”

Police have set up a mobile command centre in an empty field immediately opposite the Middleton’s house.

Tucked away behind a large hedge at the entrance to a children’s farm the blue marquee is the nerve centre of the operation to protect the Cambridge family during their stay in Bucklebury. 

Also visible were half-a-dozen unmarked cars full of arms and ammunition.

Thames Valley Police refused to discuss the security arrangements put in place to accommodate the Cambridge’s or how much the operation is costing the public.

The Middleton’s, who moved to Bucklebury Manor in October last year, have put the multi-million pound family business Party Pieces on hold while they host their daughter, son-in-law and grandson. Source

I’m getting a bit bored of talking about how many Millions of pounds the parasites are costing us.

Can we talk about Prince Paedo and his old man Paedo Duck now Johnny Ballbag?

Course, if you don’t wanna talk about the Royal paedophilia problem, we could always talk about their penchant for human sacrifice… You know, Murder and Satanic shenanigans.

A spokesman for Norfolk police confirmed: ‘Recruitment for additional Authorised Firearms Officers (AFOs) in Norfolk remains open at this time, to both internal and external candidates, as we seek to address a current shortfall in numbers.

I guess not then!

‘Our AFOs are required both for normal policing duties and to support our on-going commitment to the Royal Estate at Sandringham in the west of the county.’

Sounds to me like they are spreading themselves a bit thin then Bex and Ballbag… Wasn’t it in Anmer Woods on Bizzy Lizzie’s Sandringham Estate that they found the body of that 17 year old girl on New Years Day 2012? Source

Course, that had fuck all to do with Bizzy Lizzy.

I mean, the Old Bill didn’t even consider it necessary to question her and her family even though the Royal Ponces were staying on the Estate at the time… Quite amazing when you think about it.

In fact, The Royals are the only people I know who could have a body found in their back garden and not be questioned about it.

A bit like the way they were never quizzed over Bald Willies Mothers murder, despite Diana writing two letters stating that her husband was going to arrange to have her murdered in a car accident. 

Mind you, the Plod never bothered quizzing Big Ears or the Duck over their close relationship with Jimmy Savile either… All a bit strange, don’t cha think?

Still, least said, soonest mended… Unfortunately.

Carry on Planks

An insider added: ‘The force needs to train more armed cops as the couple are going to live there sooner rather than later.’

Indeed they are.

In the meantime lets spend  hundreds of thousands of  pounds in tax payers hard earned on glorified house sitters shall we?

New chapter: The news coincides not just with the birth of William and Kate's first baby, but also the end of William's current job as a Search and Rescue pilot based at RAF Valley in Anglesey

New chapter: The news coincides not just with the birth of William and Kate’s first baby, but also the end of William’s current job as a Search and Rescue pilot based at RAF Valley in Anglesey... Funnily enough I have been reading up on Prince George’s namesake. 

It would in fact seem that the last Prince George of Cambridge – born on March 26th, 1819 – was a proper ugly fucker, a useless fucking soldier and was inclined to fuck anything that moved…  Proof positive that nothing has changed in the Royal Family for at least 200 years. Source


C’mon you two. I’m doing all the fucking work here.

A raft of new security measures have also been approved by the local council, including the planting of dozens of trees to shield the stunning property from public view.

Yeah, yeah, we’ve done all this shit. What about the paedophilia… Y’know, the Mountbatten brothers?… Molesting the Duck? … Louie Mountbatten molesting Big Ears? 

According to a planning application lodged with King’s Lynn and West Norfolk Borough Council, an existing wood store will be converted into extra accommodation – mostly likely for police officers guarding the property – while a garage block will be transformed into an equipment room.

That will be a no then?

Fuck me, I only agreed to write this shit because I thought we would be talking about the real Royal Family.

Moving out: It is understood that the Queen has asked the current tenant of Anmer Hall ito vacate the property as soon as possible, four years before his lease is up

Moving out: It is understood that the Queen has asked the current tenant of Anmer Hall to vacate the property as soon as possible, four years before his lease is up… Hmmm, you can almost image the Duck taking the task on himself can’t you:  “Nigh look hare Everest, my good man *grumble, grumble* One may find it in one’s bliddy best interest if one simply forked orf. There’s a good fellow *grumble, grumble”.

Other plans involve moving the main gates to the property further down the access lane so members of the public will not be able to get so close to the house.

Yep, that’s the way. Keep the riff-raff far away and make them pay to make it possible in the bargain.

Royal aides have also been given planning permission to begin extensive improvements including a new garden room and a pergola made from stone columns with oak beams for plants to trail through, providing both shade and privacy on the patio area.

Course, planning permission was granted fucking months ago, long before the Millions of pounds were spent securing the Middleton Mansion.

So, since that planning permission runs out in 2016, but Everett’s lease doesn’t run out until 2017, they must have made the fella an offer he couldn’t refuse… Just saying.

These will be designed by architect Charles Morris, who was behind a controversial extension for Prince Charles at his own country home.

Yeah, I’ll just bet that Mr Morris knows how to fucking charge too… I wonder if his wife’s name is Doris?

Council officers have approved the plans under delegated powers, which means they did not have to go through the usual council planning process.

Ohhh look out! Do these cunts ever do anything by the book?

Please, someone tell me why the nation toadies to these people who despise them in return? 

I mean, what the fuck have they ever done to earn such an honour? 

Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Fuck all.

They are an evil, piss taking, sponging family of fucking inbreeds who have no claim to the throne… They are fraudsters. Evil fucking fraudsters at that.

I believe that hanging is still an option for treason committed by the Monarchy in this country… Fuck me, I hope it is. 

Get on with it please Journalists Crawl Arse Cunts.

Anmer Hall is one of 150 situated on the monarch’s 20,000-acre Sandringham Estate in Norfolk and is only two miles east of Sandringham House, one of her favourite private residences.

Whoop tee fucking doo. Go on, rub it in a bit more. Bizzy Lizzy owns 150 posh houses on the Sandringham Estate alone and you pair of cunts say it like its a fucking good thing. Are you for real? Are you right in the fucking head?  

The hall, which largely dates back to 1802, was used as an illicit bolt-hole by Prince Charles and the then Camilla Parker-Bowles during their long-running affair when it was rented by the prince’s friend Hugh van Cutsem.

Camilla Parker Horseface was later humiliated by the Van Cutsems when she was seated, on her own, six rows back from Big Ears at a society wedding.

Unsurprisingly, the secretive Van Cutsems are related to the Satanic Astor, Cavendish and Grosvenor families 

Prince William, who is close to the van Cutsems’ children, is also said to have enjoyed many happy visits to the hall as a child.

As I always say. Judge a man by the company he keeps.

It also has something of a royal pedigree having been leased to the Duke and Duchess of Kent as their country house from 1972 until 1990.

You could fill a fucking book about that pair and their ‘marriage’… But I best save that for another time.

Location location: Anmer Hall is one of 150 situated on the monarch's 20,000-acre Sandringham Estate in Norfolk and is only two miles east of Sandringham House, one of her favourite private residences

Location location: Anmer Hall is one of 150 situated on the monarch’s 20,000-acre Sandringham Estate in Norfolk and is only two miles east of Sandringham House, one of her favourite private residences

Yeah we know that ya fucking lick arses!

Nice photo. Dieu Et Mon Droit.  The motto of the Monarchy which translates as ‘God and my right’.

The motto refers to the divine right of the Monarch to govern and is said to have first been adopted as the royal motto of England by King Henry V in the 15th century.

Now, that may have been so in the 15 century but it has no place in the 21st century. 

The idea that someone has to be worshipped and is afforded a lifestyle of fantastic luxury, way beyond the imagination of your average person  just because they are born to a certain bloodline is absolutely abhorrent. 

Just think about the craziness of it all for a moment.

We have adults and children starving in this country whilst that shower of shit openly flaunt their wealth. How the fuck can that be?

We have people in this country so fucking desperate that they are slitting their own throats in desperation, or blowing their brains out on their front garden or throwing themselves off multi storey car parks with their children.

And what do shit rags like the Daily Mail do?

They show us the holiday snaps of the royal family enjoying a trip to paradise that cost US more than these people committing suicide earn in a fucking year… And people wave fucking plastic flags at them?

Tell me? Why the fuck should being born a Windsor entitle you to such worship?

Have they earned it?

Have they fuck. The wealth of the Royal Family was made off of slavery, drugs and stolen land.

They are evil fucking, satanic, perverted criminals.

They could end world poverty tomorrow yet they can’t even be arsed to pay their own staff a living wage… What the fuck is that all about?

They aren’t even fucking English… If you want to know where their loyalties really lie, do some history research into WW1 &WW2… Stay away from the ‘official’ history books mind.

They do not own our land, Canadian land, Australian land, New Zealand land, land… Huh… Just because we are told they do, doesn’t make it so.

We the people own the fucking land. It is ours through birth right not that bunch of cunts in the Palace… The same applies to the Canadians, Australians, Kiwi’s and any other expanse of land the Crown lays claim to. 

Its yours, not theirs.

They fucking stole it and it’s high fucking time that you people grew a fucking backbone and took it back. 


“Do what Spiv? Are you feeling alright?”

I’m good, yeah.

Cancer – One in every Three fucking  people will get it according to the statistics… So start fucking counting with me. 

Bizzy Lizzy

The Duck

Big Ears

Camilla Parker Horseface

Big Bald Willie

Harry Hewitt

Princess Dobbin

Mark Phillips

Her other husband Tim nice but Dim

Peter Phillips

Zara Phillips

Princess Andrew

Porky Pig 

Princess Eugenics

Princess Meaty Beattie Big and Bouncy

Prince Wimpy

Sophie get ya tits out

Their two sprogladites Lou Lou and Jim

That is the immediate Royal Family as such without all the kissing cousins and when I say ‘kissing cousins’, I mean that literally.  

Go on, count the cunts. I make them a total of Nineteen. 

So, one in three of us peasants will get cancer yet none in nineteen Royals have… Do you think that is fluke? Or do you think that the cunts know something that we don’t?

Go on, wave your plastic flags some more.

These people are cruel, evil and perverted beyond belief… Moreover, they have absolutely no right to be in that position.

Yet, those deemed worthy of some pathetic meaningless award bestowed upon them are told that they must not touch the Queen or Prince and speak only when spoken to. Just like their shit don’t fucking stink or something.

This is 2013 you soppy cunts not 1213.

And yet people buy into the notion that they are value for money… Do me a fucking favour.

Try finding out the true cost of the Royal ponces… Good luck with that.

However on the 6th of July 2013 the Daily Express – A corporate controlled MSM newspaper – put the true cost at over £200 Million per annum… Double that and add another £100 Million and you may be getting somewhere near.

On top of that they make Millions from illegal insider trading… If you think I’m making it up, do your own research. I suggest you start at the Queen’s private Bank, also called the Bank of England – Not to be confused with the Rothschild owned Bank of England.

Then there are drugs… Ohhh yes. And rents. And investments. And illegal wars.

The list is fucking endless and still the greedy fucking parasites lobby parliament for more.

Keep waving those fucking flags you mental defectives.

“Yeah but they do work hard Spiv”! 

Work fucking hard… WORK FUCKING HARD. How do they? When do they?  

Do you class being shown the latest in technology at some factory or other as being hard work?

Do you class watching the Royal Variety Performance hard fucking work?

They don’t work. They brainwash you into thinking that they do… What they do isn’t work. Its fun for fucks sake.

“What about all the money they bring into the country in tourism Spiv”?  

They bring in fuck all! 

People visit for the heritage, the history, the castles and the palaces. Tourists don’t think for a fucking minute that they are going to meet Bizzy Lizzy.

Take last years jubilee celebrating 60 years of Bizzy on the throne.

The Telegraph puts the cost to the country, after deductions at £1.3 Billion Pounds…. I’ll say that again. £1.3 Billion pounds.

And that is from the MI5 run MSM newspaper.

So once again, you can double that cost. The following is from 

The cost of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee to Britain and its taxpayers is estimated by the government to be as much as £3 billion. At the same time, many of the unemployed, disadvantaged and poor do not have enough to pay for basic necessities, including food, energy and water.

The huge cost to the country of staging the Queen’s celebrations could rise even more when the effect of the extra bank holiday on businesses is taken into account. Meanwhile, the government wants to cut benefits to the very needy by more than £1 billion.

Did ja get that?

Three fucking Billion pounds to celebrate 60 years of take, take, fucking take. 

Tell me something that she or her inbred family of parasites have done to our advantage in 60 fucking years?

Fuck all, so spare me the fucking bullshit.

As for their Morals?

There’s not one of them that can stay faithful.

BizzyLizzy is the head of the Church of England yet they all make an absolute mockery out of the sanctity of marriage.

And who do they socialise with? Paedophiles, convicted sex offenders, fellow Satanists and mass murderers.

Fuck me, the cunts even leave their children in the hands of paedophiles. How fucking sick is that?

Let me see you wave your plastic flags a bit more, you pathetic cunts.


Britain can not go to war or end war without Bizzy Lizzys say so… And you thought the House of Windsor was purely ceremonial.

In the past 100 years literally millions of British service men and women have been killed in the name of King (queen) and country. Countless millions more have been severely disabled or had their lives torn apart… And all for what?


A life spent trying to keep your head above water in what is fast becoming a second world country run as a police state?

And the biggest kick in the bollocks of all, is that every single one of those service men and women died in manufactured wars, played out for nothing other than private gain.

Keep fucking waving… Don’t worry about the arm ache.  

But I digress. 

What were we talking about?

Oh yes. Dieu Et Mon Droit – God and My Right, as seen on the Royal Coat of Arms along with  Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense  – Evil be to him who thinks evil.


Do you think our Royal family think anything other than evil?


Makeover: The couple are already renovating another 20-room home in Kensington Palace to serve as their primary London residence

Makeover: The couple are already renovating another 20-room home in Kensington Palace to serve as their primary London residence... YOU FORGOT THE OTHER THIRTY FUCKING SEVEN THAT BECCY TOLD US ABOUT.

Never the less. Why the fuck would Will & Kate need 20 fucking rooms? 

That isn’t normal. Normal in the middle class sense is living in a 3 bedroom detached house on a new housing estate.  

The house, which has a swimming pool and tennis court, will provide a place where the young family will be able to entertain and host guests.

As long as they provide their guests with a fucking map of how to get to the toilet and back. 

It is also close to Holkham beach where Prince George will be able to play as his father and grandfather both did.

Yeah, because they are just normal, everyday people too.

The Sandringham Estate has been owned by the Queen since her accession in 1952 and by the Royal Family since 1862.

They don’t own fuck all. They got everything they think they own by deception and dishonesty… They fucking stole it.

Possession is only 9/10th of the law in a crooked justice system weighted heavily in favour of the elite.

Don’t make me shout… You really wouldn’t like me when I shout.

Although much of the land is open to the public, the paparazzi are no longer allowed to photograph the Royal family relaxing there, making it even more attractive to the Duke and Duchess.

You see, thats how it works… They bleed us fucking dry yet want us to know nothing about their deprived, sick pastimes.

A spokesman last night declined to comment about royal plans for Anmer Hall but stressed that Kensington Palace would be the Cambridge’s ‘primary and long-term residence, where they plan to spend the next few decades’.

If I have my way pal, they wont last a decade, let alone decades.

In the meantime, keep waving your plastic flags at the cunts, you brain-dead, fuck wits.

Johnny Ballbag, Becca Dozycow… I thank you. It’s been emotional. 

If you want to read the original, click on the link below… I wouldn’t bother myself… Just saying.


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