King Prawn


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This is the man who would be king.

A greedy, soft, perverted, buffoon who can’t stop himself interfering in politics and lobbying for more money.

The full extent of Prince Charles’s influence over public life emerged last night.

Since the Tories came to power he has averaged a meeting with a Cabinet crook at least once a month.

You can only hazard a guess at the kind of influence he has wielded over the likes of wannabe toffs, Iain Dickhead  Smith.

This abhorrent family needs to end, with Bizzy Lizzy.


Revealed: Prince Charles has held 36 private summits with Cabinet ministers in extraordinary lobbying campaign since the election

Since the election he has held 36 private meetings with Cabinet ministers – one a month.

The summits have often been with politicians representing his pet issues, such as rural affairs, climate change, health and town planning.

But critics accused him of an ‘incontinence of lobbying’. Including junior ministers, Charles has enjoyed a total of 53 private audiences since May 2010.

He has met David Cameron seven times and Labour leader Ed Miliband three times. But he has only met Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister, once.

Last night a Clarence House spokesman insisted the Prince of Wales ‘has a right’ to ‘communicate privately’ with the government.

Ministers have long complained about being bombarded with so-called ‘black-spider’ handwritten memos from Charles, in which he has expounded his view on a variety of issues.

In 2005, a memo was disclosed at an employment tribunal in which Charles blamed the education system for making people ‘think they can all be pop stars’.

The Prince is known for his strident views on a range of public policy areas. He has spoken out on green issues and rural affairs, and is vocal in his support for alternative medicines such as homeopathy.

He also speaks out on town planning – he has sponsored a new model development in Poundbury, Dorset – and against modern architecture.

In line with his interest in green issues, he has met ministers from the Department for Energy and Climate Change seven times, including secretaries of state Chris Huhne and Ed Davey. 

He met junior minister Greg Barker no fewer than four times. Ministers from the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have been called in five times.

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