La La La La Bamber


Christopher Spivey

I see that the press have been focusing on convicted murderer, Jeremy Bamber again, following ITV’s broadcast of the series “White House Farm”.

And I have to say that the 6 part series was very good, I know, I watched it. Moreover, I have read the book on which the TV program was based: The Murders At White House Farm by Carol Ann Lee.

Mind you, having said that, I have read quite a few of Carol Ann Lee’s books which also include: The Anna Frank Story, The Moors Murders and Ruth Ellis, and it is quite obvious to me that she is happy to go along with the official narrative on all… Which is why she probably gets published.

Course, myself on the other hand believe that all four of her books are bollox.

Nevertheless, It is Jeremy Bamber and the White house Farm murders which I wish to focus on.

Now for those who don’t know, the official story is that on a night in August 1985, Bamber went to his Father’s hugely profitable farm in Essex and shot dead his adoptive parents, Nevill & June, his adopted sister Sheila Caffell AKA ‘Bambi’ and her 6 year old twin sons, Nicholas & Daniel.

However, Essex Police – who like always had bodged the investigation – had originally concluded that the murders had been committed by ‘Bambi’ who then killed herself.

Nevertheless, the police re-examined the evidence following pressure from family members and Jeremy was finally convicted on circumstantial evidence and the Hear-Say evidence of his jilted girlfriend – the aptly named, Julie Mugford.

After his trial – a year later – Bamber was sentenced to a minimum 25 years in prison, later upped to a whole life term… The motive given was that he stood to inherit his millionaire father’s estate.

Nevertheless, 35 years later Bamber is still protesting his innocence.

Now, most people would argue that there are two ways of looking at this, namely Bamber is either guilty and quite rightly banged up for life or he is the victim of a gross miscarriage of justice and should be freed.

However, I believe that there is a third option – the two mentioned above and one which points to a government sponsored psy-op.

And it is that 3rd option that I find most intriguing.

So, let’s start with the did he/didn’t he scenarios but before I do, I should just point out that I know first hand, just how wholly corrupt the Essex police are… They won’t think twice about fabricating evidence – especially to save face.

You also need to understand that Jeremy Bamber is highly intelligent… Indeed he would need to be in order to carry out the murders in the way that the court was told that he did do… So why would he tell his bird that he did it when their relationship was shaky at best?

Now Bamber wasn’t originally a suspect at all because it was he who had phoned the police in the early hours of the morning to say that his father, Nevill had rang him and told him that Bambi was going berserk.

Bamber then met two policemen at the scene of the crime (a short drive from his house), but the plod waited a further two and a half hours before entering the house. This delay in entry was partly due to the fact that one of the policemen was reported to have seen movement in an upstairs window silhouetted against a dim light.

This sighting led to one of the policemen calling in the firearms squad. However, at Bamber’s trial it was concluded that the copper – a Sgt Bews – was mistaken about seeing a figure in the window and the dim light was nothing more than the moon’s reflection on the window pane – despite the fact that the moon was behind the house.

Bamber was then further eliminated from the inquiry because all of the windows in the house were closed and the doors locked and bolted from the inside… Meaning that no one else could have entered or left.

And then of course, Bamber was seen to be an emotional wreck in the days and weeks following the tragedy.

And with those 3 factors firmly in place, the police quickly confirmed that Sheila Caffelli (Bambi), who had a very long record of mental health problems and was on anti-psychotic medication had committed the murders before killing herself.

However, Nevill Bamber’s niece, Ann Eaton (Jeremy’s cousin) was far from convinced and along with her husband, David Boutflour and her father-in-law Robert Boutflower, they continually hounded Detective Chief Inspector ‘Taff’ Jones, who was heading the investigation – so much so that Jones had them evicted from his office three times.

Christine ‘Ann’ Eaton is the niece of the late Neville and June Bamber.

Game of Thrones actress, Gemma Whelan,  plays her character in the ITV show.

When Essex police put forward the theory that her adopted cousin Sheila had committed a murder-suicide, Ann was unhappy with the conclusion.

She believed her cousin Sheila was incapable of such violence and fought to clear her name… Source

Eaton was in fact convinced that her cousin, Jeremy had committed the murders for the inheritance. She evidenced this to Inspector Jones by stating that Jeremy had had his parents beloved dog put down within days of the murders, despite Jeremy openly admitting that he hated the thing.

However, unbeknownst to the police at the time Eaton stood to lose her home and business if Jeremy was granted his inheritance:

Robert Boutflour and his children Ann Eaton and David Boutflour kept hounding Inspector Jones who threw them out of his office three times. Unknowingly Jeremy Bamber stood to inherit half of their farms – their homes and livelihoods. Documents uncovered recently show that Nevill secretly owned 50% of Ann & Peter Eaton’s farm and not even June Bamber knew.

Unaware of how much he would now inherit, (as were the jury) Jeremy was the now the sole beneficiary of his mother’s share of inheritance from her own mother’s estate and she was very elderly (dying before Bamber was convicted).

Jeremy also owned 750 shares of the Caravan park equally with Ann Eaton. His mother June and her sister Pamela owned the rest. Jeremy would have inherited from his mother and been the major shareholder of the caravan park (which brought in a healthy income)…. Source

Moreover, if Jeremy were convicted of the murders, Eaton stood to gain the lot… Which she did:

Ann inherited the family possessions after the trial.

She then moved to Tolleshunt D’Arcy into White House Farm with her family.

Since the conviction she has remained tight-lipped and refuses to do interviews… Source

And here is where it gets really suspect. You see, weeks after the police investigation was concluded Eaton noticed that the window latch above the kitchen sink dropped down itself, meaning that an intruder could have climbed out of the window & closed it, which in turn would make the handle drop, effectively locking it… Brilliant detective work on her part.

Better still, she then claimed to be at White House Farm – securing the Bamber’s valuable possessions – when she “FOUND” the silencer that had been used on the rifle to commit the murders.

This in turn begs the question as to how the fuck the police failed to find it? Indeed you would have thought that a crime scene where 5 killings took place would have been gone through with a fine tooth comb.

Nevertheless, it was this silencer that was a winning piece of evidence for the prosecution because it was argued in court that Sheila (Bambi) was too short to have shot herself through her lower jaw, whilst holding the rifle with the silencer attached.

Neither was it likely that Sheila took the silencer off and put it in a box in a cupboard (where Eaton later found it) before returning to her parents bedroom to shoot herself.

Moreover, spots of Sheila’s blood were allegedly found in the silencer although I wouldn’t put it past Essex police to have fabricated that evidence.

Nevertheless, even if they didn’t fabricate the evidence, that still does not prove that Jeremy pulled the trigger… Enter Julie Mugford.

Mugford was Jeremy’s girlfriend who went to the police and accused Bamber of committing the murders. However, she only did so after Bamber admitted to cheating on her before terminating their relationship… Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned and all that jazz.

Prior to that, she had confirmed everything that Bamber had claimed about the timeline on the night of the murders to be true.

Moreover, Mugford was by now under pressure by detectives who were siding with Ann Eaton to implicate Bamber in the murders… Offering her immunity from prosecution for being an accomplice in the murders and for a robbery that she took part in with Jeremy.

The robbery involved the theft of £1000 from the family owned caravan park. Mugford was also implicated in cheque fraud and dealing cannabis both of which had nothing to do with Jeremy – for which she was also offered immunity.

So, she had a lot to gain by testifying and remember she was only 21 years old at the time.

Furthermore, by the time the case came to court she also had a very lucrative “tell all” financial deal set up with the News Of The World newspaper, which would have fallen through should Bamber be acquitted.

And so it was that Mugford agreed to testify against her ex-boyfriend. However, she originally claimed that Bamber’s ‘mercenary’ friend had done the killings – for which Jeremy had paid him Two Grand.

This – according to detectives – was not true since the friend had a “cast iron alibi” i.e he spent the night with a casual girlfriend – despite having a wife and a regular girlfriend!!!

Yet the police readily accepted that alibi and in court Mugford simply claimed that was what Bamber had told her albeit it was false.

Mugford now lives a very nice lifestyle in Canada:

To friends and colleagues in her home city of Winnipeg, she is Julie Smerchanski, a pillar of the community, wife, mother of two grown children, charity worker and school administrator.

The 56-year-old enjoys a comfortable life with her computer salesman husband, Glen, living in a quiet cul-de-sac – described by one neighbour as middle-class heaven – in a suburb which is nice, if dull.

But in a previous life she was Julie Mugford – and things were anything but dull.

At the age of 21, she found herself at the centre of one of the most sensational murder cases in British criminal history – a role that haunts her to this day.

Julie Mugford was the woman who secured the conviction of Jeremy Bamber, who murdered five members of his family at White House Farm, near the village of Tolleshunt D’Arcy in Essex in August 1985.

And there you have it… However, you have to admit that the evidence against Bamber being guilty is very week.

Moreover, Bamber passed a lie detector test in 2012 effectively clearing him of the murders:

JEREMY Bamber passed a lie detector test yesterday – backing his 22 year fight to prove he did not murder five members of his family.

And the expert who conducted it said: “I am absolutely convinced he is innocent.”

Terry Mullins added: “He did not show any sign of a reaction, not a flicker which would have shown up guilt.”

Bamber, 45, who has been asking for the test since 1991, was finally given permission by the Home Office. It is believed to be the first time it has been allowed behind bars.

He was wired up to a £10,000 polygraph machine, said to be the most sophisticated available with 95 to 98 per cent accuracy. It measures reactions that can indicate guilt, including heartbeat, blood pressure, sweat and even electromagnetic impulses.

During the 100 minute test Mr Mullins, one of only seven polygraph experts in the UK, asked three key questions: DID you shoot your family on August 7, 1985? DID you shoot five members of your family with an Anshutz rifle? WERE you in the house when they were shot with an Anshutz rifle? Bamber gave a categoric “No” to each one.

Mr Mullins said: “You only have to fail one question and you fail the whole test. But he passed every time.

“We are testing the nervous system, the fight or flight mechanism, and you cannot hide those reactions. But there was no suggestion he was lying in any answers.”

He added: “I am absolutely clear that he did not do this. I am convinced he is innocent from his readings on these tests.”… Source


But as I say, there is that 3rd option – a government sponsored psy-op … Which I believe to be nearer the truth, not least because the police are always blamed for a fuck up in investigation when the event is in reality a fraud.

Course, it is extremely hard to prove a psy-op has taken place but to my mind these murders don’t add up… If indeed the murders really happened at all.

Indeed there are far too many holes in the story.

Nevertheless, if the murders did did happen you have to ask yourself did Jeremy Bamber commit them or was he just a patsy?

Certainly, both him and his adopted sister Bambi have all signs of being children involved in the MK Ultra program, which means Jeremy could have committed the murders and not even know it.

Likewise, so could have Bambi done the do… It only takes a trigger word to set the subject of mind-control into action.

Course, if one or both were mind controlled then Nevill Bamber would have been their handler and since he was supposedly one of the victims, that wouldn’t make sense… If the murders really took place.

Yet on the other hand Nevill (and those other family members killed) could have been collateral damage if there was some kind of mind control experiment taking place… After all, the elite do not care who they hurt.

So let me make you aware of some of the facts:

Nevill Bamber was at one time a Squadron Leader in the RAF – possibly Military Intelligence. He then became a farmer which is a strange profession for someone from the military.

He was also a Magistrate and as such, most definitely a Freemason. His wife June was a religious fanatic who was institutionalized for mental health problems… Which indicates that she could also have been part of the MK Ultra program.

Indeed, so poor was June Bamber’s mental health that she was at one time given electric shock treatment… Certainly her twin grandsons were very scared of her and one of them begged his dad (Colin Caffell) not to leave him there at the time of the murders.

Yet despite June’s documented mental problems, the Bambers were still given the go ahead to adopt two babies. Moreover, whereas most babies put up for adoption come from deprived backgrounds, neither applies in the cases of Bambi and Jeremy.

You see, according to wikipedia, Bambi was born to the 18-year-old daughter of Eric Jay, a senior chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury. Her biological mother named her Phyliss, and gave her up to the Church of England Children’s Society two weeks after the birth, at the insistence of the chaplain. She was placed in the Holy Innocents Sunnyside Nursery in Box, Wiltshire, from where, in October 1957, she was adopted by the Bambers and renamed Sheila Jean. The chaplain had known Nevill in the RAF and selected the Bambers from a list of prospective adopters.

So, Bambi’s grandfather was a SENIOR Chaplain to the Archbishop of Canterbury… Hmmm… And anyone who thinks that someone that high up in the church is a holier than thou fucker, then they best think again.

Bambi, like her adopted mother also suffered horrific mental health problems, which is strange considering that they are not blood related.

Moreover, at one point she believed that her twin sons were the Devil and I read somewhere that there were indications that she was a paedophile.

Certainly, she had a job as a waitress that involved her dressing up as a schoolgirl in a kinky restaurant. She was also involved in hardcore pornography photo shoots.

And when you take all that into consideration, it suggests – at least to me – that at best she was the victim of child abuse.

Furthermore, if I remember correctly, in Carol Ann Lee’s book about the murders, she states for some reason or another, that Bambi’s uncle attended Lancing College in Sussex.

And as I am forever telling you, everything, but everything has to connect in the world of the Satanic Elite and Lancing College is on the crash site of the Shoreham air psy-op which took place a few years ago. 

However, all that pails into insignificance when you learn about Jeremy’s background.

Again, according to Wikipedia: Bamber was born Jeremy Paul Marsham at St Mary Abbot’s HospitalKensington, London, to Juliet Dorothy Wheeler (born 1938 in Leicester), a vicar’s daughter who had had an affair with army Sergeant Major Leslie Brian Marsham (born 1931 in TendringEssex), a controller at Buckingham Palace.

So, straight away we have another mother who is connected to the church and a father who was in the military and more alarming still, worked for the royal family.

Furthermore, despite not being wed at the time, the couple did later marry and are still together… So why did they put Jeremy up for adoption?

Wikipedia then continues: She gave the baby up for adoption in 1961, the year of his birth, through the Church of England Children’s Society. Nevill and June Bamber adopted him when he was six months old. It was only after Bamber’s conviction that his biological parents were told by reporters that Bamber was their son. They were by then married to each other and working at Buckingham Palace.

Both working at Buck House… Say no more.

Jeremy and Bambi were both privately educated, which also raises a red flag and it is documented that Jeremy was sexually abused whilst at boarding school.

And predictably, Jeremy – like most privileged children from boarding school – is bisexual… Although I suppose if you are bisexual it makes being in prison for 35 years much easier to bear.

But it doesn’t end there. You see, the family owned caravan park is on Osea Road which leads to Osea Island – a place where Royalty, along with the rich and famous congregate for orgies and Satanic worship… See HERE

I am also suspicious of the large number of photos taken of Bamber whilst he has been in prison – usually photographed against a plain white background… I mean how are people getting these cameras into the nick and then have the chance to take pictures of a Category A prisoner?

Course, to my mind someone with no history of violence who is then capable of the one time act of shooting dead – at close range – five people (including two little boys) has to be unhinged… Yet Bamber has spent his entire sentence in prison as opposed to a secure mental unit.

Moreover, and as I say, everything but everything has to connect in the world of the Satanic Elites. So with that in mind consider this: The murders were carried out a White House Farm and the subject of a botched police investigation. Nevill Bamber – who owned White House Farm – was also very pro military.

And then, 10 years later, three gangsters were murdered on an unmade road in Rettendon, Essex which led solely to fields belonging to WHITE HOUSE FARM.

That farm is owned by a very well to do farmer named Peter Theobald who has very strong connections to the military. Moreover, the investigation into those murders was botched by the Essex Police and I believe that crime was also a psy-op.

Therefore, as far as I can see, there is much, much more to this fairy tale than we are being told.

Just sayin.

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