Kick Em When They’re Down


Christopher Spivey.

You really do have to wonder just how much more do the poorest people in the UK have to endure?

I mean it is bad enough having a multi millionaire actor and his fake wife telling you about their struggle:

Emotional Meghan Markle has revealed in an explosive interview how she and Prince Harry are just ‘surviving’ intense media attention and the scrutiny they face is unfair.

The Duchess of Sussex has told of the unbearable pressure of life in the spotlight, saying she had ‘no idea’ of the struggles she would deal with as a member of the royal family.

In a candid interview for an ITV documentary, she revealed her friends warned her not to marry Harry because the media focus would ‘destroy your life’, admitting that since the wedding and during her pregnancy she felt ‘vulnerable.’ Source

What a pair of cunts! Course, that old bollox along with the fallout out with Prick Willie is all carefully stage managed nonsense.

Yet the reality is millions of people really are caught up in a living hell in this cuntry which is getting worse by the month.

For instance, new figures reveal that suicide is at a 16 year high:

The rate of suicide in the UK has hit a 16-year high after surging in the past year following half a decade of decline, new figures show.

Data from the Office for Nationals Statistics (ONS) reveals 6,507 suicides were registered last year, marking a 12 per cent rise on the previous year and the highest rate since 2002.

The rise appears to be largely driven by suicides among boys and men, with the male rate having significantly increased from 15.5 deaths per 100,000 to 17.2 deaths per 100,000. Source

And of course people commit suicide because they feel that they have nothing to live for.

Moreover, a homeless person dies every 19 hours in the UK:

A homeless person dies on average every 19 hours in the UK, according to figures that have prompted calls for the prime minister to address the country’s housing crisis.

Data collated through coroners’ enquiries, media coverage, family testimony and freedom of information requests reveals at least 235 people affected by homelessness have died over the last six months, ranging from the ages of 16 to 104 years old.

The same figures from last year showed 449 deaths were recorded in 12 months – on average one every 20 hours – indicating that the frequency at which homeless people are dying has risen slightly, despite increased awareness of the issue.

The new data, published by the Museum for Homelessness, suggests more than 30 per cent of fatalities since 2017 have occurred where people were in emergency or temporary accommodation, raising concerns that services provided to the most vulnerable people regularly fail to meet an acceptable standard. Source

Yet propaganda outlets like the Chimp are more interested in having you believe that there is a stabbing epidemic going on despite the number of fatalities from knife wounds being nowhere near that one death every 19 hours amongst the homeless.

So what is our nonce infested government doing about the problem? Well they are making it worse by slowly bringing in new laws to make it a criminal offence to be be homeless… You really couldn’t make this shit up:

Over 60 councils, both Labour and Conservative, are now using Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs), with 30 per cent using orders that specifically target the homeless, under the 2014 draconian measures introduced while Theresa May was home secretary.

This is despite updated guidelines issued by the Home Office in 2017 that said: “PSPOs should not be used to target people solely on the fact that they are homeless or rough sleeping, as this in itself is unlikely to mean their behaviour is having an unreasonably detrimental effect on the community’s quality of life, which justifies imposing restriction using a PSPO.”

These councils will insist they are not targeting rough sleepers, but “anti-social” behaviour connected with being homeless, such as putting up tents, leaving bedding unattended, begging for money and so on.

Alternatively, their guidelines on the use of a PSPO are deliberately vague, so that those who are forced to sleep rough will be in danger of contravening them, dependent on how the guidelines are used at any given point in time.

Manchester City Council is the latest council to bring forward proposals that would see those people who are “occupying a tent” or begging liable to an on-the-spot fine of £100. This council will be joining others who have given fines, criminal convictions and even imprisonment to those sleeping rough, who often have no access to legal aid in order to fight these prosecutions. Source

Yet carefully stage-managed media propaganda has many brain-dead people believing that the homeless are not really homeless but portray themselves as such in order to earn up to £600 per day begging… What total and utter shite!

In fact begging is the only income that most of these people have because despite what the media would have you believe, claiming benefits in this cuntry is far from easy… And it is getting a lot fucking harder too – especially if you are disabled:

Ministers are pushing ahead with controversial plans to merge two disability benefit assessments into one, despite concerns raised by disabled campaigners.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) wants to offer a single face-to-face assessment – with the agreement of the claimant – that would replace and merge the current work capability assessment (WCA) and the assessment for personal independence payment (PIP).

A parliamentary petition calling on DWP to abandon the plans was signed by more than 7,000 people earlier this year.

But the new work and pensions secretary, Therese Coffey, mentioned the proposals as she gave evidence for the first time yesterday (Wednesday) in front of the Commons work and pensions select committee.

In an evidence session marked by apparent frustration and even anger from some opposition MPs, Coffey (pictured) also insisted that – despite repeated and serious concerns raised by disabled activists, campaigners, charities and MPs – the new universal credit (UC) benefit system was “broadly working well”.

And she claimed that the five-week wait for a first payment for new claimants – and the system of advance payments for those in need, which must then be repaid out of future monthly payments – “does work”.

Liberal Democrat MP Heidi Allen told her: “Imagine living on such a tiny amount of money that it is not enough to live on and then you have to pay some of it back.

“How can that work?” Source

It can’t work and indeed it doesn’t. If it did, then why are there so many people dependent on food banks now?

Between 1 April 2018 and 31 March 2019, the Trussell Trust’s food bank network distributed 1.6 million three-day emergency food supplies to people in crisis, a 19% increase on the previous year. More than half a million of these went to children. Source

And don’t even get me started on our poor pensioners. In fact our OAP’s suffer the worst poverty in Europe:

Worse still, you now have to work until you are 70 years old to receive that pittance! Imagine having to work in mud up to your ankles on a building site until you are 70… How is that fair?

Yet the corrupt national press would have you believe that there are people literally dying to get into the cuntry:

The 39 migrants, locked inside a bitterly cold and airless shipping container, never stood a chance – their cries for help fading away with no one to hear them.

The stowaways – 38 adults and one teenager – slowly froze to death in ‘absolutely horrendous’ conditions after they tried to reach the UK on a cargo ferry from Belgium, it is feared.

Experts yesterday said the temperature inside the refrigerated trailer unit, which is said to usually carry biscuits, might have been as low as -25C (-13F).

The migrants were huddled inside for at least 15 hours by the time the door was opened on an industrial estate in Essex at 1.40am yesterday.

Essex police began a murder inquiry yesterday as they attempted to establish who the migrants were and which country they had travelled from.

Like thousands of others before them, the group are thought to have sneaked inside the container at the busy Belgian shipping port of Zeebrugge, where row after row of rectangular metal containers are lined up ready to be transported to the UK… Source

Total, total bollox… There is no way that 39 people could have got into that container undetected… And no way that they would have been daft enough to either.

Yet you only have to look at the photos to know that it is bollox:

I mean, the lorry is not sign written and has no phone number on it… And neither does the trailer.

Moreover, where are all the photos of the police cars? In fact I think that I saw one snappy snap with about half a dozen in attendance… The same number that attended the suicide of a fella who lives in the block of flats next to me!

Better still, I haven’t seen a single photo of the “crime scene” with an ambulance in attendance.

And as for the driver – Mo Robinson – who came to pick the container up, well fuck knows why he has been arrested… I mean it isn’t as if he was the mush who brought the container over from Belgium.

But perhaps the slow cunts are having trouble locating the original driver… I mean security is very lax at our ports these days with no CCTV or that kinda shit whatsoever.

Moreover, the plod are not revealing who made the 999 call after the bodies were discovered yet it could only have been made by Robinson. But why would he do that if he was involved?

Course, Robinson is being made out to be cowboy and as such, is immediately thought of as being guilty by the robotic general public.

Have a fucking word with yourselves.

In fact the only thing that cunt is lacking is a monkey!

I mean even the Eastern Europeans have cottoned on to the fact that the UK is not the promised land:

The influx of East European migrants into the UK has reversed with more leaving than arriving, official figures have revealed.

Some 15,000 more citizens from the EU8 Central and East European nations left than came to the UK last year, the biggest exodus to date and the only EU group to have negative net migration.

Experts attributed the exodus of East Europeans to uncertainty over Brexit, a decline in the value of pound, a surging Polish economy and labour shortages in Germany where wages are traditionally higher than in the UK. Source

Yet you can’t blame them for trying to come to this dog forsaken cuntry if they are silly enough to believe the propaganda put out by the likes of the Chimp who are forever promoting Matt & Adele Allen… A made-up family of spongers who are allegedly having it off at the tax-payers expense.

You can read the latest old bollox about the couple HERE

But basically the story is that the couple are receiving £900 per month housing benefit despite Matt earning £600 per week as a Yogurt teacher – or something like that:

The couple receive £900 a month housing benefit a month for their home, which they moved into six months ago, as it is classed as temporary accommodation.

He said: ‘We are proud of what we do. We live very, very frugally. We don’t use the schools, doctors, hospitals. We grow our own food and we try to contribute by doing volunteer work and helping people.

‘I used to work in a job where I earned a lot of money. I would think nothing of paying out £400 for a bracelet for my wife or £800 for a necklace but we decided to make a conscious change.

‘We come under the cosh a little because we claim benefits but we only claim housing and child benefits. We don’t claim jobseekers allowance or anything else. We are minimalists in the big scheme of things.

Course, in reality that would never happen but this charmed couple can do what no other couple in the country can do i.e publicly brag about playing the system and still get away with it.

However, as I say, this is a made-up couple who the Chimp wheel out once a year to tarnish all those on benefits as scroungers.

I mean, the year before that they were on “This Morning” where their out of control children supposedly ran riot in the studio and the youngest pissed on the floor.

Except that she didn’t. It was all done by CGI as you will see if you look up the recording of the show on YouTube and watch it frame by frame.

I do in fact have the frame by frame footage in my possession but it would take me too long to upload them all when all that is needed is to show you how dry the toddlers clothes are after the fact.

Yet that still isn’t the extent of the media coverage that these cunts have been given. You see, the year before that Adele was all over the media – especially the Chimp – for still breast feeding her oldest child.

Or put another way: Child Porn in plain site.

The truth is, there is fuck all good about this cuntry. In fact I have been saying for years that Nazi Germany was only a trial run… The real thing is coming to the first world very, very soon.

All the signs are there… Just sayin’.