Lets go to war.


Chris Spivey

A Working Class Hero

As soon as you’re born they make you feel small
By giving you no time instead of it all
Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

They hurt you at home and they hit you at school
They hate you if you’re clever and they despise a fool
Till you’re so fucking crazy you can’t follow their rules
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

When they’ve tortured and scared you for twenty odd years
Then they expect you to pick a career
When you can’t really function you’re so full of fear
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

Keep you doped with religion and sex and TV
And you think you’re so clever and classless and free
But you’re still fucking peasants as far as I can see
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

There’s room at the top they are telling you still
But first you must learn how to smile as you kill
If you want to be like the folks on the hill
A working class hero is something to be
A working class hero is something to be

If you want to be a hero well just follow me
If you want to be a hero well just follow me

John Lennon 1970.

If I’m honest, I could sit around until the Cows come home just spending my time writing provocative articles. It certainly isn’t as if I’m going to run out of things to write about given the poor state of the world. However, with the amount of traffic this site gets, I would imagine that TPTB will get fucked off with me, long before I get bored of giving them literatures equivalent to a daily nipple cripple.

“Get to the point Spivey”.

Is there one?

Of course there is. The point is, am I pulling my weight? are my articles actually changing anything?

Well, as it happens yes I think they are.

Quite obviously they are raising awareness of what is really happening in the world.

Never the less, what I, David Icke, The Tap Blog and hundreds of others do is not going to resolve anything. In fact the more people we reach, the quicker the Westminster Puppet Show put into place the measures needed for the final solution.

Therefore, you people who are now fully aware of the agenda, need to do something too. But what? Protest marches?

Hmmm, difficult. You see, while I’m not opposed to protest marches…

The fact of the matter is that they don’t usually achieve much. In fact, they often achieve the opposite of what they are intended to do. The MSM propaganda department is deployed to savage the protesters, Violent thugs totally unconnected with the protesters are deployed to start trouble and the brain dead fall for it hook line and sinker. Look at the student protests. For every one I saw adding their words of support on Facebook for the students, there were twenty, thirty even forty slagging them off for it.

And even if there is no trouble, the Puppet Show are making it increasingly more difficult for protests to go ahead. Using their non existent Terrorist  threat as an excuse, protesters cant get anywhere near Downing Street. Its a bit like having your next door neighbour playing his music too loud and knocking on the door of the house opposite to complain. And they are not done with their restrictions yet, you mark my words.

Then there are the lack of numbers. Three or four thousand protesters wont change anything. Certainly not with the MSM Propaganda machine telling people how to think, that’s for sure.

And why are there not the numbers? After all, it is certainly a lot more than 3 or 4 thousand people who are pissed off.

The truth is, many just cannot be arsed to stir themselves into action. Yes they are pissed off, but they are not hurting bad enough yet to give up their day off. And since most major protests take place in London, for those living up North, it’s a long expensive trip. Furthermore, people are put off by the in ya face Gestapo who are all dressed up like Robo-Cop clones ready to beat you senseless with their telescopic batons.

Others are petrified they are going to run into Charlie Veitch… Understandable. That cunt is enough to put anyone off.

I appreciate that all sounds negative, but its the truth. Look at Greece and Spain. Things are much worse over there and their protests are massive. Yet they don’t make a blind bit of difference.

Believe me, I was really reluctant to voice my opinion on this subject as I have no desire to pour scorn on any ones efforts to bring about change. Neither do I want to put people off attending marches. As for the Charlie Veitch quip; it was very tongue in cheek. The chances of running into the cunt are very slim. And even if you do, as long as you act like you ain’t seen him he won’t try to be your friend.

Unsurprisingly, I am forever being asked what can be done to bring about the Elites downfall and restore the balance of power back in our favour. And, like I just said, that’s not an easy task when we are so few in numbers.
Course, it’s all very well being negative about something, if you have an alternative. But what is the alternative?

Well, as much as I hate to say it, I am better in my role as an agitator than in a role of a strategist.

Never the less, it is pointless me sitting here day in, day out, stirring up this ever growing air of discontent hanging over our heads, if I’m still doing it when they come to cart me off to one of the designated concentration camps. Even more so, when I am being negative about protest marches.

So what can we do?

Well, if you are really serious about taking action, then here is what I propose we do. And when I say ‘we’, I mean ‘you’. I’m doing my fucking bit. Very fucking risky it is too.

I’m sure that we are all agreed that the MSM is the all powerful propaganda wing of the Elites. Therefore, if we could gain control of the MSM, we would take one hell of a giant step forward towards thwarting their plans.

Agreed? Or am I talking like a cunt?

I probably am, but never the less I will continue since I have already set the plan in motion by doing something that I intended to do regardless of whether or not you choose to build on it. Well, when I say plan, I mean more of an experiment really… But that is by the by.

So how do we go about taking control of the MSM? Well, in theory it’s quite simple actually, provided there are enough of you prepared to put in enough effort to enable us to do so. I don’t know why I’m kidding myself, but I’ve started so I will finish.

To start with, I suggest we target the Newspapers. After all, your daily newspaper is not a necessity and let’s face it, it’s full of old bollocks anyway. However, before I elaborate, you need to know about my experiment.

This is a copy of an Email that I sent on the morning of 13/2/13 (good date for the elites, I bet there were a few human sacrifices taking place). The email was in connection to the NSPCC employing Heinrich Grosskopf travesty, which I sent to the following Newspapers:

  • The Sun
  • The Daily Express
  • The Daily Mail
  • The Independent
  • The Morning Star
  • The Guardian
  • The Daily Star
  • The Irish Times
  • The Belfast Telegraph
  • The Africa Herald (South African newspaper, you would have thought Grosskopf would be a hero of theirs)
  • The Daily Sun (Ditto)
  • The Scottish Daily Record
  • The NY Times
  • The Daily Mirror (I had to change the email slightly for the Mirror and Telegraph, as I did for the foreign papers)
  • The Telegraph
  • The Indian Times
  • Press TV
  • RT News

Aim for the stars Spivey. This is what the Email said:

Good Morning,

My name is Christopher Spivey and I have a major news story for you. There is a strong possibility that you may already know who I am. However, if you do not the following links may be of use to you: www.chrisspivey.co.uk  http://www.alexa.com/siteinfo/chrisspivey.co.uk#

The major news story in question involves SERIOUS child protection issues, a 7 times murderer, a self styled crusading, well known, top Labour MP, The huge cover up of a national scandal at the NSPCC, aided and abetted by the General and Social Care Council (GSCC) and which was carried out with the full knowledge of the NSPCC’s former Chairman Sir Christopher Kelly.

This is NOT an allegation; it is an indisputable fact, to which I have access to all the many documents, solicitors’ letters, letters from the ex MP, The Rt Hon Michael Jack, as well as various other correspondence and witness statements.

Furthermore, the cover up was aided by the Daily Mirror, the Telegraph and the BBC’s Panorama who were all going to run the story at the time but subsequently dropped it like a hot potato following what one of the Panorama researchers termed as “influence”.

It is only thanks to the bravery, care, dedication, and dogged determination of 3 FULLY QUALIFIED Social workers, all of whom were at the time employed by the NSPCC that the story is now in the public domain. It is your duty as a National Newspaper, to now report the full facts of this scandal, which I do not need to tell you has extremely wide ranging implications.

The facts are as follows:

  • Senior management employed by the NSPCC knowingly falsified information pertaining to an ex ANC terrorist named as being Heinrich Johannes Grosskopf, when registering him as a social worker with the General and Social Care Council (GSCC).
  • Grosskopf is registered as no SW25098 with the GSCC (now HCPC) and was re-registered (as is the SP every few years) under the same number in Dec 2012 and his location is listed as Bromsgrove.
  • Heinrich Grosskopf, who was once listed as being the most wanted man in South Africa, was further employed at the NSPCC’s Acorn Centre in Blackpool, managing a team of Social Workers specialising in grief counselling.
  • Grosskopf, who was forced to flee Africa in fear of his life, was later granted Amnesty by the Truth & Reconciliation Committee in Pretoria (TRC), case number AM5917/97.
  • Testifying to the TRC, Grosskopf admitted to driving a ‘car bomb’ packed with explosives into position in a built up area, before setting the timers on the bombs, allowing himself 20 seconds to escape into the safety of a close by shopping mall.
  • The ensuing explosion killed at least 7 people, seriously injured a further 26 and caused damaged to 58 buildings and 33 cars.
  • Grosskopf further admitted to detonating the car bomb despite being aware that innocent ‘civilians’ would be killed or wounded.
  • In testimony to the TRC, Grosskopf also admitted to creating a cache of military material including 14 Limpet Mines with fuses and detonators, 22 hand grenades, and 31 AK47 rifles complete with ammunition.
  • In testimony to the TRC, Grosskopf also admitted to giving non combatant support for sanctioned terrorist activities carried out by operatives of the USSO, the feared Para military wing of the ANC.
  • In newspaper reports of the TRC proceedings, Grosskopf was said to have exhibited no sign of remorse and treated the proceedings as if they were a joke.
  • Grosskopf, whose brother Martin Grosskopf was stabbed to death in his home in 2005 – allegedly as revenge for Henrich’s terrorist activities – still to this day, cannot return home to SA for fear of his life. Indeed, his home address in the UK remains a closely guarded secret.
  • When the 3 afore mentioned Social Workers discovered Grosskopf’s past and reported him to more senior management, Grosskopf was suspended from duty. Following a 10 month investigation in which all 3 social workers were granted ‘ vulnerable witness’ status, the GSCC’s solicitor assured the trio that Grosskopf, and two other senior NSPCC Managers , Martin Erooga and Gordon Ratcliffe would at the very least be struck off the GSCC register. Then 2 weeks before the proceedings, the GSCC solicitor was inexplicably replaced, and the case was equally inexplicably dropped.
  • Throughout the 10 month investigation, all 3 Social workers were subjected to bullying by Erooga and Ratcliffe. On one occasion, Erooga, the author of numerous child care books, told them that they had – and I quote directly here: “no idea what we were dealing with” and that he wanted them to understand that they were “playing a dangerous game” and “going up against a very powerful machine”.
  • Ironically, in 2009 Erooga was charged with the responsibility of writing a report which carried the sub-title: Adults who pose a risk to children and implications for recruitment and selection.
  • All three Social Workers were threatened with disciplinary action (the sack) if they divulged Grosskopfs past to anyone connected with the NSPCC.
  • After the case was dropped one of the social workers contacted the then chairman of the NSPCC, Sir Christopher Kelly, naively assuming that he would be outraged and intervene in the scandal. The following is how this news was related to me: “We thought surely he wouldn’t think it ok for NSPCC to be employing Hein, with his history, pretending to be a social worker, managing a team working with child victims of abuse. Again we were wrong he spoke to my colleague on the phone and made it very clear that we had no business making contact with him and that he did not want to hear from us again”.
  • At the time of Kelly’s unacceptable and outrageous response, he had just completed a report citing the crucial importance of staff vetting, following the Soham murders carried out by Ian Huntley.
  • Last week I discovered that TOM WATSON MP was publicly backing the NSPCC on Twitter. I responded by tweeting both him and the NSPCC, the link to my exposé of the NSPCC. After originally ignoring me, public demand finally left Watson no choice except to speak to me. It is agreed by hundreds, if not thousands that in doing so Watson, made a fool of himself by accusing me of being rude and threatening him – neither of which is true.
  •  During the course of this very public debate, Watson, sarcastically excused himself for not even doing me the courtesy of acknowledging my communication to him in regard to this matter by stating that he was; “sorry for being busy with other things”.
  • These “other things” which apparently take precedence over spending 5 minutes reading a report on an extremely important issue, appear to consist of him replying to his followers on Twitter in regard to how bad their horse meat jokes are. Watson indeed spent a great deal of time on this matter as well as debating the merits of an Elvis Presley song.
  • However, unlike the jokes that he was being sent, he did ignore the polite, repeated requests from different sources on both Twitter and his Facebook page to answer my questions. The NSPCC, also declined to address the very many tweets and messages left on their Twitter and FB page, in connection to the scandal.
  • At one point, during Watson’s pitiful attempts to discredit me (Which failed miserably, adding to his humiliation), he replied to a naive lady who had tweeted him the following advice: “Sometimes silence is the best response to folk like chrisspivey3”.
  • Watsons reply was ‘thank you I should have done that’. An obscene thing to say, from a man who is elected to serve the public and who is extremely generously paid by the tax payer. However, having now been backed into a corner by myself, Watson stated that ‘he would take a look and get back to me next week’ (this was last fri).
  • To date, I have had no response from Watson. This is despite, the public repeatedly asking him when he is going to respond to me. Watson obviously feels these people are not worthy of a reply either.
  • You can read the full conversation between Watson and me on my Twitter page, @chrisspivey3 or on Watson’s @tom_watson. However, unlike our up-standing MP, I have removed nothing.

I should also make you aware that I have resorted to contacting you with this story on behalf of my tens of thousands of supporters, who are demanding action on this scandal. I repeat that I have full access to all of the indisputable evidence to back what I say. This evidence was made available to me first hand, by one of the Social workers involved. I take this action with the full approval of two out of the three Social Workers involved. I have not had any communication with the third to date. The public await your response. Do not disappoint them. I will remind you that it is the public who ultimately pay your wages. Not those to whom you answer.


Christopher Spivey.

Ok. This is where you now want to start paying some serious attention. I will also remind you once again, that this is not a fucking game, It is deadly serious and if you don’t act now as opposed to later, then we are all fucked… Me in particular.

You may also want to bear in mind the following. Anything that I say that you think is bollocks, by all means go, and research for yourself. However, don’t come back to me waving an MSM newspaper article and tell me I’m talking bollocks. And here is why.

Not one of the those newspapers or two bottom TV stations replied to me. Zilch. Not a single “Thanks, but no thanks”. Not a hint of “Tell me more”… Not even a “Fuck off Spivey you stupid cunt”… Just Silence. There were tumble weeds everywhere.

Course, I didn’t expect any different, that is why I say it was more of an experiment rather than a plan. I could almost feel their buttocks clenching when the emails arrive.

And while I don’t have a big ego, I have to tell you that the English Newspapers know exactly who I am. Just like when Tom Watson said to me on Twitter, “I don’t know who you are but I find you a little intimidating” – he was lying, as I pointed out to him in the reply I made; “Yes you do Tom and no you’re not Tom”.

Watson knew exactly who I am, I can promise you that.

Now, it is also important to remember that most of the MSM Journalists – if not all – and all of the newspaper editors know exactly what is going on in the world in regard to the NWO. In fact, if I remember correctly, six families ultimately control the entire worlds MSM.

Keep that in mind. It is also  important and relevant to what I have to say.

Now, the Grosskopf Scandal is a massive story and if you weren’t aware of it before, you are now because of the Email. I should also tell you that I have been in constant touch with “Sue” since the story broke and as well as passing me extra information and clarifying certain points for me, she has also been warning me to be very careful. That is because this story is bigger than you all know about and there is a lot at stake should the full story ever become public. I didn’t reveal everything in the Email for a number of reasons.

  • I have already given them more than enough information to warrant a mention in the national press
  • I wanted to stick to the stuff that I hold concrete proof on
  • Its never wise to reveal the full strength of your hand

So, believe me, if this was investigated properly by following all the leads on the information I hold (no longer here by the way… just saying), the establishment would in all likelihood come crashing down.

Take the following for instance that was sent to me by ‘Sue’:

Just so as you know, for if and when you need to use it. Hein stopped (name removed by Spivey) and i working with three children who were disclosing organised sexual abuse. He had clearly been told to stop us because we had been working with them for over six months and he hadn’t had a problem with it until we started getting very close to uncovering offenders in high places.

He didn’t just ask us to start to wind it down, we literally went in to work one day, and he told us we hadn’t to contact any of  the children or the families or their social workers again. We were stunned, at the time it just didn’t make any sense at all. We tried to argue it, when we got nowhere, we said at least let us speak to the children to tell them we cant work with them any more but we were forbidden, he said he and a social worker were going to tell the families.

I went to him to try to explain that these children had trusted us and that it was so detrimental to them to be treated in this way. He got angry, which was actually uncharacteristic of him, he said for christ sake, just drop it you are like a dog with a bone! Actually, He even wrote that i was like a dog with a bone in my appraisal .

I can’t send you any proof of this, but there is proof if any one cared enough to look for it, the childrens records at social services and NSPCC and also other professionals who were at a meeting that (Name Removed by Spivey) and I called to bring all the concerns together in one place. At that meeting a consultant paediatrician said ‘i have been saying for years that these children are being sexually abused but for some reason no one has wanted to listen.’ I also spoke to an external supervisor about it at the time.

And that is just one of the many other issues that could be followed up on by a National Newspaper… But it won’t be. Call themselves Journalists! They are scum too. They are protecting the abusers by not doing their duty. They are a disgrace to themselves, and every bit as bad as the despicable Esther Rantzen, who I am told also knew about Grosskopf, but like always did nothing. Mark my words, Rantzen knows much, much more than she is letting on.

How these people can look at themselves in the mirror, is way beyond me. I for one despise them.

Unfortunately, there is no point in me even trying to follow up on the many interlinking connections associated with this scandal or the big names involved. After all, the National Newspapers refuse to even acknowledge that I sent them the Email containing the basic information. Which, you will have noticed that I emphasised, could all be evidenced and as such, the story is NOT an allegation.

So, if it is too HOT for the MSM to touch, you just know that no other bastard is going to stick his or her neck out for me.

You may also have noticed that Tom Watson hasn’t replied on the subject, despite saying that he would get back to me. Then again, as I said to others on Twitter straight after I had finished with Fatso Watson – I won’t offer the  gobshite any respect, he is scum – He didn’t need to get back to me in the first place because he had already read what I had to say before he even started talking to me.

I suggest you all now get on Tom, Tom, the useless Pom’s case and repeatedly demand that he addresses the situation. It won’t get us an answer but he will shit himself, the fucking crawl arse cunt…  I had to chuckle while typing that last Sentence. You will know why if you read the Pie Report News regularly… The sarcastic old git owes me a fucking Pie at the very least, for the mileage he’s had out of me.

Right! Getting back on track. The facts of the scandal are that the NSPCC knowingly employed a murderer of at least seven innocent people. Some would argue that the ANC were fighting for a just cause. However, despite my own views on segregation, inequality and racism, the apartheid system and the ANC were all part of the master plan.

Nelson and Winnie Mandela are not the people they would have you believe. I recommend David Icke’s, “The biggest Secret” for an explanation. The MSM newspaper editors will be aware of that fact, even if not all of  their journalists are.

But why would the NSPCC not only knowingly employ a terrorist, but also knowingly lie in order to get his application approved when applying to have him registered as a Social Worker with the GSCC?

After all, there would have been more than a few properly qualified Social Workers, who hadn’t murdered anyone applying for the post Grosskopf got picked for –  which as you know was a well paid, senior management job. It just doesn’t make sense! Well, it doesn’t until you think about it. Sir Christopher Kelly, who at the time was the NSPCC Chairman, certainly knew about Grosskopff. As did many, many, more very senior people involved with the money making, run for profit, charity.

Therefore, it stands to reason that Grosskopff was being ‘looked after’. He still is for that matter. His status as a registered Social Worker was re-registered in Dec 2012 in Bromsgrove. Just to stop any confusion arising, ‘Sue’ informs me that all Social Workers have to re-register every few years.

But why would the British Establishment afford a South African terrorist such special treatment? Remember; Grosskopf was not just any old terrorist. He was a White man in a Black terrorist organisation who came from a very prominent, wealthy family. Yet he rose so far up the ranks of the ANC that he was listed as the most wanted man in South Africa.

Now let me tell you about South Africa back then. When I was a builder, many years ago I was working right in the heart of the old East end of London. Without wanting to offend anyone – shh – it was wall to wall gangsters. Rough as fuck.

Now, the clerk of the works on this building site was a young white South African fella, who was actually living in this area of East London. So I said to him one day that he must be mad leaving the warmth and beauty of South Africa to come and live in this very rough, very tough shit hole.

He replied that in comparison to SA, the east end was paradise. You see, at that time, South Africa was the most dangerous place on earth to live. That would also have been around the time that Grosskopf was active. So, the point is – apart from my penchant for waffling on – if Grosskopf was SA’s most wanted back then; then he was a fucking dangerous man.

Furthermore, The ANC were not fucking amateurs. So, look at it like this. Say I as a white man was running a white supremacist terrorist organisation and was approached by a Black fella wanting to join us to fight for our cause. Suspicions would be immediately aroused, wouldn’t they. Then, if this fella just so happened to come from the same area as our main enemies, you would straight away tell him to fuck off or worse… But the ANC didn’t. And therein lies a clue to what I said earlier about the ANC and Apartheid not being – for want of better words – as black and white as we were led to believe.

With that in mind, you can only conclude that the most dangerous terrorist in South Africa, who was so highly protected and looked after by the British Establishment that they orchestrated a major cover up (which included frightening 3 professional ladies into silence), can only have been because Grosskopf was acting on behalf of the UK. Or am I talking shit?

The fact that he was placed within an organisation, that is supposedly purely for the wellbeing of children I believe is also significant. Or does anyone here, reading this believe that a cold hearted, extremely dangerous killer, lacking all empathy and without conscience is an ideal candidate to hold a senior management position – or any position – within an organisation, dealing with the most vulnerable, emotionally and often physically damaged children in the country? Worse still, that same man is still a Social Worker now. Today!

At this point, I will just remind you that the 3 whistle blowers were all highly trained, well balanced, extremely rational, and intelligent women in charge of counselling these poor children. So, we are not talking Vicky Pollard and her mates getting uptight because they had been ‘disrespected’ here.

Yet instead of doing the right thing when these 3 women found out about Grosskopf’s past, The NSPCC, the GSCC and those at the very top of the Establishment instead, instrumented a cover up which allowed Grosskopf to carry on working for the ‘charity’ (I use the word ‘charity’ loosely).

In doing so, two other Managers, both also responsible for these broken children’s repair, directly and systematically orchestrated a smear and terror campaign against three women whom had no other motive than the children’s well-being and safety. The two managers in question, Gorden Ratcliffe and Martin Erooga, do not give a flying fuck for the children’s safety. Neither did/does the Freemason Sir Christopher Kelly. However, all three and many others for that matter, did give a fuck about a seven times murderer. In fact, to such an extent that pressure was applied to the BBC, the Daily Mirror and the Telegraph to keep them reporting on the story.

I have solid, indisputable proof of those facts. So, watch me not get sued for libel. Worst of all, not one… I repeat, NOT ONE, newspaper even enquired or asked to see the evidence after I had sent them the email. Nothing suspect there then!

Now, all that information would have registered in a journalist’s head instantly. They are paid to look at things from every angle. Yet what should have been a newspaper Editors gift horse was totally ignored.

Remember, I hold indisputable proof of those facts. They could have been published in a newspaper without fear of libel. Certainly the story is worthy of National Coverage on its own, but by publishing it, they would then have also have been able to hint (Remember, my examples of the MSM hints) at the other dubious and questionable aspects of the NSPCC. After all, that is a journalists job to seek out and report the truth.

Take Tony Blairs D Notice for instance. Peter Mandelson, the vile, vile toe rag, paedophile, who used to infuriate Cherie Blair by the way he dominated her husband was protected by that D Notice. The press know that. Yet Mandelson, a child rapist and warped sexual deviant is very involved with the NSPCC. WHY!

How is the vile man allowed anywhere near any children, let alone the most vulnerable and damaged? It is fucked up and you people are standing by and letting it happen. You all know why Jimmy Savile promoted the NSPCC. Peter Mandleson does it for the same fucking reason. It is too late to do anything about Savile but it isn’t too late to do something about Mandleson, Thatcher and all the other twisted cunts for fucks sake.

Yet the National Press did not even acknowledge the fact that I sent them a gift horse.

I could go on and on about the anomalies surrounding the NSPCC. But time comes at a premium for me I’m afraid. However, you need look no further than the cunt who is the Patron of the NSPCC, to know that child abuse is involved.

Trust me, If you donate to the NSPCC you are donating to prolong the practice of child abuse, not ending it.

You may have also noticed the fact that I sent the information to Press TV, an Iranian based TV and media outlet and RT News, a US based Russian TV and media outlet. Both, as you may know, love to report on the negatives and wrong doings of the UK and USA. Yet neither has even acknowledged my email. Not so much as a dicky bird, why?

After all, the UK and US are always baiting the Middle East about their Terrorist Activities. Yet when presented with a chance to call the UK government a fucking Hypocrite, Press TV remains silent. Why?

Because it is all a fucking act. It is a play, it’s not real. It is make believe. A fantasy smokescreen to divide nations and allow the elites to rule the world. The spoils of war, such as gold reserves, Oil and other natural resources are the bonuses paid to those who comply with the 1%.

The Middle East, Russia, and China, they are not our enemies. They are enemies by design. We have no fucking enemies except the 1 % of Mad Cunts who are going to destroy most of us given the chance.

And that is why, when faced with a chance to get back at the west, the Middle East and Eastern Bloc Countries ignore it as if it has the plague.

“All the world is a stage”, didn’t become a well known saying because people think it has a ring to it. It came into saying because it is the truth.

So, I didn’t doubt for a moment that no newspaper would touch the story. I must confess however to being a bit shocked at the complete wall of silence. You see, the point of sending the story to all those media outlets wasn’t to get the story published. It was to confirm my suspicion that no one would touch it despite the available evidence to prevent a libel trial.

I should at this point also tell you that the wall of silence extended to The BBC, ITV, Sky and CNN. My good friend Kevin reported the scandal directly to them through the proper channels – haha geddit – in the proper manner. Yet their silence too, was deafening.

So, if you really do want to know what you can do to help, I suggest you stop buying newspapers. I won’t suggest you stop watching TV. Fuck me most of you would commit hari-kari rather than do that.

But a newspaper on the other hand? They are easy to live without. Apart from giving you something to do for half hour they serve no positive purpose. They do however serve a very, very negative purpose in as much as they have the ability to brainwash people with blatant propaganda.

Propaganda, I hasten to add, that is allowing the 1% to put laws into practice that will end in death and slavery. Never the less, a few hundred or even a few thousand of you boycotting buying a newspaper will not make a difference. So if you really, really want to do something about the situation, then you are going to have to apply a bit of effort.

You have to work hard to make the brain dead aware that they are brain dead because of the shit that they watch on TV and read in the Newspapers. You can use Grosskopf and the MSM’s avoidance of reporting the story as evidence that the ‘news’ is not the ‘news’. There can be no comeback. Only a total Ed the Ball would say that a terrorist still working to this day in England, as a social worker is not newsworthy. And that is before you bring up the cover up by the NSPCC and the paedophiles who support the ‘charity’.

If enough of you push the idea on FaceBook, Twitter etc for long enough, then it will take off. Call it something like ‘no news is bad news’.

Never the less, you still need more than just getting  people to boycott buying their daily paper. Tell people to email the Editor of whichever newspaper it is they read and ask them why they refuse to run the story. Tell then to add that they will not be buying the newspaper again until the story is printed.

People like to be part of a campaign as long as it’s not boring, so you need to campaign with enthusiasm. And then stick to it. Don’t give in and spend 50 pence on a paper because a headline catches your eye. It will be on the TV anyway if it is important. It will definitely be on the internet somewhere that’s for sure.

And, the nice bit about it is if enough people take part the big  media Corporations will not be able to ride it out for long. Just look at all the big high street retailers who go bust!

Turn the tables on them. If they want to survive, then they have to print the ‘real’ news and investigate the real paedophiles.

To defeat the NWO, you HAVE to destroy their propaganda machine first. Why do you think the Nazi’s were so successful? They had a brilliant propaganda machine, that’s why.

That then is my answer to what you can do to help. Done properly, it will be infinitely more effective than any protest march ever will be. Whether or not you now decide to take up the gauntlet, remains to be seen.

Until the next time,

Much love,