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Christopher Spivey

Who here isn’t fed up to the back teeth of the Kung Flu bullshit?

I mean it isn’t even the ‘flu’ for fucks sake, it is a strain of the ‘Common Cold’, yet if the press is to be believed we are all fucking doomed.

Course having said that, I have been saying for fucking years that we are in fact really doomed and all because of our gullibility to believe everything that the MSM tells us.

Mind you, I went to Tesco last Saturday at around 4PM and there was no shortage of toilet paper. In fact there was no shortage of fuck all. Neither did I see any signs of panic buying… Despite the hysterical press reports.

Moreover, the same was true when I went on Tuesday evening so someone is bullshitting… Although it would appear that the shortage in bog roll is confined to Asda and Sainsbury’s… Hmmm.

Now, whether that above photo is true or not, I can’t fucking say, but I certainly suspect it is… At least to start with and then after reporting on panic buying for a day or two, the mushy-pea-brained snowflakes sprang into action.

Yet I cannot for the fucking life of me think why people are hoarding toilet paper… It doesn’t make any sense whatsoever… The kung flu doesn’t give you the galloping gut rot and you can’t eat the stuff.

It tastes like shit… More so if you use it to wipe your arse first, I would imagine.

The same can be said for hand sanitizer although I am not silly enough to buy that shit so I didn’t check to see if Tesco had run out or not… But are people really that fucking silly to believe that having clean hands will stop them catching a virus… Well unfortunately they are and there in a nutshell is one of the reasons that we are doomed.

Not that I believe that anyone has died from the Corona Virus. I mean at the time of writing there has supposedly been 8 deaths – all of them in OAP’s who had other severe health problems.

So are we supposed to believe that these OAP’s were out & about tripping the light fantastic when they bumped into someone with the virus? Fuck off witcha!

Indeed, it is much more likely that those eight people died of the flu… As in Influenza – a proper man’s flu, not this made-up kung flu shite.

In fact I find it very strange that the press are not comparing the Kung Flu with the real thing.

After all, in a typical year around 600 people die of the real flu in this country, mainly between October and March.

That equates to around 120 people a month or 4 people A DAY in an average year, which kinda puts the alleged 8 deaths in two weeks into perspective.

Better still, if you take that 10,000 death toll and put it in that same 5 month bracket you have 2000 deaths a month or 66.6 deaths per day… That should give you numerologists a field day.

Yet the press are doing fuck all to reassure the public that they have fuck all to worry about. In fact they are doing the complete opposite and it isn’t hard to figure out why is it?

Mind you, we are now told that Health Minister, Nadine Dorries has got a dose… You really couldn’t make it up:

Health minister Nadine Dorries has been diagnosed with coronavirus.

The Under-Secretary of State for Health, who has met hundreds of people in Parliament over the past week and attended a reception at No 10 with Boris Johnson, fell ill last Friday.

She also held a surgery on Saturday for 50 of her constituents. Tests confirmed last night that the 62-year-old had the virus and she is now in isolation and said to be recovering.

Officials are tracing everyone she has been in contact with since contracting the virus, including MPs. As a former nurse, Mrs Dorries has played a key role in drawing up plans to tackle the virus… Source

Course, if the kung flu is as contagious as the press would have you believe then our entire government will come down with the shit… But don’t hold your breath because Dorries is just as corrupt as the rest of the cunts.

After all, she provided one of the photos to depict the made-up terrapin Sally Jones, AKA the White Widow:

Criminals, the fucking lot of em… Yet it is our own fault because we allow the cunts to get away with it.

But as I say, I am sick to the back teeth of hearing about this latest threat to mankind, so staying on the topic of criminals, let’s talk about another fake event that has – once again – made the news recently… Namely “the Essex Boys Murders“:

A convicted ‘Essex Boys’ murderer is set to be freed from prison after serving a reduced life sentence of 22 years.

Jack Whomes, 57, is still attempting to clear his name 25 years after being jailed over the shooting of three men who were found dead in a Range Rover near a farm in  Rettendon, Essex, in 1995.     

His case is to be put to the parole board within months, after his 25-year sentence was reduced by two years in 2018 due to ‘exemplary behaviour’.

While Michael Steele, 76, who was convicted alongside Whomes for the same triple murder remains a category A criminal and is not up for parole, reports The MirrorSource

Now I have to admit that this psyop had me fooled for years and it wasn’t until the actor, John Michie’s daughter died of an alleged drug overdose that the Essex Boys story started to unravel for me.

You see, Michie more than resembles the mysterious Craig Rolfe who was one of the three to die in the infamous Range Rover shooting in 1995:

Nevertheless, I have to admit that it was easy for me to get taken in by the Essex Boy story because my brother John was once a doorman – a top one at that – and ‘Minder’ and  actually introduced me to Tony Tucker… Who also allegedly died in the Range Rover murders alongside, Craig Rolfe.

Course, that introduction would have been a year or so before the triple murder and it wasn’t until after that had taken place that my brother reminded me of the introduction which took place at ‘Rain‘ nightclub in Southend.

Not that I have any real recollection of the meeting because it was no big deal at the time… Because as I say, my brother was well known on the doors, we never queued and I was always getting introduced to doormen.

Furthermore, my brother also new Steve ‘Nipper’Ellis – who I may also have been introduced to… Apparently.

Nipper Ellis is the fella who supposedly shot Patrick Tate (the third victim of the Range Rover shooting), through Tate’s bathroom window after he & Tucker had threatened to cut off Ellis’s little sisters fingers… Amongst other violent acts.

Mind you, I did at the time wonder why Ellis was treated so leniently for the attempted murder.

Moreover, there is another connection to me and the Essex Boy Murders which took place in Rettendon, which further fueled my belief that they were genuine. You see, the murders took place on “Workhouse Lane” and all of the land including the field that the unmade road led to belonged to two farmers named, Peter & Billy Theobald.

Peter Theobald and his wife lived in what was called Whitehouse Farm – an old, smallish farmhouse painted white which had a bit of a shop attached to it where the brothers sold local produce and what have you, although Billy Theobald & his family lived in a bungalow a little bit further down the way.

And coincidentally enough, the house in Essex where Jeremy Bamber supposedly murdered his parents, sister and nephews was also called “Whitehouse Farm” – and as I am always telling you, everything but everything has to connect in the world of the Satanic elite.

But back to the Theobalds:

They have a new parlour game in the Essex village of Rettendon, and no one plays it better than Peter Theobald and his wife, Frances. Murder Mystery is a game of mental gymnastics, its aim to formulate a theory, necessarily incredible, to weave the few known facts into a complete account of what happened 300 yards from their living room.

The Theobalds, from farming stock, were at it again the other night, over tea and walnut cake. He wondered why there was so little mess when he made his discovery on an icy winter’s morning. She was struggling to explain how they could have driven to the remote spot behind their Whitehouse Farm during the evening rush-hour, as police supposed, and why nobody had seen them as they waited for several minutes before completing the right turn in their Range Rover. ‘Perhaps they were already dead,’ she suggested, returning to one of her favourite themes.

There were three bodies, victims of a shotgun assassin as they sat in the lane. Craig Rolfe, 26, was in the driver’s seat. His boss, Tony Tucker, 38, friend to the stars, was his front seat passenger, and in the back was Tucker’s boyhood friend. He was Pat Tate, 37, armed robber. It was a fearsome crime, except many locals thought, good riddance to drugs rubbish. They were drug dealers. But none was Mr Big, even in Essex.

They were speculating at the spanking new police station in South Woodham Ferrers. It has a lovely new incident room and, as the officers moved out after investigating the death of teenager Leah Betts, who died after taking an Ecstasy tablet at a Basildon nightclub, it seemed only right Ivan Dibley and his squad of 40 should move in. The station was officially opened three weeks after their murder inquiry got under way, the forum for a classic detective story. Source

Now I have to say that the above is an excellent example of how anyone can be led to believe these famous murder stories to be real… But then again TPTB go to enormous time and expense to make them appear so.

Nevertheless, in the later half of the 1980’s I worked for a Groundwork contractor based on Canvey Island named Derek Jones and very fond memories I have of those years too. Derek, if I remember rightly was in the Masons – on a low level as far as I was aware – but even so, back then in the 1980’s I hadn’t a Scooby-Fucking-Do what the funny-hand-shake brigade got up to.

I am also happy to report that as far as I am aware Derek is still alive and in his 80’s which is quite a surprise since he only had one kidney when I worked for him and then in the 1990’s he had a major heart attack whilst digging a trench with his son-in-law, John Geeke – which I am told killed him, but he was brought back to life by the Paramedics who gave him the old electric shock treatment.

Mind you, more surprising to me was the fact that he was down a trench in the first place as he didn’t get down that many when I worked for him… He was though a lovely fella, very hot headed and mad as a fucking hatter and I could write pages about my time working for him.

Nevertheless, he was not what you would call a ‘big’ contractor with the firm consisting of Myself, an ex-mercenary called John Dullee and Derek’s son, Clayton… The latter being second in command. And of course extra labour would be taken on as and when was necessary.

However, despite the fact that Derek only employed the 3 of us with another 2 or 3 casuals, he had a very nice house with a lot of land behind it and although I never questioned the splendor that Derek lived in or the fact that he could pay his son £60 per day when the going rate for Groundworkers back then was £35 per day (which wasn’t bad money at the time), I was told in passing conversation by a fella called Brian Horseman (another fella that I could easily write a book about) that the house had been bought with money inherited by Derek’s wife Pam… Whether or not that is true, I couldn’t say. And to be honest I couldn’t give a fuck whether it was or not but the thing is, Pam’s maiden name was Theobald and she was/is the sister of Peter & Billy.

Which is how Me, John Dullee & Clayton came to put the footings in for the MASSIVE new Whitehouse Farm & large, adjoining farm shop which was built within spitting distance of the old Whitehouse Farm which was demolished when the new one was completed.

Now, although I didn’t think about it at the time, Billy & Peter must have been seriously rich – at least on paper – because there was, as I say, an awful lot of land, a wheat silo and a massive barn/shed full of hundreds of pigs.

I also know that the Theobald’s hold a MASSIVE boot-sale on the land every Sunday which must rake in a fortune and the plot of land that it is held on also serves as a memorial to dead soldiers… Which now kinda gets my suspicion danglers jingling.

Another lucrative income for the farm is the clay-pigeon shooting and although it would seem that Peter Theobald is involved in this, when I worked there that leisure pursuit appeared to be firmly the domain of Billy Theobald… Who I never met.

PHOTO: Peter Theobald 

Now if I am honest, I will say that I didn’t care much for Peter not least because when we worked there putting the footings in for the new farm it was like a dust bowl and unbearably hot, yet we never got refreshments bought out to us and we had to buy cans of drink from the farm-shop at the full inflated price… Remember, my boss Derek is Peter’s brother-in-law and Clayton is Peters nephew.

I was however told at the time that Peter & his brother Billy could not be more different even if they were not brothers. You see, Billy Theobald had a reputation that proceeded him and was known as a “hardman” whereas Peter was very quiet and came across as a bit of a snob… Or at least he did to me. Indeed I got the impression that he didn’t overly like Derek very much.

Peter also looks very much like the racist MEP, Stuart Agnew

Agnew is also a FARMER (and would be MP) from the SOUTH of England no less who was heavily involved with the Nazi clone, Ann Marie Waters who I exposed elsewhere on this site:

PHOTO: Theobald and Agnew comparison.

Nevertheless, it was Peter Theobald’s farmhand, Ken Jiggins who found the bodies of Tate, Tucker & Rolfe in the Range Rover. Jiggins then went to fetch Peter Theobald and it was Peter who called the police.

But here is the thing and this struck me at the time: Ken Jiggins had worked for Peter Theobald for a long time and was indeed employed as a farmhand when we put the farmhouse footings in.

Yet unless I am getting very confused that man is not the Ken Jiggins that I remember since the Jiggins that I remember – and I remember him well because he punched one of the pigs in the head whilst showing them to me – was bald as a coote.

Course, by that time I had long left Derek’s employ and as such, I couldn’t query it… And I have always had an inquiring mind, albeit far less so in 1995.

Indeed, Jiggins in the above looks to me quite like Detective Superintendent Ivan Dibley who led the investigation into the murders.

Shall we compare?

Of course we fuckin’ shall:

So yet another instance of very similar looking men being involved in the same fraud incident.

Moreover, the crime scene is suspicious. I mean supposedly one of the two murderers – Michael Steele – was supposedly in the back of the Range Rover when Craig Rolfe (John Michie) pulled it up to a closed gate. Steele then supposedly got out on the premise of opening the gate, where Jack Whomes (Steele’s partner in crime) came out of hiding, handed Steele a shotgun after which the pair blasted Rolfe, Tucker & Tate to death.

Pretty gruesome right?

It is however easy enough for a special f/x make-up artist to recreate that kind of gore:

Now the Range Rover was an automatic and Rolfe supposedly died instantly with his foot still on the brake… Which given the force of the shotgun blast I find a bit hard to believe. Nevertheless, you have to ask who turned the motor off and shut the back door? I mean why would Whomes & Steele bother?

Nevertheless, despite those questions going unanswered, the fact is that it was a bitterly cold night and there was around 12 hours from when the murder took place to when the bodies were discovered.

That fact is reinforced in Peter Theobald’s Witness Statement that testifies to the fact that he had to scrape the ice off his own motor before driving to the crime scene having been told about the murders by Ken Jiggins:

Yet there is no condensation on the windows or frost on the body of the Range Rover… Despite the back window being broken by one of the shotgun blasts:

Indeed the number plate looks dodgy to me… Nevertheless, the story gets harder to believe when you learn that the Range Rover was later sold at a police auction. I mean that fact is strange since if anything, you would have thought that it would have been put in storage or exhibited at the police crime museum.

Yet when the ACTOR, Danny Dyer went to meet self-confessed Essex Boys leader, Bernard O’Mahoney – another ACTOR – for the TV series “Danny Dyer’s Deadliest Men“, he did so whilst O’Mahoney was out shooting with the Range Rover in tow.

PHOTO: Dyer meets O’Mahoney 

Indeed you have to question how someone with the criminal convictions that O’Mahoney claims to have would be granted a shotgun licence?

But then again that TV series should have been called Danny Dyer’s phoniest men”… AS you will find out shortly.

However, whilst all of that makes a good case for the feasibility of Peter Theobald being an accessory to the fraud (as was Neville Bamber in the other Essex White House Farm murders), there is still the matter of Tony Tucker… Who, as I said, I was introduced to by my Brother, John.

Mind you, like I also said, that introduction was very low key… So low key and ordinary that my brother had to tell me that he had introduced Tucker to me… Or put another way, I was always being introduced to doormen by my brother because we socialized a lot back then, and the introduction to Tucker was not backed by my brother saying to me afterwards something along the lines of “Tucker is a top-gangster, drug-dealer, murderer, etc, etc“.

He may however have mentioned that Tucker was the minder for boxer Nigel Benn on fight nights… Which indeed he was:

Or probably was.

It is in fact very, very hard to determine what is real and what isn’t in this fake world. Mind you, that fella with his hand on Nigel Benn’s back in the third photo down has the longest fingers in the world.

However, if Tony Tucker was running a load of club doors, dealing ecstasy and being a general bad-ass that does not mean that he was not on the Security Services payroll… I mean he was hardly likely to broadcast the fact was he?

Moreover, that is how many of these intel-assets operate – as in they live normal(ish) lives and are given a good day to day living. Certainly, Carlton Leech was/is.

Now let me tell you about Carlton Leach: Leach let it be known that he was coming down to the gym that my brother trained at, to ‘sort him out‘ due to a problem that he had with my brother’s then girlfriend – Francine Martin, which I am not going to elaborate on, although I do know the full details… Fran was a well known woman on the Essex club scene at the time.

And indeed this took place at the time when Leach’s reputation was [arguably] at his most fearsome.

Nevertheless, my brother – who stands around 6 ft tall, won the South West body-building title (not sure what year) and came 3rd in the South East final (again not sure what year), was minder to an Alexander O’Neal impersonator, tribute act, and appeared on the Big Breakfast tv where he was interviewed by Joe Mangle from neighbours – whilst not wanting the confrontation could not be seen to lose face and as such turned up at the gym at his usual time.

PHOTO: My brother John, his son – my nephew – Amy (its a long standing family joke) and my daughter Stacey

PHOTO: Me, John and younger brother Mick… Proper Essex Boys… From Yorkshire

PHOTO: Me, Amy & John

And the upshot is that Leach did indeed turn up too, but to my brothers amusement, Leach never so much as looked at him. In fact Carlton did his workout and left without exchanging a word with my brother… Very strange.

However, crucially my brother John told me that he could not believe how small Leach was; estimating him at between 5ft 4in & 5ft 6ins.

Therefore, Leach may well look impressive in photos such as the following:

Despite the fat guts… But not so impressive when stood next to someone 6 ft tall and equally bulked up… Understand?

Of course you fucking do.

Indeed it is very easy to make Leach look impressive and equally easy to do the opposite:

In other words, do not believe the hype.

I mean Nigel benn is recorded as being 5ft 9ins tall, which given his status as a boxer it is safe to assume that figure is correct. And by the same token, Cass Pennant whom I have met in person is a hulking great 6ft 5ins:

Indeed I was quite chuffed that Cass knew who I was when HE introduced himself to me.

PHOTO: (main) Cass Pennant (inset) the film made about his life

Is Cass an intel-asset? Very probably.

Nevertheless, given his huge [verified by myself] presence you really have to question the following photo of Pennant & Leach:

I mean is Leach so vain and insecure that he needed to stand on a box? Or is the photo an attempt to further the hype, because Leach certainly is not anywhere near 6ft 5ins tall.

Likewise, the self proclaimed ‘gangster‘, Dave Courtney is listed as being between 5ft 9ins and 5ft 10ins tall – depending on which bio you read. Therefore, the following photo would put Leach at nigh on the 6 ft mark… The same height as my brother John.

Which Leach certainly is not… Although he does have very long fingers.

Soooo, if we go back to the following [faked] photo:

We see the 5ft 9ins tall, Nigel Benn leaning into Leach. Therefore if Benn straightened up it would probably give him around 2 inches on on the “deadliest bastard you’ll ever meet“.

Moreover, doing so would make Mr Benn as tall as Tony Tucker… Hmmm. 5ft 9ins hardly makes Tucker a man-mountain does it?

However, before I return to the fearsome Tucker, I should just clarify that the point here is that Carlton Leach has done more than anyone – cept for Bernard O’Mahoney – to further the “Essex Boys” myth.

Indeed I find it extremely strange how neither Leach or O’Mahoney have been charged with the supply of Class A drugs since they both openly admit to charging up to £1000 per time to let drug dealers operate in the clubs they were minding:

By controlling club doors we could control who was running the drugs inside and we made dealers cough up £1,000 a time to operate in the top places (see also O’Mahoney 2009; also Thompson 2000) Source

Now, hopefully I have got your full attention because I am now returning to Tony Tucker who I will remind you that I was introduced to and shook hands with although had it not been for his murder I would not have recognized him if he had bumped into me in the street.

You see, Tucker is at THE VERY LEAST Satanically connected to Tommy Adams – a leading member of the Adams Crime Family, who I have had my doubts about for quite a few years now:

And remember: It’s all about the shadows.

Moreover, Constance Adams – the wife of notorious gangster Patsy Adams – to me, looks very much like the Actress, Maud ADAMS…

PHOTO: Comparison between Maud Adams & Constance Adams

However, I will remind you that all organized crime is controlled by the Monster Elite, which goes back a very, very long time.

For instance, ‘The Great Train Robbery’ may well have taken place but you can bet your life that the proceeds ended up in the Monsters pockets.

Indeed, you only need look at the faked photos to know that the heist was a psyop:

PHOTO: Great Train Robbers, Bruce Reynolds & John Daly with their wives Francis Reynolds and Barbara Daly

Did ya clock it?

The two wives are the same person:

Moreover, John Daly looks an awful lot like his paedophile accomplice, Buster Edwards:

Just a possibility that’s all.

Likewise, Great Train Robber, Ronnie Biggs is very, very suspect.

Indeed I believe that Biggs was played by two different actors – one playing the fit & healthy Biggs that we saw on the run and another playing the frail & unhealthy looking Biggs that returned to England.

Now the fit & healthy Biggs appeared in the Sex Pistols film “The Great Rock ‘n’ Roll Swindle”.

Despite being another psyop, the Pistols remain one of my favorite groups.

PHOTO: Ronnie Biggs on Copacabana beach with the Sex Pistols Drummer, Paul Cook and Lead Guitarist, Steve Jones.

I have however suspected for some time that crooked billionaire, Philip Green played ‘fit looking‘ Biggs.

And of course, the Monsters do like to mug us off by rubbing their sick jokes in our faces:

PHOTO: Philip Green and “his daughter”, Chloe

Philip Green is closely associated with the actor and former Prime Mincer, David Cameron:

Green – mentor to Simon Cowell – was also a close associate of Scot Young:

Topshop boss Sir Philip Green told the High Court yesterday how he lent his “friend” Scot Young £80,000 to help with the purchase and then rent on the fallen tycoon’s former family home.

The 61-year-old billionaire said in a statement: “Scot explained his financial position to me and explained the problems he was having and asked me if I could help which I agreed to do.” Source

In turn, Young was a close associate of the ADAMS crime-family:

In 2014, Sean “Tommy” Adams and 13 other people believed to be affiliated with the Clerkenwell Crime Syndicate were arrested in a police operation codenamed “Octopod.” Designer watches, six shotguns and large sums of cash were found in other addresses across the city, with a concentration in north London. The arrests were linked to conspiracy to assault, money laundering, fraud and revenue offences.
At the time, in December 2014, of the death of a bankrupt businessman Scot Young, who had been involved in 2013 in a high-profile divorce case, media reports that flagged Young’s involvement with Patrick Adams asserted that Tommy Adams and Michael Adams faced no charges after their arrest earlier in 2014. Source

PHOTO: Scot Young

Predictably, Young has been roped into that total & utter bollox about the poisoned Russian spy doing the rounds last year:

Indeed the spy in question looks to me very much like the infamous gangster, Eddie Richardson:

Or cop-killer, Harry Roberts who I exposed as a fraud in my article: Book-Ends, Part 1

PHOTO: Harry Roberts & the Russian Spy

And certainly the Kray story doesn’t hold water as I have shown you in various photos in the past and like the one below which shows Ronnie Kray in comparison with the poisoner, Graham Young:

And the available, mostly very poor quality photos of the Essex Boys are no different… As in they are faked.

I mean take the fabled Patrick Tate – the 3rd person shot in the Range Rover. His story really reads like a Hollywood Film:

  • Robs a “Happy Eater” restaurant on the A127 in Essex
  • Is arrested and remanded in custody for the offence.
  • Appears in court where he beats up his prison escort and flees on the back of a waiting motorbike
  • Skips the country to Spain
  • Ventures out on a day trip to Gibraltar and is immediately arrested, returned to England and sent to prison where he becomes good friends with top-villain/Freemason, Kenneth Noye.
  • Is released on licence and immediately goes into large scale drug importation.
  • Is shot and wounded in the arm by Steve ‘nipper’ Ellis
  • Whilst in hospital a nurse discovers a gun under his pillow which she reports to police
  • Has his licence revoked and is sent back to prison for having the gun.
  • Is released from prison and immediately goes back to large scale drug importation.
  • Orders a pizza takeaway requesting 4 different toppings on the one pizza. When his request is refused he goes to the Pizza shop and knocks fuck out of the fella who refused to comply with his order.
  • Is shot dead in the Range Rover along with Craig Rolfe & Tony Tucker

And that is just the quick version.

Yet Tate & Rolfe – reportedly built like a brick shit houses and neither of who my brother had met or even heard of – have very few photos… Very strange for bodybuilders as they tend to love themselves.

And the decent-ish photos that he does have are all photoshopped:

Now it is a case with many of those photos that one head fits all.

Get the picture?

Of course you fucking do.

And of course the trio are all linked Satanically:

Moreover, there is something very weird going on with Tate’s teeth:

Now what in the name of fuck is that all about?

Indeed the last time I saw teeth like that they were on Essex “gangster”, John “gaffer” Rollinson – once described as the most dangerous man in Britain

PHOTO: Gaffer Rollinson

Although fuck knows how he is so “dangerous” since Rollinson – like Carlton Leach – is very short… And it is in fact quite hard to tell Leach & Rollinson apart:

PHOTO: Rollinson & Leach

Nevertheless, I am sure that you can see where I am going with this although it doesn’t matter if you can’t because I am going to show you anyway.

And of course you have to ask yourself why someone would keep a video of a person if the video was of the quality that you see below:

Fuck me, Tate has turned into American Dad in that last photo!

Now obviously my theory about Gaffer Rollinson playing Pat Tate is just a theory although when you consider that Rollinson – [allegedly] the most dangerous man in Britain – is a 5 ft 4 ins hairdresser you have to wonder if someone, somewhere isn’t taking the right fucking piss.

Nevertheless, to add credence to my theory, when you take into account that Carlton Leech is somewhere around the same height as Rollinson, that photo that I showed you earlier of Pat Tate and his killer, Micky Mouse Steele certainly raised my eyebrow… Michael Steel is also very short:

PHOTO: (main) Pat Tate & Micky Steele (inset) John Rollinson & Carlton Leech

And things become more suspect still when you look at the following photo batch:

Again, I am not stating as fact that they are the same person, I am just putting forward the possibility.

Course that possibility becomes greater still when you bring Mark Murray into the frame. Murray was allegedly the fella who was given the Monopoly on supplying drugs in Raquels nightclub by Tucker & O’Mahoney:

Another British dealer suspected of supplying Ibiza is Mark Murray, the man in charge of dealing at the Essex club where the pill that killed Leah Betts was bought. Leah died at her 18th birthday party in 1995. Source

PHOTO: Mark Murray pictured with Bernard O’Mahoney

You see, Mark Murray also looks very much like Gaffer Rollinson:

You really couldn’t make it up!

Course, going back to the case for Rollinson being Tate, and like I say; there is supposedly a great difference in size between the two which would throw anyone except the most dogged investigator off the trail.

Yet it would seem that like Tony Tucker, Pat Tate was not the man-mountain that we are led to believe:

PHOTO: Tony Tucker, Pat Tate & Bernard O’Mahoney

And here is the clincher. You see, O’Mahoney, a horrible, horrible man loves to use this photo as proof that he was in with Tucker & Tate… But it is a fake as what he is.

Nevertheless, first look at Tucker & Tate who are around the same height.

And as we have already established, Tucker would be pushed to make 6ft.

In fact if you look at the following photo of Tucker & Leach – were it not fake as fuck, Tucker would be lucky to make 5ft 8ins tall.

Therefore, If we are generous and say that Tucker is 6ft tall, Leach is – a very generous – 5ft 8ins tall and the former boxer, Frank Bruno is 6ft 3ins tall, you have to ask yourself how the following photo works:

PHOTO: Tucker, Bruno & Leach

Perhaps Bruno is sitting on one of those them there children’s school chairs?

Although as soon as I clocked that photo I was instantly reminded of the one below:

PHOTO: Gangster, Eddie Richardson, actor George Baker (I think) and Gangster, Frank Fraser

Just sayin’.

Nevertheless, let’s go back to that provably fake photo of the ‘gangster’ trio: Tucker, Tate & O’Mahoney:


Now O’Mahoney – who with a big grin on his face, admits to regularly spraying ammonia in the face of those who have crossed him – claims to have been in the British Army (possibly army intelligence?) after which he became a mercenary in South Africa and then a football hooligan on his return home to England.

That career as a hooligan apparently ended up in a 3 year prison stretch after which he met a bird from Basildon in Essex resulting in O’Mahoney moving to the new town – a dumping ground for those made homeless by the East-End slum clearance.

Nevertheless, he [somehow] became friends with Reggie Kray who arranged some door work for him… Believable I suppose since Reg Kray was short of friends… Interestingly enough, O’Mahoney has since distanced himself from that friendship and regularly denounces the twins as Paedophiles – which indeed they were.

But anyway, that Kray introduction led to O’Mahoney becoming “business partners”  with Tony Tucker – a successful businessman with NO criminal convictions… Very strange for a “drugs baron” and the only crime-lord that I can name without a criminal record.

Course, since Tucker had control of nightclub doors all over East London & Essex you have to question why such a successful businessman would go into partnership with a yob devoid of any managerial background. And by that I mean, why didn’t Tucker do exactly what he did with his other club-doors and just appoint a head-doorman to oversee the other doormen?

I mean I know Raquels was a dive with some dodgy customers but it was no worse than the dives on Southend Seafront that I used to frequent and certainly a step-up from some of the East-London Clubs.

O’Mahoney then apparently set about slinging the riff-raff out of Raquels which led to a fallout with Basildon ‘Hard-man‘ Jason Draper:

PHOTO: A rather skinny armed O’Mahoney with ‘hard-man’ Jason Draper

Yet it seems that O’Mahoney felt the need to take a FOURTEEN MAN back-up armed with guns, knives and ammonia when he went to “sort out” Draper.

What follows is O’Mahoney’s FIRST account of that confrontation from his ghost-written book “Essex Boys“:

And what follows now is O’Mahoney’s second – slightly varying – account of the incident from his book: “Trouble In Mind“:

Hardly the actions of a hard-man then.

However, to bolster his reputation O’Mahoney alligns himself with Basildon fruit-loop, Jason Vella. Again the following is taken from O’Mahoney’s book, “Essex Boys:

And once again, that in turn forms a Satanic connection with the Adams Crime-Family:

Among those suspected of continuing to play an active role in criminal activity while behind bars are some of Britain’s most notorious villains.

Sean ‘Tommy’ Adams of the notorious north London criminal family, jailed for seven years for his part in a multi-million pound cannabis smuggling operation late last year, is still believed to be controlling much of his empire from his cell.

So too is the 27-year-old Essex gangland boss, Jason Vella, who was jailed for 17 years in 1996 for assault, drugs offences and false imprisonment.

Both Adams and Vella are flourishing despite being held in high security jails. Source

Yet from coming out of prison, meeting Debra and moving to her home in Basildon, O’Mahoney had somehow bought a house in LONDON and a flat in Staffordshire:

On top of that, with no apparent income, O’Mahoney then purchased o house in Essex for £100,000… And don’t forget we are talking about the mid – to late 1990’s house prices.

You see, that house purchase came at a time O’Mahoney had been arrested for possession of a hand gun and CS Gas canister which he knew would mean having his Doorman Licence revoked… Although how a doorman could get a mortgage on a £100,000+ house is beyond me:

On the 30th of March 1995 O’Mahoney was arrested for possessing C.S.Gas and a hand gun. He knew that in eight or twelve months when he appeared before the Courts, he would be convicted and as a result of that conviction, he would lose his contract at Raquels. (A Door Registration scheme is in operation in Basildon and persons convicted of such offences are prohibited from working on the Door.)…

O’Mahoney had made an offer on a house which was in excess of £100,000. He now realised, by the time the sale had gone through he would be without an income.

O’Mahoneys house purchase was completed on the very date (31.10.95) Tate came out of prison following his arrest for the gun in Basildon Hospital. O’Mahoney must have known if he had problems before, Tate was now going to increase them tenfold. O’Mahoney obviously had some long term plan, (what, only he knows) but he lied to everybody about where his new home was). He told Tucker and everybody else, he had moved to Saffron Walden, but we have since learned he moved to (Mayland House, Mill Road, Mayland, Chelmsford, Essex.). This is approximately five miles from the murder scene at Rettendon.

Was O’Mahoney paid handsomely to promote the ‘official’ Essex Boys story?

But here is the thing. You see, having already been in prison [supposedly] for violent offences as well as being convicted of crimes involving illegal weapons you would have expected O’Mahoney to receive a substantial prison sentence for possessing a gun and CS gas.

Yet the above article continues:

On Monday 28.11.95 O’Mahoney appeared at Chelmsford Crown Court for possessing C.S Gas and a hand gun, the case was adjourned after he pleaded guilty. Reports were requested before he could be sentenced. Tuesday 29.11.95, the police are still trying to build a case against O’Mahoney.

Wednesday 30.11.95 O’Mahoney appears at Chelmsford Crown Court again. He claims in his book the police paved the way for him getting a “soft sentence” (see page 171). He was given 6 months imprisonment suspended for one year and £150.00 costs. Why were the Police so keen to appease O’Mahoney? The Betts case was getting nowhere and, nobody would talk through fear. The Police knew about the Tucker / O’Mahoney rift. They knew O’Mahoney had spoken to the press, perhaps if matters escalated he would talk to them?

Thursday 01.12.95 O’Mahoney claims Police warn him Tucker was planning to shoot him.(page 172) Friday 02.12.95 . Leah Betts Funeral takes place. Saturday 03.12.95 O’Mahoney moved out of Basildon to his new home near Rettendon. We have also learned that this weekend O’Mahoney hired a vehicle from “Tavern Hire” in Maldon Essex, this despite the fact that he owns at least 3 vehicles of his own. (page173) .O’Mahoney rows with Tucker on the telephone,he tells Tucker,”i dont give a fuck about people,i’m out of it.” Sunday December 4th 95 O’Mahoney tells friends he spent the day in Birmingham. SOURCE

So, was a deal struck along with the financial package?

And to cap it all, O’Mahoney then goes on to be a successful, best selling author and film-maker… Yeah, right.

PHOTO: Film-maker, Bernard O’Mahoney

Nevertheless, getting back to it and Tucker & Rolfe were also meant to have murdered a fella called Kevin Whitaker before their deaths.

PHOTO: Kevin Whitacker

Yet photos of Whitaker are rarer than rocking horse shit and those that do exist are taken with Kodak Instacrapit Film.

Moreover, I believe that the following photo of Whitaker was taken from the same source photo of one of those used for Stephen Cameron:

PHOTO: Kevin Whitaker & Stephen Cameron comparison with 30% transparency

Course, Stephen Cameron was stabbed to death by Kenneth Noye who was closely connected to Pat Tate and as such Whitaker & Cameron could just be used to form a Satanic connection in the very same way that the Adams family murder victim, Saul Nahome was used to create a Satanic connection with crime-lord, Charlie Richardson – brother of the aforementioned Eddie Richardson :

Underworld accountant and diamond merchant Saul Nahome was shot dead outside his home in Finchley, north London, on 27 November 1998.

Known as Solly, 48 year-old Nahome specialised in money laundering and was known as a ‘financial adviser’ to the feared Adams Family.

His murder came eight months after the disappearance of another Adams associate, Gilbert Wynter, 37. Legend has it that Wynter is buried in concrete under the Millennium Dome.

At the time the leader of the Adams Family, Terry Adams, was under police surveillance. Source

PHOTO: Full face overlay of Charlie Richardson onto Saul Nahome with 50% transparency

The same could also be said for Jack Whomes – the other fella convicted of murdering Tate, Tucker & Rolfe, who is now set to be released from prison… Indeed Wholmes Satanically connects to Ronnie Kray:

PHOTO: Jack Whomes & Ronnie Kray.

PHOTO: Jack Whomes & Michael Steele at one of their appeals

Unsurprisingly Jack Whomes has a lookalike brother… Called John… Which anyone of their age called Jack would in all likelihood really be called John:

PHOTO: John & Jack (John) Whomes

And as for the fella supposedly smashed to fuck by Pat Tate for refusing to make him a designer pizza? Well, going on the photo below he hardly looks smashed to fuck does he?

In fact the last time I saw such a nasty graze, the fella wearing it had just been knocked over on Westminster Bridge by the Terrapin, Mad McMad Masood:

Now I am not saying that they are the same person. I am just pointing out how lacking in originality the Monster-Minions are.

See what I mean?

Now there is much, much more to the Essex boys fraud and indeed organised crime in general. However you will have to wait until I get round to documenting it all to read the full story… But do bear in mind what I said: Organized Crime no longer exists except for that run by the Monster Minions on behalf of the Satanic Elite.

Just sayin’.