Leave it to Lindsay

Christopher Spivey

I hold out little hope for our species to be honest, but it is true to say that in the end you get what you deserve.

And you will, but then again you have heard it all before so it is pointless me harping on and I will therefore get straight on with it.

Our government does not exist, yet we have all these millions of people, who believe that they are politically adept, whilst in reality they ain’t got a scooby-fucking-doo.

You see, as I type the dog-shit press are pumping out pure propaganda about an important government vote that never happened.

I hope the scumbags all die of syphilis.

However, there are a staggering 6200 comments left on that article from the deluded-dumbfucks all expressing a meaningless opinion on something that they have no idea about.

You see, Terry May suffered fuck all… Terry May is just a made up persona.

In fact the House of Conmans should be renamed the fiction factory because there was no vote and the nonce brigade were too fucking lazy and smug to even include the Prime Mincer in the VT of the theater.

And of course we know that he-she was there at the Brexit (I cringe using that word) vote because the Monkey-Kuntz told us he-she was:

Mrs May left Westminster and was on the red carpet at the Sun’s ‘Military Awards’ minutes after the humiliating defeat. Source

Mind you, the Chimps are not Journalists which is why you get piss poor quality writing like we see above. I mean if you open a bracket, shouldn’t there be a closed bracket somewhere further down the line? And why the single apostrophe tagged on the end of the word ‘defeat‘?

In fact the whole photo description appears to have been written by a 10 year old: Theresa May (pictured on the red carpet at the Sun Military Awards minutes after tonight’s defeat’ has vowed to press on with her Brexit legislation after tonight’s defeat

Nevertheless, it would only be right and proper that he-she would be there for the vote as well as the opposition leader and his fat-fuck side kick… But they weren’t there either.

After all, Conservative Ministers had been earlier briefed to vote in line with El Tel, so it was a pretty damn important vote… Least it would have been had it taken place but it didn’t because like I have been telling you for this long time:

  • Our MP’s do not exist, they are actors.
  • Parliament TV is all faked.
  • All policy is dictated by monsters

Mind you, if you were to believe the Monkey-Kuntz then you would think that he-she works fucking hard for the money it earns.

I mean the vote wasn’t until 7PM last night and then, “minutes” after her “humiliating defeat” he-she was(n’t) on the red carpet with its pretend husband, at the Scum Shit-Rags bash… After which it [pretend] boarded a plane to Brussel Sprouts to hold more [pretend] Brexit (cringe) talks with the European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker… Who is in all likelihood really a Rockefeller:

Just sayin’… Although I am not just sayin’ that Junker is Jay Rockefeller… But he could well be Junker’s old man.

Nevertheless, let me take you through the video of last nights vote result.

Now the video starts with a look at a relatively busy House of Conmans – mostly all wearing the same coloured suits I hasten to add – just before the result of the vote was announced… However, there are plenty of empty fucking seats to be had.

And that is despite there only being 437 seats in the chamber in total. Therefore, since the vote result was 309-305 there should have been 613 MP’s present… But there wasn’t.

In fact I would estimate that there is only around 450 CGI actors present and since there are meant to be 650 MP’s that would mean there is around 200 bods missing and  what’s more, 37 MP’s didn’t vote at all.

And since the Tories have 318 MP’s, even if no other party sided with them; bearing in mind that 11 of El Tel’s MP’s voted against him/her that would suggest that at the very least, 2 Tory MP’s didn’t vote at all… Although I find it unthinkable that those 305 votes came exclusively from Tory MP’s

Furthermore, according to the Chimp:

One of the Tory rebels, ex minister Stephen Hammond, was immediately fired as a vice-chairman of the Conservative Party.

Sacked by who?

I mean shouldn’t Terry have made that decision and done the do? Yet he-she couldn’t have done either being as “minutes after the defeat [she] was on the red carpet” at the Scum’s old fanny bash.

And neither am I sure why the speaker isn’t sat in his chair or even why John ‘little legs‘ Bercow wasn’t chairing. Instead the speaker was the criminal deputy, Lindsay Hoyle – who can be seen in the Chimp photo below, stood at the desk in front of the speakers chair.

“Bunched the air”???

PHOTO: A close up taken from the first photo showing that El Tel is nowhere to be seen

PHOTO: Hoyle begins to speak

The camera then focuses on the Deputy Speaker, Lindsay Hoyle. However, there is something seriously remiss about Hoyle’s head.

And do bear in mind that Parliament TV does not use mobile phones, circa 2000 to film the events – although you wouldn’t know it to look.

There is not a single fold on Hoyle’s neck which appears to be larger than his head, despite him not being particularly overweight. Indeed some very weird things continued to happen to Hoyle’s head throughout… What follows are but a few:

The camera then changes once again allowing me to confirm that Terry, Jelly & Fatty are not present.

Now there has to be a reason for all that yet the only thing that I can come up with is deception.

Just thought that I would let you know.