Leslie Grantham


Christopher Spivey.


I had mixed feelings when I read about the death of the former ‘Eastenders’ star Leslie Grantham, earlier last week.

Indeed, it is not unfair to say that in the 1980’s Grantham was one of the biggest TV stars in the country.

Course, what was unusual was that before becoming a TV favorite, Grantham had served 11 years of a life sentence for murder.

The following was taken from a Chimp farticle:

Cor, stinks in ’ere, dunnit?’ With those innocuous words 33 years ago, actor Leslie Grantham, who died yesterday aged 71, started a television institution — one which would turn him and the character he played into a household name.

When Grantham landed the role of shifty publican Dennis ‘Dirty Den’ Watts in EastEnders, he was a little-known actor trying to turn his life around following a murder conviction and more than ten years in jail.

The twice-weekly soap opera was launched on February 19, 1985, as the BBC’s riposte to ITV’s Coronation Street. Its first line was uttered by Den as he broke down the door of a flat belonging to elderly Reg Cox, who was discovered almost dead.

That Tuesday night, the nation had no idea who Dennis Watts was. Less than two years later, his place in the TV firmament was secure.

Grantham had only signed to do ten episodes in a drama that was meant to revolve around two families, the Fowlers and the Beales.

But it soon became clear there was a crackling electricity between Dennis and his wife Angie (played by Anita Dobson). They carried the show and drove its enormous early success. Source

Grantham did in fact murder a Taxi driver in Germany whilst he was serving in the British Army.

The following is from Wikipenis:

On 3 December 1966, Grantham attempted to rob a taxi driver, Felix Reese, in Osnabrück, Lower Saxony, West Germany.

In a struggle between the two men, Reese died from being shot in the head. In his statement to the police following his arrest, Grantham said that he did not know the gun was loaded and it had gone off during the struggle, which would have resulted in a conviction for manslaughter if a jury believed this version of events.

However, at his trial in 1967, he was subsequently convicted of murder and sentenced to life imprisonment. Although he had committed the murder in West Germany, he served the entirety of his imprisonment in various British prisons.

This was because soldiers and officers convicted of any criminal offence that warrants a sentence of over two years are automatically transferred to Her Majesty’s Prison Service, since they are also automatically dishonourably discharged.

PHOTO: Grantham (right) after his arrest for murder… I’m not sure why he is handcuffed to actor, Robert Lindsey

Now here is why I had mixed feelings about his death. You see, to get to the truth in the murky world of celebrity is nigh on impossible. Therefore, I have to ask myself was Grantham really a murderer or was that just a media story invented to enhance his hard-man image?

After all, the fact certainly did not do his career any harm. On the other hand, Grantham was always extremely reluctant to talk about it, which suggests to me that he probably did murder the cabby, being as if it was a made up story then he would have participated in the charade… Which, as I say, he didn’t.

Another reason is that ALL major stars are expected to take part in the occult and the sick, depraved practices that go hand in hand with Satanic Worship… If you don’t, then you are shunned.

But once again, on the flip side, Grantham’s fall from stardom to obscurity was spectacular to the extent that he ended up living in Bulgaria after landing a role in a long running Bulgarian soap opera… A long, long way from Eastenders… In fact more bizarrely still, the show cast all spoke in Bulgarian whereas Grantham spoke his lines in English.

Moreover, according to the Chimp he was penniless:

Eastenders actor Leslie Grantham ‘died virtually penniless’ according to a new report.

The TV star, who had recently returned to the UK for treatment after living for some time in Bulgaria, passed away on Friday morning aged 71. 

Grantham who had been battling terminal cancer is said to have planned and paid for his own ‘no frills funeral’, after fearing his family would have to cover the costs. 

He shares three children, Spike, 31, Jake, 29, and Daniel, 23, with his ex-wife, Jane Laurie, who he was married to for 31 years – who will receive nothing from his will.   

His only assets were a small share in a company worth less than £23,000, and a small home in Bulgaria.

It is believed to take months to sell and once ‘complex taxes and legal fees’ are taken into account, his family would not be left with much from the proceeds. 

A source close to him said: ‘Leslie suffered from really bad money troubles the past several years, and worrying about it did his health no good.

‘In fact, the stress of his financial situation probably speeded up his death as he was so frail. 

‘He paid for the whole event and left specific instructions about what he wanted. An average funeral costs £4,000 and he made sure it was all sorted.’ 

Despite being one of Britain’s biggest stars as scheming Den on Eastenders, with his storylines pulling in 30million viewers, Grantham failed to get UK telly roles in his final years. 

After his character was killed off in 2005 he was forced to take panto roles to make ends meet.

The actor admitted in an interview he was desperate to join Corrie but had been typecast by EastEnders. 

He spent some of his final years staying in the spare room of a friend’s house following the collapse of his 31-year marriage to actress Jane. Source

Now the fact that Grantham was skint and had to resort to earning a living in Bulgaria kinda suggests to me that he had been made an outcast by the Monsters… That theory is backed up by the fact that in 2004, Grantham was mercilessly trashed in the press after he was caught out having cam-sex with a bird who promptly showed the footage to the newspapers… Or put another way, he was set up:

In May 2004 a Sunday newspaper printed photographs of Leslie exposing himself and masturbating whilst sucking his finger in a sexually-suggestive manner via a webcam from his dressing room to someone called ‘Amanda’. It was also alleged that Leslie dressed as Captain Hook whilst pleasuring himself and insulted several cast members of EastEnders, including Shane Richie, Wendy Richard, Kim Medcalf and Jessie Wallace. In the wake of this, Leslie released a statement which read: ‘I am wholeheartedly ashamed of my behaviour and feel that I have let down my colleagues, as well as my friends and family In some small recompense I intend to make a donation to charity as a mark of my apology.’ Source

Certainly, he must have upset someone because by 2004, the press only printed such stories with the backing of the Monsters, prompting the question: “Was he deliberately set up”?

Now, in December 2012, at the height of the ‘Operation Yewtree’ whitewash, an actor matching Grantham’s description was arrested – albeit not for child sex offences – and I was told on good authority that the fella was indeed Leslie.

I therefore republished the article that the person had written stating that it was Grantham who had been arrested, only to have the actor comment on my republication; something like “I’m sorry to disappoint you Chris, but I haven’t been arrested since 1966“.

He also followed that up by asking me to remove the article, which after conferring with the author – who by now was not 100% trusting of his own source (a national press journalist) and had removed his article from his own website – I felt it best to comply.

That was followed by an email from Grantham’s solicitor.

Now, although the author of the article may not by now have been 100% trusting of his source, he told me that the Journalist in question had passed him a lot of info in the past that had been spot on. Therefore, I did not comply with James Heath requirements and indeed I have clicked on the link in the email and that Twitter post is still there today (see below)

Nevertheless, two days later I received the following email from Grantham:

Which under the circumstances I thought was pretty decent of him, although once again I did not comply with his wishes… Mind you, it would have been pointless suing me for libel as I had fuck all of value then and even less now.

Now a couple of months after that, the plod arrested another un-named 65-year-old actor for sex offences – again, non child related – and having once again been given Grantham’s name, I took the reigns and emailed him asking if he was the fella:

To which Grantham replied thus:

And to think I get accused of not being a “real” journalist.

Nevertheless, I simply thanked him for his reply and assumed that would be that.

Yet out of the blue, Grantham sent me – a very frank – follow up email:

Which he had no need to do… So I replied:

And that was the last contact that I had with the man.

Now, obviously nonces get murdered in prison and with Grantham going straight there from the army it is safe to assume that he had neither the time or opportunity to cause any suspicion. Moreover, massive stars who play the elite Satanic child molesting game do not end up skint even if they fade into obscurity.

Indeed, when you consider that Mick Jagger is older than Grantham and is currently on a grueling ‘Rolling Stones’ tour the contrast between the pair is clear to see… Although I am not saying that Jagger is a nonce, but he is certainly part of the Monster crew.

Now although Grantham is on his last legs there, he certainly does not look like he was living the high life. And neither do those in the Monster club die of cancer at the age of 71:

Just sayin.

Therefore, given the above I would like to have given Grantham the benefit of the doubt. Unfortunately the Daily Mirror wrote the following two days ago:

Eastenders actor Leslie Grantham was investigated over “compelling evidence” that he sexually abused a school girl, a former police officer has claimed.

Grantham, who played hardman “Dirty” Den Watts, was probed by officers investigating Jimmy Savile after the youngster came forward in the wake of the scandal, it is claimed.

Former police officer Mark Williams Thomas said he investigated Grantham, who died yesterday aged 71, and passed the information on to Scotland Yard’s Operation Yewtree in 2012.

He said the actor, who was convicted of murder in 1967, was never arrested over the allegation because the woman decided not to pursue it.

Critics were quick to call the claim by investigative reporter Williams-Thomas on Twitter “very disrespectful to his family”.

Mr Williams Thomas said: “I received an email off the back of the Saville investigation in 2012 from a young woman who was very, very scared.

“She stated that he [Grantham] had sexually abused her in 2009/10 when she was aged around 14/15 and that it had been going on for some time.

“She had compelling evidence against him relating to communications they had, as well as another crucial piece of evidence.

“I referred it to Operation Yewtree at the Met police who investigated it. They came to a collective decision, based on her wishes and not because of a lack of evidence.

“It’s difficult, does one stay quiet about this or do you speak out to try to help victims deal with these issues. I know that even in the death of an offenders , many victims of child abuse still suffer in silence .

“I know he wasn’t arrested but I don’t know if the police ever spoke to him about it.

“I highly suspect there will be other victims out there.”

A Scotland Yard spokesman refused to comment. Source

Course, you have to ask yourself why Williams-Thomas (who I wouldn’t trust to tell me the weather forecast if I was stood with him in a thunder-storm) has only gone public with this information now that Grantham is dead?

After all, you can say what the fuck you like about a dead person.

So, what do you think?

Just askin’.