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According to Bugger-Lugs, his new Grandaughter, Charley Farley is taking it easy on her mother, Kate Gold-Digger-Smiff and sleeping all the way through the night.

But what I wanna know is, just who the fuck does he think that he is kidding:

Princess Charlotte may only be one-month-old but she is already sleeping through the night, the Prince of Wales has revealed.

Charles chatted about his baby granddaughter – born May 2 – while hosting a Clarence House tea party on Wednesday with the Duchess of Cornwall for pilots and aircrew who fought in the Second World War.

According to one guest, the heir to the throne added that Princess Charlotte is ‘much easier on mum’ than her 22-month-old big brother Prince George was at the same age. Source

Or more to the point, just who the fuck do the Monkey-Boyz think they are kidding.

I mean, you don’t have to be a genius to work out that Gold-Digger-Smiff has fuck all to do with her two troglodytes… Until this past week that is, where we have seen a continual stream of articles about the little lad, in what is nothing more than a shameless PR exercise for the royal parasites.

I mean, first we had the photos of Porky Georgie & Charlie Farley allegedly taken by “doting” mum Gold-Digger-Smiff.

Fuck me, talk about over-the-top-brown-nosing! In fact had I been a professional photographer I would have been insulted at the gushing reports from the press about the dumb broad’s genius.

And the idea that the lazy-fuck gets up with her offspring is too ludicrous for words… Mind you, ludicrous as it is, it isn’t anywhere near as far-fetched as Bugger-lugs knowing such tittle-tattle.

Indeed, the future Kingky bastard couldn’t be further removed from Little Bald Willie and his brood if they lived in Australia.

I mean fuck me, you only had to read today’s Daily Crawl-Arse article on george and his adopted mother to know that much.

He was centre of attention on the Buckingham Palace balcony at Trooping the Colour yesterday and today all eyes were on Prince George again during a family outing to the polo.

Playing with his mother, Kate, and clutching a little red and black toy car in his hands, the cherubic 23-month-old was obviously heartily enjoying the family jaunt to the Festival of Polo at the Beaufort Polo Club in Gloucestershire, along with his father Prince William, uncle Prince Harry and grandfather Prince Charles. Source

Yet the photographs tell a different story altogether. Indeed, the following are the best photos that the sycophantic Monkey-Kuntz could come up with to portray Buggerlugs as the doting Grandad, who takes an interest in his ‘family’.


Now if the press could have got one of Buggerlugs so much as trying to talk to George it would have been on the Chimps website for weeks.

As for the others? Well they are all photoshopped and I doubt very much that Bugger-Lugs got anywhere near George.


You may need to blow the photos up to see exactly what I am pointing out. But why photoshop if it is all legit?

Indeed, the balcony photos that the press droned on and on and on and on about are even shoddier photoshopped.


So, we go months between shots of George and then we are bombarded with him on a daily basis… Do you think that the gossip is getting to them?

Mind you, you can’t help but wonder where new addition Charley Farley is throughout this PR excercise.

Urgh! They make my fucking skin crawl.