Let’s go play with the Astors.


Christopher Spivey



When I first wrote Cameron’s Closet way back in February 2013, covering in great detail the life and times of the now former British Prime Minister, David Cameron – and to some extent adding more in my article  Posh, Perverted Mugs two years later – I truly believed that I had documented a fair account of someone born into an insidious, elite family who had been brought up in the perverse & sick ways of the Aristocracy and had then married into one of the 13 bloodline families, who had paved the way for the evil, twisted psychopath to lead the country…Boy was I naive!

You see, in reality all that I did in those two articles was bring together a host of carefully crafted conspiracy theories slowly drip fed into the public domain by the dark forces behind the Crown, over the course of many years in order to divert those of us investigating the country’s ‘dark history‘ away from the real truth… Indeed, in the exact same way that those Elite Monsters had carefully crafted the life and death of Diana: Princess of Wales – complete with sordid, and somewhat seemingly self incriminating falsehoods designed to cloud and muddy the waters to the extent that the barrier between truth and fiction ceased to exist (see HERE)

Moreover, it is the exact same Monsters who crafted, brought to life and gave credibility to the persona of Diana Spencer who were instrumental in doing the same for David Cameron.

And whilst many a no-mark has repeatedly and somewhat enthusiastically pointed out to me that “not all news is made up“, over the past 4 years – albeit most of them (if not all) were paid/blackmailed to do so – believe you or me, it most definitely is… That is to say any big event reported in the mainstream media is made up.

Furthermore, it is those very same Monsters who ‘gave life’ to Diana & Cameron who were also behind two of the biggest major scandals of the 1960’s and one from the early 1970’s – all three of which feature quite a bit in this article.

You see, the fact is that all three scandals are covertly & inextricably interwoven with each other and did in fact play a major part in launching the cottage industry which sprung up out of the public’s fascination for the [artificially created] criminal “underworld” of the 1960’s and 70’s.

And indeed, so successful were the monster elite in pulling off the illusions that all three government created frauds are still regularly written about to this very day… I am of course referring to the Profumo Affair, the Moors Murders and the disappearance of Lord Lucan

So how were these major events faked?

And the answer to that is they were successfully carried out by the creation of ‘memorable individuals’ who in reality are/were nothing more than a succession of imposters, photographs and fabricated documents, brought to life through prolonged and massive publicity courtesy of the controlled world media and indeed so successfully that even today people refuse to even think about the possibility of them not really existing.

Course, in order to keep what is really the world’s biggest secret undiscovered, those in on it – almost entirely made up of the 13 bloodlines and their offshoots – are forced to take part in their dramas themselves.

“But surely these rich and famous people would be recognised if playing the part of someone else”?

Well yes, you would certainly think so.

However, we are conditioned from birth to think in a specific way which includes the belief that the likes of the British Royal Family and Aristocracy are beyond reproach – “They are posh, they wouldn’t do that, type of thing”.

Yet the truth is, yes indeed they would do that exact “type of thing” because it is that “type of thing” that lets them stay in control thus giving them carte blanche to do exactly as they please whilst needlessly raping the earth for vast profit and swindling its population out of what is rightfully ours.

Moreover, as far as I can see ‘pulling the wool over our eyes’ appeals to their smug narcissistic, perverse personalities and reinforces their perceived notion that they are far more intelligent, and vastly superior to the common man.

Furthermore, it was not until the mid 1960’s that your average working class family were able to afford a TV and up until that point the only way of knowing what these Monsters looked like was in black & white, grainy newspaper photographs and Pathé newsreels shown at the cinema.

Yet by that time the damage to people’s thinking and perception was already done and indeed, the fact that the working class could now afford a tv falsely planted the idea that “we never had it so good” which was down to our “elders & betters” selflessly working to bring about a better quality of life for those less fortunate than themselves.

Course, in reality, allowing the less well off access to TV enabled the elite to control and brainwash the masses to a far greater extent than they ever had before – a TV show is not called a program for want of a better word.

Yet still the greater majority of the population had no idea what these people looked like… And many still don’t for that matter.

Indeed, I could doubtlessly publish say, an obscure photo of a young Walt Disney and pass it off as being a photo of a young Harold Macmillan and no one would bat an eyelid.

In fact let me put it to the test. Below are six very famous men who were household names last century… How many of them can you name?


Moreover, taking the name of Annabel Tempest Stewart as an example, how many of you reading this – supposedly representative of a small minority who don’t buy into the ‘official’ version of events – would even know who she is let alone be able to put a face to her now, never mind how she looked in the 1960’s?

Yet Annabel Tempest Stewart who became Annabel Birley, who became Annabel Goldsmith was:

  • Complicit in all 3 of the aforementioned fake events – taking a major role in each
  • Gave credibility to the Princess of Wales persona
  • Was married to two of the richest men in Britain
  • Is the first cousin of Baron Plunket – believed to be the real father of Prince Edward
  • Arguably carries more clout than any other woman in Britain, after the Queen
  • Is related to Jacob Rothschild
  • Is the Mother of the Billionaire entrepreneur, Robin Birley, the MP Zac Goldsmith, and the socialite Jemima Goldsmith-Khan
  • Had one of the world’s most famous and exclusive night clubs named after her.

So, with that in mind what chance is there of the general population knowing what less high profile members of the British Aristocracy look like let alone making the connection between them and a character that they are playing?

And that is without taking into account the apathy & general lack of interest in the events that have these Monsters playing a starring role.

Moreover, being competent at facial recognition is something possessed by only a small minority of the population. That ability – or inability as the case may be – is further hindered by the Monster Minions altering the facial features, hairstyles, eye colour, and height of those playing a role… Although whether be it through ego or something else, they are never altered beyond all recognition.

Indeed, nothing makes me cringe more than hearing someone say: “Well he don’t look nothing like him”… Well of course he fucking doesnt. What do these people think that the Monsters are going to do? Have [an invented] supposedly random mush go mad with a machine gun on a city high street who looks exactly like the prominent member of society playing the role?

Of course they aren’t. Indeed, apart from ego what would the point be of those in on the secret playing a part whereby they are instantly recognisable… How long would they be able to get away with the frauds which they so desperately need to be accepted as fact in order to maintain their fragile control over the world population which affords them the infinite wealth and power to indulge themselves in any passion or fantasy that they chose to pursue?

Indeed, without the illusions that they create they would have long ago ceased to rule the world. Yet as I say, be it through ego, arrogance or some unwritten rule passed from [elite] generation to generation it would seem that they stop short of changing their features beyond all recognition and it is because of that, the likes of myself and others, by spending endless hours on research and trawling through countless photographs are finally able to work out who is playing who.

And of course, in order to complete the deception, the monsters over the course of hundreds of years have maneuvered their own useful idiots – all with psychopathic or mind controlled traits – into positions of power in order to maintain control through stealth.

Now by that I mean that there are useful idiots in positions of great power and authority at every level of our society such as the current Prime Minister, Theresa May and ALL of our MP’s. Every single County’s Chief Constable and PCC. Every single Judge and every single Council Leader – all living financially secure and perverted lives with a level of power needed to appease their cravings.

Indeed, by way of a great example you need look no further than the Jo Cox fraud trial that started on the 14th of this month.

And by that, I mean it is the same old, same old.

For instance, Richard Whittam is leading the prosecution of the “Terrorist”, Thomas Mair:

Whittam has worked with the UK intelligence agencies and other government agencies. 2 Bedford Row Barristers advertises that “he is security cleared to the highest level and has considerable experience in complex cases and leading teams of lawyers, investigators and regulators Source: Wikipedia.

And according to Whittam, the facts are not important:

‘Witnesses had different viewpoints, saw different parts of the attack, whether from the outset or part way through.

‘It matters not in what order the injuries were inflicted. It was a sustained attack with a firearm being fired and a dagger like knife used to inflict multiple stab wounds.’Source

But surely by contradicting each other makes the witnesses unreliable!

Yet their Hear Say evidence was presented as fact and reported on in the MSM as if these unreliable witnesses were there in the court room in person. Moreover, as a general rule – unless you are Christopher spivey of course – Hear Say evidence has to be agreed by both sides before it can be admitted into evidence and by the defence agreeing to it, they have condemned Mair to be being found guilty before he has even stepped into the dock

Take the following Hear Say evidence admitted as FACT:

Care worker Shelly Morris, who was first to dial 999, said she heard ‘a loud bang like a popping sound’ and a ‘loud piercing scream’.

She then saw a man holding ‘what looked to be a large steak knife with a jagged blade … swing the knife in a stabbing motion’ before firing a gun twice.

So, by the Doris, Morris account Mair shot Cox, then stabbed her with a jagged edged steak knife before shooting her twice more!!!

Nevertheless, according to Whittam the order is of no importance. Yet why did Mair even bother with the knife if he had a gun? Indeed a gun that he had supposedly modified yet did not know if a single shot to the head with a 22 Calibre bullet would be enough to be fatal.


Now I am no expert and I may be wrong but that looks like a single shot gun meaning that Mair would have had to reload for every shot he fired and the “sawn off handle” would make it very tricky and uncomfortable to hold.

Below is a photo of that “bloodstained”, jagged blade, steak knife:


You couldn’t make that shit up… And I like the way that the CPS must have wiped the blood off before displaying THE PHOTO to the jury.

And notice the difference in how the two weapons are presented.

The old fanny then continued:

He [Mair] then headed down the road, calmly throwing a white baseball cap in a garden and discarding his jacket in an effort to change his appearance.

The coat, with a US confederate flag badge in the pocket, was found nine days later.

NINE DAYS LATER! Where the fuck did he hide it if the old bill picked him up within minutes?

Within minutes, Mair was confronted by two police officers, telling them ‘it’s me’ as he dropped his bag, turned out his pockets and raised his arms, the jury was told.

The officers found the German-made Weihrauch bolt action gun, blood-stained dagger and ammunition in his black holdall.


That gun has certainly shrunk since it came out of the bag and with far too many other anomalies to mention here, the trial is an affront to justice which should have every right minded person in the country up in arms.

Okay, getting back on track and returning to these Monsters and how they get away with playing multiple roles.

Now voicewise, as in giving the character a different voice to that of the actor for say “live” TV interviews etc is simple. Somebody else simply speaks for them.

This is called Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment and twenty years after Diana’s faked death this sinister technology was made public to us, which is a consistent timeline with what we know about the elites having access to modern gadgetry at least a quarter of a century before we get to know about it.


Now I call this mind-blowing technology, “sinister” because being a victim of police and security service harassment myself I was quick to latch onto how Real-time Expression Transfer for Facial Reenactment could easily be used to stitch people up.

More alarmingly still, this wizardry which literally puts words into people’s mouths is at least 25 years old so I dread to think how advanced it has become now.


You can witness this jaw dropping feat of technology for yourself in a 7 minute Youtube video found HERE

And as my regular readers will know I wrote in my article ‘Seventeen – which is about the Jo Cox fraud – that at least a third of our 650 MP’s do not exist at all, with those that don’t being played by another MP/Actor.

Furthermore, my view was inadvertently reinforced by the fact that the MSM stated that just over 400 MP’s were present in the House of Commons for the Jo Cox memorial old bollox – a claim that has since disappeared and which I would still dispute.

Therefore, despite the MSM propaganda frequently repeating that our 650 psychopath MP’s were beside themselves with grief, the fact that there was only two thirds of them in attendance told a different story.

However, I have since revised my initial assessment and now consider around 50 percent of  those 650 MP’s actually existing to be a more accurate figure.

Indeed, as I said earlier, something as simple as a different hairstyle in a different colour is more than enough to fool the public… Take the MP’s Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall for example.

They are the same person.


And then you have clones which has been possible for at least 50 years with scientists beginning to experiment with the possibility as far back as the nineteenth century when it was publicly reported in 1890 that: “A rabbit embryo was successfully transplanted to a foster mother rabbit’s uterus”.

As well as the clones you have the MK Ultra ‘birthing program’ in which multiple captive women are impregnated with the sperm of prominent members of bloodline families.

And I should also point out that despite what the MSM would have you believe, doppelgangers are extremely rare – we are estimated to have between one and six doubles in a world of over 7 billion people, with those from the Far-East boosting that average considerably.

Now I should point out that “a double” is only someone who on a quick once over looks to be exactly like someone else.

Yet the odds of finding two people in the world who match each other perfectly are ONE TRILLION TO ONE – a fact that is supposedly firmly established and reported on many scientific websites, but for no other reason than to show the daily mail up for the hypocrites that they really are I will quote from their article attesting to the fact:

Many of us have seen so-called doppelgangers of loved ones, family members and even ourselves, but researchers have learned that the chances of finding your real-life double are one in a trillion.

This evidence indicating that no two faces are the alike, is a finding that could also help convict criminals.

Indeed it is all to do with DNA according to Livescience.com who reported that Michael Sheehan, an assistant professor of neurobiology and behavior at Cornell University stated in interview with the journal, Nature Communications that:

Human faces differ in their dimensions more than, say, hands vary in their widths and lengths. In addition, the scientists found that more genes are known to be linked to looks than to other areas of human anatomy.  

“Human faces are more variable than we would expect them to be based on how variable other body parts are,” Sheehan said.

A plausible reason for the varied visages is that humans, just like other social animals, benefit from being able to distinguish individuals in their species. That way, those who serve as benefactors, or who act like jerks, can be approached or shunned accordingly. “You care who’s who,” Sheehan said. 

Which is why family members – whilst not doubles – tend to look alike… Alastair & David Cameron being the exception apparently – if you believe the official story.

Indeed, LiveScience.com goes on to state the bleedin’ obvious by saying that the closer in looks two people are, then the closer related they are.

And of Course we know that the Monsters are all inbred and indeed the higher up the pyramid these perverted incestuous families are, the more they resemble each other – the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers for example, even when they don’t share the surname or are supposedly not related.


Now, with all that in mind.

Lets go play with the Astors

The Astor dynasty founded by John Jacob Astor (1763-1848) from Waldorf in Germany is arguably the most Satanic of the 13 bloodline families.

Their vast wealth was made from the fur trade and opium.

Indeed the family is notorious for its cruelty and indifference to human suffering.

However, to get to the Astors doorstep, we will first look at some more of our MP’s who are one and the same person.

For example Sharon Hodgson, MP for Washington & Sunderland West, and Kerry McCarthy, the Labour MP for Bristol East.

Shall we ‘go compare’?

Of course we shall.


Course we already know from my article ‘Seventeen’ that Kerry is dodgy as fuck but what I have already documented about her barely scratches the surface.

You see, I strongly suspect Kel/Shaz to also be a bird called Gill Hicks.

Now for those of you who don’t know, Hicks is an Australian Doctor who happened to get caught up in the 7/7 fraud – allegedly having both of her legs blown off in the process.

The following is from Wikipedia:

She was the last living victim rescued. Both her legs were amputated below the knee, and her injuries were so severe that she was initially not expected to live. She was admitted to St Thomas’ Hospital without a name, identified only as “One Unknown”

And in true crisis actor fashion, Hicks had taken a different tube train connection to that of her normal route on that eventful morning.

Moreover, that ill timed decision meant that at the ripe old age of 36 Hicks found herself facing life as a childless, unmarried double amputee. However, in true false flag fashion Hicks was not going to let a little thing like being legless ruin her life and instead gave up being a doctor and set about becoming an author, found a fella to marry, had a daughter and started a charity which campaigns for a beautiful world free from terrorism:

Ms Hicks has also campaigned for global peace as a motivational speaker, and she founded the charity Making a Difference (Mad) for Peace in 2007, a not-for-profit organisation based in London which has concentrated on ending violent extremism.

“We can’t ever control random acts of violence but you can control how you react and respond,” says Ms Hicks.

She felt a great sadness, and then empathy, when she watched the Sydney siege, the Charlie Hebdo killings in Paris, and the deaths of many hundreds of people in Nigeria at the hands of Boko Haram unfold.

Violent extremism, she says, is a parasitic cancer that seeks out a host. “And what we’re looking at right now is that [that] host is Islam.”

Since her “second life” began nearly 10 years ago, Hicks has been married, divorced, fallen in love, moved countries, written a book, obtained an honorary doctorate, and given birth to a baby girl.

As part of her nomination for Australian of the Year, she has submitted the briefcase she was carrying when the bomb exploded to Australia’s National Museum. It includes a print-out of her diary for the upcoming week, splattered with ink, a diary that belongs to a different Gill Hicks.

“The presumption [was] that I’m going to be doing all this stuff the following week,” she says. “At 08:50, everything as I knew it ended.” Source

I call bullshit… I did in fact know a fella who had lost both of his legs when a brick wall he was demolishing came down on top of him. I should add that I did not know him before the accident and indeed many years had passed since then.

Tragically he had only been 19 at the time of the accident but must have been getting up to the 40 year mark when I first met him. And although he walked with the aid of sticks it was obvious that he did so with great difficulty.

Moreover I was surprised to learn that he had been 6ft 3ins tall at the time of the wall coming down on him because he was now a couple of inches shorter than me. Course, this made perfect sense when he explained that had he been given prosthetic limbs the same length as the limbs that he had lost, he would never have managed to stay upright.

Now a 6 foot 3 inch tall 19 year old building labourer would be considerably fitter and stronger than the 36 year old Dr Hicks, and as such the photos of her do not tie in with what I know to be true.


Very well balanced for someone with no legs, wouldn’t you say?

Especially for someone who suspiciously looks like the corrupt monster-minion, Kerry McCarthy.


And obviously Hicks should also look like Sharon Hodgson as well.


Now although they are high scores and in the same person bracket, I am still a little disappointed by them given how close the pair are in looks. Then again, all these people that I am going to talk about are not necessarily the same person.

Indeed, they could be clones or from the same sperm donor having been brought up in the MK Ultra program. There is also a possibility that they do not exist at all except on photopaper and their faces are just digitally altered images of those that I have compared them to.

Okay, next up we have Pat Glass – the MP for North West Durham.

Indeed, just like Hodgson & McCarthy, she too was heavily involved in shoring up the Jo Cox fraud. Moreover, she is without a doubt Kerry McCarthy.


And that means that Patti Cake is in all probability also Hoggy… Indeed their Cuntstituencies are just down the road from each other… Which is nice.


And then there are the identical Eagle sisters, Angela, the MP’s for Wallsey and Maria, the MP for Garston, which are – as coincidence would have it – on each others doorsteps, despite them not being from either area.

Course, if you believe that they are identical twin cisters, you will believe anything that the government tells you. Mind you it makes photoshopping a doddle for the Monster-Minions… Except when the pair are seen together of course.


But why the fuck should they need to Photoshop the twins – I have circled in yellow the giveaway – if indeed they are two different people?

The Eagles were also instrumental in the Cox caper.

Shall we go compare?

Of course we fucking shall.


What must the odds be aye?

Moreover, Maria Eagle is supposedly Heterosexual whereas Angela is a Lesbican, which according to Barrister come Author, James Morton would be impossible given their identical genetics… At least that is what he wrote in regard to the Kray Twins, who were a lot less identical than the Eagles are.

Okay, returning now to the all singing, all dancing Gill Hicks. She is a doctor – although she appears to have given up doctoring since losing her legs

Nevertheless, doctors along with barristers, models, dancers, ex-military and students are usually always caught up in or at the scene of any false flag worth its salt.

Furthermore Hicks is also Australian which in her case joins a lorra, lorra dots.

Now this joining of dots (which led to dots joining in untold directions) came about after one of my eagle-eyed readers pointed out that the murdering mother, Tania Clarence – whom I had previously written about HERE – was the spitting image of the ‘woman in red’ who was ever present on the Jo Cox set and whom I guessed was posing as Kimbo Leadbeater’s girlfriend.


PHOTO: Child killer Tania Clarence and the woman in red

I love it when yous lot pay attention.

Now I will remind you that Kimbo is allegedly Jo Cox’s sister, and her bird in red is more than likely the extremely dodgy MP, Maria Miller.


However, in reality the woman in red AKA Windy Miller was probably there as the Leadbeater’s handler whilst filming up north, whereas when they were in “that London” the job of keeping the cringingly happy Leadbeater’s in line fell to Theresa May’s wife, Philip (see HERE)

Now, Maria Miller’s involvement in the Jo Cox fraud is well documented in “Seventeen”.

However, what I didn’t mention in that article is that MARIA Miller is also MARIA & Angela Eagle.


Good that init?

And although I am only guessing here, I would put my money on the middle photo of the three below as being the source.


However, we can then take that Windy Miller photo – and no doubt the other two as well – and do this:


Mind you, you only need look at Glass and Eagle side by side to know that they are the same person.


Course, you can always experiment with it yourself, but you will find that I am right and I can promise you that I haven’t even tried to see if they match up… I can tell just by looking.

And as an aside, how much of a ‘coincidence’ is the following:

MUM Debbie Leadbeater was devastated when her young son suddenly lost the use of his legs.

Alfie, five, from Longlands, in Middlesbrough, was slow to crawl and walk and was diagnosed with epilepsy early in his young life.

But last November his legs began to fail him, and by December he could no longer walk.

Doctors at James Cook University Hospital referred him to an expert in Newcastle who diagnosed him with white matter brain disorder.

He is also beginning to lose the use of other parts of his body, including his arms and doctors are stumped because they do not know why the disorder would cause him to lose mobility so quickly.

Alfie’s case is now being investigated by a white matter brain disorder expert in Amsterdam.

Debbie, who is a single mum, to four boys, also including Connor 12, Kai, four, and Ellis, one, said she would not have been able to cope if it wasn’t for teaching assistant Kimberley Turner. Continue Reading


PHOTO: KIM Turner (left), Debbie Leadbeater (right)

I mean taking everything into account, what would be the odds be of Debbie Leadbeater looking the spitting image of KIM Leadbeater’s bird?


So, getting back to our MP’s we have Hodgson, McCarthy, Glass, Miller and the two Eagles all stemming from the same source photos… I make that 6 from 1 and at that ratio we would only have 108 real MP’s

Not that I am saying that we only have a hundred or so MP’s but that would explain why Parliament TV fake their footage when the 427 seat chamber is full up – which isn’t very often.

The following photos are taken from “Seventeen: The Jo Cox Fraud”.


And I would imagine that is why a lot of them wear the same suit and ties and the same style and colour dresses… The female MP’s do the same.

Nevertheless, just so as you don’t go thinking that the footage was faked just for the Cox bollox – although that would still be enough reason to have the cunts arrested – take a look at the following screenshots taken from a LIVE broadcast of Prime Mincers question time which was shown on RT earlier this month.


Okay, returning to the child murdering, Tania Clarence. Now when I was writing about her, the photo below came up in a Google image search whilst I was looking for pictures of Tania.

And I should also point out that the article of mine about the Clarence murders is called ‘Murder Most Foul’  and is worthy of a read on its own – although I am obviously biased.


Now it is fair to say that the woman in the photo – who is Australian – is not dissimilar in looks to Tania Clarence and neither is the copper stood next to her dissimilar in looks to Tania Clarence’s solicitor… But don’t worry about that for now.

You see, the woman in the photo is Queensland Premier, Annastacia Palaszczuk – an Australian Labour politician who tellingly held the position of Minister for Communities, Disabilities and Seniors.

Quite fitting then what with Kimbo Leadbeater’s bird, AKA Maria Miller having the use of a big crutch and Miller having been the Minister for the disabled.

More tellingly still, Palaszczuk looks exactly like Kerry McCarthy, Sharon Hodgson and the severely disabled, Australian Doctor, Gill Hicks.


It is also worth noting that Tania Clarence supposedly murdered 3 of her 4 children because they were disabled.

And if you are a regular reader of mine you will know that these crisis actors turn up in different countries all the time, from the UK to Australia, France, Russia right through to America. Indeed, the links between those two Australians and the two from the Clarence Crap do not end there.

You see Tania’s very forgiving husband Gary Clarence greatly resembles David Cameron’s brother in law, Carl Brooks.

412345123500000578-2839166-image-25_1416316766411 (2)aaa

And this next comparison (half & half face) of Clarence and Brooks is most telling inasmuch as by joining the two half faces together, one of the original sources is brought back to life… The monster-minions always use more than one source and quite often four or five.

I should also say that the photo that I am using of Clarence for the comparison (below) is photoshopped to such a high standard that it wasn’t until I overlaid the Brooks’ half (below, inset) that I was able to [instantly] see what had been [cleverly] done to disguise the photo.


Now bear in mind that both Clarence and Brooks heads come from a ‘source’ photo… In other words, neither of the photos are originals.

However, Clarence’s photo has been formed by taking the original of the Brooks photo except – like Kimbo’s bird’s photo above – they have taken the right side of his face, reversed it and then overlaid it back onto the photo to form the left side of his face… Which as I say is a common practice employed by the Monster Minions in photo editing.

The resulting photo has then been matched in and subtle differences added (to a much, much higher standard than normal).

However, because of the [slightly turned to the side] angle of the face that the Minions were trying to achieve for the Clarence photo, the reversed side did not sit well with the shoulders and the face was too thin (pinched).

Therefore the monster-minions had to add a lump of cheek to Clarences left side as well as reattach the [slightly altered] left ear from the original photo which appears to be pretty much the same shape as in the Brooks photo.

That meant raising the ear in the process which is why the the ears are completely at odds with each other.

Now with that in mind, take a look at the half and half photo untouched.


Okay, first off you can see that the nose does not match, which is the only thing apart from the hairline on his forehead that doesn’t – although the top of the heads match perfectly.

The nose will be down to the matching in needed when the right side of his face was reversed and reattached as the left side – as well as coming from the Brooks photo which will have also been altered from the original.

Now in regard to Clarence’s right ear (Left hand side of the screen) you can see that it has been reduced by utilising the [blurred] fellas hair behind him in order to stop him having a proper wingnut. (see photo below).


I hope you understand all that because it is really hard to explain in words without being able to point to the photos.

Clarence’s right shoulder has then been made to look wider – needed because of the thin face having had a lump of cheek and an ear attached – by painting in a sideways triangle of ‘coat’ above his original shoulder (see the next photo down).

You can also see that Brook’s pink collar and jacket come in perfectly with Clarences, albeit at the wrong angle to the photo that it ended up as, but the right angle to the original.


Again this is a result of the reversed head being added and necessitating in an alteration being made. This is why if you now look at the finished photo of Clarence, you can see that his jacket doesn’t sit right. (Too much collar showing, which they got away with by making him a new left shoulder also.

And to keep this new left shoulder from standing out like a sore fucking thumb, the [blurred] face was added to the foreground meaning that the shoulder addition was much less detectable and a lot less was needed.


If you study the 4 photos below you may be able to gain a better understanding of what has been done.


Fuck me, I wish I hadn’t bothered explaining all that now!

Nevertheless, with all that in mind I was able to more or less restore the photo back to somewhere near the original – background and foreground exempted of course.

Mind you, as you can see in the side-by-side photos below, there are remnants of the original source-photo background still clearly visible (which I have marked with red arrows on either side).


And I should further add that whenever you see a blurred background in a news photo, do not think that it is blurred for any other reason than to hide extensive photoshopping.

Course, I only have basic versions of ‘Paint‘ and ‘Zoner‘ to work with as well as having to work almost blind in order to restore the original.

Or put another way, with the photos only having the faint tell-tale lines left from the monster minions handiwork to go by, the task is far from easy. And that is not to mention the fact that I usually end up having to work with two photos which through prolonged use, now have different colour levels etc which completely distract the focus of the viewers eye.

Yet despite those facts, you can now clearly see that the jacket sits an awful lot better, as do the shoulders and ears.

Now I have taken the time to explain to you exactly how the original photo has been drastically altered and how it was done in order for the Monster-Minions to create the two new fellas (Clarence & Brooks), because it is extremely important that you understand the way that the frauds work.

You see, neither Clarence or Brooks really exist except for on paper , in photos and as & when the original actor/source playing the part of either man is called upon to do so.

Now for some reason, the names and details of these created people are often taken from Brits who have lived a large part of their adult life in Canada (and to a lesser extent, the North American states bordering Canada) and died there.

A good example of this would be Gillian Ewing from Edinburgh and Jacqui Morton from Glasgow who both allegedly died when they were struck by the out-of-control bin lorry nonsense in December 2015.


Mind you, it could well be the case that the extra time an effort taken by the Monster-Minions in altering the photos of Brooks & Clarence was to make the connection between the pair pretty much undetectable – as opposed to the usual cut and shut bodge jobs that the MSM trots out like a continual bad bout of diarrhea.

Undetectable that is, unless of course like myself you have made the connection via means of having arrived there by painstakingly piecing together different frauds and discovering how they link to others that you have already pieced together, thus completing another section of an extremely difficult jigsaw puzzle.

After all, the ramifications of discovery would – given the publicity – expose just about every fraud ever committed in order to keep the Monsters in luxury.

Nevertheless, did’ja guess who the original source was yet?

And if you have, then your answer will be the AUSTRALIAN actor, Bryan Brown:


Course, the chin should have been a giveaway – check out the photos below of Brown & Brooks.


And just like Gary Clarence, Brown has a large scar on his forehead although in the case of Brown’s photos & film footage it is mainly edited out.

I should also mention that all of these photos can be enlarged so as you can zoom in on what I am pointing out.


PHOTO: Brown has had the scar edited out in this picture

And guess what?

Carl Brookes also has a scar on his forehead.


Now the scar – or I should say scars – have to some extent been edited out of all of the trio’s photos. You see it is actually a ‘V’ shaped scar that cuts into their eyebrows and then there is another one that travels down the whole length of their foreheads just to the right of their noses.

But there is more – there is always more..

You see Brian Brown, along with his English born actress wife, Rachel Ward – a member of the British & Australian Aristocrappy, raised in Australia – and Brown’s best mate, Irish born, Kiwi actor, Sam Neil, were all destined to be ‘Superstars’ in the 1980’s… Yet all three appeared to have not seized the chances afforded them.

For instance Brown’s wife, Rachel Ward was once considered one of the worlds top ten most beautiful women, with all of her films being massively publicised & overhyped before being released – the total pile of shite: “Against All Odds”, being but just one.


Moreover, Sam Neil – who was born in Ireland – is notoriously unforthcoming about his early life but it is clear that he had a very strict upbringing at the hands of his disciplinarian father who was educated at Harrow before going on to Sandhurst Officer Training School.

Indeed, Neil himself was sent to boarding school from the age of 9.

Moreover, I will state that I believe his portrayal of Damien Thorn – the son of Satan – in the final part of the OMEN trilogy was not given to him just because of his acting abilities.


Neil had even been tipped to replace Roger Moore as James Bond, but for some reason he shit out and the role went to Timothy Dalton.

As for Brown, well his career really went a bit tits up, yet what is really telling is the fact that one of his biggest films was F/X Murder By Illusion – after which he also took top billing in the follow up: FX2.

And before you read any further I strongly recommend that you go to the above link to ‘F/X Murder By Illusion’, where you can read the film’s very revealing storyline.


Course, having read the storyline and looked at the above photo you will now be aware that both films were produced by Dodi Fayed – who never existed and as such it really was, FX Murder by illusion (See my article “So Where Does That Leave Madeleine” for a full explanation.


PHOTO: Brown and Fayed

And whilst looking for photos & information about Dopi’s F/X Co-Producer, Jack Weiner, nowt of substance was forthcoming, except the fact that he is dead… Which is strange when you consider his supposed relationship with Dopi Al Fathead – not to mention the fact that he also allegedly produced one of the most famous films of all time, namely: Where Eagles Dare.

Course, as I said earlier: Australia, England & America do provide each other – and other countries too – with crisis actors.

For instance, Australia provided us with Katrina Dawson who played Charlotte Bevan from Bristol who walked out of hospital with her newborn baby after which they then both froze to death. (see HERE)

And the following is a Dawson/Bevan comparison.


The Dawsons also played a part in the Glasgow Bin Lorry Bollox – same link as above.

And of course Katrina Dawson was allegedly murdered in the Australian Lindt Cafe terrapin bollox (see HERE)

In turn, Julie Taylor the pregnant BARRISTER who HERO, Kat Dawson died saving later named her baby after her saviour… However, in reality Julie Taylor is Krystle Campbell – one of the birds who allegedly died in the Boston Bomb Bollox (also see HERE)


And returning briefly to the 7/7 government orchestrated terrapin attack, it is telling that the bus driver, George Psaradakis, whose vehicle was blown up in Russell Square on 7/7 is in all probability David Cameron’s great mate, the MEP Sajjad Karim.


Moreover, the pair are in all likelihood the Paris Terrapin, Salah Abdeslam and the Belgian “hate-preacher“, Abdallah Benali… As documented in my article about the French false flag operation, “Qui, Qui, Poo, Poo” 


PHOTO: Comparison between MEP, Sajjad Karim and the fraud Belgian hate-preacher, Abdallah Benali… Check out the ears.


PHOTO: Comparison between the MEP, Sajjad Karim and fraud Paris Terrapin, Salad Aneggs

And of course that French terrorist play-act also featured Jo Cox’s old man, Gordon Leadbeater.

People hug on the street near the Bataclan concert hall following fatal attacks in Paris, France, November 14, 2015. Gunmen and bombers attacked busy restaurants, bars and a concert hall at locations around Paris on Friday evening, killing dozens of people in what a shaken French President described as an unprecedented terrorist attack. REUTERS/Christian Hartmann

Once again, check out the ears.

Moreover, when Gordon Izza Moron isn’t pretending to be a Parisian Plod or Joke Ox’s old man, he is pretending to be in the men-who-point-a-lot police forensic team at the Joke-Ox crime scene.

355BDC4700000578-3645321-image-m-19_1466096483325 (1)

And in all likelihood Jo Cox herself was also there in Paris.


I feel sure that I do not need to tell you that both of their chins are photoshopped.

And of course, as I have also documented elsewhere, Joke-Ox was also killed on that Russian plane shot down by ISIS with a spud gun or something.


 PHOTO: Valerie Bogdanova & Jo Cox

Jo even has Val-Bog’s cheek dimple and gap in the back of her neck from where they have removed Val-Bog’s big earring.

Another connection, this time between the Cox & Clarence capers, was the two policemen doing their jobs as flower carriers for Cox and the plodman carrying out the same task at the Clarence claptrap… They were all the same bloke.


Mind you, it must be a bit of a specialist job that old old flower carrying lark since it seems to be the same actors doing it at different fake crime scenes.


Just sayin’.

Now, when I wrote the first part of “Behind The Flag”, my four part exposé on the Glasgow bin lorry nonsense I pointed out that the comedian, Janey Godley – who supposedly witnessed the old bollox – was also playing the part of the witness, Mel Grieg… Now take a butchers at the following photo batch:

Moreover, Mel Greig was the name of the AUSTRALIAN deejay who made the bollox, Kate Gold-Digger-Smith, hoax phone call that allegedly led to nurse Jacintha Saldanha hanging herself. (see HERE)

And let me remind you of the egg-spurt eye witness to the Cox & Bull yarn, Sam Watson – seen in the photo below – who was also two of the Shoreham-Air-Crash-Bash ‘victims’.


PHOTO: Sam Watson

You see, Watson also turned up as a [fraud] guest on the Jeremy Kyle show – under a different alias obviously.


I could tell you more about Jelly’s guests but I am forbidden to do so – strange that.

Furthermore, I also pointed out in the Jo Cox fraud that one of the grieving crisis actors mourning the death of the non-existent MP – whom she didn’t know from Adam – was in fact the MP for Sheffield Brightside & Hillsborough, Gill Furniss.


Gill only became an MP in May of this year (a month before Cox was pretend murdered), taking over from her ‘husband’, Harry Harpham, who was only elected in the 2015 election before allegedly pegging out in february 2016.


PHOTO: Harry Harpham speaking in the Commons and oh look! Jo Cox is right behind him – you couldn’t make this shit up.

So, it would seem that Gill – in true crisis actor fashion – didn’t take her husband’s surname and qualifies as suitable for being an MP having spent 9 months as a part time researcher for her ‘husband’.

She seems well in with the fraud Corbyn though.


Is Gill a man?

Probably… She certainly didn’t marry her ‘husband’ until 3 years ago.


Indeed, if I was to guess I would put my money on Furniss being Sheffield Councillor, Liam Bramall – a coincidental surname given that Sheffield United FC play at Bramall Lane.

However, the problem is that Bramall always has these oversized false teeth in which suggests that they are false teeth covering his real teeth.


As for his promotional videos, well they are filmed in Techni-Crap which I have enhanced as best as I can in the screenshot below.


However, I persevered and came up with the following.


But that is just speculation obviously.

Nevertheless, I believe that Furniss also took part in the Clarence fraud.


Moreover, what I didn’t notice at the time of writing “Murder Most Foul” was just how much Gary Clarence/Carl Brooks looked like that Queensland copper seen in the photo way up yonder and republished below… Which means an obvious likeness to Tania Clarence’s solicitor – whom I have also incorporated in the photo below.



Most strange, made even more so by the fact that David Cameron’s sister, who is married to Carl Brookes – another doctor no less – is also called Tania and is not dissimilar in looks to Tania Clarence.


Just sayin’.

Furthermore, you will no doubt remember that in Seventeen – my article on the allegedly murdered MP, Jo Cox – I singled out the MP’s Neil Coyle and Simon Danczuk as looking very much alike, made even more suspect by the fact that they too were very much involved in the Cox fraud… Especially in the case of Coyle.


PHOTO: Left: Neil Coyle MP Right: Simon Damfuck MP

Mind you, they both equally look like my fraud MP James Duddridge.


And I can now tell you that both are the spitting image of Gary Clarence… That is, once you get past the photoshopping on Danczuk… Wasn’t he going to name names of parliamentary paedophiles a while back?

Hmmm, he must have forgotten what with having his book to sell telling how he was going to name parliamentary paedophiles… That and sending those txt messages to that young girl of course.

Anyway, take a butchers at the following comparisons.


Indeed a very good score when you take into account Danczuk’s fake nose and Clarence’s strange right ear  which we have already discussed.

Nevertheless, let’s have another comparison of the pair of treacherous twank-planks.


Now you cannot get better than 100 percent. Nevertheless, I did get one comparison which only came in at 51 percent.

_81131197_463929328 (1)

However, when you have a butchers of the photoshop fuck-up of Damfuck’s mouth and attempted chin alteration (also Compare the distance between his nose and top lip with the photo above this one) you can see why it is such a poor score… Not to mention the way that Clarence’s good ear and nose are somewhat different to that in the 74 percent comparison.

However, you again need to think back to Seventeen and the slotting together of David essex’s head and The Duck’s, because I can tell just by looking  – what with me being a gifted amateur and whatnot – that those two heads used in the 51 percent comparison will slot together like two halves of a same thing.


PHOTO: Overlay of the top of Danczuk’s head onto Clarences (nothing else has been done).

Fuck me backwards and call me gifted. Indeed pay close attention to the ears and note how they match up perfectly… Not nearly perfectly, but 100% perfectly.

And take note of the top of Clarences head peaking out of the top of the Danczuk overlay.

Now that has fuck all to do with coincidence and everything to do with both of the photos being taken from the same source… A bit of matching in is required obviously.


He looks a bit like the ex Wolves & Scotland footballer Andy Gray doesn’t he. Nevertheless, let us now redo the comparisons.


HMMM… A bit different to 51%!

Now, in turn that has absolutely fuck all to do with me being a jammy cunt and everything to do with the Monsters taking the right fucking piss.

And as for Clarence and Coyle… Well I am pleased to say that there was considerably less faffing about when comparing the pair of Monsters Minions.


Meantime David Cameron’s Brother in Law, Carl Brooks is almost certainly David Cameron’s… Errr, Brother in Law, Jeremy Fawcus.


They do like sticking a gap between their actors front teeth to try and throw people off the scent.

And since Dr Carl Jewish & Jerry Fawcus are married to Cameron’s ‘sisters’ of whom we have already looked at Tania Cameron-Brooks, it is only right and proper that we should do the same with Clare Cameron-Fawcus.


What very weird ears Emily has!

But do Emily and Clare look alike?

Here, have some more photos before you decide:


So, Emily Sheffield and Clare Cameron look very much alike… Roger that.

Moreover, Clare is a dead ringer for EMILY McCorquindale, the niece of the persona, Princess Diana.


And of course, I exposed Emily’s mother, Sarah McCorkindale as a fraud by her portrayal as Natalie Grosvenor in my article: So Where Does That Leave Madeline. 

Here, have a reminder.



But there is more, there is always more..

You see the woman in the photo below is Clare Cameron – an actress.


And the woman in the photo below is Tania Cameron – a digital and marketing leader, whatever the fuck that is.


And when you compare the pair of namesakes you get the following result.


Course, it will be just a coincidence that Tania Cameron is identical to Clare Cameron and that the pair look very much like errr… Clare and Tania Cameron.


And Our Cleur also sorta looks very much like Tania Clarence (as seen below).


And of course, if you believe the hype, it was Clare Cameron who introduced her brother, Dave the Rave to Sam the Rave.

Certainly the photos of Clare’s wedding to ‘Jem Fuckuss’ are frauds – nowt new there then.


Mind you, have ya seen Emily Sheffield’s husband in comparison to Brooks & Fawkuss?


Kinda makes you wonder how the fuck Cameron can tell his brothers in law apart doesn’t it… That is except for his brother in law, Robert Sheffield who puts on cross-dressing balls for the toffs.


Roberta’s in the blue wig.

Course, if you have read that Clarence article of mine (murder most foul) you will know that other crisis actors also took part in the fraud and one of them – a neighbour of the ‘Clarences’ – looks to have now resurfaced in the Cox Crap… That’s her in the photo below.


Can ya tell who I am referring to?

Of course you fucking can… Its happy-go-lucky Kimbo innit.


Check the ears out those of you who like ears.

And how are you enjoying your new found fame Kim-Bird?


Excellent, you really are a massive celebrity, blowing kisses to your adoring public… Have they taught you how to cast spells yet?


I can see you are a bit unsure of yourself but I think it is Brilliant, the David Cameron favoured one handed cast off and the 3 fingered Satanic Shite with the other hand to boot.


Mind you, the red headed Clarence neighbour could just as easily have been the MP, Teresa Villiers.

maxresdefault (1)

The Transport Minister isn’t shy about letting you know where her allegiances lie. And indeed she has more faces than a two faced trout in a gurning competition… Indeed she would almost put Andy Burnham to shame… Almost.


And at this point I think that I best give you a timely reminder that very rarely are fakes played by just the one person. Moreover, the fact that nearly all are digitally altered to at least some degree or other should be of grave concern to you.

Therefore, I will repeat myself for the benefit of the sewer dwelling, ignoramus, nonce puppets who like to misinterpret the points that I make: the people that I have highlighted are not necessarily one and the same… Indeed they may only exist in photos, they may be clones or they may even just have the same Monster sperm donor.

After all, this sick shit has been going on for hundreds if not thousands of years.

Moreover, what with all the shenanigans with David Cameron’s brothers in law and his sisters along with what I have highlighted in the past about the fraud cunt, such as his secretive past and faked school photos you have to wonder just what the fuck is going on. (SOURCE)

I mean as my regular readers will already know, Dave the Rave is almost certainly the Zionist Historian, Andy Roberts:



You can find more on Cameron-Roberts by clicking HERE

Cameron is also the dodgy businessman Mark Holyoakes (top photo below and then compared with Cameron in the rest):


And he is of course the actor Todd Allen Durkin.



Feel free to pour scorn on my claim, it ain’t me who is going to look silly because you do not even know the half of it yet.

That is all I will say on Holyoakes at the moment because he gets a whole article to himself which is already around the 10,000 words mark with a mile still to go before it is completed.

Indeed, now that he is no longer playing the Prime Mincer, Cameron has accepted a role in the new Peppa Pig series – or so I am told – although I cannot personally vouch for the rumour being true despite me being sent a screenshot from the children’s television favourite.


I should also tell you that I know of two other MP’s who are played by Cameron, but those will be revealed in the Holyoakes article.

Best cast a spell after that please Johnny Depp with a funny ear.

US actor Johnny Depp waves during his photo call in Tokyo on January 28 2015. Depp attended the Japan premiere of his latest action comedy movie "Mortdecai" on January 27 which will be screened in Japan from February 6. AFP PHOTO / TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA (Photo credit should read TOSHIFUMI KITAMURA/AFP/Getty Images)

Now all of this evidence that I have published along with much more that is still to come convinces me that the person known as David Cameron is just another one of those personas made up and given life to by the monsters.

Indeed it is now blatantly obvious that Cameron’s past, present and future has been/is/and will be the construct of the monster’s scriptwriters.

The man – if you can call a sewer dwelling scum cunt a man – is nothing more than a series of photographs, articles and an actor playing a part… And as we have seen, that actor plays plenty more besides.

Therefore, all those stories about the twat being a Bullingdon Boy, getting caught smoking/selling weed at Oxford and being a “Ship-Jumper” in the Far East are just made up tales to give his character some depth… In fact his life has been scripted in the very same way that Diana: Princess of Wales was given a life – with good & bad episodes being fraudulently entered into history.

Indeed I believe the same to be true about Cambridge Kat Gold-Digger-Smith.

Course, that in turn would make Cameron’s family fake – some of who are of course documented above.

I have also pointed out in the past that I believe that Cameron’s older brother, Alex – supposedly a BARRISTER – doesn’t exist. And indeed, I do believe that he is played when necessary by the same actor who plays brother Dave.


There are certainly not many photos of the two together, in fact I could only find the one, photoshopped effort seen below.


Not that it is difficult knocking up photos with the same person playing two parts – fuck me I can do a simple one within 10 minutes once I have the photos needed and I only have the basic version of ‘Paint’ and ‘Zoner‘ to work with.

Furthermore, at the risk of repeating myself these characters are always played by more than one actor. For example, Princess Diana was played by at least 5 that I know of.

And as such, the invented Alex Cameron is no exception – with more than just ‘brother’ david taking on the role.

Indeed one of the other actors who plays Alex Cameron has different coloured eyes (seen below), albeit eye colouring is a piece of piss to change and in fact the monster-minions very often do so, but only to make one person into somebody else – in other words they do not do it to the same person.


PHOTO: Alex Cameron changes his eye colour – check out the shirt collar in relation to his neck in the photo on the right

And here is another.


Yet if I was talking bollox, ask yourself why the fuck a top rated barrister would want to change his eye colour in the first place – especially for three photos that are obviously not ‘selfie’ type snappy snapz?

Indeed, the best that even the comparison website will give you for the two Alex’s in the smaller photos above is 83% – yet they are both very high resolution photos.

Wanna know who the one on the right is?

Of course you fucking do. He is William Astor from arguably the most Satanic family ever to walk the earth.

Lord William Astor, Viscount Astor leaves court for lunch.2345123500000578-2839166-image-25_1416316766411aaaa2345123500000578-2839166-image-25_1416316766411aaaaa

Did ja clock Astors ears in that top photo? Check em out in the photo below.

Lord William Astor, Viscount Astor leaves court for lunch.

And I feel sure that I do not need to tell you that William Astor is the son of the Astor caught up in the Profumo scandal – which I now believe to be another play act:

During the 1963 Profumo Affair Astor was accused of having an affair with Mandy Rice-Davies. In response to being told during one of the trials arising out of the scandal that Astor had denied having an affair with her, Rice-Davies famously replied “He would, wouldn’t he?” Source – Wikipedia


PHOTO: Willie Astor who had an affair with Randy Mandy Rice Davies

Indeed, the fact that Samantha Camerons step-grandfather had an affair with Mandy Rice Davies is much, much more relevant than you would think. Read on and all will be revealed.

And of course, I don’t need to point out that William Astor – playing the part of Alex Cameron – is David Cameron’s step father-in-law… It all connects don’t cha know.

Now that same photo of Alex Cameron/William Astor is also Princess Diana’s *aherm, aherm brother, Champagne Charlie Spencer.


Are you beginning to get the picture now?

I really fucking hope so because we are being taken for proper cunts by these malignant, pox infected, turd burglars.

But just for clarity, let’s cross reference Astor with Spencer.


And that takes us nicely to Reginald Sheffield AKA Samantha Cameron’s biological ‘daddy’ AKA Dave the Rave’s fatty-in-law.


Predictably, he looks to be played by the same actors.


Reggie Sheffield is also a ringer for Scottish fraud Alex Salmon – Salmon being a top class fish as is a [Nicola] Sturgeon… Coincidence?


Now if you think that is bizarre wait until you see Sir Reg’s wife, Lady Victoria Sheffield – mother to Alice Sheffield and step-mom to Sam Cam:


A real case of “Meet the new wife, same as the old wife”.

Which would explain why Emily Sheffield looks so alike to Annabel Astor despite them not being blood relations.


In turn, Emily Sheffield could easily step into Marina Wheelers shoes – Wheeler being the BARRISTER wife of Boris Johnson.

Alice Sheffield and David Cameron in this inastagram picture Prime Minister David Cameron catches forty winks before the wedding of his sister-in-law, Alice Sheffield. The photograph was posted on the social media website Instagram by Emily Sheffield Samantha Cameron s sister and Alice Sheffield s half-sister

*I’m getting my names in a mucking fuddle again. that is Emily Sheffield compared to Marina in the above, and not Emily’s sister, Alice Sheffield

Mind you, Marina’s left ear must have been put on with superglue.

Course, if the pair are one and the same then Marina will also look like Sam Cam’s mother, Annabel Astor won’t she?


Of course she will.

Now, as we move on to Annabel Astor you are going to like this next bit.

You see, Sam Cam’s mother is without a fucking doubt Prince Little-Bald-Willie’s mother in law, Carole Middleton.


I don’t suppose that Bizzy Lizzy knew about that though… Neither did the future king… Probably not anyway… Course they fucking did.

And I should point out that the above is the more rounded chinned Carole, not the square chinned version.

Course, neither do I suppose that Little Bald Willie knew that his Mother-In-Law was also Mandy Rice Davies of Profumo scandal fame either… The more squared chinned Carole obviously.


You certainly couldn’t make this shit up!

Wanna see our future King’s mother in law naked?

Of course you fucking do.


As drawn by the fraud Dr Stephen Ward… Who lived on the Astor Estate, Cliveden, where Samantha Cameron lived from the age of 5… Dot to Dot to Dot to Dot.

Interestingly enough, the Beatles were filmed there in 1965.

John Lennon of the Beatles, framing Paul McCartney's face with a lifebelt during a break in the filming of 'Help!' at Cliveden House in Buckinghamshire, May 1965. (Photo by Robert Whitaker/Getty Images)

And of course it is becoming increasingly obvious that the Beatles were a product of the Tavistock Institute. Ringo Starr is also alleged to have shagged Christine Keeler – the woman who triggered the Profumo Scandal.

And I must say that I do sort of suspect that Stephen Ward was/is Ian Brady.


In turn Mandy’s partner in crime, Christine Keeler could well have been Talitha Getty, wife of John Paul Getty jr, who was also related to the spy, Ian Fleming – author of the James Bond books.

Indeed, Keeler later admitted to being a spy whilst Getty was reported to have died of a heroin overdose in 1971.

003-talitha-getty-theredlistca. 1964, London, England, UK --- Ronnie Kray the East end criminal, sits to the left of Christine Keeler, the model and showgirl in a London nightclub, ca. 1964. --- Image by © Hulton-Deutsch Collection/CORBIS_82249724_82249722aaaaaa

PKT3126-217068 1979 John Profumo.

Now to add credence to Talitha Getty playing Keeler it is worth noting that the model used to “hang out” with Annabel Astor and had indeed known her well for quite some time – as well as the prolific paedophile Roman Polanski who played a starring role in the American government orchestrated “Manson Murders”:

As a teenager, Annabel spent summers in the South of France at the home of a wealthy industrialist and arts patron who was a friend of her grandparents.

‘When I arrived, you had [the dancer Rudolph] Nureyev there, just defected from Russia and so arrogant even then. And Dado Ruspoli, the Italian playboy, [the actress] Talitha Pol and the young [U.S. tycoon] Paul Getty.

‘I’d never seen anything like it. I mean, sex and drugs everywhere.’ With the Swinging Sixties at their peak, Annabel launched her first business, her eponymous jewellery shop in Knightsbridge…

Annabel, meanwhile, eschewed the wilder side of Sixties life and insists she was no It Girl. ‘I used to hang out with [shoe designer] Manolo Blahnik, [film director] Roman Polanski — all these people you saw at parties.

‘We’d sit around a flat in London passing joints. I felt so embarrassed not taking a puff. But I didn’t dare. I thought pot was so mind-bending that it might turn me into a person I didn’t want to be.’ 

After the break down of her marriage with Reggie, Annabel went to New York for six weeks and soon after her return met William Astor, a kinsman of one of the great American dynasties.

His father had been implicated in the Profumo scandal, which was played out at the family’s ancestral home, Cliveden. Source

Course, in turn it could just be a coincidence that as well as Stephen Ward and the Kray Twins, the Astor family was also very involved with Myra Hindley:

She befriended famous and influential supporters such as prison reformer Lord Longford and aristocrat David Astor. And she was visited in prison by liberal figures like broadcaster Ludovic Kennedy and Cardinal Basil Hume. Source

And in regard to those photos above I trust that I do not have to clarify the difference between ‘voicing a suspicion’ and ‘stating a fact‘.

I should also point out that David Astor looks very much like Myra Hindley’s abusive step-father, Bob Hindley.


Albeit that is the only photo of Bob that I have to go on.

In turn they both look like Myra Hindley’s brother in law, DAVID Smith – the main prosecution witness at the Moor’s trial.


PHOTO: David Smith on Saddleworth Moor with Astor & Hindley (both inset)

And all three look like the Lancashire child killer, Anthony Entwistle.


I will return to the Moors murders shortly.

Now I should also point out that Sam Cam’s mother, ANNABEL Astor and Princess Di’s good friend, ANNABEL Goldsmith – coincidentally, Goldsmith being the original surname of Carole Middleton – are also doppelgangers.


And of course if you buy into the official story, Annabel Goldsmith was the wife of Rothschild business partner, James Goldsmith – who was a prime mover & shaker in the Lord Lucan Fraud as well as being the biological father to Princess Diana.


PHOTO Annabel Goldsmith & Lord Lucan 


Annabel – the original ‘good time girl’ – and the now deceased James Goldsmith are also parents to Jemima Khan (ex of Russell Brand) and the MP Zac Goldsmith who is married to Jacob Rothschild’s daughter – or niece, I forget which.

In turn, Jacob Rothschild is the nephew of Lord Jeremy Hutchinson, the BARRISTER who defended CHRISTINE KEELER on charges of perjury (source) … Dot to Dot to Dot to Dot….

And I would imagine that it was Annabel who played the part of Myra Hindley.


Good that innit?

I wonder if Boom-Time-Betty knows?


Of course she fucking does.

I also noticed something about the following goldsmith/Birley family photo that I found rather interesting.


PHOTO: Annabel Birley-Goldsmith with [some] of her children including her eldest daughter India Jane Birley, Jemima Goldsmith and their brothers the MP Zac Goldsmith and baby Ben – both married to Rothchilds.

As an aside, Ben Goldsmith was married to Kate Rothschild whose father, Amschel Rothschild (brother of Jacob) left her £18 Million after he hung himself in the BRISTOL Hotel in PARIS in 1996… Just sayin’.

Now the focus of my attention on the above photo was drawn to India Jane Birley and her similarity in looks to the Young Diana Spencer, although given mind to Daddy James Goldsmith supposedly being Diana’s real father along with the curiously close bond that Diana had with Annabel – despite their age differences – as well as the facial likeness shared between Diana and her half siblings Zac & Jemima, the Goldsmiths feature throughout Parts 1-3 of my Diana Trilogy.

The Princess of Wales (L) is escorted fromLahore airport by Jemmina Khan and Lady Annabel Goldsmith (R) February 21

However, what you have to remember is that whilst Diana and India are half sisters to Zac & Jemima – Diana & India are no blood relation to each other.

And with that in mind cop a load of this:


Now you can draw whatever conclusion ya fucking like from that but I am telling you Diana Spencer never existed.

And I will remind you that at least 5 people played the part of Diana and the one compared to India is of course the round faced Diana – not the long faced Diana.

However, before concluding anything take a butchers at the following:


So would that make “Princess Diana’s” mum Myra Hindley too?

There’s only one way to find out:


And of course, the Shand-Kydd family were also embroiled in the Lord Lucan fairy tale.

Mind you, since Hindley was only 23 when the iconic 1966 Mugshot was supposedly taken, the above would explain why she looks so fucking old and indeed she could in fact, in some of her photos passed for being double her age – especially in the photos before her arrest… Then again a lot of the ‘moors’ photos are faked.


And that last photo above is allegedly of a 12 year old Myra Hindley… Stop laughing. Although she is wearing a strange concoction of clothes and the background has been taken out of the photo.

Now look at the photos below:


These six women – clockwise from top left: Herta Bothe, Hilde Löbauer, Irma Grese, Herta Ehlert, Ilse Forster and Hilde Lisiewitz – were Concentration Camp guards. However, I believe that they are all the same person – it’s just a question of shadows.

Moreover, they all greatly resemble the 12 year old Myra Hindley although I am not going to compare them all for you.


And in turn, Frances Shand Kydd:

01ASRV6G; VISCOUNTESS ALTHORPE (Now Mrs Frances Shand Kydd) Wife of Viscount Althorp, the son and heir to 7th Earl Spencer (Mother of Diana, Princess of Wales and 9th Earl Spencer) COMPULSORY CREDIT: UP...

But that is probably just coincidence…

Hmmm… So best we have a closer look at some of the players again as well as their victims me thinks – starting with Brady back on the moor.


Mind you, the Profumo photos are photoshopped too;


I mean in this photo alone, the car back window is fake, the shoulders of Keeler’s dress don’t match and neither does the back seat to the left of Keeler, the back and top of Mandy’s hair is fake and a Muppet is driving the car which is sort of at the side of the women’s car whilst sort of behind it at the same time… Very novel.

And as for the Moors victim’s photos, well they were awful quality photos at best.


Get the picture?

Now returning to Annabel Goldsmith and before she took up with James Goldsmith, she was married to Mark Birley – best friend to James… Although that was another case of meet the old boss, same as the new boss.


Birley and Annabel had 3 children, the oldest – Annabel’s first born – is presumed dead after drowning in mysterious circumstances whilst working in Africa, although a body has never been found.

Their second son, businessman Robin Birley is also lucky to be alive after being horribly mauled by one of John Aspinall’s tigers when he was 12 years old.


PHOTO: John Aspinall and one of his Tigers.

The attack took place in the presence of both Aspinall and Annabel and indeed it is Aspinall who is credited with saving the boys life by prising the Tiger’s jaws open.


They have got some brains these monsters have, haven’t they?

“Can I go stroke the Tiger Uncle John”?

“Course you can Robin, just don’t stick your head in his mouth”. 

John Aspinall was of course another big player in the Lucan Bullshit. See HERE & HERE

Now, I should also tell you that I was told by somebody that Carole Middleton is also Tiggy Legge Bourke – the former nanny to Prince Little Bald Willie and Harry H Hewitt – whom was pregnant at one time courtesy of Prince Big Ears, AKA Prince Dobby, AKA Prince Charles… Or so the story goes.

The following is from my article “Monsters Inc” written in 2012:

Course, Prince Dobby – being a chip off the proverbial old block – is known to have had the odd extra marital affair or two. It has been well documented that he was sleeping with Camilla Parker Bowles throughout his entire marriage to Princess Diana. However, what is less well known is that while still married to Diana and sleeping with Camilla, Charlie boy was also getting it on with his son’s Nanny, Tiggy Legge-Bourke.

After Princess Diana’s death, it was revealed that she had deposited a letter with her solicitor, Lord Victor Mishcon, stating that Charles planned to have her killed in a “Car accident” so as he would be free to marry “Tiggy” ( Tiggy Legge-Bourke). When the letter had first been made public, the name of the woman Charles wished to marry had been censored. This led to the general consensus amongst the British population being that the woman in question was Camilla. However, as you can see from the photo of the letter(below), Diana states that Camilla was just a decoy.

Moreover, further details of the sordid affair were revealed at the Diana inquest in 2007. The Daily Mirror had this to say on the matter:

 “Princess Diana told her solicitor that both she and Camilla Parker Bowles were going to be “got rid of” so Prince Charles could marry Royal nanny Tiggy Legge-Bourke, her inquest heard”.

Now it is a known fact that a ‘Car accident’ is a recognized way of carrying out an assassination. The method of doing so is called the ‘Boston Brakes’. It is also a fact that 6 weeks before Diana was murdered, Camilla Parker Bowles was in a serious road accident while driving alone. Despite knowing that it is a very serious criminal offence to flee the scene of an accident, Camilla immediately ran into the nearby woods from where she then phoned  Prince Charles, who immediately had his security team rush and get her. She later said that she was in fear of her life – A curious thing to say.

I do intend to cover this car accident in more detail in a future article surrounding the murder of Diana.

In November 1995 the National press were tipped off that Tiggy Legge-Bourke (TLB) had become pregnant by Charles and had had an abortion. It was further reported that ‘words’ had been exchanged between Diana and Legge-Bourke on the subject at a party on the 14th of  December 1995, where Diana had supposedly said to TLB; “So sorry about the baby”.

On 18 December 1995, Legge-Bourke, with the Queen’s agreement, instructed the libel lawyer Peter Carter-Ruck to write to Diana’s solicitors demanding an apology and asking that the accusation be “recognized to be totally untrue“.

Predictably no apology or retraction was ever received, but Legge-Bourke’s lawyers never the less circulated a letter to the news media to warn against publication.


PHOTO: Tiggy & Charles

Okay, now whilst I would agree that Tiggy is not unlike Carole Middleton, she does in fact match much better with certain photos of Annabel Astor.


However, knowing what we now do about Astor & Middleton I certainly wouldn’t rule it out.

Neither would I rule Tiggy out as being Kate Fall… Who?

Kate Fall… A top aide to Cameron who is one of those who was made a Baroness when he quit as Prime Mincer.


PHOTO: Kate Fall

My, my, what strange ears she has!

Kate is also a former girlfriend of Gideon Bean AKA George Osborne.

And I think Kate could well be Jane Andrews.

Andrews was once “Dresser” to Sarah Ferguson, The Duchess of Pork – although I am fucked if I know why Fergie couldn’t get dressed herself.  Andrews also made world headlines in 2001 when she murdered her boyfriend Tom Cressman.


PHOTO: Jane Andrews & Tom Cressman circa 2000


PHOTO: Fergie & Andrews

Fuck me, Andrews is flying in that photo isn’t she?


Andrews, who was sentenced to life in 2001 allegedly escaped from prison in 2009 although bizarrely was given no extra punishment for doing so. But all the same, she is supposedly a right fucking psycho and a proper old banger to boot.

Indeed she admitted herself to having extra-marital “flings” whilst married to her husband, IBM exec Christopher Dunn-Butler.

So when Andrews murdered her boyfriend, the wealthy businessman, Tom Cressman by smashing his head in with a cricket bat as he slept and then finishing him off with a knife, it could almost be said that the Butler-Dunn him in… Settle down, settle down.

In fact she was supposedly sacked for knobbing the same fella that her boss Fergie was knobbing –  Count Gaddo della Gherardesca.


Safe to say then, that Jane Andrews fits right in with the knobs.

Certainly there can be little doubt that Andrews is Jo Cox’s sister Kimbo.


And as for Tom Cressman – Jane Andrews murder victim?

Well he fits in far too well with the shyster Grant Bovey not to be one and the same.


I mean, Cressman is supposedly dead so it isn’t as if it matters to the Monsters how many people think he’s Bovey, because it cannot be proved now.

Grant Bovey was of course married to the “sweet & innocent” former ‘Blue Peter’ presenter, Anthea Turner – who is anything but sweet & innocent.

In fact those old enough to remember will recall that she broke her 1st husband’s heart, the former RADIO 1 deejay, Peter Powell, when she fucked of with Bovey – although fuck knows why since it was another case of: Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.


There is also a lot more to tell about the trio/duo especially in regards to the [not so] sweet and innocent Ms Turner.

However, that will have to wait for another day.

Now, did I tell you that Kimbo Leadbeater is a fitness instructor/personal trainer – another favourite occupation given to crisis actors… If not I have now.

And as we all know, having a highly promoted family member murdered qualifies you for celebrity status.


PHOTO: The Leadbeater’s – coming to open a new hospital baby ward near you… Like they did at Dewsbury in the photo above.

Kinda leaves a nasty taste in your mouth doesn’t it.

Course, I should also point out that the convicted murderer, Jane Andrews is also the high-flyer, Rachel Whetstone – former adviser to ex-tory party leader, Michael Howard, and godparent to Cameron’s son Oliver, as well as being the wife of “Mr Fixit”, Steve Hilton… So, in true crisis actor style, Rachel vetoed becoming a Hilton in favour of staying a Wet-Stone… Roger that.

Yet there is so much more to Ms Wet-Stone, who incidentally attended the Monster-Minion breeding ground, Bristol University.

You see, she is currently the senior vice-president of communications and public policy for Uber and indeed held a similar position at Google until June of last year.


PHOTO: Whetstone with Princess Diana killer, Henri Paul AKA French interior Minister, Henri Paul who is also occasionally called Bernard Frenchname.

Now I am not going to dwell on Whetstone too much because I have a major article in progress that exposes Whetstone & Hilton for what they really are.

However, I will say that she once had an affair with Cameron’s father in law, William Astor… Same names all of the time see, dot to dot to dot to dot…

And of course, if Whetstone is Andrews and Andrews is Leadbeater then in all likelihood – although no means a given certainty – Whetstone is also Leadbeater… Wanna go compare?

Of course you fucking do.


Nevertheless, getting back to Cameron favorite, Kate Fall and I am as certain as can be that she is also Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo – who is also known as Nanny Spanish by no one except me… And Nanny Spanish is of course responsible for the welfare of Prince & Princess Troglodyte… If you were to believe the hype.

KING'S LYNN, ENGLAND - JULY 05: Prince George of Cambridge plays with the wheels of Princess Charlotte's pram as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince George's nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo (in her Norland Nanny Uniform) looks on as they leave the Church of St Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham Estate for the Christening of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge on July 5, 2015 in King's Lynn, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson - WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Although I can’t imagine Bizzy Lizzy the 2nd being so friendly with the riff-raff.

Now curiously enough, it was well publicised that Nanny Spanish was on the recent photo-tour of Canada with Will & Cake… However, I am fucked if I could find her in any photos despite there being plenty showing  the the rest of the tax-funded entourage.

Moreover, her Wikipedia page has disappeared but I know for a fact that she had one when I started this article back in July because I read it… In fact that page was where I learned that her family is very well to do… Again, if you buy into the official program.

Yet she too wears false gnashers over her own when in public.

KING'S LYNN, ENGLAND - JULY 05: Prince George of Cambridge plays with the wheels of Princess Charlotte's pram as Queen Elizabeth II and Prince George's nanny, Maria Teresa Turrion Borrallo (in her Norland Nanny Uniform) looks on as they leave the Church of St Mary Magdalene on the Sandringham Estate for the Christening of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge on July 5, 2015 in King's Lynn, England. (Photo by Chris Jackson - WPA Pool / Getty Images)

Shall we go compare?

Of course we fucking shall.


Certainly works for me… Although I wonder what the ‘N’ stands for on Nanny Spanishes hat? I mean to my way of thinking it should be a ‘C’ for Clown Clone.

And indeed to back my way of thinking, have a butchers at this next photo of Diana meeting an AIDS victim.


Just sayin’.

And Jane Andrews also compares well with Nanny Spanish


Again, just sayin’.

Now, moving on to Sam Cam and I long ago documented that she was an actress.

For instance the following is taken from an article that appeared in the Chimp in May 2015:

A Tennessee woman searching for the mystery man she kissed on a dare while running the Boston Marathon finally heard back — but from the mystery man’s wife.

Tatge, 55, was dared by her daughter to kiss a good-looking man and take a photo of it while running the April 20 race.

Following the kiss, her daughter, Paige, took to social media in a search to find the man which went viral and on Sunday, Tatge heard from the unidentified man’s wife through a letter.

The man’s wife sent photos of her husband’s clothes as proof to confirm it was him, and in the letter wrote that the attention was fun but that the couple wanted to remain anonymous. Continue Reading

In this April 20, 2015 photo provided by Paige Tatge, her mother, Barbara Tatge, left, kisses an unknown spectator in Wellesley, Mass., as she ran in the Boston Marathon. It’s a tradition for male runners to kiss the women attending Wellesley College as they line the marathon route. Barbara made good on a dare by her daughter, Paige, that she kiss a man as she ran along the route. Now they would like to know who she actually kissed. (Paige Tatge via AP)

That photo caption is the Chimps by the way. However any AP photograph (top photo) is usually always dodgy. I mean, what the fuck was a golfer doing at the Boston marathon?

And the bottom photo is credited to Barbara ‘brilliant white teeth’ Paige  – which is a combination of mother and daughters name. Course, being used to the signs of photoshopping I immediately picked up on Babs hamster cheeks, which a closer look reveals them to have been extended outwards.

Now why the fuck would a woman with such dazzling teeth want to appear  to have cheeks that big, especially with the only other person on earth to have shopping bags on the side of their face that big is the hamster featured, Cunt Cameron?

So off I went in search of another photo of her to compare.


Yep, no doubt about it. her close up photos are of the same side of her face with one side having been reversed, thus the hair photoshopping was necessary… Well that and the fact that her head has been photoshopped onto her body in the above pic and is in fact the same photo of her face as the Chimps photo.

I will tell you what! I’m getting that good at this malarkey that I could nearly do it for a living… Just give us a sec will ya, I’m sticking my tongue in my cheek.

And in her close up photos Babs definitely distorts her cheeks whilst in the distance shots, she can’t be arsed.

And as such, whichever way you look at it, she must be Samantha Cameron.


And of course Sam-Cam was also 7/7 survivor, Elizabeth Owens – a solicitor no less.



Now who haven’t we done? Oh yeah, Ian & Mary Cameron.

And as far as they go I would say that Dave the Rave’s Mother Mary is Glenys Kinnock – Kinnock of course being instrumental in pushing the Jo Cox fraud.


And of course Glenys is Welsh so it is hardly surprising that she is in all probability also Shan Legge-Bourke, prominent Welsh land owner & mother to Tiggy… Dot to dot to dot to dot to…


The square jaw version I hasten to add.

And that in turn would in all likelihood also make Mary Cameron, Shan Legge-Bourke wouldn’t it? The rounded, pointed chinned version!


Good that innit?

Course, Gorilla Parker Horse Face has to earn her keep also so she fills in for square-jawed Legge Bourke as and when.


Well she was born a Shand and is married to the Prick of WALES so what do you expect.

What’s more, I am fairly confident that Parker-Horse-Face, Kinnock, Legge-Bourke and MARY Cameron are also the creepy MARY Berry.


And of course, if I am right that would explain why the Chimp is constantly plugging Berry’s shite cooking show and trying to portray it as the greatest tv program ever made.

Shall we go compare?


In fact the Legge-Bourke’s appear to have played quite a large part in distorting history. You see, Tiggy’s Dad/Sian’s Husband, is the now deceased Henry Legge Bourke.


That’s Our Enry  stood behind the fella with the big ears who if you buy into the official program, got Old Our Enry’s daughter pregnant whilst married to Diana thus leaving her no choice cept to have an abortion… What a wonderful Kink King he will make.

However, does Henry look familiar because he should do – if you have been paying attention.


And Legge Bourke looks far too much like an Astor to not be closely related.


Meantime Mary Cameron is a dad ringer for Lesley Ann Down’s mother Ann West


And as for Daddy Cameron, well old Ian is without doubt also William Astor – at least on photo paper anyway… This is proved beyond doubt in the photo below.


Good that init?

However, like I keep saying there are always at least 2 people playing a character and in Ians case the other fella would be Jeremy Hutchinson who was CHRISTINE KEELER’S BARRISTER.


Dot to dot to dot to dot…

Now, as well as defending Christine Keeler in the aftermath of the fraud act which became known as the Profumo affair, Hutchinson also defended amongst others the ‘spies’ George Blake & John Vassall as well as “Mr Nice”, Howard Marks.

However, arguably his greatest achievement was successfully defending Penguin Books in the ‘Lady Chatterley’s Lover’, obscenity trial.


PHOTO: Hutchinson leaving the Southend on Sea law court of all places.

Amazingly – or not as the case may be – Hutchinson is still alive today at the grand old age of 101 and said to be in total control of all his faculties.

In fact had Jel Hutch not retired from the House of Gaylords in 2011 he would have been the oldest sitting member following the death of Gaylord Eddie Short in 2012 – the current oldest sitting member being Gaylord Carrington, some 4 years Hutch’s junior.

Then again Hutch’s sister was married to a Rothschild who seem to outlive most people of their age.

Now leading the prosecution in that obscene publication case was Mervyn Griffith Jones, Barrister, Judge and British spy.

Griffith Jones had also been the prosecutor in the trial of Christine Keeler & Mandy Rice Davies – dot to dot to dot to dot.

Shall we have some more photos? Yes, I think that we fucking shall.


It’s all a question of shadows.

Now, before we move on there is one more major player in the Moors-Murder-Story and he is Myra Hindley campaigner Lord Longford.


He looks very much like the reclusive Gavin Astor… Just sayin.

And I can assure you that I have plenty more evidence in reserve if needs be… But that will do for now.

So, moving on and it would seem that not even Dave the Rave’s children are exempt from taking part in the frauds that are going to become the undoing of the human race.


Note the white roses in her hair – very strange for a childs hair decoration and then think back to the rose symbolism that I wrote about in ‘Seventeen – The Jo Cox Fraud

So there you have it. Our last elected Prime Mincer was nothing more than a made up persona, created by Monsters and as his record shows he was either the worst or the third worst Prime Mincer in history (depending on which report you read).

Course, that isn’t his fault as he was a puppet doing whatever was asked of him by the puppeteers, although that is in no way mitigation for his crimes against humanity… There is no mitigation, there can be no leniency, pardon or forgiveness.

Just sayin’.

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