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Christopher Spivey


On the 8th of October (10 days ago) I was made aware of an article in the Essex Chronicle, giving details of a court hearing held on the 7th of October 2015.

The hearing in question was in regard to my appeal against conviction & sentence for harassment without violence x 2 counts and Sending Malicious Communications x 2 counts for which I was convicted on the 31st of July 2015 and sentenced on the 21st of August 2015.

Of course, most of you already know all about the blatant abuse of law used to convict me in what was little more than a kangaroo court presided over by District Judge John Woollard, who without doubt had a mandate to find me guilty at all costs.

The circumstances surrounding the events of the unlawful conviction and totally disproportionate sentence can be found HERE & HERE 


However, the problem with that court hearing held on the 7th – apparently at which a further hearing was arranged for the 21st of October – was that I knew absolutely fuck all about it.

That is not to say that the notification letter got lost in the post or anything like that… One was never sent out.

Indeed, it is my wholehearted belief that I was never meant to find out about this hearing and indeed I never would have done had Richard Brown from the Essex Chronicle – whom I gave an interview to after the sentence hearing in August – not chanced upon the court listing for my case whilst at Chelmsford Crown Court where he was covering another matter for his newspaper.

Course, as soon as I found out about this hearing I emailed my solicitor along with a copy of the article and demanded to know why I hadn’t been informed about it.


After all, Richard Brown – who to give him his dues, gave me a fair write up after our conversation on 27th August held after the sentence hearing – had been quite specific in his report that I had been represented at the hearing in question.


My email then prompted the following response from my solicitor which I received via email on the 9th:

The court listed the matter without informing us and as such we did not know it was listed on 7th October. Having spoken to the list office today they have confirmed that the matter has been listed on 21st October for Legal Argument, at this hearing an appeal date will be fixed also. The reference to your “representatives” attending is clearly a mistake as no one was there for the Defence. Of course, had we known about the hearing you would’ve been informed of it and a barrister would’ve attended for you.

Curiouser and curiouser.

Especially since my friend and researcher, NT had rung Richard Brown at the chronicle in order to verify the situation after which he then sent me a summary of their conversation.

Now in a nutshell, Richard told NT that not a lot happened at the hearing, which was basically held just to set a date for a further hearing where the evidence that will be admissible in the full hearing, will be discussed.

NT then asked Richard to confirm that the date for that next hearing is the 21st of October – which he did, adding that a date for a full hearing will also be set then.

NT then asked how many people were there at the secretive hearing i.e was it just one barrister from each side and a judge to which Richard had answered that there was one person from the CPS and one representing me.

Richard further stated that it had just been by chance that he saw my name on the court listings because he was in court covering a different case adding that he had been interested to see what was happening and as such, he went in to watch the brief proceedings. Richard also confirmed that he was the only member of the Press there.

NT then commented that it was strange that I hadn’t been informed about the hearing to which Richard replied that comments were made about that in court, along the lines that there was some kind of miscommunication and an acknowledgment that something had gone wrong somewhere down the line.

Nevertheless, Richard had agreed with NT that it was strange that my solicitor hadn’t passed on the information about the hearing.

Now this led me to conclude that one of three possibilities must be true:

(1)  Richard Brown was mistaken in reporting that there was someone at the hearing representing me from Criminal Defence Solicitors (the name of the law firm representing me and henceforth known as CDS).

However, it should be noted that Richard is an experienced crime reporter with the Essex Chronicle newspaper, who – as I have already stated – was in court on the 7th covering another trial and quite by chance happened to see my [very uncommon] name on the court listings, after which he took it upon himself to sit in on the proceedings since the Chronicle had covered in some detail the past proceedings to this case.

Moreover, after NT had spoken on the phone to Richard, he (by then aware of my solicitors response to my email) followed up that phone conversation with an email asking Richard for clarification as to how he came to the conclusion that I had been represented at the hearing.

Richard replied thus:

“The main reason I thought it was someone linked to Chris was simply because in court you have defence and prosecution at opposite ends of the bench, so it was a natural assumption that the person stood talking where the defence counsel usually go would be linked in some way to him”.

(2)  The prosecution – in a bid to scupper my appeal – did not inform CDS of the hearing and instead fielded a stooge in order to make it appear that I was represented and that everything was all above board in the proceedings.

Again it should be noted that based on the evidence that I have documented in previous articles, there can be NO DOUBT WHATSOEVER that despite being totally innocent of all charges, there was never going to be any other outcome than a guilty verdict at the trial.

It is also interesting that my former solicitor at CDS, Tasmin Martin (who has since left the firm) told me in July immediately prior to the trial which began on the 30th of that month, that a hearing had taken place on the 17th of July which neither she nor CDS had been informed about. To date, I still do not know what went on at that hearing.

But most importantly, should my appeal be successful – based on a comprehensive list consisting of 25 pages of irregularities and disregard for the law – the consequences for ‘The Establishment’ are, without overstating matters, potentially devastating and to be avoided at all costs.

(3)  My solicitors might be conspiring with the prosecution to ensure that my appeal fails.

… Now, it should also be noted that on the 11th of October, in light of the contents of the Chronicles report and the response received from my solicitor in regard to my email asking him about that report, I sent the following email to a Ms Katherine Gardener at Chelmsford Crown Court and for information purposes, carbon copied my solicitor in as a recipient:

I read in the Essex Chronicle newspaper that a preliminary hearing of my appeal took place on 7th October 2015. 

A friend phoned the Chronicle on my behalf and spoke to the reporter responsible for the article about who was in court and was told that there was someone from the Crown Prosecution Service there and someone representing me. 

This is very strange because I had not been informed that a hearing was taking place and my solicitor has e-mailed me to say that his firm was unaware that anything had been scheduled. 
According to the reporter, the date set for the next hearing is 21st October 2015, at which consideration will be given to what evidence will be admissible.

This seems highly irregular and I would appreciate, by return, the name and contact details for the person claiming to represent me. 

In the absence of any good reason why the hearing was allowed to proceed without a member of my defence team and me being present, it would seem that it will have to be declared void. 

And to date I have not had a reply to that perfectly reasonable request.

However, on the 13th of October I did receive the following in an email from my solicitor:

I have contacted the court and they have confirmed that nobody attended for the Appellant (a.k.a. Defence) on 7th October. The only [sic] that happened was setting down a date for the legal argument which is 21st October 2015.

Meantime, on the 12th I received the following from the courts:


Now, not only is that a photocopy, it is a very bad photocopy with some parts being illegible. Indeed, such was the lack of care taken that the original has not even been squared onto the copy machine properly.

Moreover, the case number is wrong and the document has not been signed.

Indeed, that affront to justice and the justice system as a whole, should have looked – by way of example – something like the following:


Ever get the feeling that you are being taken for a ride?

Indeed, it is blatantly obvious that the CPS intend to handle my appeal in the same way that the original trial was handled i.e with a total disregard and lack of respect for the law and justice.

However, I am a lot more clued up and prepared this time, and with some useful suggestions from NT, I intend to do everything that I can to thwart that happening and if that is not possible, provide enough proof of ‘abuse of process’ taking place to enable me to take my appeal to a higher court… I am innocent and a victim of abhorrent State Persecution and that must never be allowed to go unchallenged.

Therefore, with regard to the hearing taking place on the 21st of October (Wednesday coming) I am looking for someone who knows shorthand to attend the hearing with me and take down all what is said. My email is

Moving on now to my complaint lodged with the HCPC in regard to the social workers Nicole Miles & Julie Robinson, of whom the concrete evidence that I hold and which was submitted with the complaint, without doubt points to the aforementioned social workers colluding with members of the Essex Police force in a conspiracy to have my grandson Clayton taken into care – the reasons for which have been previously well documented and can be found on this site in the category: My Arrests & The SS.

Alternatively, you can find a fairly comprehensive guide to that evidence by clicking HERE

Now, as most of you know, after being dragged out for months & months and passed over for others to deal with, the case manager responsible for investigating my complaint finally concluded – without reasonable explanation based on a point by point breakdown of the solid evidence – that the two social workers had not done anything that impacted on their “fitness to practice”… Despite provably conspiring to steal a well looked after, much loved little boy via means which included breaking the law by illegally accessing my daughter’s medical records – violating the data protection act – which is punishable by up to 7 years in prison.


And with that being the case, I refused to just leave it be and instead submitted a complaint in regard to how my complaint was handled – probably a pointless exercise I know, but you have to follow the official procedure in order to take the complaint further up the ladder.

That letter of complaint sent to the HCPC’s Kelly Johnson, complaining about the handling of my complaint was relayed to you in my article And on we go.


So, I can now tell you that I had a response to that complaint which I received on the 28th of September, stating:

Dear Mr Spivey

Health and Care Professions Council and Miss Nicole S Miles / Ms Sarah McCormack / Ms Lorraine Pennington / Ms Julie Robinson

I am writing to acknowledge your complaint dated 24 September 2015 to the HCPC in relation to the above.

The matter has now been passed on to a Case Team Manager, to respond to you.

The HCPC’s standard response time to complaints is 15 working days however, if we need to extend this time for any reason I will let you know.

Yours sincerely

Dean Hope
Assurance & Development Officer

Their 15 working day response time is up tomorrow.

You do however have to put this case in context to fully understand the implications of the social workers insidious actions and the way that the HCPC – supposedly there to protect the public from corrupt social workers who have babies & toddlers removed from loving parents innocent of any wrongdoing based on fabricated evidence manufactured either out of spite or for profit – has whitewashed this most serious complaint.

After all, how would you feel if your beautiful, much loved, happy two year old child was suddenly ripped away from the only life he/she had ever known and placed with strangers – who usually at best are either into fostering for profit or for reasons that do not bear thinking about – all based on false allegations, entirely without foundation?

And make no mistake, this is going on every single day of the week in this country and your silence could result in you finding yourself in that exact same position.

Indeed, I thank Dog for people like Christopher Ricketts – a reader of mine who like myself is not prepared to remain silent whilst our children are being targeted for removal and condemned to a life of misery, abuse (physical and sexual) and quite often death.

Chris has in fact written many a letter on my behalf, the last one being on the 12th of October, addressed to the person at the HCPC who was supposedly investigating my very serious complaint against Miles & Robinson.


Now that is what I am talking about.

Give me five thousand Christopher Ricketts and you would see the government and all of its insidious off shoots brought to account within a year… Just sayin’.

Do not content yourself with being a spectator. Be the change that you want to see.