Chris Spivey


Hi all,

If you were going to attend my court case hearing on the 20th of February, don’t… At least not until further notice anyway since the hearing has now been postponed… How very predictable.

You see, according to the CPS their Mr Abell, isn’t!

As in he isn’t able to make the 20th of Feb and as such they want to postpone until either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th of March. Therefore until I hear back from my solicitors I don’t know what is happening.


Now, since the letter was written on the 9th of Feb – 17 days AFTER the hearing date was set and 11 days BEFORE it is due to be heard – you can’t help but wonder if this is deliberate.

After all, it is not as if an ongoing trial involving Abell is going to overrun or suchlike, since we are talking about a postponement of at least 10 days. Indeed, what with the MIT’s monitoring my every move I can’t help but think that they have postponed to try and disrupt the huge number of people who were planning on attending on the 20th.

Now, whether that was or wasn’t the case as to their reason to postpone it is still important that you attend on the new date as obviously the more people there, the louder the message… Cheers in advance of that.

Moving on and we – and when I say we, I mean my daughter Stacey – has now finally received a letter from the SS in regard to closing the case on Clayton… The wording however, is somewhat ambiguous.


I will remind you that there was no work carried out under “the child in need plan”, which was down to the SS not down to us.

This was because the SS had insisted that the ‘work’ be carried out away from our home – or put another way, somewhere that I wouldn’t be present to keep an eye on them – which neither me nor Stacey had a problem with.

And the reason that the ‘work’ wasn’t done  (5 x 1 hr sessions) was because Jan Dankin for some inexplicable reason objected to having what she said recorded… Very strange and very sinister if everything was above board.

I also find Dankins wording: “at this stage” to be very sinister and since they read this site I will take this opportunity to remind them that we have all of our dealings with the SS on film & tape.

This stash includes all meetings (including their admittance of lying to us), nearly all phone calls and 2 x recordings of Jan Dankin trying to coerce Stacey into not recording their meetings.

Indeed, maybe now would be a good time to chase up your complaints to the HFPC or whatever the SS’s governing body is called… Again, cheers in advance.

It has also been brought to my attention that there is a petition about me which can be found HERE

The wording of the petition is:


stop the harassment and unlawful behaviour of the essex police and castle point social services towards chris spivey the journalist and his family

Why is this important?

freedom of speech

… And trying to curtail that freedom is what all this shit that I am getting is about. Remember, if my Freedom of Speech is removed, then so is YOURS.

Thank you for your efforts thus far.

Finally, I will just point out the obvious in so much as new site content has not been forthcoming.

Course, as most of you know I am currently working on Part 2 of the Glasgow bus hoax – which like Part 1 has just grown & grown.

Now, as you will come to appreciate when you finally read it (two days at most, hopefully tomorrow if nothing else comes up) gathering and putting the information together has taken all of my time & powers of concentration, which is why there has been nothing much added to the site in terms of new content.

However, I believe that you will be amazed – and that is putting it mildly – by the ‘dot joining’ that I have put together despite the government’s best efforts to silence me.

You see, Part 2 goes much, much further than just the hoax carried out (badly) on the 22nd of December 2014.

And indeed, had it not been for the governments actions against me, I could have blown your fucking minds.

Much love,