Latest Underwear Bomber Was CIA Informant


Activist Post


A report coming out of the Los Angeles Times and citing US and Yemeni officials appears to confirm widely-voiced suspicions that the latest supposed “underwear bomb” plot was little more than a contrived threat – the potential Al Qaeda bomber was actually, it seems, a CIA informant.

The LA Times reports how the informant, working under the direction of Saudi Arabian intelligence and the CIA, posed as a would-be suicide bomber in an attempt to persuade Yemeni bombmakers to provide him with a “new kind of non-metallic bomb that the militants were designing to easily pass through airport security”.

The double agent instead arranged for the explosive device to be delivered to US intelligence agents in Yemen, and he is now out of the country and being debriefed. The bomb is reportedly currently being analysed at an FBI laboratory.

Yet again the scepticism of the alternative media – including – towards another apparent terror plot, appears to have been wholly justified.