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At the same time as the MSM revealed that Robert Turner, an extra in the BBC TV soap EastEnders who had previously been a secondary school teacher dismissed for having an affair with one of his pupils (King Edmunds in Rochford, which my daughter also attended as it happens), I remarked in an article about the disproportionate number of teachers (in relation to most other professions) that had been arrested by detectives from Operation Ore – The British investigation into paedophiles accessing child pornography on the internet.

I also mentioned in the same article, a teaching assistant from my daughters Primary School (Paul Grocott), who at the time always used to speak to me and had since moved to Derbyshire where he had been one of those  arrested under Operation Ore.

I mentioned the fact that he used to single me out for a chat (which I assumed was because I was just about the only other fella present) whilst I was stood in the playground with Stacey waiting for the first bell to ring because he seemed so normal.

I had even asked him – just in passing since I had no suspicions about him what so ever – why he had quit a well paid job as a Scaffolder to become a low paid teaching assistant.

His explanation that with his wifes well paid job they could afford for him to pursue his wish to become a teacher was perfectly plausible at the time, although I was a lot more naive back then.

With that in mind, I concluded in the article that I now found it extremely strange that any man would want to teach 4 – 11 year olds.

Course, that comment went down like the twin towers with some people, but I never the less stand by it.

I mean, I can understand perfectly that some men would want to teach in secondary schools and above, although fuck me, they must have the patience of a saint. But a primary school teacher is all about wiping noses, learning the alphabet, adding 1+ 2 and singing ‘the wheels on a bus’… Hardly challenging.

So, until such a time that the world is rid of the evil cunts who shape peoples thinking and morals, I would prefer to see our youngsters taught by women, or men who have a very, very long, whiter than white track record of working with children… Just saying.


Primary school teacher arrested ‘for sniffing and tickling children’s feet during lessons’

  • Four boys quizzed over alleged incidents at a school in Blackburn
  • Children were ‘ordered to remove shoes and socks in lessons’
  • They were then told to pick a card to be either ‘sniffed’ or ‘tickled’
  • Teacher suspended and held on suspicion of ‘assault by touching’


PUBLISHED: 13:10, 9 November 2013 | UPDATED: 13:20, 9 November 2013


A teacher has been arrested and suspended following allegations from pupils that he tickled and sniffed primary school children’s feet.

The staff member was held on suspicion of ‘assault by touching’, and four young boys have been quizzed over the allegations by officers.

Parents said they were stunned when they heard police had been called to the school, in Blackburn, Lancashire, on Tuesday.

Blackburn with Darwen Council is investigating claims a primary school teacher tickled and sniffed pupils' feetInvestigation: Darwen Council (pictured) is investigating claims a primary school teacher tickled and sniffed pupils’ feet. Four boys have been quizzed about the alleged incidents


They were then contacted and told to come into school for a meeting, in which they were told their children had been ordered by the suspect to remove their shoes and socks in lessons.

One parent said her son told her had been made to remove his footwear and sit on a desk. Children then had to play ‘a game’ in which they were told to go barefoot and chose a card.

Children’s feet were then either ‘tickled or sniffed by the staff member’ depending on which card they chose.


The suspect has suspended and an investigation has been launched by Blackburn with Darwen Council.

One mother said: ‘I didn’t know anything about this and was called into school to be told my son had been questioned by police.

‘I am deeply concerned and I feel everyone should know what has been happening so it can be properly looked into. This is so confusing for children.

‘My son said he was picked up and put on a table, his shoes and socks taken off. Then he had to pick a card saying tickle or sniff. How can under-tens make any sense of that?’

The teacher has been suspended for the alleged offencesSuspended: The teacher has been suspended while the alleged offences are investigated


Another parent said: ‘It’s just really worrying to me. My daughter wasn’t one of the kids questioned, but I am just as concerned as those parents are. The kids think it is all a game but I think it needs looking into.’

Because of the 2011 Education Act which came into force last year, the staff member or the school where the incidents allegedly took place cannot be identified.

The authority’s education councillor Dave Harling said: ‘The school has responded swiftly and robustly to the concerns and will be conducting an internal investigation.

‘In addition, the matter has been reported to police and is currently being investigated.

‘I understand that the community will naturally be concerned about this matter, but I’d like to appeal to people not to speculate while we await the outcome of the investigations.’

A spokesman for Lancashire Police said: ‘We have been contacted by the local authority in relation to a complaint about a member of staff at the school.

‘While we are in the very early stages of an investigation, we have spoken to a number of people and we are determining whether any criminal offences have been committed.

‘A man has been arrested and has been bailed pending further enquiries.’

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