Let me be clear.


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As you all probably know, one of the things to really rile me is animal cruelty.

There is no need for it, there is no excuse for it, it is evil.

The article found below about cruelty to Donkeys calls the perpetrators “thugs”.

They are not thugs. They are Monsters.

I am not going to rant and rave. I am going to be very precise and restrained.

I am sick to fucking death of the evil that exists in this world.

Any cunt who hurts any animal for ‘kicks’ needs the same done to them. 

Animals are a joy to behold. We have no need to fear animals, we are at the top of the food chain… We should all know better.

Children and animals are truly a gift. 

My stance on the issue is set in stone. There is no place in this world for anyone who hurts animals and children unnecessarily … Those who do are sub-human.

I would love to think that I would never again have to use violence. I hate violence. It offends me.

Unfortunately the only way some people will ever learn is an eye for an eye. 

If it has to be that way – And I don’t doubt otherwise – then so be it.

You can’t reason with Monsters.

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Donkeys could disappear from British beaches after attack by cruel thugs


Donkeys could disappear from British seasides after attack by cruel thugsPA

Donkey rides on British beaches could end after one business owner spoke of attacks from teenagers against the popular seaside animals.

John Nuttall said his donkeys, which offer rides for children at Cleethorpes beach in North East Lincolnshire, have been “kicked in the face, put in headlocks and hit with wood” as they rest in a nearby field.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Nuttall said: “A lady was walking her dog across the park, where the donkeys are, and she saw these two young lads kicking the donkeys in the face.

The donkeys had put their heads through the fence thinking they were getting a treat, but instead they got a kicking.

“Donkeys don’t hurt anybody. I don’t know how anyone can do such a thing.”

The Nuttall family, which owns 16 donkeys and have been offering summer rides for three generations, are thinking of closing their business.

According to the Express, the family says their donkeys have been repeatedly attacked as they rest in a field overnight.

Mr Nuttall tells of how two donkeys, Banjo and Dudley, had their heads pulled through a fence and held in headlocks as two teenage thugs took turns in kicking them in the face.

Humberside Police arrived at the scene but did not catch the yobs.

North East Lincolnshire Council said it was “absolutely disgusted” by people harming the animals.

Mr Nuttall said he will continue to offer the rides until the end of the summer season and assess the situation. He added that he was “thinking of investing in CCTV cameras”.

“It’s not fair on the donkeys to put them through it. Their welfare comes first.”

Donkey rides on the British seaside dates back to Victorian times and is a tradition still found on beaches including Broadstairs, Margate, Llandudno and Blackpool.